Top 50 Games Similar to Heroes Inc!

Voodoo Doll 0.95
Lion Studios
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Say hi to your newstressreliever because it will be non-stop prank games with yourfriends.Magic? Occult? Play god or the devil, and have fun pullingpranksto get your sweet revenge. Did that passerby just cut yourline?Has your ex been cheating on you? Well, it’s time to give themwhatthey deserve. Indulge in the satisfaction of your choice. It’snobrain teaser so sit back and relax, and let your imaginationrunwild. Before you know it, you’ll be pulling off the bestpranksyour friends have seen. Each unique level will surelysurprise you!Game Features: Make the right choice! Have you everwondered howpeople pull pranks on others? Well, here’s your chanceto play thebest prank game in the neighborhood. Tap away. It’s nota brainteaser. No need to think or judge because the devil has gotyourback. Roleplay different scenarios Are you gonna stand thereand donothing? Don’t watch your ex or boss get away! Customize thatdollinto your enemy and get your revenge! Simple and AddictingJoke’son anyone who hasn’t played the game! Once you start youwon’t beable to stop because there are endless tricks to make yourbuddymad. Fun for everyone No matter if you’re the angel or thedevil,this game is fun for everyone!Visit if have any feedback, needhelpon beating a level, or have any awesome ideas you would like toseein the game! Follow us to get news and updates on ourotherAward-Winning titles;
Rocket Punch! 2.3.2
Lion Studios
Are you ready for the adventure full of punches and tricks?RocketPunch! Yes, that’s the name of our game! You have the chancetothrow punches like you’ve never done before! Punch the enemiesandknock them out! Solve the puzzling challenges. Have a look atyoursurroundings, take advantage of the weapons available so youcankill your enemies at the same time. Break through the wall,diginto the ground, blow up the bomb, do whatever you can to havetheenemies defeated. You have so many gloves to be revealed touseagainst enemies and you don’t want to miss out any singlelevel.Relieve your stress through our punching games. Throw outsomecurvy punches at those people who annoy you most. It’sdefinitelyharder than you think, and you want to be strategic abouthow youwill throw a punch and utilize each weapon. Are you readyfor it?Game Features: 1. Simple but addicting mechanics Just movethejoystick like how you would throw your punch - be strategic soyoucan kill your enemies at one time. 2. Keep on upgrading! Somanydifferent punching gloves and characters to unlock. Pick aglovethat fits you the most and throw the best punch you can. 3.Relaxand play Simple yet fun mechanics will keep you entertainedforhours! Visit if haveanyfeedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesomeideasyou would like to see in the game! From the Studio thatbrought youMr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Followus to getnews and updates on our other Award Winningtitles;
Solar Smash 1.8
Solar Smash is a planet destruction simulator, it allows theplayerto use a variety of different weapons to destroy the planet.Theseinclude nuclear missiles, lasers, and asteroids. Warning Thisgamecontains flashing lights that may make it unsuitable forpeoplewith photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitiveconditions.Player discretion is advised. Space images credits:NASA'sScientific Visualization Studio NASA's Goddard Space FlightCenterSpace Telescope Science Institute
Toy Army: Draw Defense 1.2.4
Draw different army troops to defend your HQ!
More Snacks! 1.3.9
Lion Studios
Hunter or hunted? You decide in this wild game of hide andseek!Play as a delicious doughnut, fresh out of the pantry and ontherun from hungry kids who will stop at nothing to capture andeatyou. You’ll need to move quickly and hide under objects andprops,while trying not to be found. But don’t stay in one place fortoolong, as there is little that can get between a kid and anicesugary treat! Avoid getting captured before the children aresentto bed, and escape to live another day! Or play as a hungrychildrushing to consume as many sugary sweets as possible. Stay outofsight from the adults, and use a variety of power-upsscatteredthroughout each level to chase down as many delicioussnacks as youcan, but be careful! The snacks have some tricks oftheir own, andyou’ll need to make sure you don’t eat something thatwill make yousick. It’s like your favorite io games with a funtwist! Play freeonline, and challenge other players to the ultimategame of cat vsmouse. Are you team Snacks or Brats? Play now to findout! GameFeatures: Easy to Play, Difficult To Master Jump straightinto thesnacking action! With simple and intuitive controls you’llleavethose hungry kids in the dust! Kill Some Time The fun isendless!With multiple levels and game modes and power ups galore,you’ll behooked on all the hide and seek action! Earn Rewards!Unlock newskins and power-ups as you play to become the ultimatesnackhunter! HIlarious Action! Whether you're the hunter or thehunted,you’ll have a blast with the non-stop hide and seek action!Visit if have any feedback, needhelpon beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like toseein the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet,HappyGlass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get news andupdates onour other Award Winning titles;
Kick the Buddy
Kick buddy arrives on Google Play Explode, destroy, fire,shoot,smash, freeze, toss, send the power of the Gods and don'teventhink about stopping. You now have a virtually limitlessarsenal tobeat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, and even anuclear bomb!We present to you Kick the Buddy — it’s more than justa relaxinggame it’s more than stress game. It’s a top interactiveactiongame. Among all stress relief games, Kick Buddy is a relaxinggamewhere you can slap the doll and forget about your anger. It's afungame to play when bored. Do you want to beat the boss, ormaybeslap and bash the ragdoll? Want to smash all around you inthisdestroying game? Want more kicks? Even if you're arelativelystress-free person you need to chill out at some point instressgames like ours.
Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner 7.2
Sharpen your blade, sword master! It’s time to embark on therealshinobi adventure! Welcome to Sword Play! – a fun arcade gamewhereall you have to do is dash, slash & slice! Dash throughthehundreds of challenging levels and cut all your targets inpieceswho dare to stop you! Could you prove you're a true hitmaster?Slow the time and chop flying bullets, slice explosivebarrels inhalf and beat giant suricens back to your stickmanenemies! Thegameplay is super simple. All you need is swipingthrough the phonescreen to cut the dummies into halves. HORDES OFENEMIES Facetricky stickman shinobi, gun masters and powerfulbosses! You mustfloat like a butterfly unless you want to be cutyourself. Don’tlet any samurai make a scratch! DEADLY SWORDSComplete samuraimissions to unlock the most dangerous swords in theworld! Yourarsenal includes Infinity Blade, Lusting Katana, Sabreof Darkness,Beat Blade, Arthur’s Excalibur, and other epic bladedweapons.Crush them all with the superpower of your swords! SUPERPERKS Asmart shadow ninja takes every chance to defeat theirenemies!Don’t hesitate to use poisons, tomahawks and even lasers tobringdown all the stickman opponents in a slicing level. Neithermoneynor lineage can make a slicing hero! Grab a sword and showyourragdoll enemies who is the real blade master! Download one ofthemost stylish 3d blade sword games now and slice themall!===================== COMPANY COMMUNITY:=====================Facebook:
Drawmaster 1.11.1
Let's try to draw the perfect trajectory and shoot. Master itandfind the best arrow path to solve the puzzle in our archerygame.Don't forget to avoid the collisions and make sure yourarrowreaches the target.
