Top 50 Apps Similar to Garden Game for Kids

Smoothie Maker - Cooking Games
FM by Bubadu
Be creative and have fun making healthy, delicious andcolorfulsmoothies!
Pet Wash
FM by Bubadu
Everyone desire to have his own little pet to cuddle and play with.
Ice Candy Kids - Cooking Game
FM by Bubadu
Express your creativity and create a cold, yummy and refreshingicecandy!
Farm for kids
Little farmer! It’s time for animals to gather vegetablesandfruits!
Doctor Kids 2
FM by Bubadu
Step into doctor’s shoes and help patients.
Doctor Kids
FM by Bubadu
Be a doctor in a children's hospital. Kids are counting on you!
Doctor Pets
FM by Bubadu
Enjoy the experience of being a pet doctor!
Pets Hair Salon 1.32
FM by Bubadu
Lovely pets are sitting in front of a mirror and waiting fornew,funky haircuts. Bears, cats, dogs and rabbits want to be realmoviestars at least for one day. Design creative hairstyles foryourcustomers before the curtains close. Start with washing pet'shair,use shampoo and shower and then dry it with towel andhairdryer.Comb the messy hair and cut it with scissors and shaver,like abarber. You will have fun making pet's hair stand on end. Ifyouwant curly or straight hair, use professional tools such ascurlingiron, hair straightener, hair curler and hair restorer, likemagicwand. Color the hair in a variety of 12 cool sprays, frombasic tothe fashionable rainbow palette. After taking a haircut youcanbeautify your customers with accessories for all occasions:bows,hairpins, tiaras, hats, glasses. And don't miss to add thefinaltouch with clothes. Also, don’t forget to decorate theshowroombefore the photo shooting. Now, your pet is ready for thedreamlikesnapshot. Everyone will love this pets hair makeovergame.Features: • beautiful HD illustrations • bright and vividcolors •funny sound effects • cute characters with differentfaceexpressions • 12 different color sprays, 24 accessories and18clothes to combine • professional tools This game is free toplaybut certain in-game items and features, also some ofthosementioned in game description, may require payment viain-apppurchases which cost real money. Please check your devicesettingsfor more detailed options regarding in-app purchases. Thegamecontains advertising for Bubadu’s products or some thirdpartieswhich will redirect users to our or third-party site or app.Thisgame is certified compliant with the Children’s OnlinePrivacyProtection Act (COPPA) by FTC approved COPPA safe harborPRIVO. Ifyou would like to know more about the measures we have inplace forprotecting child privacy please see our policieshere: . Terms ofservice:
Supermarket Game 2 1.35
FM by Bubadu
We present you a brand new supermarket where you can do a lot offunthings such as helping customers shop, running cash registerandmanaging different shop sections. Make responsible choices inthesupermarket, learn some useful skills while playing popularminigames and assist customers to improve their shoppingexperience. •Cashier: Operate the cash register, scan goods andcollect payments;learn to count money and pay with a credit card.• Cheese: Build acheese tower with different types of cheese likeparmesan, cheddar,gorgonzola and others. • Fruit & vegetables:Start the juicyadventure and slice fruits or vegetables to fulfillcustomers’orders. • Fish: Break frozen bricks to provide mostdeliciousfreshwater and seawater fish. • Toys: Match pairs oftiles with toyslike a doll, a ball, a truck, a bear and otheranimals and manymore. • Cakes: Rearrange the shuffled and piledcake parts by colorand size to get sweet cake towers. • Grocery:Test your visualskills, follow the shopping list and helpcustomers find what theyare looking for in a hidden object game. •Bakery: Put ingredientsinto the bowl and bake some fresh bread, achocolate croissant, awaffle with apricot jam, a strawberrycupcake and a blueberry donutin the furnace. Let’s start cooking!• Dairy: Milk a cow to provideyour customers with fresh dairyproducts all day long. • Catch athief: Avoid the obstacles,collect power ups and deliver the thiefto the police station inthis fun racing game. Join the fun andexplore the supermarketworld. Features: • hours of fun for thewhole family • improvemathematical skills while counting money •finish achievements toget bronze, silver and gold medals • 10 funmini games with popularmechanics This game is free to play butcertain in-game items andfeatures, also some of those mentioned ingame description, mayrequire payment via in-app purchases whichcost real money. Pleasecheck your device settings for more detailedoptions regardingin-app purchases. The game contains advertisingfor Bubadu’sproducts or some third parties which will redirectusers to our orthird-party site or app. This game is certifiedcompliant with theChildren’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)by FTC approvedCOPPA safe harbor PRIVO. If you would like to knowmore about themeasures we have in place for protecting childprivacy please seeour policies here: . Termsof service:
