Top 40 Games Similar to Tiny Gladiators - Fighting Tournament

Kung Fu Do Fighting 2.8.5
==Description Kung Fu Do Fighting, is an action fighting game.Theworld's largest fighting contest is started! No ranking, norules,only dead or alive! Now, a new powerful character appears.Thetyphoon devil is a NINJA master from Japan and he swears tobeateveryone soon. The other contestants include the peerlessmaster ofTaekwondo 10 paragraphs, the Mauy Thai Hurricane Death,the DarkBoxing King, the Vicious Beauty Killer and the President Xwithmysterious assassination skill. Each one for survival andhonormust start the toughest fighting. Who is the strongest fighterandking of KO on earth? This action game includes two playmodes:Tournament mode:The player selects own character at first andthenenemy appears in random. It is a three point match. Thefirstcompetitor to score two points therefore wins the match. Ifthereis a draw (both life value is 0), the round will playagain.Survival mode:The player chooses own character at first. Theenemycharacter will be decided randomly. There are no end in awinninggame set. The winner's each play will not stop, round andround.Open fighting arena: Shilin Night Market in Taiwan, KomodoNationalPark in Indonesia, Maeklong Railway Market in Thailand,TimesSquare in New York, Halong Bay in Vietnam, Mayan Ancient CityinMexico, Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil, Angkor WatinCambodia... and other world-specific attractions!
Jetpack Joyride
Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giantmechanicaldragons! Birds that poop money! Suit up with a selectionof thecoolest jetpacks ever made and test your skills as legendaryactionhero Barry Steakfries. Over 500 million players can’t bewrong.Download FREE and start your adventure today!FEATURES:* Fly the coolest jetpacks in gaming history* Dodge lasers, zappers, and guided missiles* Storm the lab in crazy vehicles and giant mechs* Earn achievements and battle it out against friends* Customise your look with ridiculous outfits* Equip high-tech gadgets and vehicle upgrades* Complete daring missions to boost your rank* Test your reflexes with simple one-touch controls***This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disablethisfeature in the settings menu of your device.View our privacy policy at our terms of service at
Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre 3.55
Burrito Bison is here and he’s brought friends! With morethan15million plays on, our favorite hero is back.Inthelatest installment of the series, Burrito Bison teams upwithnewfriends: Pineapple Spank and El Pollo to bounce, crack,eatcake,smack, fly, and soar through the skies to fend offtheinvasion ofgummies! Stolen by an evil chef, Burrito Bison seeksouthiscookbook to take back with him to make the finest salsaintheworld. So strap on your rocket belt, and launch your waytoglory!Features: *Three powerful wrestlers: Burrito Bison nowgetstoadventure with friends! *Dozens of upgrades to makeyoustronger,slippier, luckier, faster, moreundergroundworm-riding-er, andmore explosive. *Five opponents, eachwithunique weakness, tofight through on your quest for freedom. KOthemfor big bonuses!*For the first time in the series, battle aFinalBoss in yourquest to rid the world of gummies (or at leastuntilyou get yourcookbook back and fly through the gummies’alternateuniverse)!*All the pinatas you can crack open! PLEASENOTE: BurritoBison:Launcha Libre is free to play, but some extragame items canbepurchased for real money. You can disable in-apppurchases inyourdevice's settings.
Tiny Rails 2.10.07
All aboard for an adventure around the world! Grow yourGrandpa'smodest single engine train company into a multi-carmasterpiece inthis immersive, world-spanning game from Tiny TitanStudios.Deliver passengers and cargo across the world, whileupgrading andcustomizing your train cars to become the ultimaterailroad tycoon!Features: 🚂 100s of train set combinations eachwith their ownunique characteristics! 🚂 Travel across the world andexplorebeautiful locations and famous landmarks! 🚂 Outfit yourtrain withfood, entertainment or comfort cars to increase passengerhappinessand keep business booming! 🚂 Your train runs in thebackground evenwhen you’re not playing! 🚂 Packed with gorgeousretro pixel art andrelaxing music! PLEASE NOTE! Tiny Rails is freeto download andplay, however, some game items can also be purchasedfor realmoney. If you don't want to use this feature, pleasedisable in-apppurchases in your device's settings. Also, under ourTerms ofService and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 yearsof age toplay or download Tiny Rails. Tiny Rails can be playedoffline, butplease note that an active internet connection isrequired toupdate the train shop. Support: Are you having problems?Visit or contact us in gamebynavigating to Settings > Support. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Like us onFacebook! Follow us onTwitter!
