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Mech vs Aliens
Action adventure
NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA TRIBES brings together all yourfavoritecharacters and teams from multiple generations of theiconic NARUTOand BORUTO worlds. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura of theoriginal Team7 fight against or alongside their new Team 7counterparts Boruto,Sarada, and Mitsuki. Many other unforgettablefan favorites such asGaara and Ino-Shika-Cho also join the fight!Shinobi Battles Placeyour favorite shinobi in a deck and battle itout strategicallywith your three-shinobi squad in fast-pacedshinobi action, justlike in the NARUTO and BORUTO world. All with asingle tap!Strategic Gameplay Work out the best strategy to beatother shinobiin battle. Enhance your shinobi’s skills and gearthrough a varietyof training, game modes, and rewards to unlockheaps of in-gamecontent. Assemble your shinobi to compete againstother players’squads or make alliances with their team to tackleRaids and defeatmighty Raid Bosses! Tribe Specials Execute dynamicninjutsu comboswhich evoke a sense of speed and awe just like inthe anime seriesas you bring unique shinobi bonds to life via theseincredibletechniques. Dynamic Visuals Immerse yourself inhighly-dynamic 2Dvisuals which demonstrate an unrivaled sense ofvelocity andpresence. Character visuals will evolve as you level upyourshinobi! Heaps of Content Take on tower battles, fightagainstother players’ data in Ninja Arena, or work with otherplayers tobeat really tough opponents in Raids. This is just someof thecontent you’ll experience in the game… Get ready, there’smore!SUPPORT: Entertainment Inc.Website: By downloading orinstallingthis app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentTerms ofService. Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy: Note: Thisgamecontains some items available for in-app purchase that canenhancegameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases canbedisabled in your device settings,see formoredetails. ©2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO / 2017 BORUTO All RightsReserved.©2020 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. This applicationisdistributed under the official rights from the license holder.
Summon your favorite DRAGON BALL characters for battle in thisanimeaction game
With over 10 million DLs in Japan, DRAGON QUEST TACT finallycomesto the West!
DIGIMON ReArise 99.9.0
An unknown Digimon calling itself Herissmon has appeared inyoursmartphone. Suddenly, a mysterious force known as“Spirals”attack... This is the tale of your Digimon’s ReArise. Diveinto astory of new faces and old friends in this FriendshipDigivolvingRPG! ■ A story connecting Digimon and Tamers Acompletely originalstory that follows Tamers and Digimon as theygrow and deepen theirfriendships. Brand new characters designed andillustrated byKatsuyoshi Nakatsuru, one of the original characterdesigners fromthe Digimon animated series! ■ NurturingDigimon-Tamer friendshipsthrough shared moments Watch your Digimoninteract and playtogether in your custom DigiTown. Connect withother Tamers andwork toward common goals. ■ Test the strength ofyour bonds inbattle Build a personalized Digimon team and prove thepower ofyour friendship in real-time battles of up to 5v5! Gohead-to-headin the Battle Park or team up with fellow Tamersagainst powerfulDigimon in Clash Battles. ■ Train and care for yourDigimon Helpyour Digimon work out, listen to their unique requests,and unlockthe path to Digivolution. If you grow close and strongenough, theymight even Mega Digivolve!SUPPORT: BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc. Website: downloading or installingthis app, you agree to the BANDAINAMCO Entertainment Terms ofService. Terms of Service: Policy: Note:This gamecontains some items available for in-app purchase that canenhancegameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases canbedisabled in your device settings,see formoredetails. ©Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation ©BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc. This application is distributed undertheofficial rights from the license holder.
After War – Idle Robot RPG
Rawhand Games
Let's go to the world of After War, Idle Robot RPG!
Star Conflict Heroes RPG Game
Command and expand a galaxy in a fleet of spaceships in anRPG.Install now!
Introducing a brand-new FINAL FANTASY tactical RPG for aworldwideaudience!
Puzzle & Dragons
Let’s start epic adventure at the world of Puzzle & Dragons!!
Burst To Power
Fast paced battle anime action RPG!
Summon Dragons
Start the one-click Dragon Summon & Battle adventureanywhereanytime.
Space Ape
Fight the final fight! Build and defend in Transformers: EarthWars!
