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Cat sounds - play with cats 1.19
Ilia Nechaev
Sounds to attract the attention of cats
National Anthems Ringtones 3.1
Sound Factory
This fantastic new app brings yousomethingcompletely different! Exquisite collection of the greatestworldnations pride and glory, expressed through music…NationalAnthemsRingtones app offers you some of the most renowned marchesandhymns which represent their states. Stand still and listen tothepatriotic sounds of National Anthems from the countries likeUnitedStates, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy,Russia,India, Japan, Australia and many more. Browse through thisnationalanthems sound effects soundboard, pick your favorites andset themas a ringtone, SMS alert notification, chat notification oralarmsound.[ Features ]- Hold the play button to set sound as ringtone, notificationsound(SMS/email) or alarm.- Assign as ringtone to specific contact in your contactlist.- Easy to use UI, National Anthems Ringtones App works inlandscapeand portrait mode, optimized for all tablets andsmartphones.- Top official states melodies as ringtones & SMS sounds!Add these special and interesting anthem tunes for contactsthatcall you most often and they will make you feel proud everytime.Make a patriotic scene wherever you are with these brandnew“National Anthems Ringtones”! Show everybody how coolandintriguing you can be with our latest top tunes. Downloadthesefree national anthem tunes for free! These marvelous top newsoundsare in a collection of various free ringtones, message alertsoundsand energizing alarm tunes. If you are bored with youroldringtones, it’s time to feed your Samsung Galaxy or anyotherAndroid™ phone with fancy national hymns as phone sounds. Wakeupevery morning feeling energized with great alarmsoundnotifications.These top free ringtones represent the most extraordinaryselectionof the marches and hymn themes from the greatest nationsandcountries in the world, such as United States, GreatBritain,France, Russia, Italy, Germany, Spain, India, Canada,Australia,China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Austria,Switzerland,Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,Finland,…to name buta few! Pick your “favorite free ringtone” fromthese sound effectsand set it as an SMS alert notification, chatringtone or an alarm!There’s no better way to wake up every morningthen with yourfavorite glorious national anthem! Don’t be afraid tostand proudwhenever your phone makes a sound. People whoappreciateinteresting music will love you for your extraordinarytaste andyour charming phone tunes. National Anthems Ringtones appbringsyou the trendiest collection of the most amazing nationalmelodieson the market! Enjoy these ringtones free of charge andshare themwith your friends and family! We bring you patrioticnotifications,truly amazing call alert tunes and fantastic alarmsounds. Sodownload National Anthems Ringtones now, and tell yourfriends,they will appreciate it!Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.
Ghost Sounds 3.1
Sound Factory
Ghost Sounds brings the scariest, hairraisingtones for thrill and excitement that your heart will bepoundingfast every time your phone rings. Here we have creepyringtones,spooky SMS notifications, loud and frightening alarmsounds thatwill frighten you in the way you can’t imagine! Watchyour friendsand family as they get confused and tremble with fearat the soundof your phone. Pick your favorite scary tone and playit each timewhen you don’t want to fall asleep. These creepyfearsome soundswill keep you awake for sure![ Features ]- Set as ringtone, notification sound (SMS/email) or alarm.- Assign as ringtone to specific contact in yourcontactlist.- Easy to use UI, Ghost Sounds App works in landscapeandportrait mode, optimized for all tablets and smartphones.- Top new creepy ghost sounds, ringtones & SMS alerts!Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.
Monster Sounds 3.1
Sound Factory
Monster Sounds presents the best collectionofthe most petrifying tones for your thrill and spooky fun! Whatwehave here is the sum of the scariest ringtones, sinisterSMSnotifications, but also loud and frightening alarm sounds. Youwillfind some of your favorite evil monsters from all kind ofhorrorfantasies. Enjoy the scary sounds and download these horrorringtones now, completely free of charge. Prepare to be terrifiedlikenever before with the scariest Monster Sounds![ Features ]- Set as ringtone, notification sound (SMS/email) or alarm.- Assign as ringtone to specific contact in yourcontactlist.- Easy to use UI, Monster Sounds App works in landscapeandportrait mode, optimized for all tablets and smartphones.- Top new horror sounds, ringtones & text messagealerts!Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.
Ringtones and Notifications 3.06
Customize your phone with Ringtones and Notifications!
