Top 36 Games Similar to Ball Tower

Smash Hit 1.4.3
Take a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension,moveinharmony with sound and music and smash everything inyourpath!This experience requires focus, concentration, and timingtonotonly travel as far as you can, but also break thebeautifulglassobjects that stand in your way. * Smash your waythroughabeautiful futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles andtargetsinyour path and experiencing the best destruction physicsonmobiledevices. * Musically synchronized gameplay: music andaudioeffectschange to suit each stage, obstacles move to each newtune.* Over50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles,andrealisticglass breaking mechanics in every stage. Smash Hitisplayable atno cost and free from ads. An optional premiumupgradeis availablethrough a one-time in-app purchase that willenable newgame modes,cloud save across multiple devices, detailedstatisticsand theability to continue from checkpoints.
Red Ball 4 1.4.21
Red Alert! Evil minions want to squeeze the planet intoasquareshape. Who's got the balls to save the world ? Ohyeah,that'sright! Red Ball to the rescue! Roll, jump and bouncethrough75exciting levels full of adventure. Make your waythroughtrickytraps and defeat all monsters. Features: - All-NewRedBallAdventure - 75 Levels - Epic Boss Battles - CloudSupport-Exciting Physics Elements - Groovy Soundtrack -HIDControllerSupport
ZigZag 1.34
Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! Justtapthescreen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fallofftheedges! How far can you go?
new Red Ball 2.4.4
Red ball is a little hero in his own world.Oneday red-ball realizes that the tree in front of his house islost.Go with redball in this world and find the truth behind thelosttree. Someone destroying green forests, and bringing rock andmetalinside of trees. so you need to find this Bad Guy. Red Ballcansolve this problem with your help.Platform game lovers and bounce game of nokia fans will lovenewred ball. Also all kind super hero game fans may love the redball.You will find different puzzles and labyrinth, also you willfindyour way in candy boxes and longest platrofm maze. Little kidsmayplay first levels , but you need more game skill on higherlevels.Red Ball Game designed to fit both mobile phones and tabletswithHd resolution. New version of old classic "Red Ball".
BBTAN by 111% 3.27
BBTAN!!!Swipe your finger down to throw balls and break bricks!The angle is key point!This is a simple but addictive arkanoid game.How long can you survive on the BBTAN?BBTAN by 111%Game Features:- Unlock 35 balls, including some unique ball, simple ball,supermini ball, etc.- Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.- Easy and fun to play, challenging to break 100stage.- Check facebook page, 111%, for getting hidden ball.- Using physical game engine.- Colorful UI, Fun sound effects,Attractive character.Share your screenshots online such as Facebook or Instagram.Enjoy BBTAN while you commute, on a date, in the bus orsubway,waiting at the bank and so on. Anytime, anywhere you canplayBBTNA!!"BBTAN is Simple, but Addictive."You can read a review of BBTAN here.
100 Balls - Tap to Drop the Color Ball Game 10.0.5
EpiCoro Games
Welcome to the all new 100 Balls Over 20 million players - #1inU.K., Germany and 6 other countries! INTRODUCING - BattleModeChallenge your friends in awesome multiplayer games! 100 Ballsisone of the most addictive mobile game on Google Play. Join20million+ fans today and start competing with your friends. Whatareyou waiting for? Play this incredibly addicting game and testyourreflexes. HOW TO PLAY 100 BALLS: ● The goal of the game is togetthe balls through the cup by tapping on the screen andreleasingthe balls. Each ball you get through the cup rewards youwith adifferent amount of points, depending on the color of thecup. Ifthe ball misses the cup, it disappears. When you lose all ofyourballs, the game is over. ● If you manage to drop 20 ballsthroughthe cup without missing a single one, you will be rewardedwith ascore multiplier. Keep in mind that the multiplier is notlimitedand can earn you a lot of extra points. Losing a ball willresetthe multiplier, so be careful and have fun! FEATURES: ●OnlineLeaderboard ● 15 Different Colored Balls ● Realistic Physics●Single Tap Control ● Endless Gameplay ● Addicting game ●Cleangraphics Follow us Twitter at on Facebook at
Red Ball 3: Jump for Love! Bounce & Jumping games 1.0.77