Thief Puzzle - Can you steal it ? 1.4.0
Use your brain and steal the items and treasures you want,playingfor fun. A smile will appear on your lips every time youpass alevel. Each level is a different puzzle, your task is to gettheitem you want to steal. Various puzzles and difficult testswillchallenge your mind. Train your logic, memory,intelligence,problem-solving skills, and creativity. Think you’resmart enoughto solve all these tricky puzzles? GAME FEATURES: -Easy and simplebut humorous game process - Fun for All Ages: Thebest trivia gamefor family & friends’ gatherings! - Enjoy thisimpossible quiz.- Download this funny game for free. - Endless funandbrain-pushing games. - Great exercise for the brain. - Simpleandhighly addictive game play. - Great time pass with riddle games.-Play without the internet. - Funny sound and witty game effectsCanyou go faster? Let's go!!
Ropeman 3D 1.6
Lion Studios
Are you ready to hook and smash them up? Become the heroofthecentury in this non-stop, mind-blowing actionshooter.There’snothing you can’t do with your unique hook weapon,butyou’ll needto also think strategically, and take out the badguysbefore theyget their chance to take you out! Take aim and getyouropponentsoff track! Toss your grappling hook and tear downtheplatformsthat your enemies are standing on or simply pullobjectsdown ontop of them. Whether you’re tearing down watertowers,pullingattack choppers or blowing up explosive barrels,there is somuchyou can do! Game Features: Non-stop Action Shootyour hook andpulldown helicopters, buildings, or even the bad guysthemselves,thentoss them into one another to complete eachlevel.Brain-TeasingStrategy: Plan your attack to take out the badguy intime. Eachnew level pose new challenges and you will need totakeout the badguys quickly Test Your Aim: Test your handeyecoordination andhook the bad guys before they can take youout!Each new levelposes new challenges to your quick thinkingskills.Take a loadoff: Immerse yourself in the role of the nextgreataction hero! Islife getting a little crazy? Escape for alittle inyour own actionstory! Visit ifhave anyfeedback, need help onbeating a level or have any awesomeideasyou would like to see inthe game! From the Studio thatbrought youMr. Bullet, Happy Glass,Ink Inc and Love Balls! Followus to getnews and updates on ourother AwardWinningtitles;
Draw Hero 3D - Puzzle Game
Draw your weapon and defeat bad guys with a single hit! Useyourmind and logic skills, solve puzzles and win! Draw Hero 3D is anewpuzzle game where you need to rid the world of bandits andzombies.The main goal is to draw a suitable weapon and kick all theenemiesoff the level. Make the right decisions, choose theappropriateweapon's shape and smash 'em all. Train your brain andbe ready toface the most cunning enemies! How to play Draw Hero 3D?Draw theappropriate weapon with your finger to get rid of the badguys andsave the world. Be careful – you don't have much space onthescreen where you can draw shapes and weapons. Use theavailablespace wisely. All you need to be the leader in this puzzlegame isto use your logic and brain & solve interesting quests.Drawcool weapons and defeat the bad guys to save all the victimsasfast as possible! Game features: - Addictive gameplay -Interestingpuzzles - Multiple levels - Amazing 2D graphics, visuals&sounds - Easy controls Draw Hero 3D is a new era of stickmanpuzzlegames! Save 'em all and become a hero! Put your logicandcreativity under the test! Click the install button andenjoy!======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Swing Loops: Grapple Hook Race 1.8.7
SayGames Ltd
Тry to name one or two parkour games – can you? Not likely! Butnow,come find out why not this time – check on your own why SwingLoopswill become your favorite… and a game you’ll never forget!Your mindkeeps spinning in an endless loop. Literally! Just closeyour eyesand imagine…A huge megalopolis, thousands of skyscrapers,eventraffic jams (yeah, the game design is really that realistic,don’tlook so surprised!), with you running around 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃right atthecenter of it. WOW! What do you think? Not bad! And what if wetellyou that at some point in this race 🏁 you’ll be swinging inthe air,then flying like a wild bird… What a crazy parkour game!Then yousuddenly notice some strange people around you. What arethey doinghere? Are they running towards the finish line? No way!Top 10standout features of Swing Loops 1. Gaming hierarchy: eachlevel has11 sublevels. You can’t be sneaky and skip any of them toreach thenext destination. Come on, be an honest gamer. 2. Each ofthesublevels is unique within the level, with a different routeanddifferent features you can use on your way. No place forboredom. 3.The game has competitive elements: there will be otherrunnersalongside you. That’s why it’s called a race. 4. Tons ofpossibleactions to take: jump, fly, run, go, even stop – dowhatever youwant to come in the first! 🔝 5. New stylish outfits.Come on,they’re stylish in our opinion! Tastes differ. 6. Endlesschances tostart over. This is crucial when you fall off a 12-storybuilding. 🏢7. Respect for classic stuff: golden keys, diamonds,money and other“must-collect“ things. Not old school, just a bitof good oldtradition, you know… 8. Highly realistic locationdesigns: you canturn left or right and still see the city aroundyou. It makes youfeel totally inside the process. 9. The uniqueopportunity to doubleor triple the treasures you gather, andsometimes the multipliersare even higher. It’s an easy way tobecome a greedy person, though,so watch yourself! 10. While we’reon the subject of treasures, weshould mention colorful 💎 crystals.They’ll come in handy forpurchasing things like clothes, tools forclimbing, skateboards,wings, and boats. Shopping is availablebased on level. Someone wiseand ancient once said that our life isa rope swing. ❗ We are notGreek philosophers and so we are notgoing to agree or disagree withthis famous statement. However, onething we do know for sure isthis: the more you play Swing Loops,the less mood swings you’llhave! So download and stay happy allthe time, because this gamewon’t give you a single chance to besad!
Bouncemasters 1.4.6
Bounce the penguin sky high! Get launch upgrades, hone yourskillsand reach the top of the global leaderboards! Show the worldthatpenguins CAN fly! Features: - Lots of weapons and boosterstochoose from! - Competitive leadeboards. Show the world yourtrueskill! - Beautiful animations and funny characters! - Awonderfulexperience for everyone!