Bird Sounds 4.0
Sound Factory
Bird Sounds is a great new app for allthosebird lovers out there. Now you can listen to beautifulbirdmelodies coming from different bird species, whenever yourphonemakes a sound. You will love these high quality naturesoundringtones. Bird Sounds offers you tremendous selection oflovelymessage tones, loud alarm sounds and pleasant ringtones.Discoverthe magic of bird language with beautiful sounds of eagle,sparrow,flamingo, humming bird, owl, crow and many more types ofbirds!Download Bird Sounds for free now and enjoy these wonderfulbirdringtones![ Features ]- Hold the play button to set sound as ringtone, notificationsound(SMS/email) or alarm.- Assign as ringtone to specific contact in your contactlist.- Easy to use UI, Bird Sounds App works in landscape andportraitmode, optimized for all tablets and smartphones.- Best collection of bird sounds & ringtones!Bird Sounds will take you to the unspoiled nature among variousBirdspecies that produce the most incredible sounds and beautifulsongs.“Bird Sounds” will help you relax and be one with the natureeveryday. You can choose from an extensive selection of variouslovelyfree ringtones. Pick your favorite free sound from this birdsoundeffects soundboard and set it as a SMS alert notification,chatnotification, ringtone or alarm sound! Assign a beautifulcanarysong or a loud sound of a rooster as your wake up alarm. Beone withthe nature every day! Download free Bird Sounds now!Bird Sounds is also a perfect new app for kids. You can teachyourkids the names of different bird species and the soundstheyproduce. Your kids will have tons of fun listening to thebirdsounds, trying to guess what sound belongs to which bird. Letyourkids choose their favorite bird sound and assign it as aringtone,message sound or alarm notification. Download Bird Soundsfor freenow and start enjoying these bird ringtones with yourfamily! Thisapp includes many different Bird sound effects:sparrow, eagle,owl, pigeon, crow, humming bird, turkey, duck andmuch more! Youcan browse through bird’s songs, noises they make andtheir specialmating calls. Get it now for free and discover thebeauty of birdmelodies!Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.
Ringtones App for Android 2.31
Customize your phone with Ringtones App for Android!
Animals: Ringtones 15.2
170 animals as ringtones, alarms and notification/SMS for phonesortablets
Free Ringtones for Android™
Are you bored with the ringtones you haveonyour android phone? If you are, the solution for your problemisFree Ringtones for Android™ app! Do not hesitate a minutelongerand get these melodies immediately!If you are looking for some funny ringtones you are then ontheright place, because this best app can give you everything youneedand more. Once you download android ringtones, you willbelistening to these fantastic sounds for hours and you won’t beableto stop! You will most definitely love your new ringtonesformobile so much that you won’t even answer to your calls so thatyoucan listen to these melodies as long as possible. You can setthesetop ringtones as your incoming-call sound, SMS ringtone, oralarmsound – with Free Ringtones for Android™ app options go beyondthelimit!Now you have the opportunity to show off to your friends thatyouhave the best ringtones ever! So, better late than never!App Features:===========- Set as ringtone for android / contact ringtone / alarm sound /smssound- Set timer to play the sound- Set widget button of favorite sounds on your phonehomescreenNotes:=====1. "Set as Alarm" command will not affect existing alarms, onlythenew ones you create. You can delete existing alarm and createnewone.2. To set widget: Long click on your home screen > Addwidget> Choose "Free Ringtones for Android™" from the list >Pick asound.Legal info:=========Sound clips used in Free Ringtones for Android™ app are underpublicdomain license and/or Creative Commons’ license. App designand codecopyright Best Ringtones Apps - 2014.
Cat Sounds
Cat Sounds contains 45 differentsoundsof cats, so you can listen to them at any time, without adataconnection!Want to play with your cat or confuse him? Or maybe you justwantto hear some cat sounds? Whatever the reason you have, youwill geta nice collection of cat sounds: meowing, hissing,growling,purring, angry cats, little kittens, etc.Apart from playing them, you can also do the following:• Define a set of sounds as favorites, so you can accessthemquickly.• Define them as notification, phone, alarm orcontactringtones.• Send them through WhatsApp, e-mail or MMS.• Add sounds as widgets on the desktop.• Play random sounds.• Use the Prank Mode to play with your cat (or maybe your dog,whoknows!). The sound will play when you (or your cat) moveyourphone.Permissions explanation:• Photos/Media/Files: to be able to set ringtones• Contacts: to be able to set ringtones for specific contacts(wedon't do anything more with your contacts!)• In-app purchases: if you wish, you can donate to the projectandremove the ads
Music Ringtones and Sounds 13.1.0
Just get the Music Ringtones and Sounds 2023 and enjoyawesomesounds!
Classical Music Ringtones 13.0.7
Classical ringtones app with classical music in 2023. Enjoy!