Grow Castle - Tower Defense 1.36.14
It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack.Ifgrowth can be placed in the castle tower and the hero oneachfloor. Archer of the town is becoming a lot more more powerfulthemore upgrades. More than 120 heroes can use their own skills.Someheroes are made to give a strong archers of the town, anotherherois cursed enemy. This strategy is important because only a herocanbe mounted up to nine. When you build colonies and hireworkers,you can earn more gold. Clear up to a higher level, waveand checkout your rankings. Create or join a online guild. Youcancommunicate and play with people around the world. ※FeaturesOnline guild system Real-time rankings Hero promotionsystemAddictive without reason Build your own castle
Lep's World 2 🍀🍀 3.8.4
nerByte GmbH
From the creators of the number 1 hitLep'sWorld – over 175 million downloads!nerByte presents the long-awaited successor of Lep's World withmoreLevels, more Items, more enemies, better game physics,awesomegraphics and beautiful new sound effects. Thanks for allyourfeedback! We took the best ideas and packed them into Lep'sWorld2, and the result is an incredibly good and addictivegame.It is a beautiful sunny day in Leprechaun Village. Lep andhisfriends enjoy the sun, when suddenly the sky darkens andlightningfills the sky. An evil wizard appears, he steals theLeprechaun'sgold, and kidnaps all the villagers except Lep, wholuckilyescapes. The wizard is planning to use the Leprechaun'smagic andcombine it with his own to take over the world.Lep has to save his friends and family all alone. So help himtogain more powerful abilities to defeat the wizard. Jump andrunthrough Lep's world and have fun with 80 awesomewell-designedlevels.Note: Get more abilities after each World.FEATURES:+ Beautiful new graphics with more detail+ 10 unique Worlds with 90 Levels+ 10 items and abilities+ 13 demanding enemies+ Challenging boss fightsJoin us on the Lep's World 2 Facebook Page: us on Twitter: more informations visit Lep's World 2 homepage:http://www.lepsworld2.comWe hope you enjoy the game.Have fun!! :)
LINE Cookie Run 6.1.3
Over 40 million downloads! The wholeworld'srunning now!The new update brings the "New World", introducing all kindsofbrand new additions to the game!Cookie Run, presented by the free chat and calls app LINE.BE A COOKIE HEROEscape the wicked witch before she slams you in the oven and hasyoufor her supper.EXHILARATING ACTIONRun, jump, and slide your way to freedom! Control yourcharactereither with touch screen gestures or virtual buttons.ENTER FEVER MODEGobble up letters scattered though the game to trigger FeverModeand grab even more coins!PLAY WITH FRIENDSComplete against your friends to see who can get the bestscores.Invite friends to play and unlock special items.UNIQUE CHARACTERSUnique cookies and pets galore! They don’t just look different;theyall have different skills and abilities, too.
Chaos Street Fighting Ⅱ 3.1
Chaos Street Fighting Ⅱ, The sequel of "Chaos Street Fighting" isaperfect fighting game with agile fighter who can perfectlycontrolhim skills and him own style of fighting. Fighter in theChaosStreet are waiting! Are You ready?? Chaos Street Fighter Game,Recall your childhood memories of arcade game ! FreeclassicFighting arcade games to enjoy with android device Now!Recorded inthe history of the classic arcade game, Street FightingGame wasone of the most popular. Compared with other fightinggames, thisgame has been designed to be played with more easily .We hope youonce again to have a great time! ! Chaos Street Fighting2 Gamefeatures: 1. 2.5D graphics and Dynamic gameplay 2. Moreenemiesfighter characters 3. Various combo blows 4. Easy touchcontrol 5.Resurrection System in Boss levels
Battle of Rangers 1.0
Battle of rangers is an endlessrunningactiongame.The world is in danger with the help of samurai rangers yougotthepower to destroy the enemy monsters.Collect gold coins to unlock new rangers to play with.Use your skills to avoid Megazord by jumping high at justtherighttime.Rangers dino charge features:-Fun and cool gameplay-Stunning graphics-User Friendly interface-Many unlockable characters-Random levels the game is never the same-Share your scoreHow far can you go?This is very addictive and challenging game that willhaveyouspinning around confused!Compete with your friends and become the best!
