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Malayalam Bible
Jeesmon Jacob
Malayalam Bible for AndroidFirst Unicode Malayalam Bible for Android with English KJV andASVversions.Version 1.4=========Better font support for devices with JellyBean and aboveNOTE: ICS users, please change Menu -> Preferences ->UnicodeRendering Fix to "Alternate Fix" to get goodrendering.Version 1.3/1.2==========Copy/Share/Bookmark verses. Swipe left/right forchapternavigation.Version 1.1=======NOTE: Please uninstall (Home -> Settings -> Applications->Manage Applications -> Bible -> Uninstall) andre-install ifyou have trouble updating to new version. Contactdeveloper for anyissue.For devices with Android v2.2+, preferred location of the app isSDcard. Content database will be installed in SD card, if SD cardisavailable. So app now requires permission to write toSDcard.Now you can customize the app through preferences menuavailableunder device menu button.Available options are:Languages - Select primary and secondary languages to displayDisplay Layout - Choose one of the three layout optionsfordisplaying multiple versionsFont Size - Increase/decrease content font sizeTheme - Select one of five background colorsUnicode Rendering - If your device (e.g: LG Optima) does'tdisplayUnicode characters properly, try "Alternate Fix" or "NoFix"Malayalam content for this App is obtained from "TheCompleteMalayalam Bible In Unicode Ver 2.4" encoded by NishadKaippally. Itmay have minor errors. Any help in proof checking willbe greatlyappreciated. I will push updates to the content as a newversion asit is available.English content for this app is obtained from public domain.Disclaimer: As Android doesn't support complex text layoutforMalayalam unicode characters yet, there were some non-standardwaysused to get the rendering (Like reordering the unicodecharacterson the fly, etc.) as a temporary solution due to Google'stotaldisregard for incorporating the scripts of over 1.2 billionpeople.Author of the Malayalam content for this app doesn't endorseanynon-standard implementation used in this app as it iscounterproductive to the objective of the project.
POC Bible (Malayalam) 9.3
Jesus Youth
Grab the first of its kind - Malayalam Catholic Bible on Android!
Malayalam Holy Bible Offline 1.6
nSource Lab
Bible in Malayalam language - സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം. All Testaments.
Malayalam Bible 2.0.0
Free Offline Bible app. Displays bible verses by notificationondaily basis.
POC Audio Bible (Malayalam) 2.0.5
The POC version of the Holy Bible is now available inAudioform.This version of the POC Malayalam Audio Bible permits youtohearthe bible while online, free. Both old and newtestamentsareavailable. Off-line version permits you to downloadand hearthebible off line, without being necessary to beconnectedtointernet. Not All Books are available now. Unavailablebookswillbe made available as and when they are recorded. You canuseyourphone or device to hear the bible while using it forotherpurposesexcept phone calling. Contact us: Kerala CatholicBibleSocietyPOC, PB No: 2251, Palarivattom, Kochi PIN: 682025Ph:0484..2805897, 2805722, 2805815 FAX:0484..2805897email:sec[email protected]
VerseVIEW Christian Song Book 11.6.1
VerseVIEW Song Book - song lyrics/chords in Malayalam, Hindi,Tamiland more.