"The best part of Red Ball 3 by far, is the depth and variety ofitspuzzles." GamePro "Worth checking out if you're itching foraplatformer with a bit more bite." AppSpy "Red Ball 3 has asolidplatforming foundation and lots of cool level ideas..." SlideToPlay Arcade, jumping games, and platformer fans, we need yourhelp!A Red Ball is lost without your sharp wit, lightning-fastreflexes,and excellent skills! Pink, the love of his life, waskidnappedthrough force and trickery by an old enemy - thetreacherous BlackBall! The dangerous path to our hero's belovedlies through greenvalleys and ravines, secret caves and rockyrifts, and deserts andvolcanoes. Tireless searching for optimalroutes through levels,jumps over bottomless pits, trolley rides andlifts, helicopterflights, and roller coaster races lie ahead. Rollalong as a rosylittle orb, leap as a bouncy ball, burst as aballoon, and plummetlike a rock before starting all over again. Aspecial prize awaitsthose heroes that successfully finish theirjourney through all 20levels - a chance to choose a new skin! Neat,right? 2D physicsplatformer Fans of the 2D platformer genre willappreciate theclassic mechanics and balanced physics of Red Ball 3:3-buttoncontrols, object movement, traversal on moving platforms,hiddentunnels, searches for secrets, star collection, and anendlessjumping quest in the name of love. Reflex test Don't befooled bythe simple art style and minimalistic visuals: the gamewill proveto be a challenge and give your mind a workout, drivingyou towander the platform levels countless times to find the bestway tosolve all the puzzles, swapping to absolute reflex actionandmuscle memory, without which you'll never keep up withcalculatingthe correct speed, jump force, and inertia. For all agesA shortcut-scene with a love story at the start of the game, acheerfulwanderer as a hero that looks a bit like an overgrownvegetable andis literally always on the move, simple visuals, avibrantsoundtrack - these are all things that will appeal to bothchildrenand adults. _____________________________________ FOLLOWUS: WATCH US: US:
Bubble Shooter 4.7
Classic Bubble Shooter is an Addictive Game. And our BubbleShooteris not just that. It is more Simple and Amazing! It isaSingle-player Game and No Network Required. Once you start,youwill not stop playing. Just have a try, you will find EndlessFun!---WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE IT?--- ★-->A lot ofChallengingPuzzles! ★-->Exquisite Game Interface! ★-->CoolAnimationEffects! ★-->Download for Free! ★-->Applicable toAny Ages!★-->Applies to All Android Devices or Google PlayUsers!★-->Any time at Any Place! ---HOW TO PLAY THE BUBBLESHOOTER?---★-->Drag Your Finger can Move the Laser in theDirection!★-->Tap on the Bubble Above to Determine the Target!★-->Liftyour finger to have a Shoot! ★-->Match 3 or moreBubbles toBurst! ---WHAT YOU WILL GET IN THE GAME?--- ★-->GetRelaxationand Happiness! ★-->To Kill the Boring Time!★-->Develop YourBrain and Exercise Your Fingers! ★-->Sharewith Your Friends!Tips: Please Enjoy Our Bubble Shooter!The MorePlay and The MoreExciting!!! Believe us and Download it. You willnever regret it!
Zig Zag Light Ball 0.941
Tap the screen to switch the directionoftheball and try not to fall off the edges.Run along the zigzag path and light it up! Do as many zigzagsasyoucan!How far can you reach?
Red Roller Bounce Ball 1 2.1.1056
Hey you crazy fans of rolling ball ,show your love 4're redrollerball. This roller bounce is a Arcade style platformer game inwhichyou have to collect diamonds and gem stone in order tocomplete thelevel, the game contains 45 well designed levels, youwill fall inlove with colorful fantastic graphics in red bounceball 3different world types, each of this world have someuniquelydesigned physics elements, you will amaze how perfectbalancebetween easy controls and challenging gameplay, your Missionis tocollect gem stones in jungles, caves and wastelands only thingyouwill be doing is roll, jump, and bounce. So you Ready ?? Don'tgetfooled it might seems easy at first but gets challengingwithadvanced levels Be alert!! stay safe from evil Monsters anddeadlylaser beams while collecting gem stones Jump ,Run andBouncethrough obstacles, Beware of Spikes and Zombie Plants. Testyourskills now with this super ball game. Features: - All Newcolorball 4 love. - 45 Levels Full of Adventures - ExcitingPhysicsBased Elements - 3 Beautiful World types - Amazingcolorfulgraphics - Easy to Play - Classic platform game style Don'twaitjust Play Red Roll Bounce 3 different worlds are waiting foryou tobecome a Hero, travel through different worlds and completethemission and win the Superb game.