Tower Crush - Free Strategy Games 1.1.45
Tower Crush is an epic indie game where you build 1 tower, up to6floors, load them with weapons, upgrade, evolve and defeatyouropponents in fantastic battles. A combination of actionandstrategy! Don't fear, you’ll collect Machine Guns, Cannons,FlameGuns, Bomb Launchers, Shockwaves, Rocket Launchers, Lasers,Teslas,Ice Cannons and Mighty Plasma Cannons to help defend yourtower.Unleash the most devastating special powers upon your enemiesinthis Combat Game. If you like tower defense games andshootinggames, you will love Tower Crush. You can also play the PVP(Playervs Player) mode in this real-time multiplayer game. FierceTowerWarlords, time to fight! Build your tower, arm yourself andcrushyour enemies! For honor and glory! FEATURES • Free to Play!!•Build a reputation for brilliant strategy & ruthless energy•Wield blazing weaponry • Construct the ultimate tower in thisgreattower defence game! • Up to 6 tower floors • 10 insane weaponsofdestruction • 8 brave heroes to combat your opponents(Warrior,Paladin, Undead, Orc, Viking, Wizard, Fire Elemental and aStoneGolem). • 280 levels in the campaign mode • 7 special powers(Ice,Shield, Healing, Rain of Fire, Thunder Storm, Tornado andPoison) •Ad-free play with any in-app purchase • Unlimited battles& fun• Online 2 Player game (PvP Game) is now available
Fruit Ninja®
Swipe your screen to cut fruit, but don’thitbombs – that’s how easy it is to play Fruit Ninja, thehitfruit-slicing mobile game enjoyed by billions of players alloverthe world!Start your addiction to the delicious fruit carnage with thethreeoriginal game modes and a wide range of blades and dojos tochoosefrom. Experience the thrill of setting a new high score inthefan-favourite Arcade mode as you dodge bombs and slicemassivecombos with the help of the special Double Score, Freeze orFrenzybananas, or relax and slash for stress relief in Zen Mode.Last butnot least, slice as many fruit as you can in Classic mode –justdon’t drop the fruit and don’t hit the bombs! Make your gameevenmore exciting by equipping the special power-ups: PeachyTime,which gives extra time; Berry Blast, which destroyssurroundingfruit when sliced; and Bomb Deflect.Ready to put your super skills to the test? Play throughsixchallenging minigames and use the Golden Apples earned toenterEvent mode, where you’ll clash with other characters from theFruitNinja world and can win powerful new blades and dojos. Withregularevent updates, be sure to keep playing so you don’t miss outonspecial prizes! The competition continues in the dailyChallengemode - can you out-slice the other ninjas for prizes andglory? Youcan even duel against your friends and family with thelocalmultiplayer mode by playing a match on the same device, orrise upthe ranks to become king or queen of the leaderboard!So if you’re looking for some fast, juicy arcade action, this isthegame for you. Play it now and get hooked on the awesomenessthat isFruit Ninja – chop chop!View our privacy policy at our terms of service at help with the game? Email us at [email protected]
戰魂-英雄紀元 7.00.00
上古戰魂(重裝武士)暢爽升級版,不變的是原汁原味的遊戲內容,變的是福利、折扣、原版難以獲得的,暢爽升級版輕鬆可得! 一重驚喜全民好禮價值超過8888台幣的新手豪華禮包登陸即送,還有海量福利,助你快速起步,揚帆遠航! 二重驚喜盡享折扣全商城立享2折超低折扣,虹光水晶先祖寶石寵物神符簡直手到擒來! 三重驚喜滿V巔峰創建角色直升VIP14,累計充值滿50台幣即達到VIP15,走向人生巔峰就是如此簡單! 四重驚喜返利加倍每日豐富活動獎勵疊加,返利活動數值加倍,紅鑽拿到手軟! 五重驚喜定制加碼定制套裝裝備屬性及套裝效果全新上線!超強屬性加持,搭配炫酷特效,讓擁有專屬套裝的你再次成為全服焦點!
Onet Deluxe 7.5.3
=================================== Due to many Onet Deluxeplayerswho like the old version then we add the button to switchfrom oldversion to new version and vice versa. - In version 5 theswitchbutton located near setting button. - In version 3 theswitchbutton located inside settingmenu.==================================== Getting bored with thesameold Onet Connect gameplay? Try Onet Deluxe, you will love it.============================ WHY ONET DELUXE ? ★Onlineleaderboards - show you're friends who's the best onetdeluxeplayer! ★ 3 Game Mode : 1. Leisure Mode : Play without timerandclear all level at your own pace. 2. Challenge Mode : Thismodechallenge you with timer and limited shuffle points. 3.SurvivalMode : Test your brain endurance and strategy to achievehigh scorein unlimited level. ★ 2 Game difficulties : Normal(7X12), Hard(8X16) ★ 4 Icon pack : Animal, Cute Monster, FreshFruit, andChristmas ★ 4 Colors theme : Dark, Light, Fresh, and Cool★ Saveand Resume Game======================================================== HOW TOPLAY ONET? ✓ The main objectiveof this game is to remove all icontiles. ✓ Tap the icon tiles toselect it. ✓ You have to find twoidentical icon tiles that can beconnected with up to 3 straightlines where there is no other tilesblocking on the connecting linepath. ============================Onet Deluxe is simple yetaddicting pair solving puzzle game ormatching game with a freshgameplay. If you like connect / matchinggame, then your will loveto play Onet Deluxe. Please contact usdirectly via email if youfind an issue with Onet Deluxe or have asuggestion for us, thatwill surely help us to improve this game.This free game is adsupported.--------------------------------------------------------------
Dark Lands 1.4.8
Mingle Games
Run through traps and clash with monsters! Dark Lands is anepiccombat runner action game. Develop your Warrior Hero tosurvivethis infinity combat and run as long as possible! Dark Landsis anaddictive mix of an infinity runner fantasy horror game withHack& Slash combat system. Take your warrior hero on anepicjourney of defeating evil forces who corrupted the land. Clashwithenemies like goblins, orcs, skeletons and monstrous trollsandogres! Crush unique bosses like the fierce Giant Scorpion orthedeadly Minotaur! Avoid dangerous traps and treacherouscorruptedterrain! Show other players that you are the best warriorof themall! FEATURES - Overcome the 40 missions of the adventuremode andsurvive the endless mode. - Run and Crush with easy to usecontrolswith sharp reactions! - Develop your warrior hero! Improvestatsand buy mighty weapons and armor! - Fight hordes offantasyenemies! - Get into epic fights with mighty bosses such astheminotaur or the giant scorpion! - Learn to avoid deadly trapsanduse them in your favor to lure enemies into them! -Enjoybeautiful, original, atmospheric music and great soundeffects! -Artistic silhouette graphics with a changing environment!- Unlockmore than 50 achievements and write your name in the hallof famepantheon of Dark Lands.