Little Panda's Dream Garden
Little panda has a food-producing garden. There aresmall-scalefarms, ponds, fruits, veggies and many animals!Wonderful and funthings happen around the garden every day! Look,little pandareceives orders from the world day after day, but hisschedule isfull. Would you give him a hand? Oh, how about helpinglittle pandamake YUMMY SAUCE? Come and pick strawberries,loquats,blueberries... Crush fruits before cooking them intodeliciousfruit jam! Yes, you can also pick chili peppers, washthem, cutthem, and make them into hot chili sauce! Or, how aboutmaking yourFAVORITE SNACKS: FRIES AND CHIPS? You have to drive awaythe animalthieves in little panda’s garden. Dig up potatoes, cutthem intoslices, fry them into the crispy fries and chips, andfinallysprinkle tasty seasonings on them once done! Wait, there'smore!You will also get to taste FRESHLY BAKED BREAD! Plantwheatyourself and grind the wheat into flour with the machine.Then, youget to put the dough into the oven, and watch it becomethedelicious gold-crusted bread! Yoho! A new order just came in!Let'sturn on the machine and help little panda out! Little Panda'sDreamGarden will help children: - Learn the process of making food.-Learn to not waste food. - Improve their reaction speed. -Improvetheir observation skills. - Develop storytelling skills.LittlePanda's Dream Garden is an interactive App for earlyeducation.BabyBus hopes the children will be able to make friendswith theanimals in their dream garden and learn a multitude ofthings whiletasting sweet honey and freshly baked bread. In thenear future,BabyBus will develop more fun and interactive earlychildhoodeducation apps and help the children grow up happily.About BabyBus————— At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves to sparkingkids'creativity, imagination and curiosity,and designing ourproductsthrough the kids' perspective to help them explore theworld ontheir own. Now BabyBus offers a wide variety of products,videosand other educational content for over 400 million fans fromages0-8 around the world! We have released over 200children'seducational apps, over 2500 episodes of nursery rhymesandanimations of various themes spanning the Health,Language,Society, Science, Art and other fields. ————— Contactus:[email protected] Visit us:
Tailor Kids
FM by Bubadu
Design your own fashionable clothes and become the moststylishtailor in town
Doctor Kids 4 1.22
FM by Bubadu
Welcome to the hospital for children, where medicine meetskindness.You can become the chief of medicine and learn how togive moresympathy to people. Patients choose our hospital for theexperiencewe have and quality of our pediatricians. As a doctor,you will beable to provide professional treatment services andtake care ofyour little patients. Face with chickenpox, differenttypes ofallergies, stomach ache, low bone density, brain problemsand caverescue operation. Kids are in a poor state of health soget themback to normal. • Chickenpox: Use a thermometer, beat thevirusesand choose protective gloves for the kid. • Allergies: Opentheairways with a breathing machine, take an allergy test and findoutwhat food substitutes the child needs. • Digestive system:Examineabdomen with ultrasound, remove parasites and choose aherbal syrupfor the aching stomach. • Bone density: Measure bonedensity,collect as much calcium and vitamin D as you can and learnwhat foodis good for bone health. • Brain: Place the electrodesand measurebrain activity, connect neurons and pick food to boostpatient’sbrainpower. • Ambulance service: Rescue kids from thecave and bringthem up safely. Features: • different mini games andhealthtreatments • lots of injuries, diseases, doctor’s toolsandequipment This game is free to play but certain in-game itemsandfeatures, also some of those mentioned in game description,mayrequire payment via in-app purchases which cost real money.Pleasecheck your device settings for more detailed optionsregardingin-app purchases. The game contains advertising forBubadu’sproducts or some third parties which will redirect users toour orthird-party site or app. This game is certified compliantwith theChildren’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) by FTCapprovedCOPPA safe harbor PRIVO. If you would like to know moreabout themeasures we have in place for protecting child privacyplease seeour policies here: . Termsof service:
Pizza Maker - Cooking Game
FM by Bubadu
Make a delicious pizza, bake it in the oven and have a lot offunslicing it!