Flying Stickman Rope Hero Game 2.8
Welcome to the open-world flying stickman rope hero grand citycrimegame with an astonishing idea of stickman as spider rope herotofight against all the gangster thug mafia in the crime city.This isa vegas gangstar city where criminal mafia involved inrobbing thebank, snatching bags, kidnapping schoolboys, terroristactivities,and killing civilians. Police are not adequate forfighting againstthis increasing city crime & bad mafia. So inthis flyingstickman rope game, you are appointed as a spiderstickman rope herowho can use stickman superpowers as rope hero,special stickmanmoves, stickman gunfighter, and flying stickmanhero. This amazingflying stickman rope hero grand city crime gameis an action-packedgame with thrilling stickman action fighting.Spider rope stickmanhero gangster crime city is designed anddeveloped for the openworld crime simulator game lovers. So areyou ready to enter intothe spider rope stickman hero gangstercrime game to turn the grandcrime city into a crime-free city?Dare yourself to accomplish thechallenging & thrillingmissions to win the title of stickmanhero. In flying stickman ropehero game, unlock a variety ofstickman superheroes to kill thewanted criminals. Your duty is tochase grand city criminalswalking in the streets to vanish theirevil plans. Use stickmanspider rope skills, find gangster snipersat the building's top andkill them with stickman superhero powersbefore they shoot theirtarget. City kidnappers kidnapped aschoolboy, they are leaving ina van, so chase the gangsters van todestroy with rope attack. Drugcity mafia held a meeting in the townstreet, your duty is to useyour rope hero skills to catch thembefore they leave. Crime citygangsters are robbing the city bank,go fast and kill them beforethey robbed the bank and escaped.Become a super stickman spiderrope hero in this flying stickmanvegas gangster city to vanish allcity mafia. In this flyingstickman rope hero grand city crime gamebecome a stickman survivalhero to experience the adventure of thestickman. Destroy evilclones in the dangerous city of the stickmansuperhero game. Playand enjoy amazing spider stickman games andcollect the winningcoins by killing all the grand crime city mafiagangsters. FlyingStickman Rope Hero Grand City Crime Features -High-Quality GangsterCity & Environment - Variety of StickmanSpider Rope Superheroes- Amazing Stickman Rope Hero Skills -Realistic Sounds &Gameplay - Rope, Punch, Kick, and Fighting
NERF Epic Pranks! Fun Bullets 1.9.7
The NERF battle is ON! Can you tag and blast everyone withoutbeingcaught? Your quest is simple...Grab your Nerf Blaster andPrank 'emall! NERF Epic Pranks! is a cool real-time strategy gameforeveryone. The main goal of the game is to shoot and tag alltheenemies by shooting them with the epic NERF guns. The enemiesarevery reactive, so it will not be easy. React and thinkquickly.Hide behind objects and shoot at the right moment. Useyourstrategy and tactics to not get caught and move to the nextlevel.BECOME THE BEST PRANKSTER! Tag everyone in sight, don't getcaughtand, above all, have fun! UNLOCK ALL THE NERF BLASTERS!CollectNerf Blasters to become the ultimate prankster! Unlock themall asyou progress in the battle. PERSONALIZE YOUR CHARACTER Unlockallthe fun Characters and Skins. Play as a Ninja, a Clown or evenaRobot! BATTLE IN AWESOME ENVIRONMENTS Make your way through alltheWorlds and Arenas! Apply your strategy in real-time, and spottheright target to shoot. Unlock new guns and characters! Only 1%ofplayers unlock all the characters and guns ⏩ Will you be oneofthem? Use your finger to tap and shoot your bullets. Remember,ifyou don't shoot and hide fast enough, your enemies will catchyou.Are you fast enough to do not let them catch you? Play forfree.Challenge yourself to become the best NERF shooter ever...This isnot one of those classic and boring shooting games. This isa new,free, and cool game for boys and girls. List of the featuresofyour new free casual game: 🔫 Beautiful 3D graphics 🎯 Thefunniestshooter challenge 🔫 100% free game 🎯 Fun and addictivegameplay 🔫Easy controls 🎯 For kids and adults 🔫 Game for girls andboys 🎯Many characters and guns How to become a Z Escape: ZombieMachineGun master? 🏖️ Blast them all to avoid their bullets! ✌️Hide andshoot fast 🏖️ Don't let the enemies catch you ✌️ Have funand dancewhen you win About Homa: NERF Epic Pranks! Fun Bullets isproducedby Homa Games. Homa is a top publisher of Hyper CasualGames,Puzzle Games, and Casual Games. Homa published games likeSkyRoller, Z Escape, Voodoo Pranks, Farm Land, and manyothers.Relieve stress, anger, and bad thoughts, or train your brainwith arelaxing, satisfying, yet challenging game anywhere, anytime!Ifyou believe that pranking and blasting enemies is not just amatterof luck, show your abilities and become the best blasterever. Bestof luck! Do you have questions regarding our game or needsupport?😎 Privacy Policy 🏳️‍🌈 Terms of Service 💌 Contact Us Followus onour social: 🤟 Facebook 🤟🏽 Twitter 🤟🏼 Linkedin 🤟🏿 Tiktok
Freeze Rider - Frozen Slides 1.9.1
Ever dreamed of being an ice surfer and freeze your way to thetop?! Well now, you can! With your new free casual game, Freezerider,you will have the amazing power of throwing ice everywheretocreate virtual ramps and slide on it for hours of fun.Discovermany beautiful environments, collect as much ice as you canto goas high as you can to then slide as far as you can! Guaranteedfunthrough this never-seen before new sliding experience. Here isalist the features of your new free casual game: ⭐Beautifulgraphics ⭐ Many fun characters and skins to unlock alongthe way ⭐100% free game ⭐ Fun and addictive gameplay ⭐ Easycontrols ⭐ Foradults and kids! Now it's time to collect ice cubesand be the bestice surfer you can. Enjoy and don’t catch a cold :)
Hitmasters 1.15.12
Have you ever dreamt of becoming a spy? Start with simplepuzzlesand then advance to some challenging levels! Tons of weaponsawaityou in the game arsenal. Try them all! Make decisions wisely.Onemistake and your enemies catch you! Don't leave them achance.Or... just start over again.
Dinosaur Rampage 5.0.1
Dinosaurs have been resurrected in the present age! Moveyourdinosaur with simple controls. Win by eating the most peopleandcausing the most destruction! Collect coins and make yourdinosaurstronger! Can you destroy the highest tower?
Slice them All! 3D - Siren head Hunting 1.65
Slice all the enemies on your way! Defeat elite SCP units. Don'tgetkilled by Siren Head or Cartoon Cat. Jump from one buildingtoanother and pierce everything! Simple and intuitive controlsandaddictive gameplay mechanics. Don’t let the enemies get toocloseor you will lose.