Subway Surfers 2.34.0
SYBO Games
DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! HelpJake,Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and hisdog. ★Grind trains with your cool crew! ★ Colorful and vivid HDgraphics!★ Hoverboard Surfing! ★ Paint powered jetpack! ★ Lightningfastswipe acrobatics! ★ Challenge and help your friends! Join themostdaring chase! A Universal App with HD optimized graphics. ByKilooand Sybo.
Bruce Lee: Enter The Game
Fight for justice as the greatestmartialartist of all time – BRUCE LEE!Defeat thousands of enemies with powerful attacks inamazing,non-stop, 2-D action.Victory is at your fingertips!You are the MasterPlay with the signature style and sounds authentic to the oneandonly BRUCE LEE.Intuitive GameplayUse simple swipe mechanics to punch or jump kick your enemieswhilelanding big COMBOS.40 Action-Packed LevelsBattle the BOSS after grinding your way through hordes of henchmen-while saving your friends and achieving other OBJECTIVES alongtheway.Unleash the FURY!Charge up FURY MODE to deliver a series of attacks withblindingspeed and tremendous force!Need A Boost?Start the level with a special power-up like NUMBING PAIN totriumphover your opponents.Gear Up!Unlock mighty weapons, like the NUNCHAKU, and other special itemsasyou gain experience.Endurance ModePrepare yourself to face endless foes while climbingglobalLEADERBOARDS for the most K.O.’s.Get rewarded with the Daily ChallengePlay every day to get your Daily Reward by beating ourincreasinglydifficult challenges.BRUCE LEE: ENTER THE GAME is the only officially licensed videogameapproved by the Bruce Lee Estate.
Tiny Legends: Heroes 1.4.9
Trinit Interactive 10th Anniversary, ALL IAP FREE! For10years,Triniti Interactive Studios have published 150 gamesonmobileplatform. Out of gratitude for your long support, wedecidedtobring the most popular games in the past back ontheGoogleStore.What’s more, All in-app purchases of these gamesarenow free! Inother words, all players can enjoy the full contentofthe gamesfor free! Have a good time and enjoy! See the listbelow:Call ofMini™ Zombies Call of Mini™ Zombies 2 Call ofMini™DinoHunter Callof Mini: Sniper Call of Mini™ BrawlerTinyLegends™HeroesTinyLegends™ Monster Crasher TinyLegends™ CrazyKnightDevilDark:The Fallen Kingdom Call of Mini™ Squad Call ofMini™Double ShotHeroes vs Monsters DinoCap 3 Survivors WarCom:GauntletiSniper 3DArctic Warfare Dungeon Crasher Call of Mini™BattleField!KungFuWarrior Action Truck MiniGlider ► ► ► ► ► theDARK LORD hasRISEN,and only YOU can PUT HIM DOWN in the sequel totheworldwidesmash-hit CRAZY KNIGHT! ★★★★★ A sinister shadowstretchesover theland of Kromdor. The dark lord Necralis hasimprisonedthecontinent’s greatest champions and unleashed hordesofmurderousmonsters on a reign of terror. But into the darknessstepbrave newadventurers! Do you have the courage to lead them intoanew age ofheroes? ★★★★★ ✓ Real-time 3D battles ✓ Epic loot✓Heart-stoppingboss fights ★★★★★ ✓ Awesome graphics ✓Devastatingskills ✓ 6different classes ✓ 70 floors of nonstopaction ✓Strategic teamcombat ★★★★★ ▶▶
Tiny Survivor 2.0.1
Boris K
Tiny Survivor is a simple and exciting gameaboutsurvival,requiringstrategy and dexterity. You're alone, andwolvesare attacking you.How long will you be able to stay alive?Acquire resources, buildtraps, and fight like a hero until youdie!Tiny Survivor is anabsolutely independent game, made bymyself only.It is free andwill always be, so give it a try!Please contact me ifyou have anyquestion, or correction to submit
Apocalypse Runner Free 1.0.3
Apocalypse Runner Free Version. In the game you are fleeing fromtheimpending huge wave. You have to use every opportunity to notbecomea victim. Run along the rocky platforms, overcome obstacles,collectbonuses, earn points and compare them with the points ofotherplayers. - Atmospheric setting - Addictive gameplay - Simplecontrol- Built-in online-record table 2.1.3
iGene is a game in which you try to escape a maze along withotheronline users. Who will be the first to escape it? [Gamefeatures]>real-time competition game >Select your owncharacter withone and only skillset >Compare your time withpeople around theworld >Avoid different obstacles and find oneway >Level upsystem Please email your inquiries
Battle of ultraman 1.0
Battle of ultraman is theultimateactiongame.The galaxy is in danger, with the help of ultra hero man yougotthepower to destroy the monsters.On your way collect gold coins to unlock new ultrarumbleherocharacters.Ultra ginga game have many obstacles, use your skills to avoidthem.ultra hero galaxy features:-Fun and addictive gameplay-Stunning graphics-Many ultra hero man to unlock-great and smooth user interface-Endless game-Share your score