Clean Up Kids
FM by Bubadu
Cleaning and fixing the house can be easy and fun.
My Baby Food - Cooking Game
FM by Bubadu
Enjoy your cooking adventures with cute little babies!
Animals memory game for kids
Animals memory game for kids with cute pictures of animals.
My Baby Care 2
FM by Bubadu
See what babysitting is all about as you run your ownkindergartenat home
My Baby Care
FM by Bubadu
Enjoy taking care of babies like a real babysitter!
Pop Balloon Kids 1.40
FM by Bubadu
Everyone likes balloons but popping them is even more FUN.PopBalloon Kids is a simple yet addictive and challengingballoonpopping game that offers you a lot of excitement. Your goalissimple: pop as many balloons as you can in 60 seconds and trytoscore as many points as possible in the process. There arenumerouscolorful balloons to pop in this game and, in addition,there areplenty of hidden toys to improve your score and a lot ofdifferent“power-up” balloons to make the game even morechallenging. Manyballoons contain a toy that gives you extra pointsif you tap on itwhile the “power-up” balloons either help you popup all otherballoons in the radius or they make your work evenharder byspawning more new balloons. Pop Balloon Kids is a simpleandattractive game suitable for all ages and fun to play in anycase -whether you want to just take it easy and relax, or playitseriously and test your tapping skills. Features: • easy to play•beautiful HD graphics • colorful balloons • plenty of toys •lotsof stunning effects • special “power-up” balloons This game isfreeto play but certain in-game items and features, also some ofthosementioned in game description, may require payment viain-apppurchases which cost real money. Please check your devicesettingsfor more detailed options regarding in-app purchases. Thegamecontains advertising for Bubadu’s products or some thirdpartieswhich will redirect users to our or third-party site or app.Thisgame is certified compliant with the Children’s OnlinePrivacyProtection Act (COPPA) by FTC approved COPPA safe harborPRIVO. Ifyou would like to know more about the measures we have inplace forprotecting child privacy please see our policieshere: . Terms ofservice:
Builder Game
FM by Bubadu
Enjoy our tractor and truck games or home builder tasks likewelding& building
Little Panda's Farm
Grow fruits and vegetables, and take care of farm animals.
Burger Deluxe - Cooking Games
FM by Bubadu
Make a tasty burger with crispy fries and refreshing drink.
Kids farm 1.4.3
Y-Group games
It's the right time for new exciting and fun adventures! Andwhatawaits us today is not just a walk in the park, but a real farmforchildren, which we will have to visit and work a little. Afterall,it's time to harvest. Our merry farm and all its inhabitantsarelooking forward to you and your kids. We present you a newexcitinggame from the series developing games for children - "KidsFarm".This game is a fun and addictive farm simulator. Here inthemanagement of your baby there will be a real farm on which itwillbe necessary to plant vegetables, water and fertilize them,fightpests in order to subsequently harvest a good harvest. Youwillalso need to take care of pets and a large apiary. Your kid, asareal farmer, will have to deal with all these fascinatingandinteresting things. Will he be able to cope with such a largefarm?We will just check it! Game cheerful farm is a uniqueeducationaland developing game that will interest not only boys,but alsogirls. It will clearly show and help children learn: howthe farmis conducted, how it is arranged, what animals are thereand how totake care of them. He learns how to plant trees and otherplants,take care of them, fight various agricultural pests and muchmore.Carrying out various interesting tasks and selling the crop toyourchild, with the money earned in the game, will be able todevelopand decorate it, supplementing new and interesting elementsin thegame. A baby farm is an exciting game that your child canplay forhours on the fly, and who can entertain him when bored, andyourbaby will certainly want to play it again and again. Playingit,your baby will create his own, small cozy world, in which hedoesnot have to miss a single minute, will show the crumbs allthecharm and beauty of a real farm, and at the same time -withoutleaving home. Do not be bored on such a wonderful day! Ourfarm forbabies is waiting for you! To start playing the farm gameyou needto download it to your tablet or phone. Install the gameand plungeheadlong into the world of fun and joy, become the bestfarmer inthe world! Visit us at: Site:
Animals memory game for kids
Animals memory game for kids with cute images of animals.
