Top 9 Games Similar to Survivalcraft 2

Build Battle Craft 1.30
Alda Games
Are you ready for some serious building action? FreeBuildBattlebrings popular concept of realtime online PvPbuildingcontests tomobile devices. You and up to 14 opponents willbuildrandomlyselected object and after 8 minutes of struggle thewinnerwill bedecided by completely subjective voting amongcontenders.Alwaysfun, always online, always free. BUILD BATTLERULES * Eightminutesof building time * Face of against 9+ opponentsin realtimePvPbattle * One common topic/object to build chosenrandomlyfromdozens of themes * 15 seconds to rate each ofotherplayerscreations * Best builders get reward to unlock newblocks inchestsSo standard rules, eh? Our build battle is serious3Dbuilding gamewith live multiplayer that even lets you unlocknewblock toimprove your building capabilities. Improve your skillsandyourtools too and trample down your opponents - or justenjoytheirmasterpieces and learn from them as they defeat you. Noblockiswasted! FEATURES * Familiar building blocks graphic *OnlinePvPbuilding contest inspired by popular mod * Reviewandratecreations of your opponents right after building phase*Becomeamazing builder for free * Creative mode stylebuildingwithoutcrafting but with fly mode! * Many building blocksto choosefrom -different materials, objects and even animals, mobsand otherNPC *Change day time, use lights and torches * Change yourfloorblocks- pyramid looks better on sand but snowman thinks thatsnowis muchmore cool * Based on our proper building/craftingsurvivalmobilegame Crafting Dead: Pocket Edition * Browse TOP10monthlycreationsfrom all over the world Use and boost yourcreativity inthesenon-violent battles of block-building magic. Showthat you arethebest and gain recongnition from fellow builders inthis harshbutultimately fair player vs. player online buildinggame. Win,unlocknew blocks and with it your potential.
Freeroam City Online 1
Play online with up to 100 player per server with Cars,Bikes,Planes, Sniper rifles and guns. Enjoy fun and responsivevehiclephysics instead of the usual realistically sensitive drivinggamesusing: Cars, bikes, planes and awesome rivals, contests andGunfights. -Advanced graphics options: Anti-Aliasing, ShadowQuality,for better graphics and performance. -Download now andplaymultiplayer online with your friends in special dedicatedservers.
Cops N Robbers: 3D Pixel Prison Games 1 1.6.0
"Cops N Robbers (Jail Break Mode)" - the famous mini gameiscomingto Googleplay now! ***Features*** # Huge map -"WestPrison","Pirate Ship": Cell, Showers, Mess Hall, EscapeMaze,Library,Secret Passage, Roof. # High quality graphics:Lightsetting inscene & Pixel scene modeling &Charactermodeling… # Soundeffect: different place with differentsoundeffect. # UI Setting:comfortable control & comfortablevisualeffects. #Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support! #Props:Labber, Valve,Sword, Bow, Sticks... # Rich&FunnyCharacteranimations. #"Honor Rules": cheat & cheated!***WorldwideMultiplayer*** # 5server regions setting:GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA,choose thenearby&best region to startgame. # Max playerssupport: 8players.(1 cop & other allrobbers) # Round timesetting: 15-60minutes. # Chat system: chatwith other players(youcan chooseclose or open chat panel) ***How toplay: rules*** #There's a cop& other all robbers. # Cop tellrobbers what heshould do: goto the mess hall to eat & go to theshowers &go to thelibrary... # Robbers must obey and do whatthe cop says,or bepunished! # Robber's mission: Compliance &Betrayal(findtheway to escape & win for every robber) # Cops'smission:Waitfor the limited time pass, then cop is the winner!