Rock Ringtones 2.7
Come on rockers! It’s time for the best ever rock nroll.Downloadour Rock Ringtones app for free and your Android phonewillbericher for the hottest rock ringtones and latestrocksounds.Replays your usual ringtone on your phone for newrockringtone asgeneral or specific for each contact. Play yourcellphone, coolout with friends and be main rock star with mostpopularrocksounds and rock music melodies. Some rock genres suchas:countryrock, dubstep rock or even xmas rock are availablethroughouramazing rock ringtones collection. Rock soundboardofferslargecollection of rock ringtones for free, rock ringtonesfortexttones, alerts and alarms sounds. You have variety of topsongstoplay, listen and share with friends. Rock Ringtones is thenewappfor all rock & roll fans. If you used to listen rockradio,nowyou can listen all the best rock sounds on your mobilephone.Onlyyou need to download rock music app and here you go.Getpleasurein new ringtones performed by rock stars. Be rockhero,find thebest rock music ringtones on your cell phone keyboardandmake yourown rock party. You will enjoy in this app as onyourfavorite rockconcerts. Personalize your Android device withthemusic genre suchas: classic rock, heavy metal, hard rock, punkandfunk. Rock musicis urban music with a focus on musicinstrumentssuch as rockguitar, rock drums and specific powerfulvocals. Thisfree Androidapp is made for you to take pleasure in thegreatestrock and roll,for all rock fans, for you who have rockidols. Lovethis rocksongs and rock melodies as on rock fests. Newringtones,bestnotification sounds and popular alarm tones are whatthis newapphas to offer you. You can change tones every day andhavehotmelodies on your cell or tablet all the time. After youexploreandlisten all tones, you have an additional option toplacefavouriteones in the favorite folder so you can enjoy themlater.If youlike these free ringtones there is also an option toshareapp withyour friends and family through popular socialnetworks,email orsms, or simply you can just use your headset toenjoycoolringtones. Use “More apps” button at the bottom of themainmenu tocheck out our other great ringtone apps andpersonalizeyourandroid device's sounds even more. Download app forfree andenjoyringtones. Features: top 40 high quality ringtones;top50notification sounds & sound effects; set yourdefaultringtone,notification, sms or alarm; set your favouriteringtones;assigncool ringtones to your friends and family; Last butnot least,application has been tested on many android devices toensurethebest possible user experience. If you have anydifficulties donothesitate to contact us so we can correct it inthe nextupdate.Wish you all the best and lot lot of fun.
Funny Sayings Ringtones 13.0.0
Install Funny Sayings Ringtones & laugh out loud each timeyourphone rings!
Deeze: Ringtones 45.1
Download Free ringtones 2022 for android, alarm andnotificationsounds free
Relaxing Sounds 3.1
Sound Factory
Relaxing Sounds offers you a wide collectionofthe most beautiful tunes and sounds that will put you in astressfree mood! There is a great deal of stress in our everydaylife, sothis amazing new app wants to remedy all yourunreasonablenervousness. If you feel like your day is too short andall theproblems of the world are waiting only for you to solvethem, checkout these fine relaxing melodies and calming sounds!Download thisamazing new app for Samsung Galaxy or Android™ andshow yourselfthat everything is gonna be OK! Share it with yourloved one andenjoy the sweet relaxation all around![ Features ]- Hold the play button to set sound as ringtone,notificationsound (SMS/email) or alarm.- Assign as ringtone to specific contact in your contactlist.- Easy to use UI, Relaxing Sounds App works in landscapeandportrait mode, optimized for all tablets and smartphones.- Best new relaxing tunes, ringtones & SMS sounds!Relaxing Sounds bring you the best collection of authenticsoundsof nature that will help you relax and feel like you arelostsomewhere in the beautiful wild nature. Enjoy these calmingtunes,soothing message tones and alarm sounds which will make yourelaxevery time someone contacts you. Relaxing Sounds will takeyou deepinto hidden parts of dense forests, endless meadows, wildjungles,blue oceans and beautiful sand beaches. Find your shelterfrom busystressful day with these beautiful relaxing tunes! Youcan choosefrom an extensive selection of various “free ringtones”.Pick yourfavorite free sound from this relaxing sound effectssoundboard andset it as a SMS alert notification, chatnotification, ringtone oralarm sound! Get wonderful new RelaxingSounds for free now andstart enjoying healing sounds of relaxationevery day!The sound of ocean waves, recorded out at sea, will make youfeelas if you really are at one with the most powerful force onearth.Or imagine that you are sitting in the open air, beneath thestars,by a crackling log fire on a tropical island, watchingenchantingdance of the flames, as waves gently lap the shorenearby, helpingyou fall asleap. Here you can find the gloriousbird song that willfill the air or buzzing bees flying aroundpollinating colourfulflowers that surround you.Perhaps the most popular and soothing sound is the rain falling–you can now enjoy cool, clear water sounds that willthoroughlyrelax you. There is nothing more realxing than a pleasantnap whilethe rain is pouring. Enjoy Relaxing Sounds of oceanswaves,waterfalls, rain and much more. Listen to beautifullyrecordednature sounds now, completely free of charge! You don'tneed towaste your time searching, trying to find the most soothingtonesor melodies because “Relaxing Sounds” has them all!Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.