Solve Food Puzzle For Preschool Toddlers 1.8
Teach your preschool toddlers through play! Children can learnaboutmany fruit and vegetables in this food puzzle solving game.Be withyour kids, watch a wonderful picture of food puzzles andidentifythe best suitable parts of that fruit and vegetables.Educate yourkids about fruit and vegetables with their names too.This foodpuzzle game helps your children to develop their matchingskills.It’s time to refresh your preschool toddler’s mind. It isan amazingeducational fun for toddlers. This food puzzle solvinggame containssome mini games for kids. In this way they can enjoythiseducational activity and they will not get bored. Afterplaying thisfood puzzle game, your kids will be able to identifythe fruit &vegetable with their names. They have to guess themissing parts offruit and vegetables in the best place. So, whatare you waitingfor??? Download this educational food puzzlesolving game now andengage your preschool toddlers and kids!Features: ● Thousands offruit and vegetables puzzle images. ●Contains lots of mini games torefresh your kid's mind. ● Intuitivechild-friendly game interface.● Simple and smooth gameplaycontrols. ● Colorful and attractive HDgraphics views. ● Pleasantand addictive sounds effects. ● Entertainyour children witheducational games. ● Enhance your kids’s thinkingand matchingskills. ● Easy pick and move controls.
Hidden Animals: Games for kids 0.3.5
Developing games for kindergarten are one of the most popularwaysof studying for children nowadays. Keep your baby busywithinteractive matching games for kids! Hidden Animals puzzle gameisan amazing educational baby app, which helps kids to learnandimprove logical thinking skills while they are having greatfun.Besides that, the learning app will help your toddler to makefirststeps towards studying animals! Playing modes: 🐯 Find thecorrectsilhouette for a selected animal. It’s real fun! 🦁 Find theanimalin the picture for the given silhouette. Make your first stepintothe zoo world. 🦓 Find an animal in the jungle, sea, farm andotherlocations. There is the whole zoo! Can you guess them all?Ourpreschool funny games give children interactive learningtime.Hidden Animals is the exciting example of wonderful gamesforbabies and family members - it is suitable both for boys andgirls.Play this kindergarten game and find hidden objects withyourfamily! Learn and develop while playing. Your baby willloveplaying our cute mini games, where he is able to enjoy manyhoursof entertainment. This collection of cool and fun toddlergames forchildren from 2 years old helps them to develop variousskills andstimulates their creativity. Train visual skills withsmart appsfor toddlers and family members. The game contains 5 freelevels,which can be replayed with new heroes. Let's explorefaunatogether! Privacy policy: of Use:
Kids Shopping Games 3.1.3
Mommy Hippopotamus make a list of thegoodsthat need to buy in the supermarket. Daddy Hippopotamus, Hippoandher brother took a trolley and went to the supermarket tofindproducts that Mommy Hippopotamus added to your shopping list.Atthe top of the screen is a list of goods you must find. HelpHippofind all products which are in the list. Watch out forshopshelves, and when you see a product that you have in the list -putit in the trolley. Do not forget to look for the DaddyHippopotamusand little brother, they always try to throw in thebasketsomething extra.After this Hippo with her daddy and little brother gets tothecashier and pay for the goods - you will meet with MommyHippo,which will check the shopping list, all you have bought. Anddo notbuy something extra. Collect all 5 stars and Mommy willbehappy!The kids supermarket sells a variety of products that arefamiliarto your kids: fruits, vegetables, clothes, shoes, gardentools,etc. Baby will be happy to search for products andfilltrolley.- Funny heroes - Hippo and her family,- Learn while you play,- Colorful pictures,- Kids supermarket with many different products,- Search for items.Enjoy new game Hippo. Kids Supermarket!