Hero Tycoon
Sandbox Fun
Hero Tycoon is a game that players play the superhero roletocompete for resources. Players can choose the hero he likes atthebeginning, get the territory and collect the resources to buildthehero's exclusive house step by step. Here are the rules forthisgame: - After the player build a dedicated equipment cabinet,hecan get the exclusive skills and equipment of the superheroheplayed, which will give a big advantage when compete forresourcesin the wild. - The player who completed all the buildingsfirst isthe ultimate winner for this competition. Different heroeshavedifferent skills and equipment. Download to play moreinterestinggames. If you have any reports or suggestions, pleasefeel free tocontact us via [email protected]
Hide 'N Seek! 1.7.8
The good old classic hide & seek. Play either as a seeker orasa hider and build your shelters from cars or office desks, hideinthe water, in the hay pile, in the cornfield, in the boss'officeand most importantly, push others in the seeker's visionfield. Tryto be kind though. Features: ∙ Beautiful and unique 3Dvisuals ∙Play either as seeker or hider ∙ Complete freedom to playhoweveryou like ∙ High performance ∙ Fun, relaxing and addictive
Totally Reliable Delivery Service 1.3.5
The game requires 3GB+ RAM to Run Buckle up your back braceandfireup the delivery truck, it's time to deliver! Join up tothreeofyour friends and haphazardly get the job done inaninteractivesandbox world. Delivery attempted, that's aTotallyReliableDelivery Service guarantee! FEATURES: - SingleCampaign andOnlineMultiplayer: Go it alone to ensure the safety ofyourdeliveries,or join your friends and put your teamwork to thetest.-Controlled Noodly Chaos: Unpredictable ragdoll physicsmeetssnappyplatforming. Sprint, leap, dive, and grapple with ease,butcollidewith something and you'll be knocked out cold! - AWorldofDistractions: Take a break from deliveries and playaround!Theworld is chock full of toys, vehicles, and machines thatcanbeused for work or play. - Ragtag Crew: Customizeyourblue-collarworkers and get your rear into gear, it's timetodeliver!
Dude Theft Wars Offline & Online Multiplayer Games
Funny Offline Open World Games Dude Theft wars: Open worldSandboxSimulator BETA is a funny physics based action sandbox openworldgame with funny ragdoll physics, offline games mode &OnlineMultiplayer Games mode full of action games, cool games&relaxing games. It is one of the best open world games &funnygames with physics based games, cool games & ragdollgames. Itsoffline story mode has a big open world map with coolgraphics& relaxing games with cool games, fun & actionpackedmissions including cool online multiplayer games mode. BestOnlineMultiplayer Games & Gun Games In Online multiplayer gamesyoucan play with friends online action games. Play TwoOnlinemultiplayer games modes, Free For All & Team Deathmatchonlinegames for cool action games. Enjoy funny dances & emotes&best gun games. The Online multiplayer games mode also has thebestcool games & funny ragdoll games. Team DeathMatchoffersintense action games & exciting finishes. There are manymapsin online multiplayer games mode. NoobTown map providesquickaction games fun & JackStreet gives cool open world wargamesfun. In online multiplayer games, you can unlock characteritems& weapons to use in online multiplayer games mode &offlinegames mode. It’s one of the best online games & offlinegames.Drive Physics based Cars & Fly Planes You can drive cars&fly planes & the city is full of funny action games inthisopen world game. Drive on a bike in the funny open world gamesorrelax in a helicopter ride in the cool open world games. If youhitany dude, they will fly in the air like ragdoll games &policewill chase you. Drive fast in police chase action games inthe coolbig map like open world games. Eject from car to earn cashinragdoll games. Offline Action Games Dude Theft Wars is one ofthebest funny action games & best cool games. The offlinegamesmode is cool with many action games like cool police escapegames,offline shooting games & ragdoll games providing you fullfunof cool games. Police chase in open world games gives coolactiongames fun. In the 5 star wanted level, there are high actiongameswhere you try to escape the police in an cool open world gamesmap.Offline games mode has so many action games like fast taxidrivinggames & bowling games, ragdoll games & basketballgames.You can explore these sports action games in the cool openworldmap. Dude Theft Wars is one of the best ragdoll games. If youloveaction games, Dude Theft Wars provides you with the best openworldgames & online multiplayer games. Action Packed PoliceChasePeople love action games no matter if it's open world gamesoronline multiplayer games. The wanted level increases if theplayerdoes crime. Do crimes & watch armed forces come withsnipersmaking game play like action games, ragdoll games & coolgameswhen a police car hits you. Ragdoll games make the gameplaycoolgames. Got arrested? Just pay the fine & enjoy the actioninthe open world games mode. New FPS Online Multiplayer MapsOnlinemultiplayer games in Jackstreet, Noobtown & Parkourplaygroundare the best games in ragdoll games. Enjoy fps onlinemultiplayergames fun. In online multiplayer games you can doanything likeshooting others to see their ragdoll like in ragdollgames bykilling & many more things that funny action gamesoffer, allthat exciting experience is here with new onlinemultiplayer games.FEATURES ☑One of free open world games &ragdoll games☑Exciting online multiplayer games mode ☑One of freeragdoll games& funny action games ☑Open world games online fpsshooting game☑Online multiplayer & ragdoll games mode with upto 16 players☑Challenging shooting games with ragdoll games physics☑Funnysandbox driving simulator ☑Play mini games in this open worldgames☑Find secrets & cheats in sandbox simulator One of thebestragdoll games, funny action games, open world games &onlinemultiplayer games 2.0.2
The most addictive game with the simplest control ever. Makeasnowball bigger and bump it to opponents to flick them off theplayfield. You can make one giant snowball or a number ofsmallballs... and you can bump it directly to the opponent or snipethemwith it... it is totally up to you. How to control: swipe tothedirection you want to move, and lift your finger to shootthesnowball.
Magic Finger 3D 1.3.2
Use your magic touch and surroundings to take out your foes!Defeatyour enemies by throwing other enemies! Use explosive barrelstomake a big impact! Sent your adversaries off the platform intothedeep! In this action you choose how you control the environmentandcan freely pick up anything you see. Use your finger to becometheultimate magic user!
Hit Master 3D - Knife Assassin 1.7.7
It's time to get the knives out! Do you like action spy movies?Doyou like to silently defeat rivals? Then challenge yourself inanepic Hit Master 3D game! Here you must prove that you are thebestand most accurate spy of all! Once you’re ambushed, youareattacked by a huge crowd of enemies, and all you have is a lotofknives! Throw knives at your aims, eliminate them one by oneandbeat ‘em all to survive! The game has a lot of interactiveitems.If you don’t like to defeat enemies one by one silently andslowly,you can throw a knife into an exploding barrel, and defeat acrowdof enemies in one blow! Also, there are various boxesscatteredeverywhere – break them to slow down your enemies! What ismore,you will save hostages on your way to win! Save everyone andget tothe helicopter – become the ultimate hero! Remember, thereare manyenemies, all of different sizes, and they won't attackalone in apolite manner – they attack at once! Each of them isarmed withbaseball bats or huge spanners! But it's not a problemfor you,right? It will hardly scare the best secret agent! GAMEFEATURES: -Action-packed game - Beautiful 3D graphics - Manydifficult tasksrequiring accuracy & quick reflexes - Intuitivecontrols -Simple interface Hit Master 3D is a completely free game!So whatare you waiting for? The world needs you, agent! Downloadnow andstart your adventure! ===================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:=====================Facebook:
War of Rafts: Crazy Sea Battle 0.27.101
Do you love io games? Then War of Rafts is just for you! WarofRafts: Crazy Sea Battle is an epic battle royale in theseasetting! Battles with other players around the world awaityou!Sail the sea searching for your raft parts, expand yourterritoryand team to defeat ‘em all! Choose a color, fortify yourraft withother pieces floating in the ocean and face your opponentshead-on!You can make your team bigger by picking up a stickman fromthelifebuoys, and they’ll become a part of your army! The biggeryourcrew, the better your chances to survive in the sea battle!Ifyou're lucky enough, you can even collect a defensive tower!Thenit’ll also become your raft part! You can also pick upanadditional engine and many other elements to increaseyourdefensive and attacking power! Any sea adventure can't dowithouttreasure chests! Collect chests and coins to get variouscoolskins! Game features: - Interesting gameplay in the .io genre!-Epic sea battles! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! -Intuitiveinterface! - Easy controls! So, what are you waiting for?DownloadWar of Rafts for free now and let the fight begin!