FreeCraft My Building 2.4
Jango Games
You were once a world composed of cubes?Ifnot, then welcome to the world Freecraft. This world is endlessandyou never get bored. You can survive in the wild in Survivalmode.Or you can show your creativity, have an unlimited amountofresources and build anything you want in Creative mode. Youcanalso survive, along with his friends in the Multiplayermode.Build houses, grow vegetables or to arrange PvP battle!Features:- Cubic pixel graphics- A huge number of types of mobs- Various biomes- 2 modes: Survival and Creative- Kraft like on your PC- Multiplayer and a large number of servers- Realistic Texture Pack- Unique gameplayDownload Free Craft Poket Miner for free, build your house andgrowyour tree!It FreeCraft Open Source project with open sourcesoftware,distributed under license LGPLv3. The license and thesource codecan be found on the website. Before using any part ofthe projectFreeCraft You must fully read the license (attached tothe sourcecode).--- --- ---Official site
Yellow Craft 5.1
Yellow Craft
Wonderful sandbox game of fun crafting and exploring! Freeofcharge. Endless environment, where you can place thebuildingblocks wherever you choose – just build and shape as far asyourimagination goes. Develop your creativity and let yourimaginationrun free in this 3d trains. Get creative worlds – whereyou don'tneed to collect the blocks which are necessary for yoursurvival.This app is suitable for all ages, addictive andentertaining. Thisnew version will bring you UI improvments, cameraand viewingenhancements and some performance enhanced engine. Wehope youenjoy and send us feedback via email or store listing witha lot of⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cops N Robbers: 3D Pixel Prison Games 2 2.2.8
It's a fun pixel action mini game about "Jail Break".Choseyourrole: Cop, Robber or Imposter, then engage in a battleabouttrustand doubt. ***Features*** # Props&Craft System:40+props(weapons, armors...), craft some props to help you getoutofprison. # "Honor Rules" gameplay: cheat &cheated,cooperation& betrayal. # Online Feature: Stable server&optimizednetwork. worldwide multiplayer with 5 regionssupported. #Epic 3Dpixel graphics. ***Rules*** # Voting & Task:TheImposter needto complete the system tasks to retain theidentity.Help the copto monitor all robbers, meanwhile avoid theidentitybeing exposed.Robbers need to find out who is the impostorbyvoting. # Robbersmust obey and do what the cop says, orbepunished! # Robber'smission: Compliance & Betrayal &JailBreak (find the wayto escape from prison then all the robberswin);# Cop's mission:Manage all robbers & make sure that nooneescapes from prisonin the limited time! *** Support &Feedback*** Mail:[email protected]
KoGaMa 2.30.13
Kogama is an online universe that lets you play, create andsharegames alone or together with friends. Dive into racing, pvpaction,or simply join a hang-out game to kick back with friends.Feelingcreative? Invite your friends to start creating the next biggamehit! Already have an account? Log in with your existingKogamaaccount and play for free! MILLIONS OF FREE GAMES Exploremillionsof games created by users like yourself. Each game presentsnewchallenges, goals and experiences! Play anything from actionracingto laid back exploration games! CRAFT YOUR LOOKS Super hero,angelor zombie broccoli? Build any avatar you want or browse avastmarketplace of avatars created by other users. There's evennewaccessories every day to spice up your creations! NEW GAMESEVERYDAY Our users work together to create new games every singleday.From Kogama classics to the latest and greatest, there'salwayssomething new to check out! Maybe your game is the next toattractthousands of players? FREE TO PLAY Kogama is absolutely freetoplay, but players can also purchase Gold to spend on avatarsandaccessories. Gold is also available completely for free, simplybyplaying the game. We are always working on improving Kogama.Gotany questions or feedback? Don't hesitate to get in touch!Thankyou for playing! NOTE: Avatar/game creation requires a mouseand iscurrently only available in the desktop version of Kogama.SUPPORT PRIVACYPOLICY TERMS OFUSE
Draw a Stickman: EPIC Free