Malayalam English Bible 3.23
Bible Factory
An offline Malayalam-English Bible
സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം 1.104
സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം - Malayalam Holy Bible
Malayalam Bible Offline 2.7
Holy Bible in Malayalam- Offline
VerseVIEW Mobile Bible 11.1.0
Parallel Bible with Cross Reference in Malayalam Hindi Englishanddownload more
Malayalam Bible - മലയാളം ബൈബിള്‍ 100.50
Read, listen and meditate the WORD of GOD in MalayalamusingtheMalayalam Bible app. It supports almost all Android devicesandOSvariants. Malayalam Audio Bible has been integrated intoourapp.So, whenever you need to listen to the audio, justpressthe"audio" icon from the app's menu bar. The audio intheMalayalamBible app has been synchronized with the text.Itwillautomatically highlight the verse for you when you playtheAudioBible. The Parallel English Bible is anotheroutstandingfeature inthe Malayalam Bible app. English and MalayalamBibleverses can bedisplayed in two-pane or verse-by-verselayout.Malayalam Bible AppFeatures: ✔ 3 versions of Malayalam Bible(1910,IRV, ERV) ✔ Verseof the Day ✔ Daily Reminder ✔ GenerateBibleverses with nicebackground images ✔ Audio Bible (Your phonewill beable to readout the Malayalam Bible, verse-by-verse) ✔OptionalParallelEnglish Bible (Unlocked Literal Bible - ULB) ✔OptionalParallelHindi Bible (Indian Revised Version 2017 - IRV) ✔CrossReferences✔ Designed to run on all Android phones and tablets.✔Capable torender Malayalam script very well. ✔ Noadditionalfontinstallation required. ✔ Easy to use interface. ✔Adjustablefontsize. ✔ Search option. ✔ Night Mode for readingduring nighttime(Good for your eyes) ✔ Swipe functionality forchapternavigation.✔ Share Bible verses using social media sites.You willget allthese features in your Malayalam Bible app free ofcost andwithoutany advertisements. We are working on thefollowingfeatures.Please keep your Malayalam Bible updated. ★Illustrations★ Notes& Bookmarks backup feature Compatibility:MalayalamBible akaSathyavedapusthakam (സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം) is optimizedforAndroid 8.0(Oreo). However it should run well on deviceswithversions 4.1(Jelly Bean) and higher. CopyrightInformationSatyavedapusthakam1910 is digitized by TFBF Volunteersfrom theBible published byThe British and Foreign Bible Society in1910.The optionalMalayalam Audio Bible feature implemented in theapp istaken Indian Revised Version 2017 ismadeavailable undera Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike4.0InternationalLicense. Original workavailableat Yourfeedbackandcomments will motivate us to make this app better. EasytoReadVersion Malayalam Bible text is copyrighted by © 2000BibleLeagueInternational and Audio is copyrighted by ℗ 2015HosannaYourratings and reviews will motivate us to make thisappbetter.Blessings, RAB Ventures & Internet PublishingService.
Malayalam Prayers 2.3.0
Collection of Catholics Prayers in Malayalam.
Malayalam Bible Offline 1.0
We are proud and happy toreleaseMalayalamBible in android for free. Malayalam BibleApplication issimplydesigned to make it available OFFLINE complete.Internetconnectionis not required to read the bible verses. Theappcontains both"Old Testament" and "New Testament". Search optionisalso providedfor quick reference of King James Version. Forumhasbeen includedto have spiritual discussions.Features :-==> Read it anywhere no Internet needed==> Works on All android devices.==> Easy and Quick Navigation==> Bookmark by chapter==> Notes==> Search with Highlight==> Organized into Books & Chapters==> Quiz (Multiple choice question)==> Popular Verse==> Popular Quotes==> Verse of the day==> Bible Dictionary==> Daily Bible reading Activity==> Word Search==> Audio Bible (Play,Pause,Stop)==> Orientation Support (Portrait,Landscape)==> History option (Word searched text).==> Christian Calendar Option.==> Settings--> Brightness Increase and Decrease.--> Font Size Increase and Decrease.--> Custom Font style.--> Text Color Change.--> Text Background Color Change.--> App Theme Color Change.--> Night Mode ON ,OFF.--> Verse Separator & spacing Verse.==> Easily Jump to Verse in Chapter with versesconvenientlyontop of each Chapter==> Custom text colors.==> Share verses with friends usingsocialnetworks(Facebook/Twitter), email, or SMS (text).==> Read easier with settings like fonts, text size==> Much more!
Japamala Malayalam With Audio 2.3.5
Aby Mathew
Recite Japamala (rosary) on the Go.
Malayalam Bible 7.0
Helpful to Pastors and Preachers to Sermon with ContinuitybyLinking Verses!
Malayalam Bible 1.1
Mala M
We are proud and happy to release the Malayalam Bible Offlineinandroid.
Malayalam Bible 4.2
Text and audio Holy Bible in Malayalam language.
Malayalam Bible Verses 2.0
A collection of Malayalam Verses in Malayalam