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English Grammar
AMA English
English Grammar, Learn English Grammar, Test English Grammar,IELTSGrammar
English Grammar in Use and Test (Full)
oCoder App
learning english, English Grammar Book with grammar test,oCoderEducation
English Grammar Test
Dozens of English Grammar Tests in your phone. No books. Justoneapp.
English Grammar Test
5000+ English grammar test practice questions with answers&clear explanations
English Grammar Advanced
Learn English Grammar, English Grammar Advanced
English Grammar Handbook
The best way to learn English. It is a free handbook.
English Grammar App
Learn English Grammar, Basic & Advanced English Grammar
English Proficiency Test
More than 10.000 exercise grammar (offline) test for all level
English Grammar Practice
English Grammar Practice with clear explanation - Free - Offline
English Grammar Practice
Ace English grammar tests with simple-to-use flashcards
English Grammar Test
More than 5000 english test
Basic English grammar Speaking
Easily learn Complete Basic English grammar, Speaking,Conversation& Tenses
English Grammar Complete Handbook
Learn English Grammar with real-life examples andeasy-to-understanddefinitions
English Grammar Offline Free 9.04
🔵 Learn English Grammar has never been easier and simplerwiththisfree learning app. No matter you are a beginner Englishlearneroran advanced learner getting prepared for some toughEnglishtestsas well as competitive exams and curriculum exams,we’ve gotyoucovered. 🟢 This offline English learning app coversevery aspectofEnglish grammar, from the noun, adjective, andadverbs togerund,tenses, and auxiliary verbs. You just need tofollow thelessonsone by one, learn the grammar rules, keeppracticing andexercisingthe lessons to make sure you’ve masteredthe entireEnglishgrammar. 🟠 The good news is that this free Englishgrammarapp canbe used in offline mode and you don’t need to beconnectedto theinternet to get the most out of available grammarlessonsandexercises. 🟢 Learn English Grammar comes with a cleanandneatdesign and the interface is so user-friendly andtheEnglishlessons are so easy to follow, that you’ll get thewholeidea afterbrowsing through different lessons and subjects. Ifyouthink youare an advanced English learner, you may easily skiptheeasierlessons and focus on the more difficult grammarchallenges.🔷Practice & Learn English Grammar Offline MainFeatures ataGlance: ✅ Clean and neat design with a freshandintuitiveinterface ✅ Useful for both Beginner and AdvancedEnglishlearners✅ Wide range of Grammar lessons: Nouns, Tenses,Adjectives,Adverbs✅ Modal Auxiliaries, Gerund, Conjunctions &Fillers,Articles,and more ✅ Offline mode to learn and practice withnointernetconnection ✅ Constantly updating database ✅ Easy tofollowgrammarlessons ✅ Free with no in-app purchase items 🔥🔥 So,downloadthisLearn English Grammar app for free, improve yourgrammarskills,keep practicing, and let us know about any bugs,questions,featurerequests, or other [email protected] you
English Grammar Book Ultimate
English Grammar ultimate, English Grammar Book, English Grammartest
English Grammar in Use
The official English Grammar in Use app, written by Raymond Murphy.
English Grammar
MNG Mobile
The best way to improve your English Grammar
English Grammar&Vocabulary Book Offline - Free App 1.9
The English Grammar and Vocabulary Book is a self studyreferenceforbasic , intermediate and advanced level learners. Itcoversallaspects of English Grammar with examples that makes easytolearnthe concepts. Beginners can get advantage from the rulesthatarepresented in the form of tables. For intermediateandadvancelevel, topics have been segregated into differentsubtopics.Thesubtopics has been categorised clearly which makes iteasy to gotoa particular topic and learn it. The word meaningsection hasmorethan ten thousand words consisting of common usagewords,alongwith important terms and definitions ofMedical,Physics,Chemistry, Geography etc. The third section hastheimportant listsin English like Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms,Oneword Substitutionetc. Essay, Letter and Comprehension hasbeenadded recently withwide range of topics to understand thelanguagebetter. Team - AIDevelopers. Features Detailed explanationforevery topic covered.Better Categorisation of subtopics.Examplesfor each topic andsubtopics. Simple User Interface.Explanationshown using tablesfor better understanding and reading.More than10000 words withmeaning. Classification 1. Grammar 2.Vocabulary 3.Important Listsin English Language. 4. Essay. 5.Letter. 6.Comprehension. Theentire app is completely free andeverything isunlocked. Go aheadand install this free app and startlearning now.Keywords :English Grammar, English Grammar Book,English GrammarApp ,English Grammar Handbook, The best app to learnEnglishGrammar,Grammar In Use, Speaking English ,Writing Englishskills,EnglishVocabulary, English Lists, English Grammar andVocabulary,EnglishGrammar and Vocabulary Book, English Grammar andVocabularyApp,English Vocabulary Book, English VocabularyApp,MedicalVocabulary, Physics Vocabulary, ChemistryVocabulary,GeographyVocabulary, Common Vocabulary, ImportantVocabulary, Appto improveEnglish, English Letter, EnglishApplication, EnglishEssay,English Comprehension, English Practice.This app willbeconstantly updated with new contents. You can giveyourvaluablefeedback to make further improvements in the app.Pleaselike ourFacebook page forfurtherupdates.