Pencil your way into one of the most creative drawingpuzzlegamesever designed: Draw a Stickman: EPIC! Play the first 3levelsforFREE! In this uniquely crafted cartoon RPG, you becometheartistand create your very own stick man hero! Sketch anddoodleyour waythrough the cartoon obstacles the evil stick manZarpthrows atyou! As the artist behind the adventure, start thegame bydrawingan original cartoon hero. Your hero also needs afriend, sosketchhis buddy and give him a name! But as you watchyourcartooncreations hop right off the page, your stick manhero’sfriendheads straight into the dangers of the cartoonadventurebook! Sendyour doodle dude into the book to save hiscartoonfriend! As theartist, you’ll guide your sketched herothrough thedangerousdrawing world to save his friend. You’ll usevariouspencils andcreativity to animate solutions to puzzles orobstacles!Need toget past a pile of dynamite sticks? Use the flamepencil todoodlea fire and blow them up! Bees in your way? Use thecloudpencil tosketch some rain to grow a pollinated distraction!Wardoff dragonenemies, draw a spider to fight attacking trollhordes,andsupercharge a toaster with the lightning cloud! There isplentytodo in the world of Draw a Stickman: EPIC! Features:-Customizablestick man feature that lets you animate your own hero-Unlockablecolors for drawing life into your character - Plentyofcartoonlevels to play through - Multiple pencil types forcreatingandanimating solutions to obstacles: A fire pencil toburndownobstacles A cloud pencil to create rain or lightning Akeypencilto help you unlock doors and other objects An axe penciltohelpyou chop down trees An armor pencil gives you addedprotectiontoin-game hazards
Tiny Miner 1.6.10
qube 3D
QUESTION: Would you like to translate Tiny Miner to yourownlanguage(450 words)? Send us an E-mail([email protected])fordetails! Get ready to explore anawesome world of mining!Exploremine shaft as you search for fameand fortune. WARNING:InsanelyAddictive! - Support for AndroidJoystick!!! - Fine HDgraphics -Exciting music theme - Robot mineravailable to you -Wild west theme- Big randomly generated mine,plenty of ore andtools - Countlesshours of addictive gameplay - Nointernetconnection needed Startdigging and get rich mining! TinyMinerprovides the classic freeplay exploration mode. Due topopulardemand we have add: -Statistics - List of ores Many newthingsunder development! Specialthanks goes to translators!!!Russiantranslation thanks to МихаилКрюков! Polish translationthanks toJakub Żyłka-Żebracki Germantranslation thanks toChrisHildenbrand, Maren Bläß Dutch translationthanks to JelgerFokkensSlovenian translation thanks to Vid Pavše,Zala SkitekTurkishtranslation thanks to Mehmet AltinkayaIndonesiantranslationthanks to Ari Prastiawan Portuguese andPortuguese BRtranslationthanks to Miguel Fonseca Estoniantranslation thanks toSamuel HoimCzech translation thanks to TomášDivíšek Frenchtranslation thanksto Alexis Loyo Finnish translationthanks toElias Sassi Romaniantranslation thanks to Guţana CorneliuGreektranslation thanks toΒασίλης Μπαζάκας Spanish translationthanks toFranco RosattiSwedish translation thanks to JonathanLukowieskyItaliantranslation thanks to Gabriele Tavella Slovaktranslationthanks toTomáš Kučera Hungarian translation thanks toDaniel AldanArabictranslation thanks to Mustafa Mashkoor NasirFilipinotranslationthanks to Paolo Gatchalian Danish translationthanks toAndiRosenhave, Daan Voorvaart Ukrainian translation thankstoSevomyrKostylevyč Lithuanian translation thanks toArturasUrbonasNorwegian translation thanks to TorbjørnStirlerPersiantranslation thanks to Ali Sefidpour Afrikaanstranslationthanks toBrian BlueIce Basson Malay translation thanksto ArifImran Bengalitranslation thanks to Muhammad Taharat GalibLatviantranslationthanks to Rihards Soms Chinese translation thanksto 林啟揚Englishproofreading thanks to Katelyn O'Brien Hebrewtranslationthanks toJohnny Nasser Korean translation thanks to박진여(JINYEOPARK)Bulgarian translation thanks to АлександърАндреевCatalantranslation thanks to Joan Lloveras Icelandictranslationthanks toKristján Bjarni Hindi translation thanks toAayush SinghfromAllahabad, India Thai translation thanks to ParinWongsanupaTelugutranslation thanks to Pushparaju Karthik fromNellore,IndiaVitnamese translation thanks to Duong NguyenUrdutranslationthanks to Bilal Amjad Arain (ABF) Nepalitranslationthanks to ArunDhungel Tamil translation thanks to GowsikDarshan GDfromParamakudi,Tamil Nadu,India Esperanto translationthanks toJamesBridge Uzbek translation thanks to Ismoil Xojiakbarov