Giant Rush! 1.5.9
Run through the obstacle course and bring the adventurous Giant toafabulous color ride!
Crazy Shopping 1.3.0
Kwalee Ltd
Crazy Shopping will have you in hysterics! This fun, crazyshoppinggame uses ragdoll physics to create as much chaos while youshop!Upgrade your shopping squad and time to collect as much stuffasyou can carry, the better the item the more money you get. Canyoubuy everything? Crazy Shopping features: - Crazy and wackyragdollphysics - Fun and addictive gameplay - Colorful graphics -Newstores and items to unlock SUBSCRIBE TO CRAZY SHOPPING SubscribetoCrazy Shopping for all of the following benefits: * Unlock AllVIPAreas! * Receive x2 Earnings * No Ads, which removesnon-optionaladverts from the game SUBSCRIPTIONS INFORMATION: CrazyShopping VIPMembership access offers two membership options: 1) Aweeklysubscription costing $5.49 per week after a 3 day FREEtrialperiod. 2) A monthly subscription costing $14.49 per month.Afterbuying this subscription, you will unlock; all VIP areastodiscover, receive x2 earnings for your shopping and no ads,whichremoves non-optional ads from the game. This is anauto-renewablesubscription. The payment is charged to your accountafterconfirmation. The subscription is renewed unless youunsubscribe 24hours before the period ends. Your account will alsobe charged forrenewal The prices notes are for United Statescustomers. Pricingin other countries may change and actual chargesmay be convertedto local currency. End of trial and subscriptionrenewal: - Thepayment is charged to your iTunes account after aconfirmation ofpurchase - The subscription is renewed unless youunsubscribe 24hours before the end of the current period - Theaccount will becharged for renewal 24 hours before the end of thecurrent periodat the standard cost of the weekly subscription - Theuser maymanage the subscription and auto-renewal by accessing theuser'saccount settings after purchase in the store - Nocancellation ofthe current subscription is permitted during theactivesubscription period - Any unused portion of the free trialperiodwill be forfeited when the subscription is purchasedCancelling atrial or subscription: - In order to cancel asubscription duringthe free trial period you need to cancel itthrough your account inthe Store. This must be done at least 24hours before the end ofthe free trial period to avoid beingcharged.
Supreme Duelist Stickman 2.9.0
Supreme Duelist Stickman is a funny and crazy Stickman mobilegame-A lot of map (NEW MAP EDITOR) - With Simple control -Playandunlock new skin -1 player, 2 player and survival mode-Realisticstickman ragdoll -2d physic stick fight battle -createyour ownstickman wariors Different modes -Gravity (ON/OFF) -InstantKO (ifdisable, the water, lava, etc will deal damages on contact)-EnergyShield (if disable, the stickman can bend down) You canchoose yourcharacter and play with a friend in the 2 Player Mode.RHG stickfighting game This game is totally free. casual game andfunstickfight This is an addictive game!!! give me your feedback
Samurai Flash 2.0.57
You want to know what it feels like to be a Super Hero ? Join usandbecome a Samurai Flash ! -Dodge and slice your enemies to reachthenext level -Defeat bosses and show your skills -Make the mostofyour speed and appreciate the slow motion of your enemiesNewfeatures are to come ( character upgrade , skins and accessories)
PK XD - Play with your Friends 0.59.0
Welcome to PK XD! Do you want to explore this universe andjoinmillions of people around the world?! Join us and reach a newlevelof fun! TALK WITH FRIENDS This world is yours! In additiontoexploring and facing challenges, you can try differentactivitiesand have fun with your community! ADOPT PETS Yourexperience iseven more complete with a virtual pet! From common torare, findlots of cute creatures to accompany you in the game. Takegood careof them and see how much they can evolve by your side!CREATE YOURAVATAR Your character, your rules! You can be anythingyou want,use your imagination to combine all available items.PARTICIPATE INEVENTS We always plan very special moments for you toenjoy! Takepart in our events like Halloween, Easter and Christmas,withamazing decorations around the Island, challenges and themeditems!BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME Decorate the perfect house, however youlike.The only limit is your imagination! Take a peek at the itemsyoucan find: Cloud Sofa, Dance Mat, Soft Mats, Player Chair,KitchenItems, Bathroom Items, and more! CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDSWITHMINIGAMES Play the minigames with your friends. Howaboutparticipating in a Crazy Run, breaking the record at the PetParadeor delivering pizzas to earn coins? Enter the Arcade and winallchallenges! BE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY Build the game with us!Wewant to hear everyone's suggestions so that we can offer thebestexperiences. Stay on top of news: @pkxd.universe
Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting 2.0.17
SUPERHERO SPIDER This is a new beat 'em up game aboutfightingversuscity gangs as a real superhero! BECOME THE BEST HEROOFBATTLESAGAINST CRIMINAL GANGS This spider action game takesplacein thecity of criminal gangs. Cruel crime lords attacked thecityand yourspider superhero should defeat the mafia! Civiliansneedyour help,however police or army forces are unable tofightgangster mafiabosses. There is no chance and the city isgoing toruin, but hereyou are as a true spider superhero fighter!Peopleneed you to fightaway all thugs from the streets. So becomeasuperhero to defeatbosses in the city in one of the bestspiderheroes fighting games!IT’S EASY TO FIGHT IN THE SUPERHEROSPIDERBATTLE The spider game ismade as a classic arcade beat 'emup,like superhero action gamesfrom our childhood and comics.Tapbuttons to do melee attacks or useepic abilities. COURAGEOUSANDFEARLESS SUPER HERO Criminal gangstook the city and madethestreets dark and dangerous. Everything isunder theircontrol,however you are here to stop crime lord activity- whateverweaponsyou need like iron blades or steel axes, you arefree tochoose.Just annihilate all the enemies on your way! Wearthefictionalsuperhero mask and armor, take katana or axe orotherdeadlyweapons and go to the streets to fight enemies in theoutlawcitybrawls! ULTIMATE DARK CITY BRAWLS This fighting game hasbeenmadefor fans of spider and other superheroes. Actunpredictablewithyour fast flying spider attack, defeat rivals andgainexperienceto the next superhero level. Collect cash to unlocknewperks,incredible passive and active super abilities to becomeanabsolutechampion! Unleash your rage on the streets of the cityofvice!UNLOCK NEW COMBOS AND ABILITIES Enjoy full of actionmortalbrawlsof spider superheroes vs gangsters and their bosses.Usetheamazing spider power of the super heroes in the fantasyfightonvarious locations of the city of dark streets. Use meleeattacksorranged combat with new abilities in the spider game.DEFEATCRIMEAS A TRUE HERO OF THE CITY Like other superhero games,youwill geta chance to become a real superhero and rescue the NewYorkcity!Play this ultimate top down shooter game for mobile asasuperheroright from a silver age of comic books. Do you want tobelikePeter or Miles? One of the most popular andsuccessfulsuperheroes.DOWNLOAD SUPERHERO SPIDER GAME You are asuper man andyou movelike a spider avoiding attacks of yourenemies. Jump likein a poolinto this futuristic war action gamewith these cool superheroes!Make justice in this city like a truesuperhero. The game isfullof adventures with awesome graphics thatcan compete with thebestgorgeous beat 'em up games! The greatcombination of superactiongameplay and very easy controls of spidergames. Ready tofight inthe best superhero game? 4.5.7
Reach to the end of the water slide, try to be the first. Bumpotherplayers during the race and have fun playing this colorfuland sunnywater slide game.