Zombie Tsunami 4.5.2
The zombies are revolting ! Attack thecitywith a horde of zombies, change pedestrians into zombies andcreatethe largest horde.Eat your friends, and challenge them to a crazy race bydestroyingeverything in your path.Zombie Tsunami has proudly exceeded 200 million players aroundtheworld.FEATURES- "One touch" gameplay to control the entire hord- 10 delirious bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many more- Many upgrades to unlock- Raise zombie birds and use their powers- More than 300 missions to devour- 11 sets to travel in- Optimized for all Android modelsREVIEWS4.5/5 TouchArcade - "Zombie Tsunami is a game you really needtoown"5/5 AppSmile - "Featuring Pixar-like graphics, simple controls,andplenty of content"5/5 - "If you’re looking for a fantastic game, looknofurther!"4.5/5 148Apps - "It’s fun madness, emphasis on fun."5/5 - "Revolutionary endless runner formula!"5/5 - "Zombie Tsunami carves its own path with agreatclaymation style and roaming hordes of the walking, andjumpingdead"Why not try our other games: EDGE, Cross Fingers, PerfectCell,Truckers Delight.Follow us on us at
Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest 43
Mooff Games
Blackmoor 2 is available through Early Access.Blackmoorfeaturesfast paced arpg platformer action with combos,specialmoves andtons of boss fights. A game of ghosts, goblinsandstreetfightingfrom the old school. Co-operativemultiplayerincluded! Long agothe minions of the Dark Lord Blackmoorforged aTalisman thatwould, when the time was right, return him tohumanfor. It waskept in the depths of hell until a valiant bandofcrusaders stoleit. Your mission is to destroy the talismanbeforethe instrumentsof death reach you. Features - 7 heroes withuniquemoves, weaponsand magic - Cooperative multiplayerside-scrollingadventure - Nicesmooth controls - 16 unique maps, 20unforgettablebosses - 57enemies (each their own wife, kids anddreams) - Randomweapons,armor, pets - BOSS v BOSS (place your bets)-Incredibleatmospheric RPG music by Matthew Pablo -Differentplaystyles withSwords, Daggers, Whips, Bows & WandsFOLLOWUS:
Cartoon Wars 1.1.7
Cartoon Wars is an arcade war game which combines theformulasofdefense and real-time strategygames.─────────────────────SCENARIO Two tribes existed in theCartoonWorld; the vicious ColorTribe and their slaves, the Blackand WhiteCartoon Tribe. Forgenerations the Black and White CartoonTribewere treated asproperty, and forced into slavery.Fortunately...some with biggerideas existed amongst them. Theygathered and begana revolt tofree themselves, taking the battle tothe Color Tribe.Theinevitable war has begun... become the hero ofthe Black andWhiteCartoons and set your people free.─────────────────────FEATURESALL-OUT ACTION STICK FIGURE GAMEProduce your unit, aimyour bowand destroy the enemy's castleUPGRADE AND CUSTOMIZE YOURTROOPSOver 20 types of units and 16different upgrades fortroops,castle, weapon and productivity itemsCOMPETE AGAINSTMILITANTSFROM AROUND THE WORLD Keep track of yourranking and seehow youcompare against the rest of world STRATEGIZEPERFECTLYCOORDINATEDATTACKS Determine the dispatchment of yourtroops andhelp them tobecome veteran units UNLIMITED NUMBER OFSTAGES Playthrough aninfinite number of stages slaughtering endlessnumber ofenemiesNEWS & EVENTS Websitehttp://www.gamevil.comFacebook※Required Permission GuidelinesWhen using the app, we mayaskpermissions for access to providethe following services.[RequiredPermissions] - READ_PHONE_STATE:For processing in-gameevents andgiving rewards * There may beadditional costs when tryingto obtaincertain items. TermsofService:
Pixel Survival Game
WiFi LAN Multiplayer has been added!- Play with your friends and family with WIFI/LAN connection!- 4 Player Multiplayer survival island!