Kindergarten : animals
kindergarten - here you will find your new friends
Princess Hair & Makeup Salon
FM by Bubadu
Would you like to be a princess from head to toe?
Water adventures. 1.1.7
It's time to go on an exciting adventure : Sea Adventures.Togetherwith a team of kind and merry animals, you will sail onyour shipto distant lands, in which you will find a lot of funtasks. You,as the captain of the boat, playing - will not only havefun, butalso learn. The game "Sea Adventures" is not like othereducationalgames for children. In a fun game form, your kids learnto count,draw, also the game develops a reaction, fine motor skillsand muchmore. The main task solved by our marine adventures is toimprovethe attention and memory of the child so that from theverychildhood it can instill qualities that will be very useful forhimin adulthood. And parents, watching the play of the child,canexplain everything that is not clear to him. All training is intheform of interesting mini-games. And they are very differenthere.As the real captain of the ship, you will pass the mostserioustests - you will need to save your friends who areshipwrecked,brave children are facing sea battles - they will beattacked bythe real pirates. Helping your friends with animals yourbaby willfish, descend into the depths of the sea, will be able tobuild ahouse, collect various items, clean the sea of ​​pollution.Allthis is executed in an exciting. Our mini games will carry awaythechild for a long time, giving him many hours of fun play. Besureto visit our and also we are at:Youtube:
Knowledge park 1 - learning game for kids from 2 6 1.3.22
*** Educational little kid games "RMB Knowledge Park".Includeshapegames, ABC flash cards toddler color games, and thebestnumbergames for kids from 1 year and older. *** Our one yearoldgames,include more than 40 funny levels containing over200objects tolearn and a lot of animals and other funnycharacterswithincreasing difficulty in the levels. *** Each levelis voicedby anative speaker to help the child hear thecorrectpronunciation andlearn new words. Welcome to the newadventureeducational game “RMBKnowledge” for children from 1 yearold andolder, together withfunny heroes loved by the whole world:•Fluffy Chick ! • GlamorousKitty ! • Cool Panda ! • Clever Heron !•Funny Pig ! • Friendly Dog! • Cute Rabbit ! Our little kidgameswill help your boys and girlsto: • learn counting • learn howtoidentify groups of objects andsort them • learn the alphabetandnew words • learn how to makesimple words • study the basiccolorsand shapes • develop newtalents, creativity, and motorskillsThese are the best numbergames for kids. Indeed, childrenlove toplay them so much! Millionsof children and mothers aroundtheworld have praised our shapegames! These games are very usefulforchildren from 1 year andolder, for kindergartens andpreschoolinstitutions. Friends!!!Let’s go to the first theme parkin thebeautiful city of SanFrancisco by the ocean, mountains,andforests; with many museums,sweets, and ice cream. In the "WorldofNumbers" mini-game, kidswill play 12 exciting educationallevelstogether with funnycharacters to learn how to count. Kidswilldiscover many places forinteresting learning in our one yearoldgames: • "Funny FactoryPizza" – independently choosetheingredients and decide which pizzahe wants to cook •"FoodsHeroes" – independently place orders forhamburgers,chicken,donuts, and treats for his friends • "FunnyNumber Quiz" –selectthe correct number in numerical order andquickly countsfurther Inthe "World of Coloring" mini-game, thechild will play 12excitingcreative levels together with funnycharacters to learncolors andsounds as well as: • play with theirown drawings • savethe photoin the gallery or share it withfriends In the "World ofAlphabet"mini-game, ABC flash cardstoddler color games, the childwill play15 exciting educationallevels that will easily introducehim toletters, new words togetherwith funny characters to visitandcompete in: • "Extreme Ski Race"– slide down a steep andbeautifulslope, quickly find the correctletter of the alphabet andtry towin this race! • "Funny fishing",where cute ducks swimwithletters in envelopes, from which kidsneed to make a wordandquickly assemble; • "Magic Beach" – solveseveral puzzlesfromcards that depict letters and various fruits,vegetables,animals,insects; • "Interesting Photoshoot" in naturewith pets andwildanimals. In the "World of Shapes" mini-game, thechild will playin12 exciting levels and will easily get acquaintedwithcolors,shapes, sizes and, together with funny characters,willvisit: •"Ice Cream Museum", • "Candy Museum", • "Dino Museum",•"ToysMuseum", • "Funny Smiling Shapes", • "Space Photoshoot",•"FunnyRunning on Mud" Note how children learn! Babies andtoddlerscanhave fun for a long time without stress and time limit.Weareconstantly adding new educational games, which you can findonourwebsite: Join us, subscribe to ourpagesonsocial media:Instagram:!