Teeter Pro - free maze game 2.8.0
The Game Teeter Pro is maze labyrinth game where youcontrolsteelball by tilting the wooden labyrinth. At the end ofeverylevel youhave to match the ball with right hole. Enjoy thisclassicmazegame dowloaded over 15 milion times and play like a pro!LevelsYoucan discover over 120 levels absolutely for freeandeverylabyrinth is different. Gameplay is challenging and youcantryyour best skills in this maze game. You can control theboardbyaccelerometer. On every maze you can spot differentobstacleslikesmall, medium and big walls. There are also rotaryobstaclesandyou have to be careful with them :) There are tons offunforchildren and even for adults players. Achievements In gameyoucanset time for every labyrinth, and you will be able tocompareyourresults with other players! Try to beat time and gettheshortestone. Features - 120 different labyrinths to pass - youcanset timefor every maze - great graphics - small game size -fullscreenmode - regular updates and features
Magic Ball 1.0.2
Magic Ball é um jogo onde você tem queclicarnatela para a bolinha ir subindo, e ao subir ela vai mudandodecor, evocê deve entrar no círculo apenas passando pela cordabola.Magic Ball is agamewhereyou have to click on the screen to the ball go up, and upitchangescolor, and you should enter the circle just past thecolorof theball.
Swipe Brick Breaker 1.6.3
Nine Games
Swipe Brick Breaker loved by 10 million users, start now! Agamethat you will become addicted to without realizing it whileusingyour wits and control to smash bricks! [Features of SwipeBrickBreaker] Even if you turn off the game, you can playindefinitelyunless it's game over! You can play comfortably withoutWi-Fi!Enjoy the game faster and more fun with Speed ​​Mode andPowerMode! Blow dozens of balls with just a touch to smash bricksandchallenge your high score! [How to Swipe Brick Breaker] 1.Swipethe ball to destroy the bricks. 2. When the ball collides,thedurability of the bricks decreases, and when the durabilityreaches0, the bricks are destroyed. 3. The number of ballsincreases whenyou win the green circle. 4. When the bricks comedown to thebottom line, the game is over. [Notes] Swipe BrickBreaker is afree game. Swipe Brick Breaker contains ads. SwipeBrick Breakerincludes in-app purchases in the game. [Support]Contact us here:[email protected] Thank you for playing SwipeBrick Breaker.Have fun!
Jet Ball 11.9.7
Jet Ball is a powerful arkanoid game packed withstunningvisuals,tons of dynamic levels and lots of fresh ideas.Probablythe mostchallenging brick breaker in the store. Join over7millions ofplayers around the world! ● superb graphics andvisuals● 145dynamic handcrafted levels ● over 30 power-ups andpower-downs● 4ball speed levels: Slow, Normal, Fast and Extreme ●reallyfastpaced and extremely addictive gameplay ● rectangleandroundbricks, exploding bombs and plasma stars, bumpersandteleports ●online leaderboards, achievements, cloud save ● over30ofachievements to unlock
Tigerball 1.2.3
Bounce your way to glory in this endless arcade! Featuring :-Superrealistic tigerball physics - Silky smooth swipe control-Fastpaced but relaxing gameplay - 100 handcrafted levels setin20worlds
Bounce Original 1.2.0
35cm Games
Original Bounce game is now available on your Androiddevices!Enjoyoriginal (one of the first) timekiller from 00, thegamewhich wasdriving you crazy and killing battery. For those ofyouwho spenthundred of hours passing levels in classicoldschoolBounce Game, wemade this one - Bounce Original. Enjoy10teeth-shattering levels,collect all rings and beware ofdangerousthorns. Stay in touch withyour friends and beat theirscores. Mostpopular Bounce game - nowon your Android devices!Features: -Fantastic HD graphics -Original levels - Intuitivecontrols
Red Ball 2.01
Roll your red ball, knock overboxes,dodgeswinging axes and even ride a train in thisphysicsplatformer.Reach the final flag to complete eachlevel.