Art of War: Legions 5.9.3
A funny game with huge amount of spectacular battles. You willbethe commander who leads legions of tiny armies. Acceptthechallenges of various levels and don’t forget to get extrarewardsfrom bounty tasks! It’s your army, you‘re in charge. *ExcitingBattles The battle is more like a real dance of war. Hopeyou canbecome a glorious commander and have a lot of fun. * ExtraBountyTasks Those cool bounty tasks will be unlocked once you reachlevel14. You can get precious gems by finishing those tasks. Butbeaware that some of them are really tricky. * Regular Updates Wearea young team, but we always strive to improve your gameexperienceand make the game incredible time-killer. We are reallyhappy toreceive any feedback from you. If you have problem orquestionsabout the game you can find answer in our FAQ. You canfind our FAQin the help section of the in-game settings or by thislink: Follow us: 1) Discord- 2) Facebook- 3) Twitter- 4) Instagram- Wish you a goodtime,Commander!
Mighty Party 1.83
Mighty Party is a turn-based strategy RPG that is anexcellentexample of combining action, strategy, battle rpg andturn-basedroleplaying games. We took the best from different genresto createan amazing experience for you in the world of MassivelyOnlineRole-Playing Games. Challenge mobile gamers from all overtheworld, crush your enemies in battle arenas and rise to the top!Wewill change the way you think about Battle chess RPG games!Variousbattlefields with random obstacles and different heroes withuniquebonuses to hone your strategy skills. Explore the map,defeatpowerful bosses and mighty magical creatures, build yourstoryline,accept quests and embark on a journey! Assemble yourforces andlead your Mighty Party to Victory! Collect and evolvehundreds ofheroes and monsters with unique abilities and epiccombinations ofmagic and fighting skills. Upgrade their equipmentand skills,marvel at their new costumes and abilities, strengthenyour team!Warriors, Knights, Undead, Mages, Elves, Dragons, Orcs -there arehundreds of magical creatures and countless characters tochoosefrom! Plan your own offensive and defensive turn-basedstrategywith thousands of card combinations, because powerfulheroes alonecan only get you so far. Use your wits, come up withtactics andstrategy, use brute force, and slay your enemies! Joinotherplayers in guilds and clans to crush opponents and bosses forthemost valuable loot and claim the battle chess RPG victor'scrown!Evolve your warlord for a better appearance and abilities,andcombine them with your battle chess deck of heroes andmonsters.Download the game for free to experience epic turn-basedstrategyturn-based Idle RPG battle chess and embark on anexcitingadventure in this battle chess turn-based strategy! SomeFeatures:● Challenge other players all over the world in battlechess! ●Join other players in guilds and clans to conquer all! ●Level upyour hero! ● Come up with your perfect strategy! ●Gorgeousgraphics and a wide range of locations! ● PVP battles inreal time!● You can try to be afk at any given moment - no problem!You caneven try to be an AFK Hero in battle arenas! But will you beasuccessful afk player? We don’t know. More Features: ●Turn-based& fast-paced innovative battle system. Real strategyandtactics! ● Dozens of war heroes for infinite battlecombinations. ●Epic Warlords with unique battle skills. ●Captivating PVP (RankedBattles, Brawl, Arena matches, Tournaments,Survival, Raids, Eventsetc.) with great rewards! ● Single playercampaign with an epicstory across the realm. A true hero’s Journey!● Turf Wars is agame mode where your guild alliance fights usingtheir troopsagainst opponents to gain the most valuableterritories. Preparethe Guild for glory! ● Lots of ways to evolvemighty heroes: levelthemup, bind them with others, turn them intoLegendary heroes, orupgrade Turf Wars skills! Receive Magical andLegendary Chests.Recruit and Evolve new battle Heroes. Gather yourMighty Party.Clash with other players in PVP battles. Join thestrongest GuildAlliance or Clan. Become everyone's strongestopponent! Note:Mighty Party is free to download and play, however,some game itemscan also be purchased for real money. If you do notwant to usethis feature, please set up password protection forpurchases inyour Google Play Store app settings. A networkconnection isrequired. Support: Are you having problems? Pleasecontact us viae-mail: [email protected] or in-game bygoing toSettings > Support. Visit our Facebookpage: Join our
Tower Craft 3D - Idle Block Building Game 1.9.7
Do you like easy construction games and development? Welcometotheidle construction game! How high can you get?Idleconstructiongame is about blocks stacking, constructionbusinessand buildingthe highest skyscrapers in the world! Start thegame bybuilding atiny tower, build on it, grow to great landmarksand evenhigher!Be the best idle builder, build a tower in clouds,in spaceand onMars! In this idle builder game you will manage manythings:-Decide what parts to buy for your tiny tower? -Choosewhatmaterials to use in your construction? - Plan whichupgradeisbetter for your skyscraper? - Manage cash and makedecisionsasbuilding tycoon and with every tap your skyscraperwillimprove!And it's up to you to decide what your tower willlooklike! Eachfloor of your skyscraper can have its own design!Stackblocks andbuild unique, incredible, fantastic skyscraper fromatiny tower!Build the highest idle tower and earn as much moneyaspossible inthis best idle tycoon game. Various improvementswillhelp youbuild faster and improve your tap effect for idletowerbuilding.The higher you construct your tower, the higher yourgamescore!It’s not like other city builder games! Enjoy idleclickergameplayand cool 3D graphics! Build something incredible andbecometherichest idle building tycoon!