- Survivors Kill zombies together!Survive the Night is a pixel survival game.How many nights can you survive? Do you have what it takes to bethelongest tiny survivor?Surviving the nights in this sandbox pixel world is your goalandthe challenge.Survive by yourself or try to survive with a friend or familywithmultiplayer!Chopping wood with your axe, chopping stones with withpickaxe.Craft and upgrade traps, improve gears, harvest and gathermaterialsfor crafting and try to survive as long as you can inthewilderness. Slay zombies!Acquire coins, open treasure chests and discover new treasurelootfor survival!Play the way you want in this amazingly fun retro styletinysurvivor sandbox pixel arcade game!Don't like crafting traps? Then just upgrade your weapon gear,orimprove your health for better chance of surviving!Want to be a master crafter? Craft an island of traps thatwilldefend your survival!Features- LAN WIFI multiplayer game- over 30+ items to discover and upgrade- gather materials- craft traps to survive- over 30 monsters waiting to challenge your base building- highscore leaderboard- exciting retro pixel graphics- pixel guns, pixel swords and staves- a tiny survivor sandbox style gameLAN/WIFI Instructions:- Connect to the same LAN/WIFI connection, have you or yourfriendhost a game and then join the displayed ip address. Game willstartautomatically when the connections have been made.Cowbeans is an absolutely independent developer, games madebymyself only.Please contact me if you have any question, or correctiontosubmit.Visit Cowbeans Facebook @ Cowbeans Twitter @ Cowbeans [email protected]://
Geometry Dash World 1.04
RobTop Games
Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure! New levels,newmusic, new monsters, new everything! Flex your clicky finger asyoujump, fly and flip your way through dark caves and spikyobstacles.Discover the lands, play online levels and find thesecrets hiddenwithin the World of Geometry Dash! • Rhythm-basedActionPlatforming! • Ten unique levels with music from DexArson,Waterflame and F-777! • Play daily quests and earn rewards! •Playonline levels created by the Geometry Dash community! •Unlockunique icons and colors to customize your character! • Flyrockets,flip gravity and much more! • Use practice mode to sharpenyourskills! • Challenge yourself with the near impossible! ApprovedbyRubRub \ (•◡•) /
Копатель Онлайн 1.189
В этой игре вам доступно 249 уникальныхвидовстроительных блоков! Более 100 различных декораций! 25уникальныхперсонажей!Вы можете создавать уровни игры со своими друзьями,путешествоватьпо чужим картам и легко оценивать их. В игре естьтоп-лист карт,который позволит лучшим картам бытьзамеченными.In this game youhaveavailable 249 unique types of building blocks! More than100different scenery! 25 unique characters!You can create levels of the game with your friends, surf thealiencards and easily evaluate them. The game has a top list ofcardsthat will allow the best cards to be seen.
Mr. President Rump 2.1.1
Mr. President Rump is a game in which youplaythe role of a bodyguard. Your task - to protect the presidentanyvaluable, even at the cost of his life. You will guardthepresident and in any critical situation, you must substituteyourmortal body in his salvation. If the job will fail, andthepresident will be killed, his place will be an unworthycandidatewho will lead the country to decline. So the fate of thecountry isin your hands. We count on you.Install Mr. President Rump now!
Gladiator Escape 3.0
If you fall, you die. Wanna live? Gladiator has escaped fromtheJailof Coliseum to find his beloved wife. The escape is notthateasy.Help him to escape and avoid the traps lying in his way.Runthroughthe puzzling ways. Choose your path wisely. Then,jump,slide andswing to kill the Flying as well as ground enemy.Youwill encounterthe Gladiators Scouts which set to capture andkillthe Gladiator.Fight with them and defeat them. Play thisamazingescape andFighting Gladiator runner game with gorgeousgraphicsand differentgame styles. Get this amazing Gladiator gamefor yourdevice now.FEATURES: ★ Easy yet challenging levels ★InteractiveTutorial ★ 30Easy Escape Levels ★ 20 Hard Escape Levels★ 3different worlds ★Much more...
Tiny Miners 3.1
About Fun
Dig deep, and drill your way to adventure! Tiny Miners are heretofill your phone with treasure (and dirt – lots and lots ofdirt).Tiny Miners is a game of survival, crafting, and fast-pacedaction.Send your tiny miner deep into the bowels of the Earth.Steer leftand right to avoid obstacles. Gather up ingredients, andthen turnthose ingredients into tools you can use to dig evendeeper! TinyMiners features include: - Digging: Whether you prefera shovel, apickaxe, or a drill, it’s time to get your hands dirty -Crafting:Combine any two ingredients to discover new recipes fortop notchmining gear - Danger: Protect the health of your minerwhiledodging hazards to collect spectacular loot - Dead Dinosaurs:Digdeep enough and you’re bound to stumble across a T-Rex or two-Clans: Why clash when you can dig? Work with your friends toearnbig clan prizes Dig deep. Play deeper.