English Grammar use & Test Pro
oCoder App
English grammar in use and Test Pro - no more advertising
Verbs in English: Learn English FREE 3.0
Verbs constitute one of the main word classes in theEnglishlanguage. Selecting the correct verb tense and conjugatingverbscorrectly is tricky in English. Now you have a greatopportunity toimprove your skills. We made the best application fortesting yourskills. You learn to use a proper form of a verb andcheck yourEnglish with tests of this application. Application"Learn English:Verbs" is intended for young people and adults -typically atschool, college, or university. It is also suitable forteachersand other adults who require a respected Englishlanguagequalification. "Learn English: Verbs" gives real-lifeEnglishskills and transferable skills required for academic studyandemployability. Ultra version has a wide range of articlesandbooks. You can choose whatever you want to read. "LearnEnglish:Verbs" application is useful for: IELTS (The InternationalEnglishLanguage Testing System); TOEFL iBT (Test of English as aForeignLanguage); TOEIC Test (Test of English forInternationalCommunication); The GRE Tests (Graduate RecordExamination); HiSETPractice Exam (The High School EquivalencyTest); Praxis Test; PTE(Pearson Test of English) (The Pearson Testof English Academic)(The Pearson Test of English General); BECPreliminary (CambridgeEnglish: Business Preliminary); ISE(Integrated Skills in English).
English tenses practice
All you need to know about 12 English tenses is here
Prepositions in English: Learn
Practice&learning app: study course with stories
English Grammar Test
Over 5000 English grammar test practice questions, create andsharetests
English Grammar Book
English grammar lessons with simple explanations and fun quizzes
IELTS Complete Preparation and Exam (Free English) 1.1.9
AMA English
IELTS Complete Preparation and Exam. Learn IELTS Listening,IELTSSpeaking....
English Tenses 5.7
ATTENTION!!! THIS APP IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS! English Tenses.ShortCourse (Cheat Sheet) / Key to English Tenses - easy way tolearnAll English Tenses! Active & Passive English Tenses (21)+Future in the Past Tenses (4). Bright, successful,funny,easy-to-remember Examples, Exercises, Explanations, TrtainersandTests! Secret Key - to remember All English Tenses at once!!!TimeMarkers - words-companions-hints!! Trainer (live table ofcards)for learning irregular verbs!! Forms of an auxiliary verb: ToBe,To Have, To Do. Rule _s/_es The Word Order in a sentence - tolearnto speak! Many tests in the form of tables with functions oftheTraining Simulator and Exam! This app is specially usefulforbeginners and foreigners!!! Summary Table of key examples ofTenseswith unfolding - collapsing Time Markers(words-companions-hints)and Explanations Colorful Pivot Table ofthe Formulas of TensesAudio Exercices to remember the Key! The apphighlights key wordsand main points and priorities! Working withthe application iseasy and convenient… The teaching material ispresented clearly andunderstandably! The English Verb Tenses arefundamentals of theEnglish Grammar! To know English Verb Tenses isto know the EnglishGrammar!!! Indeed, all is easy to remember!…Literally, for alllife! :) On this manual lots of people havelearned the Tensesalready… And immediately began to understand theessence of Englishand to pass serious tests… ) Without Advertising!The app does notrequire access to your personal data, cameras,microphones,geolocation. Much thanks to newest and free GoogleAndroid Studio(IDE) for the rapid development of this App !! DEMOversion isavailable! :) In "Key to English Tenses + Own Tests" AppVariant(Var.2), you can create your own Tests / Exams. It is veryeasy!Just write them down in MyTest1.txt - MyTest6.txt files(rewritethe templates only). This is very useful for Teachers andfor allwho wish to work with their own tests!! This App (var.2)will be onthe Google Play from 2019 (If this will be of interest…please,write us) MAXI FREE Version: English Tenses MAXI PAIDVersion:English Tenses
English Tests: Learn Prepositions&practice grammar
Learning of British & American language course
English Tenses
This application consists rules of English Tenses withpracticeexercises.
English Grammar Exercises
10.000+ Grammar Exercises With Explanations. All EnglishGrammarTopics
SmartCat: English Grammar Exercises and Practice 5.1
Are you studying English, preparing for an exam, or just wanttorefresh your grammar skills? Look no further! This fantasticappwith simple design gives you an opportunity to improve yourEnglishgrammar. Practice English grammar as much as you want, anytime youwant. Main features: - 3 different levels:Elementary,Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate. - 180 practice tests. -More than2000 unique questions. - Absolutely free. - Clearexplanations andexamples. - Can work offline - no Internetconnection required. -The total score and the award at the end ofeach lesson. - Thelessons can be done in any order. Just pick agrammar topic youwant to practice. - Two types of questions: selectthe correctanswer or type in the answer yourself. - Feel free torepeat thelessons. The lesson's content slightly changes each timeyou repeatit. Grammar topics: - Present tenses - Past tenses -Future tenses- Active and passive voices - Definite and indefinitearticles -Pronouns - Adverbs - Infinitives and gerunds -Comparative andsuperlative adjectives - Modal verbs - Phrasal verbs
English Irregular Verbs
"Irregular verbs" is a basic pattern of English Grammar. Westartlearning this topic from the very beginning. At first the listofirregular verbs has about 20 items than it increases to around200.That means, that you need to learn all irregular verbs if youwantto speak English correctly, and tedious memorization is theonlyway to learn all the words. We know how difficult it is tomemorizesuch a long list. So, we made a simple app dedicated toirregularverbs that will facilitate this work. We have created analgorithmthat leads you not only to memorization from A letter toZ. We havedivided irregular verbs to levels, so you could learnthem partly.Every irregular verb in the app has a card with themeaning andexamples. Also, there are tests which will help youlearn how touse each verb correctly. In addition, we would like tofocus on thedesign of our app. Clear and beautiful interface willmake learningirregular verbs in a pleasant way. It is alsoimportant: “EnglishIrregular Verbs” app is totally free. Learn,have fun and speakEnglish!
English Phrasal Verbs
The most widespread English Phrasal Verbs.
Learn English Daily
Daily English lessons with audio for practising speaking&listening skills