Object Hunt 1.2.2
Kwalee Ltd
The ultimate game of hide ‘n’ seek is about to begin! The objectofthe game is simple! One person becomes the hunter, whilst therestof you hide! But this game comes with a twist... You can’t stayasyou are! Become a prop to disguise yourself as, and findyourperfect spot to hide otherwise you’ll stand out and getcaught.You’ll also get the chance at being the seeker make sure yousniffout the props hiding as people and find them all to win!ObjectHunt features: - New props to use - Skins to unlock - Becomethehunter - Seek out the props
[3D Platformer] Super Bear Adventure
Super Bear Adventure is a 3D platformer game inspired by late90sgames. Explore 6 open world levels, discover their secrets, talktothe kingdom's inhabitants, collect as many coins aspossible,unlock hats, fight your enemies and free your friends!
Slap Kings 1.4.1
Lion Studios
Slap or be slapped: that’s the name of the game! This amusingandrelaxing game will test your strength and timing skills soyoursmack generates the most power! Your hits will pack a punch.Watchyour opponents fly out of the ring when you hit the knockoutblow.How far do you think you can get in this face slapping goodtimetournament? Can you unlock your special power… the GoldenFireFist? Easy to learn but surprising depth will provide youwithhours of entertainment. Fun characters are just asking togetslapped in the face. Time to knockout the competition and showthemwho the true Slap King is! Game Features: 1. Simple butaddictingmechanics The meter will go back and forth - time it rightformaximum power! 2. Fun Characters So many amusingcharacterschallenging you to see who is the best slapper out there3. Powerboosts Stuck on a boss? Power up with limited time boosts!Defensehelmets to withstand the hardest blows and your ultimateweapon...4. Chill and have fun Nice casual, relaxing, smacking goodfun.Show them who is the king. Whether you want to smack, hit,slap, orfight, this game is for you. Slap Kings is the trueslappingchampion game. Visit ifhave anyfeedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesomeideasyou would like to see in the game! From the Studio thatbrought youMr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Followus to getnews and updates on our other Award Winningtitles;
Punch Bob 1.0.54
In the blue corner, weighing in at staggering 500 pounds -PunchBoooob! Maybe he doesn’t look like a hero, maybe he’s a coupleofpounds overweight, maybe he’s out of breath just standing inhiscorner... But deep inside of his big-boned body there’s a heartofa true warrior! And what’s his weapon you may ask? Forgetaboutbullets and triggers! Bob doesn’t need weapons. He is themostmighty one on this planet... Just toss him at his enemies andenjoytheir screams of fear. Once Bob crashes at them, they willknow thefight is over. Punch Bob is a mix of brain teasers andwrestlinggames. Your goal is to smash all the enemies on the screenwithyour fighter’s body. Watch out for the traps and put up agoodfight! Why you’ll love this WWE puzzle game: - Funnyphysicsgameplay - Hundreds of challenging logic games - Originalfightingmechanics - Cool outfits for your wrestler - Amazing bonuslevelsCan you solve every tricky puzzle at the first attempt? Turnyourbrain on and join the epic adventure with Bob now! DownloadPuchBob and enjoy one of the craziest puzzle games. Tons of newlogicchallenges are coming soon. =====================COMPANYCOMMUNITY: =====================Facebook:
Tank Stars 1.5.5
Tanks at your fingertips. Choose a weapon – a simple missile toanatomic bomb – and find the right shooting angle and destroyyouropponents. Make the right shot quickly or you’ll die. — Loadsofdeadly weapons: everything for perfect annihilation —Onlinemultiplayer game. Play with friends — Cool weapon upgrades tomakeyou really powerful and break-back — Epic graphic effects WeLoveYou. Enjoy.
Bed Wars
Bedwars is a teamwork PVP game, you will be battling youropponentson islands in the sky, protect your bed and try to destroyyouropponents' bed to prevent them from respawning, beat alltheopponents to win the game! Team Work⚔️ 16 players divided into4teams,spawning on different islands,build bridges with blockstoattack your opponents and contest the resources to upgradeyourweapon and items so you can destroy your enemies' beds moreeasily!Get matched in seconds to compete with players from all overtheworld, the challenger spots are waiting for you! MultipleModes🏰Solo, Duo, Quad three modes in different maps that arepickedrandomly, different styles, different tactics, no matter youaresolo queueing or queueing with your friends you can get matchedinsecond and enjoy the addicting and intense game pace. VarietyofItems💣 Purchase different types of blocks, weapons,tools,firebomb, traps, and more items with the resources youcollected,different ways and tactics to defeat your opponents foryou todiscover.;Melee, ranged, techniques with different items, theonlylimitation is your imagination! Live-time Chat😎 Can't findbuddiesto play together? Bedwars has built-in chat systems,identifyyourlanguage automatically and match you into the correct channelsoyou can communicate with players who speak the same language asyouto make more friends online! Custom Avatar🎲 Customized skinsformultiple categories, thousands of avatar skins for you tochoosefrom, there will be always one option fit for you, presentyourselfwith a unique look in the Bedwars! If you have any feedbackorsuggestions please contact us via email. [email protected]
Super City 1.23
Create your own superhuman and cross paths with up to150otherheroes & villains in the ultimate shared universe!Decidewhereyour loyalties lie and fight for control of every cornerofSuperCity as your own unique story plays out.Inheritinganabove-average combat system from the wrestling series,thisgamesupercharges the action with new powers, technology,costumesandlocations! Upgrade to save your changes to allcharacters andmakethe world your own. This also includes startingwith acharacter ofyour choice and never ending until you choose to.Youcan alsoenjoy setting up your own "Fight Scenes" to blow offsteamwith nopressure! CONTROLS: Look out for in-game hints, butthebasiccontrols are as follows: A = Attack (on its own to aimlow,with adirection to aim high) G = Grapple A+G = Block R =Run(double tapto jump or fly) A+R = Big Attack P = Pick-Up /Drop(with adirection to throw) R+P = Set fire T = Taunt, useprop,releasehold S = Special power * Tap the portrait totransform(onceactivated). * Touch the clock (or bottom of thescreen) topausethe game. * Tap the speech bubbles to speedthroughconversations.* Pinch the middle of the display to zoom Super City depictsafictitiousuniverse. Any similarities to real characters pastorpresent ispurely coincidental.