Bouncing Ball 1.0.3
Bounce the ball and avoid touching the spikes. Collectfloatingpowerups to change the game's colors.
Snake VS Block 1.40
Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls and break thebricks.Try to break as many bricks as possible. Get additionalballs andmake the biggest snake ever! Very easy to play but veryhard toreach high scores! Game Features: - Free to play - Endlessgameplay- Simple swipe control - Challenge your friends with thebesthighscore
Pudding Ball 2.4
Pudding Ball is a sport / action game with cute graphicandimages.Shot Pudding Ball in basket to score! 2 Game Modesareavailable inPudding Ball. ★★★★★Time Mode★★★★★ Shot as fast asyoucan within 90seconds! ★★★★★Survival Mode★★★★★ Lose life whenyoumiss. You have3 life in total. ★★★★★Game Feature★★★★★ ComboSocialNetworksupport ★★★★★Special Balls★★★★★ Colour Ball - Get 1moreball inshort period Multiplier Ball - Get 2x Score in shortperiodIceBall - Freeze board in short period Fasten Ball - Moveballfasterin short period Golden Ball - Get 10x Score inshortperiod★★★★★ContactUs★★★★★Facebook:[email protected]
Temple Ball 3D 1.1
Temple Ball 3D is a great gameofexhilaratingrolling, jumping, turning and control. Try tofinishthe game toescape from the temple curse idol. Test yourreflexes asyou takethe ball down the ancient temple maze. Turn,jump and avoidfallingoff the cliffs. Collect coins, unlock all theballs and seehow faryou can go! We have packed all the challenginglevels totest yourskills for balance and precision. Keep rollingdown thetemple andsolve each puzzle for level up! Feel the 3Denvironmentandgraphics as you move on to challenging next level.Let’s Roll and Balance!- Download Free to Play- Competitive Levels- Excellent Visual Effects- Dynamic Animations- Review the game- Share with all your friends- 3D GraphicsNote: This game may contain In-app purchases and mayalsocontainthird-party ads that may redirect you to athird-partysite.Thanks for your support and keep playing our games!
Through The Fog
BoomBit Games
Lose yourself in the relaxing world of“ThroughThe Fog”. Tap to zigzag forward and be prepared for theunexpectedtwists and turns of the fast developing scenery.Combined with an Epic soundtrack “Through The Fog” is trulyaMasterpiece.For the 1st time BoomBit introduces 3 differentMultiplayerExperiences:Same Device Multiplayer: 2 players playing on 1 device. Abeautifuland engaging experience with your friends andfamily.Local Multiplayer: 2 players playing locally via BluetoothorWiFiOnline Multiplayer: 2 players playing remotely online★★★ LOCALIZATIONS ★★★You can now play the game in 24 different languagesArabic, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, Dutch,English,Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese,Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish,Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese
Brick Blast Ball 9.1
Dong Studio
Shoot the ball. Break the brick. Super simple. Instantly fun.Startwith one ball and take the endless adventure. The ball canbounceto damage many bricks and reduce their health. Collect alltheballs in your way by shooting circles that balls are in. Themoreball, the more power. Do not let brick defeat you. Break allbricksto get a pass. Prove your strength in the top ofchampions.Features: ★ Free to play ★ Endless, relaxed gameplay,perfect timekiller ★ No wifi, no problem, you can play offlineanywhere,anytime ★ Easy to play, simple rule, play by one hand,easy to aimat anywhere on screen ★ Score competition with friendsand allplayers all over the world How To Play: * Swipe your fingerdown toshoot bricks and reduce their durability to zero * Aimcarefully toget right angle * Try to break as many bricks aspossible * Shootthe white circle to increase the number of balls *You can makeinfinity ball chain. * Each round more powerful brickswill come *Just one brick fall to ground. You Die!