/ Start endless funandeducation nowwith our one year old games and the best numbergamesfor kids! TryABC flash cards toddler color games and shapegames!Thanks toeveryone who plays our little kid games andappreciatesthem! RMBGames
Bubbu School - My Virtual Pets
Animal school game: learn how to draw & play music for kidsincute animal games
Amusement park for kids
Our kindergarten goes to amusement park. Visit our amusement park.
Farm Games For Kids & Toddlers
Pazu Games
Kids Games Farm Animal Games - Educational games for kindergarten
Cake Maker - Cooking Game
FM by Bubadu
Have fun making a cake, blow the candles and make a wish.
Pirate treasure: Fairy tales
Kids games about pirates, treasure hunt and incredibleadventuresfor kids
Hippo: Kids Mini Games
Educational and learning mini games for kids. Many games in one app
Cleaning house 1.1.3
Remembering childhood adults understand that the words cleanthehouse are perhaps the most unpleasant for their children tohear.After all toddlers like to scatter their things and toys.Today wewill try to change this. We will try to create cosiness,restoreorder in the house and help our mother to do aspring-cleaning.Meet our new game from the series of educationalgames for childrenClean house. So let’s start cleaning up thehouse! And we are goingto start from the kitchen. First of all,let's put everything inorder in the fridge and wash the dishes.Then we have to clean theoven and that’s it. Kitchen is ready! Nowwe are going upstairs andclean the next room. On the second floorand floors above your kidshave to clean and arrange all scatteredthings and toys, wash thewindows, gather books and notebooks in thenursery, hang picturescorrectly, lay out shoes and much more. Andit is very important tovacuum all rooms! And finally our cleaningwill end in the attic.There your children have to clean carefullythe cobwebs, mop thefloor, gather all scattered tools, fix brokenstairs. Sucheducational games as this new one are very importantfor yourchild. After all to instill baby love of cleanliness andorder isone of parents’ paramount tasks. Visit ourwebsite: Twitter:
Wedding party. Games for Girls
Dress up, shopping, decorating and more educational mini gamesforgirls
My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game
Frojo Apps
Do you have what it takes to take care of your own baby chicken?
Fireman Game
FM by Bubadu
Live the dangerous life of a fireman.
Oliver the Virtual Cat 1.371
Frojo Apps
Meet Oliver, the virtual cat. Take care of Oliver and make himpartof your everyday life just like a real life cat. Oliver theVirtualCat is hands down the best virtual pet game on the market,withmore content than any other pet game. FEATURES Multiplayer:Playwith up to 4 friends in real-time! Mining Game: Explore andminethrough a whole world! Platform Game: A complete platformgameinside the pet game! Mini-games: Play one of the 50 mini-gamesandearn money! Life-like emotions: Oliver will get happy, sleepy&sad depending on how you treat him. Nurture: Take care ofOliver byfeeding, cleaning, playing with and getting him to sleepwhen he istired. Customize: Dress and choose from over 1.000.000combinationsof dresses, shirts, hats, beards & glasses. Build:Build thehouse of your dreams by choosing wallpapers, furnituresanddecorations. Garden: Grow your own flowers, flesh-eating plantsandmushrooms in the adorable garden. Stickers: Find and collectlotsof virtual stickers of Oliver doing silly things! Cards:Unlockcollectable and beautiful cards of Oliver! Music: Createmusic withthe virtual instruments such as: piano, drums &guitar. Catevolution: Combine small cats and watch them evolve!Fishevolution: Travel under the sea and discover thrilling seacreatureand breed them! Paint: Draw beautiful images with over 18differentcolors and share them with your friends. Building Blocks:Play withbuilding blocks and create your own castle. Aquarium: Takecare forfishes and style your own aquarium. What are you waitingfor?!Download your own pet today, it is free!