Monster Legends 13.1
Social Point
Breed and train monsters of all elements and rarities! Buildyourfighting force and face the ultimate challenge: Battlesagainstother Monster Masters! Discover the universe of MonsterLegends andthe story of its inhabitants. Start by building a cityfor yourmonsters, fill it with habitats, and breed new species!Then,collect monsters and choose your strategy in action-packedbattles.Unique Monsters Await - Collect over 900 monsters: Thereare newmonsters every week! - Breed monsters of different elementsandrarities to create cool new species. - Obtain incrediblemonstersof all types in the game's limited-time events. RPGProgression& Strategy - Level up your monsters for the battlesahead andrank them up in the Monster Lab. - Boost your monsters'powers withRunes, Relics, Beasts, and Talents to gain advantages inbattle. -Set your strategy combining attackers, tanks, and controlmonsters.Real-Time Multiplayer Battles - Challenge other MonsterMasters inreal-time Live Duels. - Battle in the Multiplayer Modefortrophies, rewards, and a chance to reach the top Leagues. -Fightyour way through the Era Saga Dungeons to unveil the storyofMonster Legends. Your Monster Paradise - Build yourBreedingMountain, Farms, and Habitats straight away! - Unlockspecialbuildings like the Library and the Monster Lab. Don't Do ItAlone -Join a Team and enjoy exclusive events such as Wars andMarathons.- Use the Team Chat to build a strategy with yourteammates. Areyou skillful enough to become the #1 Monster Masterin the world?Connect with the Monster Legends Community:Facebook: Monster Legends is freetodownload and play. However, you can purchase in-app items withrealmoney. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn offthein-app purchases in your phone or tablet settings. Do Not SellMyPersonal Information:
Saw 1.5
Saw Machine. io is a new racing & fun io game where youdrivethecar with a large rotating saw and beat many strongenemies!Controlyour car, complete levels, each of which requiresyou tohit all theopponents, cutting them into pieces. With eachenemydefeated, youbecome bigger, stronger, and more dangerous,butbeware! Even thesmallest enemy has a chance to smash youdownhere. Don’t forget toearn enough coins – they’ll help you tobuy anew super vehicle witha much more dangerous saw! Gamefeatures: -Simple io gameplay - Manycars & tractors withdangerous saws -Variety of cool skins -Bright 3D graphics -Multiplayer BattleRoyale - Great chance to passyour free timeDownload Saw for free and challengeyourself right now –can you win and bethe last man standing?
Element Flow 2.9.4
Lion Studios
Chemistry lover? Here’s what brings you to the highschoolchemistryclass, but this time, you are creating a real planetfromscratch!Ever wonder what elements a dragon is made of? Whatabouta car, orthe steak you ate for dinner? Use your best knowledgetomerge theelements and you can create anything in theuniverse!Each level isa brand new scenario for you to appreciatetheorigins of new lives,and you decide on how the ancientearthevolves from the verybeginning! Game Features: 1. Simplebutaddicting mechanics Movearound the elements you think would beaperfect combination forsomething new. Ocean, cloud, stream,thereyou go! 2. Scientificknowledge based No tricks. You areusingexactly what you learnedfrom the middle school to createobjectsand living creatures! 3.Keep on upgrading! So many uniqueelementsfor you to obtain. Themore you unlock, the harder it gets!4.Relax and enjoy Don’t worryif you ever failed the chemistrytests.You are gonna enjoy the mostexisting journey of turningsmallpieces into the realworld!Visit if have any feedback,needhelpon beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would liketoseein the game! From the Studio that brought you Mr.Bullet,HappyGlass, Ink Inc and Love Balls! Follow us to get newsandupdates onour other Award Winningtitles;
Parkour Race - FreeRun Game 1.9.6
"Take your running game to the next level as you race againstthecrowd in this clash to earn first place! Become the first tocrossthe finish line among all! Dash from rooftop to rooftop.Flip,jump, fall and vault over obstacles to set all new records.Joinother guys and compete to win the daily race for specialrewards!Scale buildings around the city and land tricks to gainextraspeed. Leave your opponents to rage as you take home thewin!🏃‍♂️Test your ultimate skills as your race in famous citieslikeNew York, Paris, Tokyo and more! But don't Fall Guys!🤸‍♀️Customizeyour guys by earning epic outfits, unique back blingand specialeffects by winning races! 🤾‍♀️Perform tricks to escapethe crowdand set records. Become the best among us!" We make casualmomentsturn into mad adventures! We’re a gaming studio composedof‘Casually Mad’ game makers. We produce all of our gamesinternally.We live to tell unique stories and express those in thegames wecreate for players around the world. This passion is echoedbymillions that enjoy playing our games like Stickman Hook,ParkourRace and Sausage Flip. Play with us and see what’s next!Let’s hearfrom you! Join the official Madbox Discord server andshare yourthoughts. Looking for the latestfun andmore? Check us out on Instagram -
Cat & Mouse .io: Chase The Rat 1.5
Can you survive in the crowd and avoid being infected? Your questissimple...Escape the cats and don't get caught, each capturedmousetransforms as a cat! Don't be touched and avoidcontamination! Bethe last mouse alive! The iconic cat-and-mousegame arrives on yourphone! Cat & Mouse: Chase the Rat is a newone-hand addictive 3DGame with an infinity of levels to complete& mesmerizingcolors. Use your finger to escape from the cats.Run fast, jump andclimb over the walls to do not get caught! Levelafter level, thedifficulty increases, and the cats will besmarter, faster, and moreravenous! If they catch you, then you'lltransform into one of them.Once you become a cat, you'll have tochase the other mouses. Listof the features of your new freecasual game: 🐱 Beautiful 3Dgraphics 🐹 Exciting role-playing game 🐱100% free game 🐹 Fun andaddictive gameplay 🐱 Easy controls 🐹 Forkids and adults 🐱 Game forgirls and boys How to become a Cat &Mouse: Chase The Rat master🙀 Escape from the cats and run as fastas you can 🐾 Jump over allthe walls to sow your pursuers 🙀 Collectall the turbos andsuperpowers to increase your chances to win 🐾Remain the last mousestanding 🙀 If you can't sow your pursuers andyou get caught, chasethe mouses and catch them all 🐾 When youbecome a cat, catch all therats and make your team win About Homa:Cat & Mouse: Chase theRat is produced by Homa Games. Homa is atop publisher of HyperCasual Games, Puzzle Games, and CasualGames. Homa published gameslike Sky Roller, NERF! Epic Pranks!,Voodoo Pranks, Farm Land, andmany others. Relieve stress, anger,bad thoughts or train your brainwith a relaxing, satisfying, yetchallenging game anywhere, anytime!If you believe that escapingfrom enemies is not just a matter ofluck, show your abilities andstrategy and become the last mousestanding in the world. Best ofluck! Do you have questions regardingour game or need support? 😎Privacy Policy 🏳️‍🌈 Terms of Service 💌Contact Us Follow us on oursocial: 🤟 Facebook 🤟🏽 Twitter 🤟🏼Linkedin 🤟🏿 Tiktok
Stickman Superhero 1.7.8
Naxeex Ltd
• Amazing stick hero with super flying, super kick, spiderwallclimbing and laser eyes at your disposal • Big cartoon stylecitywith colorful houses, transport and dynamic change of weatherisopen for your avenger • A variety of enemies from criminalstickfigures and cops to the brutal boss are waiting for you tofight •Shop with different powerful weapons, stylish clothes andothercool items • Epic quests, crazy racing, shooting,achievements,bonuses, secrets, real adventures and action! Are youready to warwith the crime? Battle multicolored gangsters and otherdummieswith funny ragdoll physics! Bring holy anger on the streetswithyour incredible abilities to set justice in the comics city!Useyour chance, start the game, become a legend!