Basket and Ball
Sun Temple
Tap the jump button to bounce the living ball as if youaredribbling it! Use gamepad or virtual joystick controls to leadthestray ball to the basket! Perform crazy acrobatic stunts, testyourthrowing aim, and solve physics puzzles to complete levels! Usethetime stopping bonus to get out of difficult situations.Convertyourself to stone to withstand nails, pump yourself up tojumphigher, and even change gravity to reach impossible spots.Avoidrobotic police and fire traps, jump over spikes, dive intowaterand propel yourself with explosions on 108 levels of intensefun!Watch out for the aliens in UFOs trying to abduct you fortheirevil experiments! Win funny achievements like BasketballMVP,Delinquent, or the Yogi. Compete with your friends onleaderboardsin the star collecting challenge. Basket & Balloffers twotypes of gameplay. The first one is a classical arcademode withvirtual joystick controls. You will have to show someagility andtiming precision in order to successfully complete thelevels. Butto really stand out in the high score charts you willhave tocollect the stars scattered across the basketball court,often inplaces seemingly impossible to reach. Bonuses like airpump,gravity shift, or time stop will come in handy. Every 3 orsolevels a different gameplay is offered. You will have to launchtheball with carefully chosen speed and direction like in manyotherbasketball throwing games! These levels are called"shootoutchallenges", and the basketball court will contain 3 starstocollect. The stars will be counted only if you deliver themintothe basket. Collect all 3 stars and you win immediately.Otherwise,you must get at least one score out of 3 shots to passthechallenge. Game features: ★ crazy ball-crobatic jumps! ★solvephysics puzzles ★ use amazing rule-changing bonuses ★ complete108challenging levels on basketball & streetball courts! ★virtualjoystick controls + gamepad and keyboard support! ★PlayableOffline! Gamepad controls: Joystick or arrow keys - go leftandright. A or C buttons - bounce down, launch the ball inshootoutchallenge, use time stopping bonus in shootout challenge.X, Y or Zbuttons - use time stopping bonus B button - skip levelpreview,pause the game, navigate back in menus or quit the gamefrom MainMenu Keyboard controls: Arrow keys - go left and rightSpace key -bounce down or launch the ball, use time stopping inshootoutchallenge Enter key - use time stop bonus Escape - skiplevelpreviews, pause the game, navigate back in menus, or quit thegamefrom Main Menu.
Color Ball 7.2
Sur Oyun
Color Ball new games 2017As you know, in recent times, colorful ball games are amongtheongoing games that have boosted and increasedtheirpopularity.New games 2017 Color Ball is also among the colorfulballgames.With its design and game content, Color ball, the players andthosewho play will be able to enjoy it and keep the entertainmentat itspeak.You can choose the New games 2017 Color ball game and you canenjoythe highest level of entertainment.For more detailed information about the game content, youcancontinue to read your scripts.You can read more about Color ball game content by readingyourtexts.New games 2017 Color Ball Game;As you have mentioned above, you can download Color ball gamestoyour tablets or smart phones, and enjoy the most entertaininggamefun among colorful ball games and you can enjoy the game.If we talk about the game content, the theme of the game isaboutthe action.When you read the New games 2017 action, it may come to you as ifitwere a different game.However, you do not need to have such a prejudice at all.You will already know how fun and enjoyable it is when you playthegame.As its name suggests, Color ball is a game played with balls.New games 2017 Color balls, played with colored balls, do notregretthe players and allow them to play again.You can play the color ball game with your smartphones and youcandownload it to your tablets and you can play and enjoy theColorball game with colorful balls, action and fun.New games 2017 Color Ball GameColorful Ball is a fun challenge game!Help the cannon overcome obstacles.To pass an obstacle, the matching color of the ball mustpass.If the ball does not match the color, the ball will explode andyouwill have to start over.Play until you have the highest score in the store.Touch the screen to play the ball to play.Ready to Play Top Trend Game! New games 2017
Bricks DEMOLITION 1.8.72
Destroy all the bricks to pass phase and enjoy thespectacularvisual effects in this clone of the famous game BricksBreak wereso popular in the 70's and 80's and that you can carry inyourpocket everywhere. There are two control modes ball: Classic,wherethe bounce angle depends on the point of impact on theracket(steeper as more far from the center) and Demolition, wherethebounce angle depends on the angle of incidence and the movementofthe racket. DEMOLITION currently consists of 800 levels but willbeadding more. To overcome them you will have various aids,althoughsometimes they can hinder you work, as can be changes inthe sizeof the racket or the speed of the balls multiplier balls,barrier,fireballs, gravity, change visibility bricks ... You alsohave alimited number of wildcards or 'jokers' to skip levels thatcan notbe able to complete. Apart from this you are just you andyourskill. Good luck!