Vector: Parkour Run 1.4.0
The best parkour-inspired action game is now available! Vectorletsyou break free and run! Don't get caught! Vector is anexciting,arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptional freerunner whowon’t be held down by the system. The game opens with aview into atotalitarian world where freedom and individually isnothing morethan a distant dream. But the heart of a freerunner isstrong, andyou soon break free. Run, vault, slide and climbusingextraordinary techniques based on the urban ninja sport ofParkourall while being chased by “Big Brother” who’s sole purposeis tocapture you and bring you back. Inspired by the practiceandprinciples of Parkour, Vector’s intuitive controls pleaseplayersof all levels, and sophisticated level designs challenge themostdemanding players with fast-paced timing puzzles as thetraceur“flows” over the dystopian rooftops. Game Features: -Arcadegameplay from the makers of the Shadow Fight games -Astoundinglylifelike Parkour-inspired moves made possible byCascadeuranimation tools - 40+ challenging levels - Quick tolearn,challenging to master The Press Loves Vector: “The wayVectormimics the movements of real-life parkour practitioners isquiteimpressive... I can’t wait to be entrapped in Vector’spromisingmix of direction and magnitude.” ( “Vectoristhrilling, rich in variety and it reminds us of Stick Run,butoffers much more elaborate animations.” ( "The onlycoolway to run from all your problems." (
Angry Birds Classic 8.0.3
The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revengeonthegreedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers ofeachbirdto destroy the pigs’ defenses. Angry Birdsfeatureschallengingphysics-based gameplay and hours of replayvalue. Eachlevelrequires logic, skill and force to solve. FEATURES:– Enjoyfun andsatisfying slingshot gameplay. – Play all 15 originalAngryBirdsepisodes – over 680 levels! – Compete against otherplayersin theMighty League. – Boost your birds’ destructivestrengthwithpowerups. – Download and play for free! – Playoffline!------HAVING TROUBLE? Head over to whereyoucan browse FAQs or submit arequest to our support flock!-----Terms of Use: This application mayrequireinternetconnectivity and subsequent data transfer chargesmayapply. Thisgame may include: - Direct links to socialnetworkingwebsites thatare intended for an audience over the age of13. -Direct links tothe internet that can take players away fromthegame with thepotential to browse any web page. - AdvertisingofRovio productsand also products from select partners. - Theoptionto make in-apppurchases. The bill payer should always beconsultedbeforehand.
Yurei Ninja Classic 1.31
Fish Crackers
CHECK OUT THE NEW VERSION OF YUREI NINJA CELEBRATING CHINESENEWYEARINSTYLEAT, back from the dead, seeking revenge against… TheEnemy:Asamurai warlord with the blackest of hearts who turnedagainstyou!Trained in the art of hiding and surprise attacks,avoidtraps,strike down enemies and destroy deadly bosses, alltrying tostopyour quest. FEATURES - Intense hybridrunning/fighting action-Stunning environments - Variouschallenging enemies - Collectdeadlyweapons - Selectable roster ofcharacters - Epic bossesbattles
Vector 2 1.2.1
Vector 2 features intense gameplay with procedurallygeneratedenvironment and lifelike animations in a dystopian world.RUN FORYOUR LIFE Descend through a huge and complex researchfacility andtry to get out alive – over and over again. GEAR UPThere's no goodrun without good equipment! Try out experimentalhigh-tech gearthat will help you survive a little longer anddiscover ways toupgrade it. ADD STYLE TO YOUR SKILL Learn stunts tododge deadlytraps – and do it in the most badass way ever possible.
ZENONIA® 4 1.2.5
ZENONIA® 4: Return of the Legend, Extreme Action RPGThedefinitiveaction RPG has returned, now in glorious HD! Whenanancient evilthreatens to erupt onto the world, heroes of theagesmust assembleonce again to change the course of destiny.JoinRegret, Chael,Ecne, Lu and more to embark on the greatestZENONIAadventure yet!───────────────────── THE BEST-LOOKINGZENONIA® EVERExplore theoverworld in vivid HD, now with spectacularvisuals andtop-notchanimations optimized for high quality displays.DYNAMICANDVISCERAL COMBAT Become a force to be reckoned with--unleashpowerful combo hits and devastating skills withexplosivegraphicaland aural flair. GEAR UP AND CUSTOMIZE FOR EPICADVENTUREChoosethe best strategy and equip your Slayer, Blader,Ranger orDruidclass hero with countless armor options, weaponsanditems.DEFINITIVE ACTION RPG EXPERIENCE Level up throughNormal,Hard andHell mode. Master the Fairy sync system andannihilatehundreds ofnormal and legendary monsters. CHALLENGE THEWORLD INEXPANDED PVPTackle asynchronous online PvP with the new2-on-2arena battles orcompete in the Abyss zone for loot drops, andhireother playerdata as mercenaries. The Execution Room andclassic1-on-1 rumblesalso return. NEW TITLES, NEW REVELATIONSCollecteffect-boostingtitles as you delve deeper into the secretsofZENONIA®'s belovedcharacters. ───────────────────── NEWS&EVENTS Websitehttp://www.gamevil.comFacebook★ Besure to check before use ★1. If you change the mobilephoneinformation [SIM, number,carrier], etc., the existing datawillnot be linked. 2. If youdelete the game without backing upyourdata, the data will beinitialized and the existing data willnotbe restored. * There maybe additional costs when trying toobtaincertain items. ※ RequiredPermission Guidelines When using theapp,we may ask permissions foraccess to provide thefollowingservices. [Required Permissions] -STORAGE : Used to storegamedata in external memory and etc. TermsofService:
Minecraft: Pocket Edition
Explore randomly generated worlds andbuildamazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandestofcastles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources orminedeep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons andarmor tofend off the dangerous mobs.Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobiledevicesor Windows 10.