Farm Friends - Kids Games
Ploosh LLC
Cute games for kids. Exciting story. Children learn about farmlifeand animals.
Emergency Hospital:Kids Doctor
Educational medical games - emergency hospital and kids doctorHippo
Pet Doctor Care games for kids
Pazu Games
Vet games for kids - Treat and care for animals, heal and curethepets
Doctor for animals
Doctor treats cute animals in a hospital !
My Corgi - Virtual Pet Game
Frojo Apps
👀 Do you like corgis?! 💖
Tropical Forest: Match 3 Story
Design island in the adventure puzzle!
Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 21.2.75
Dr. Panda
Be the world's best chef! Get cooking and servedeliciousdishes!Show off your culinary creativity to impress yourhungrydiners,get rewarded and progress to become a real masterchef!UNLEASHYOUR CULINARY GENIUS!   Put on your apron andstartthecooking as you get familiar with your fully equippedkitchen!Raidthe refrigerator to collect your ingredients andbeginpreparingyour favorite foods.Chop, blend,fry, orBBQ youringredients, then add condimentstocustomize and serve aperfect culinary creation!  MANAGEYOURRESTAURANT! It's allup to you as you learn to run yourownrestaurant! Welcome yourhungry diners and introduce them toyourdelicious menu. Find thedish that's right for them, servetheirorder as they wanted andearn coins for making your customershappy!Will you be able toprogress to master chef? AMAZINGANIMATIONS!Meet all of Dr.Panda's fun friends in this exciting newgame. Enjoythe beautifulanimations and the fun reactions! Cook upsome crazyfoodcombinations or sneak a few extra chilies on theirpizza andsharesome giggles as they gobble it all up. Key Features:- Unleashyourcreativity and be the best chef in the world. - Over25ingredientsand condiments to choose from! - Learn how to runyourvery ownrestaurant! - Make pizzas, burgers, pasta, smoothiesandmore! - Berewarded and level up for your culinary talent! -Masterall thedifferent kitchen tools! - Play at your own pace withnotimelimits! - Fun for toddlers, children, teenagers andadultsalike. -Safe for kids! COPPA compliant and no third party ads- TryDr.Panda Restaurant 3 for free! Educational Values: - Kidslearnbasiccooking methods for different types of recipes.  -Getfamiliar with different ingredients and handy cookingtools.-Become receptive to customer's facial responses based onwhattheylike and don't like. - Kids can role-play anddevelopstorytellingskills. Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 is a freeeducationalgame for kidsoffering in-app purchases to unlockadditionalcontent. These areone-time purchases which willpermanently unlockthe content foryour account. Please check yourdevice settings formore detailedparental options regarding in-apppurchases, and feelfree tocontact us at [email protected] if youhave feedback orconcerns.Privacy Policy As a designer of kids’games, we understandhowimportant privacy is in this modern, digitalworld. You canreadour privacy policy here: AboutDr.Panda Dr. Panda is adeveloper of games for kids. We developgameswith educational valuesthat help kids learn about the world.Allof our games are safe anddo not contain inappropriate content.Ifyou’d like to know moreabout us and how we design games forkids,visit our If you have anyquestions,feel free to sendus an email at [email protected] orcontact uson Facebook(
Fishing for kids
Y-Group games
Fishing for kids, it's fun - educational game for your toddler.