Dog Sounds Ringtones 3.1
Sound Factory
So you are a dog person, right? DogSoundsRingtones is bringing you the best dog sounds on the market!Turnyour smartphone into man’s best friend! These cool ringtoneswillcheer you up whenever your phone makes a sound! DogSoundsRingtones is a collection of different barking sounds thatwill puta smile on your face just like when you hear your dogbarking. Youcan choose from a rich selection of all natural dogsounds and setyour favorite sound as a ringtone, SMS notificationor alarm sound.Wake up every morning with a licking dog sound!Download Dog SoundsRingtones for free now![ Features ]- Hold the play button to set sound as ringtone, notificationsound(SMS/email) or alarm.- Assign as ringtone to specific contact in your contactlist.- Easy to use UI, Dog Sounds Ringtones works in landscapeandportrait mode, optimized for all tablets and smartphones.- New collection of cool dog sounds.Whenever you need something to cheer you up, “DogSoundsRingtones” will do the trick! Everyone around you will lovethesounds coming from your phone. Whether you are at school, atworkor in public transport, people who love dogs will be delightedtohear your phone ringing. Browse through an extensive selectionofvarious free ringtones. Pick your favorite free sound from thisdogsound effects soundboard and set it as a SMS alertnotification,chat notification, ringtone or alarm sound! DownloadDog SoundsRingtones and enjoy the fun they bring! It’s time to turnyourphone into cute barking dog that you want to pet all the timeor aserious scary barking dog you wouldn’t like to mess with.Kids will love Dog Sounds and Ringtones. They can discoverdifferentkinds of dog breeds with this great app and pick theirfuture pet!In the meantime, turn your phone into kid’s favoritepet! Get yourDog Sounds Ringtones and you will be surprised howmuch fun and joyit will bring to your kids. Set your favoritebarking sound as callalert notification, message sound or alarmtune. Here you will findtop ringtones and best notificationsounds. Download Dog Sounds andRingtones free of charge now andshare them with your friends andfamily!Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.
Meditation Sounds 3.1
Sound Factory
Meditation Sounds offer a delightfulcollectionof gentle and soothing sounds which will help you feelrelaxed andput you to a peaceful meditation.These wonderfulmelodies will alsohelp you fall asleep and reduce stress.Meditation Sounds are meantto provide calm atmosphere and you willabsolutely love them!Download this lovely app, share it with yourdearest friends andenjoy top relaxing meditation sounds right now,completely free ofcharge! Meditation Sounds is a lovely new appfor Android™ andSamsung Galaxy which brings you the most wonderfulsedating soundsthat will help you relax and simmer down after ahard and busy day.Enjoy fine ringtones, calming tunes, soothingmessage tones andalarm sounds which will make you feel stress freeevery time someonecontacts you.[ Features ]- Hold the play button to set sound as ringtone, notificationsound(SMS/email) or alarm.- Assign as ringtone to specific contact in your contactlist.- Easy to use UI, Meditation Sounds App works in landscapeandportrait mode, optimized for all tablets and smartphones.-The best sedating notifications & SMS tones!You will absoulutely love these sounds of relaxation andtheywill become a part of your everyday life! These free“MeditationSounds“ and nature tones have been carefully chosen tohelp youfall into meditation, reduce stress, and provide a calmatmosphere.Browse through this cool sound effects soundboard, pickyourfavorites and set them as an SMS alert notification,chatnotification or alarm sound. If you have trouble sleeping orneedto find a way to relax after a busy day, this tranquil andsoothingsounds should do the trick. You can choose from anextensiveselection of various “cool ringtones”. Enjoy theMeditating Soundsof oceans waves, waterfalls, rain and much more.Listen tobeautifully recorded nature sounds now, completely free ofcharge!Enjoy these calming tunes, soothing message tones and alarmsoundswhich will make you overcome your anxiety each timesomeonecontacts you.Meditation Sounds offers you a wide collection of the mostbeautifultunes and sounds that will put you in a stress free mood!There is agreat deal of stress in our everyday life, so thisamazing new appwants to remedy all your unreasonable nervousness.Imagine you aresitting in the open air, beneath the stars, by acrackling log fireon a tropical island, watching enchanting danceof the flames, aswaves gently lap the shore nearby, helping youfall asleep. Perhapsthe most popular and soothing sound is therain falling – you cannow enjoy cool, clear water sounds that willthoroughly relax you.Meditation Sounds is a beautiful new app thatoffers you tremendousselection of message calm tones, peacefulalarm sounds and the mostserene ringtones you can imagine!Feel free to contact us for any questions or feedback.
Phone Ringtones 14.0.0
Discover the world's best and the most powerful sounds enjoyedbymillions!