Pac-Ball Lite 4.2.3
Pac-Ball fuses labyrinth witharcadeclassics.Tilt Pac-Ball away from the Android bots and collectasmany dotsas you can! Use the red dots found in the maze to turnthetablesagainst them.★ Theme Music by Jared Anthony★ 3 Game Difficulties+ Easy+ Medium+ Hard★ 3 Game Modes+ Classic - collect all dots in the stage.+ Survival - avoid enemies for 45 secs.+ Gate - light up all gates in the stage.★ 30 Stages+ 4 Unlocked+ 26 Unlockable by Spending Earned In Game Points★ 2 Controls Tilt/Touch★ Local/Global High Scores★ Trophies★ Power Ups★ Bonus Fruits★ Variety of Environments* Ice* Brick* Racetrack* Halloween* Pyramids* Red Stone* Portals★ Over 20 Items You Can BuyBeach Ball* Soccer Ball* Baseball* Basketball* 5, 10, 20 Power Ups* 3, 7, 10 Extra Lives - One Use Per Game* Apple Enemies* Snowmen Enemies* Pumpkin Enemies* Sweets Enemies* 1, 3, 5, 10 Keys - Unlock New Stages* 100, 300, 500, 1000 Android CreditSend us an e-mail with the type of device you have if youhaveanyissues.
Red Jumping Ball 3 1.0
mr. M&H
Try the new red jumping Ball 3 . Theworld's#1Game now on android .Today we release our 3rd Red Ball Game to make it join theBallGamesserie .Red jumping Ball 3 is a Reflex Game that pushes the limitsofyourspeed and reaction , test yourself . Improve your Reflexbyjoiningthe Adventure .Our Ball Games are simple addictive Games that's whyyou'llkeepplaying it , you won't need wifi ! You can play ourGamesoffline.Customize your Ball , buy new items and balls using coins .Roll the Ball , Jump and Bounce through multiple excitinglevelsfullof Adventure , make your way through tricky traps and betheboss.Feature :- Leader boards and achievements from google play Games- Addictive Reflex Game- 100% free Ball games- Play our Games offline- Fall Adventure levelsRed jumping Ball 3 is the best killing time Game youwon'tstopplaying the moment you begin .Reflex teasers , train your brain ,feel the Adventure who'sgottheRed Ball to save the world ? control the Ball left orrighttoavoid the obstacle .Try not to loose your Ball by falling down .Challenge yourself and try your hard to be the boss .Most of our Games series includes 7 Levels at leastwithdifferntMods .So what are you waiting for ! Play now the #1 addictive gameinplaystore .We're happy to let you suggest game improvements, bugsorgeneralfeedback , just send us an E-mail or contact Us in gamebyclickingon Facebook Icon.Like our Facebook Page :
Tower Dash
BoomBit Games
Play Tower Dash! The super addictive newgamefrom the creators of Bird Climb and Spider Square.In this simple one touch Multiplayer game your goal is toshootthreads left and right to climb up the tower without hittingany ofthe obstacles.Sounds Easy? Believe us it is not! You'll be swinging in notime,but it takes super human reflexes to master it!Collect diamonds on your way and unlock insanely coolnewheroes!★★★ TURN BASE MULTIPLAYER ★★★Multiplayer mode is where the real fun begins! Play with friendsorwith hundreds of thousands of players from around the world.Sendthem a challenge and show them who is the ultimateChampion!★★★ LOCAL MULTIPLAYER ON ANDROID TV ★★★Connect any Android device to your Android TV and play with up to8other people on the same screen. It’s insanely fun andincrediblyaddictive. It’s an amazing party game!★★★ LOCALIZATIONS ★★★You can now play the game in 24 different languagesArabic, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Danish, Dutch,English,Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese,Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish,Swedish, Thai, Turkish and VietnameseGame Features:★ Online Multiplayer★ 24 Languages available★ Simple 1 Touch Controls★ 2 Difficulty Modes – Easy & Normal★ Beautiful Minimal Art Style★ Leaderboards and Achievements