Ultimate Street Fighting 3.0
Ultimate Street Fighting, The legendary fighting franchisereturnswith Acuspunsa Game. Ultimate Street Fighting delivers warmarcadefighting nostalgia to all Acuspunsa fighting game fans.Challengeyourself in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcadefightinggame. Ultimate Street Fighting, Recall your sweet childhoodgametime, Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy withandroiddevice Now! Ultimate Street Fighting is a really streetfightinggame:dazzling skills, unlimited bursts, Violent blowfeeling,exquisite game scene,the ups and downs of the story,coolhigh-quality hit combo action . action game fans not to bemissed!In Ultimate Street Fighting game,all you have to do ischoose yourfighter and opponent and hit as much as you can.Alsofighting styleis in your control. You can try to act faster thanyour rival oryou can use your guarding abilities to exhaust yourenemy. We hopeyou once again to have a great time! ! Features: -Silky smoothanimations & Cool Street Fighting skills! - Compactandexciting game plot - High-quality hit combo action! -Realisticfighting sound! - Full support on 130000+ android device!- Easysliding and touching screen bring about continuously coolstriking!- Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game! -Multiple levelsand scenarios - Entertaining physics engine
Mad Bullets: The Rail Shooter Arcade Game 2.1.14
isTom Games
Polish your sheriff star, trusty gun, brawl muscles!MadBullets:Echoes among the Wild West will test your cowboyshootingsniperskills! Duty calls - as a US marshal it is high timeto wipeyourtown clean of bandits, cowboys and other unlawfulshooters!THEBEST RAIL SHOOTER ON GOOGLE PLAY! Mad Bullets, thewackiestshooterwill put your reflexes and laughing muscles to anintensivetest.You can forget about boring stories, complicatedcontrolsandirritating tutorials, and jump right into amindblowing,high-speed action. Now is the time to become the heroofthe WildWest and shoot your way up to the top of theleaderboards!Do youthink you have what it takes to face a realchallenge?Starring -Mean desperados and American ninjas - Beautifuldamselsin distress- Rusty the robot cowboy - Savage vultures,evilpiranhas and dumbchickens An impeccable cast for a gamethatdoesn't take itselfeven a bit seriously! Mad Bullets Features -TheEASIEST shootercontrols on any platform, ever! - TheCRAZIESTcharacters since...well, that's classified! - The MADDESTbulletsin gaming history!Oh, I forgot to mention that there are3locations, 50 levels, 4minigames, about 200 missions,31achievements, upgradableequipments, trendy dubstep music,fullydestroyable environmentalobjects, all mixed in a franticendlessshooter. Presented to you!Say YES to Mad Bullets!Officialpage: Mad Bullets atPlayIT2014:
Sonic Dash - Endless Running 5.1.0
Sonic Dash is the original Sonic the Hedgehog endless runninggamefrom SEGA! Run, jump, and dash through stunning 3D environmentsasSonic the Hedgehog and other Sonic characters in this funracing& endless runner game. Run and race past challengingobstaclesin this fast and frenzied endless running game by SEGA!SONIC DASHENDLESS RUNNING GAMES Run fast with Sonic the Hedgehog inthisexciting endless running game from SEGA! Use Sonic’s superrunningpowers to race and run faster than anyone else! UnleashSonic’sincredible speed and racing capabilities as you race andrunthrough epic courses in this fun endless runner game.AMAZINGRUNNING & RACING ABILITIES Utilize Sonic’s super fastrunningpowers as you race to dodge hazards, jump over barriers andspeedaround loop de loops. STUNNING ENDLESS RUNNER GAME GRAPHICSSonic’sbeautifully detailed world looks epic on your phone andtablet inthis fun endless runner and racing game! Spend hoursracing throughendless incredible race courses in Sonic’s world.RACE AS SONIC ANDFRIENDS Join forces with Sonic’s friends and playas awesome Soniccharacters including Tails, Shadow and Knuckles.Choose yourfavorite runner and blast your way through this superfast endlessrunner game. If you’re a fan of Classic Sonic andClassic SEGAgames, you’ll love Sonic Dash!! EPIC RACING BOSSBATTLES Run andrace to battle against two of Sonic the Hedgehog'sbiggest rivals,Dr. Eggman and Zazz from Sonic Lost World! Racethrough fun levelsand take down the villains! KEEP ON RUNNING &RACING Get morerewards the more you run and race with Sonic in thisfun endlessrunner game! Unlock additional characters, like Tails,Knuckles andShadow! Endless running with Sonic is fun for playersof all ages!Privacy Policy: Terms ofUse: SEGA games are ad-supported andnoin-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free playoptionavailable with in-app purchase. Other than for users known tobeunder 13, this game may include "Interest Based Ads" (pleasesee for moreinformation)and may collect "Precise Location Data" (pleasesee formoreinformation). © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and SONIC DASH are registered trademarksortrademarks of SEGA CORPORATION.
Beat Stomper 1.0.9
Rocky Hong
Music, Neon light, Geometry. The perfect combination of pure joy.Itis born for you, and you are born for it. What are you waitingfor?