Jump Ball 2.6.2
Carlo Lollo
Jump Ball is an addictive game that will captivate bringingyouintothe world of bouncing balls. The objective of the game istomovethe bouncy ball from the drop position to the endpositionalong apath that will change at every level. On each pathyou willfindnumerous hurdles to overcome: holes, acid, bombs,virtualwalls,flames, lifts, ghost ball, hidden bases,gravitationalsuspensory,throws balls of various kinds and much morein a systemthat willmake it increasingly difficult reach the pointof arrival(Almost 50different type of obstacles). To control theball, tapon the leftor right side of the screen where you want todirectthe ball andholding down to keep it moving until it reachesthedesiredposition. In case you have difficulties to overcomesomehardlevels, after 100 balls lost in the same layer, withoutgoout, thegame unlock next level! Features: - Over 850levelsavailable andmany more coming with the new updates! - Easytolearn, hard tomaster. - Clean, colorful graphics HD, fun&very addicted -Impossible challenges - Addicting gameplay-Intuitive controls -Small memory occupation - No time limits-Stuck on a level? Unblocklevels option after 150 ball lost-Constant free updates with newlevels and animations - Totallyfreewith nothing to pay Help usimprove our games. We loveyourfeedback. Contact us [email protected] or leave a reviewtothis game Tag: jumpingball, labyrinth, maze, equilibrium,balance,voyage, platform game,jump, bouncy
Knock Down 4.1.6
Knock Down is a game of knock and down all the boxes standingonsomefloating Platforms with Slingshot and Angry Balls. To helpinaimingthere is an aim trajectory line which will pop out whenyoupullslingshot belt. This is a level game. There are 70strategic,uniqueand interesting levels. You need good logical andaimingskills tocomplete any level. As you move to higher levelsyou willfind moredifficultly in completing. This is a physics gamebecauseall thegame items are controlled by physics. Enoughdescription!Nowdownload and enjoy this interesting World.
Gyro Ball 1.2
Bit of Game
Do you have the patience and skill to master Gyroball? Thisnonestop, action packed, fast paced arcade game will really testyourskills, you need to race through each course, without fallingoff,being blown up or off a platform. Can you reach the end?Thephysics are built to give you the best control possible overthesituation, not only are the ball physics very responsive, butyoualso have control over the camera to give you a real indepthlookat each tricky spot. It’s easy to learn to control Gyro Ball,buttricky to master, will you be one of those masters? Speedthrougheach course and earn more stars the faster you complete it.This isessentially a marble roller game, but one that’s beenpumping ironin the gym and certainly didn’t miss a leg day, if youlove a goodpuzzle or skill game or even racing, I’m sure yourskills will comein very handy for this arcade classic. Features:Easy controls, onefinger moves the ball wherever you want to go.Physics that havebeen perfected to give you the best possible play.
Soft Ball 1.0
Soft Ball jeu addictif de balle avecplusde1200 niveaux.Pour jouer ?C'est tout simple, il suffit d'appuyer sur l'écranpourprojeterles balles jusqu'à la balle mère au centre devotresmartphone.Il faudra faire attention à ne pas toucher lesboulesdéjàplacées.Un leaderboard est intégré dans le jeu pour plus derivalitéentrevous et vos amis et même le reste du monde.Soft Balladdictingballgame with over 1200 levels.To play ?It's simple, just tap the screen to project the balluntiltheball mother at the center of your smartphone.Care should be taken not to touch the balls already placed.A leaderboard is included in the game for more rivalrybetweenyouand your friends and even the world.
AE Gun Ball: arcade ball games 1.0.2
AE Gun Ball here! The No.1 3D free skee ball style gameinWindowsPhone by market AE Mobile now on your hands! Fromthecreators ofAE 3D Bowling and AE 3D 8 Ball Pool comes a fun new3Dball gameswith the thrill of sports game and arcade game fun!Jointheaddictive skee ball game to experience classic arcadeandcarnivalas roller ball, ramp ball! Flick the ball up and anaimed ascoringholes to roll the ball,Pay attention to theshinyholes,shoot in tothe shinning holes for big bonus,they willawardyou for ! Bringthe fun of the boardwalk to the palm of yourhandwith 3D graphics.You can get all arcade game of fun, ball gamesfunfrom thisrollerball game .Like real arcade skee ball machinebutneed notreal money, you can redeem new balls, prizes withtokensyouearned. This free rolling ball game featured: -Easy toplay:Justneed swiping up on the screen, make a rolling ball intoascoredhole. -Real arcade fun experience but do not needrealmoney.Redeem free ball by earned tokens anytime -Online oroffline,neednot internet, pick up a ball and roller ballanytimeanywhere.-Amazing 3D graphics, physics, the most addictiverollingballgames in skee ball style category. -More new arcadeskins willcomesoon. Perfect physical performance, tempt you to thegame, youjustneed one finger, and your wit. If you are a ball gamefreefan,American Roller Ball or other sports games, you shouldn’tmissthisgame! Get the skee ball free game now, play with 1milliondownloadusers begin a battle of balls! they said this is aamazingskeeball free game they enjoy it by score challenge tobechampion.Take up the challenge to get a new high score withyouronline gamefriends, see who is the score hero! When you getenoughtickets,you can exchange them to tokens, also, you can visittheShop toTop-Up for more tokens. More new feature suck asprizecollectionand themes will come soon! Any feedbacks pleaseemail us.Leave areview in appstore let us know what you'rethinking. Pleaselookforward to more sports game and gambling gameof AE Mobile suchasAE 3D Bowling, Bubble Pirates, Bingo Holiday.Thanks very muchforall your support in our games!
Cool Brick Breaker 1.3
AZS Software
Break thousands of bricks through lots of levelsofincreasingdifficulty with this classic retro style game! -CoolBrick Breakeris an addictive free game with great graphicsandmusic thatincludes many items, bonuses and power-ups suchasmultiball,expand paddle, laser and much more! - Touch the screentoreleasethe ball and move the paddle. - You can controlthetrajectory ofthe ball making it bounce on different parts ofthepaddle. -Prevent the ball from falling through the bottom ofthescreen andremove all the bricks to pass to the next level. - Trytoget thehighest score! - Press the Back or Menu button on yourphoneortablet to pause the game. You can also enable a pause buttonintheOptions menu. GAME ITEMS AND BONUSES - Expand the paddle.-Shrinkthe paddle. - Reduce the speed of the balls. - Increasethespeedof the balls. - Give the player an extra life. - Spliteachballinto three balls (multiball). - Add to the score thenumberofpoints inside the item. - Subtract to the score thenumberofpoints inside the item. - Temporarily obscure thelevel.-Temporarily make the balls do not bounce when destroyingblocks.-Temporarily create a wall of indestructible blocks at thebottom.-Temporarily stick the balls to the paddle until theplayertouchesand releases the screen. - Temporarily make thepaddleshoots twolasers. If you enjoy other brick breaking games,you willlove thiscool one!
Red Ball 5 World 1.6
Red ball 5 world is a super redballphysicsbased 2D puzzle game with a number of new cool worlds.Run,roll,jump and bounce to move through the challenging worldfullofpuzzles to solve. Little kids can start from volume 1, 2and3which are simple while adults may find realchallengesstartingfrom stages 4 and 5. This new red ball game is asimple onetouchgame that will keep you entertained with endlessrolling gameplay.Control your red ball hero all the way to the endof the stageandavoid obstacles, collecting coins and gaining power.All thebounceand platform game lovers will love this new red ball2Dphysicsbased platform. This classic style red ball game isdesignedto fitall famous android phones and tablets.