MARVEL Realm of Champions 6.1.0
Join intense, team-based multiplayer battles and put yourMarvelChampions to the test in action-packed brawls where skillandstrategy earn you a place among LEGENDS! Multiplayer,high-actionMarvel mayhem for your mobile device! Action RPG brawlsare epic!Join this bold new imagining of the Marvel Universe, gearup andcustomize your Champions to play your part! Team up withyournetwork of friends in real-time high-action team-basedbattles.Hulk and Super Soldier can tank enemy attacks while WebWarrior andIron Legionnaire deal high powered ranged attacks. BlackPantherand Thor inflict devastating damage at close range. Team upwithStorm and Sorcerer Supreme to amplify powers and deal burstsofdamage to vanquish groups of enemies. Due to the mysteriousmurderof Battleworld’s ruler, this world has fallen into disarray.Baronshave risen to control their lands, looking to turn the tideof warin their favor, electing to settle their differences with aSecretWar. As the Barons put forth their Champions to battle, it isup toYOU to rise from a rookie to become a legendary HEROofBATTLEWORLD! MARVEL REALM OF CHAMPIONS FEATURES: CUSTOMIZEYOURCHAMPION & MAKE MARVEL YOURS! • The only Marvel gamewithflexible customization options allowing you to mix and matchgear& weapons • Earn Gear, Weapons, and upgrades as youclaimvictories on the battlefield to level up & strengthenyourChampions • Never sacrifice style for power by using ourgeartransmog system to create your perfect Marvel Champion • Newgear& weapons are added all the time! BATTLE IN EPICREAL-TIMEMULTIPLAYER BRAWLS • Battle in competitive 3v3 battles forepicrewards & claim your victory in Arena Conquest • Brawlforsupremacy in all-out mayhem in the 2v2v2 Deathmatch showdowns•Fight 15 waves of challenging enemies that bear down on yourteamin limited time Onslaught events • Overcome unique statuseffects& build new strategies with your team in limited-timeWorldQuests DOMINATE WITH YOUR ALLIANCE • Team up to take onchallenges& earn huge rewards for you and your Alliance! •Forge acommunity of Champions ready to tackle Battleworld’schallenges! •PvP multiplayer: perfect your team & round outyour defensivestrategy • Strategize with your team to select theright mix ofChampions to dominate the leaderboards! EXPERIENCESTUNNING COMBATIN A NEW MARVEL UNIVERSE • Brawl & battlethrough the deepstory of Battleworld, full of mystery, intrigue andferociousbattles in the single player Pinnacle Quests! • BattleArenas,Champions, and spectacular animations are highlightedwithawe-inspiring graphics inspired by iconic Marvel characters&settings • Battle Arenas include the barbarian wastelands ofGammaHorde, high-tech cityscapes of Stark Prime’s House of Iron,thedimensional oddities of The Ancient One’s Temple ofVishanti,military-style camps of Peggy Carter’s Patriot Garrison& muchmore! MAKE MARVEL YOURS! Your Champion. Your Team. YourRealm.DOWNLOAD Marvel Realm of Champions NOW! Get the latestupdates:YouTube: MarvelRealmofChampions Facebook:@MarvelRealmofChampionsInstagram: @MarvelRealmofChampions Twitter:@MarvelRealm Discord: TERMS OF SERVICE:Please readthis Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Noticebefore usingour services as they govern the relationship betweenyou and
One-Punch Man:Road to Hero 2.0
Come and play the Official One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0CardStrategy RPG!
Robot Tactics: Real Time Robots War
It’s a perfect combination of JRPG action, brave story andmechadesigns
TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight
Join your favorite Bots in battle where Transformersuniversescollide!
SWORD ART ONLINE:Memory Defrag 3.0.2
This service has ended and may stop running.Stories,illustrationsand some quests are still available. Supportisunavailable. Youwill be unable to reinstall theapp.-------------------------Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is afree2D anime adventure actionRPG game inspired by classicarcadebeat-em ups with simpleintuitive one touch controls!Experience theaction RPG thatcontains every aspect of Sword ArtOnline ascharacters crossoverfrom the manga, games, and sidestories all inone epic animeadventure! HUNDREDS OF Sword Art OnlineCHARACTERS ATYOURFINGERTIPS - Collect beloved characters such asKirito,Sinon,Yuna, and LLenn and more daring sword fighters fromthe SAOmangaand anime! - Upgrade characters with unique weaponsandequipment,such as the Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords! -Allnew versionsof beloved characters available only here!FLUID,ACTION RPGGAMEPLAY - Tap to attack and unleash blisteringcombos! -Swipe tododge devastating attacks from terrifying floorbosses! -Block& parry, then SWITCH! to finish your foes.ENTHRALLINGSTORY -Relive the classic arcs of the popular Japaneseanimeadventure andmanga series as our heroes traverse the virtualMMORPG of SwordArt Online! - Experience virtual action-packedgameadventures fromoutside of the anime such as Ordinal Scale andSAOAlternative:GGO! - Explore all-new stories unique to SAO:MemoryDefrag! LIVEONLINE MULTIPLAYER - Party up with friends andotherplayers inLIVE co-op missions! - Become a Healer, Attacker,orothertraditional RPG roles and unleash devastating combo moveswithyourallies - OR go lone wolf and fight to clear SAO in Solomode -Joina guild and work together to complete special questsforexcitingrewards! Guide Kirito and the Assault Team throughthevirtual RPGworld of Sword Art Online, as they fight to clear100floors ofAincrad and free themselves from the death game! Gainnewallies inAlfheim Online and battle to ascend the World Tree.Travelto thebarren world of Gun Gale Online to stop the killer“DeathGun”before he strikes again! What are you waiting for? Thefate ofthevirtual world rests in your hands! LINKSTART!!!SUPPORT: Inc.Website: downloading orinstallingthis app, you agree to the BANDAINAMCO EntertainmentTerms ofService. Terms ofService: Thisapplicationisdistributed under the official rights from thelicenseholder.©2017 REKI KAWAHARA/KADOKAWA CORPORATION AMW/SAO-AProject©BANDAINAMCO Entertainment Inc. Developed by WFS
Star Wars™ Pinball 7
Zen Studios
Use the power of the Force to guide the silver ball in StarWarsPinball!
Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots
Online team shooter with with Mechs, Robots and Tanks.
Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes
May the Force be With You! Unlock & battle with yourfavoriteStar Wars™ heroes.
Fate/Grand Order (English)
Aniplex Inc.
This is a story about taking back our future! Who's readyforFate/Grand Order?!
Iron Saga – Epic Robot Battler
Shin Getter Robot Collaboration Live!
Star Trek™ Fleet Command
Experience epic conflict in Star Trek™ Strategy MMO GamewithVibrant graphics
Saints that you have all come to love are here!
Grand Summoners - Anime RPG
Grand Summoners x KILL la KILL is here! Play now for Daily Summons!
The timeless RPG classic returns loaded with upgrades!
Super Mecha Champions
NetEase Games
Alert! Mecha Threat Detected!
Firestone Idle RPG: Hero Wars
Firestone idle rpg: hero wars is set in the fantasy worldofAlandria, where Undead and Orc forces have gathered again tobringchaos and disorder to the realm. This time, they possess thegreatpower of the Firestones. The King has trusted you to assembleaparty of heroes in order to stop them, reclaim the Firestonesandsave the kingdom. KEY FEATURES: Heroes Heroes are the championsofthe realm. They are separated in Classes (Warrior, Mage,Priest,Druid etc) and Specializations (Damage dealer, Tank andHealer).Each hero has unique battle abilities that can be activatedbyusing the hero resource (Mana, Rage or Energy). These abilitiescanbe activated either by active playing or in an idle way bygettingthe appropriate hero talent. Each hero has a uniquemythicalbackground story that you will love reading as you diveinto theworld of Alandria. Party and Battle Formation Like in allclassicrpg games you can assemble a party of 5 heroes to fight foryou. Inthe party you need to deploy the best heroes and classes asthebattle formation of your party is essential to ensure victory.Thebattle continues even when you are offline or afk. You just needtoset the right formation and then you can relax seeing yourmythicheroes bring the war to the enemy stronghold and then you canreapthe rewards! Gear What separates heroes from mythic heroes istheirgear! Find and equip your heroes with the best gear. Upgradeitsrarity and enchant it to make it more powerful. GuardiansGuardiansare divine creatures. While heroes can fight on their ownin anidle rpg way guardians are angels and dragons that only youcancontrol. They need you in order to destroy the enemies!Unlockguardians and evolve them so they can reveal their truepower.Awakening Awakening is a very cool mechanism that you usethemystical power of the arcane crystals to empower your squadandprepare it for the hero wars! Map Let the hero wars go onandhandle the more strategic decisions. Send your squads intomultipletypes of missions and claim unique mythical rewards as youfree theland of the evil forces. Town At the town there areseveralbuildings, each one is a unique mechanism that you canunlock toexpand your gameplay. The Engineer, the Alchemist, theTavern, theLibrary and the Magic Quarters are just a few of them.Guild andFellowships Fighting legendary battles in this afk rpggame is morefun when you are not alone! Join a guild and/or afellowship andbecome stronger with the help of your guild /fellowship mates!Remember, mythic heroes never venture alone! MOREFEATURES •Research the ancient knowledge at the Library • Conductalchemyexperiments • Fight constantly an idle rpg battle withyourfellowship members • Trade with the exotic merchant •CollectFirestones and start over via the Prestige mechanism toprogressfurther • Place your heroes as a crew in the War Machinesand fighteven more afk rpg legendary battles • Guild Expeditions •Grow yourtree of life • Break the arcane crystal • Tune your warmachines onthe engineer and get ready to rule the fantasy world •Play cardgames and win unique rewards • In game Chat More InfoFirestone isa game that belongs to the “idel rpg” genre or “afkrpg” as somelike to call it due to the non-stop hero wars. Evenwhen you do notplay the game your heroes continue fighting anendless idle rpgbattle and you collect the rewards as offlineearnings when youopen the game again. You just have to come online,do wisedecisions about your mythic heroes and let them to the workforyou. Moreover, in the game you join or create a guild withotherpeople for mutual benefits. Also you can create fellowshipswiththem to fight the idle rpg battle together.
Live. Even if it's a sin. TALES OF CRESTORIA is a brand-newTalesadventure for mobile! Step into this epic anime RPG game setin anoriginal Tales series world, featuring a dramatic storylineandbrand new characters! Experience this anime/manga adventureasKanata and his allies fight to survive through the fantasy worldofCrestoria while bearing the weight of their past sins. TALESOFCRESTORIA blends classic turn-based JRPG gameplay with anoriginaland unforgettable Tales story of morality. Seen as“Transgressors”by fellow citizens for committing crimes to protecteach other,Kanata and Misella set off on an epic role-playingadventure tofind respite from a world that wants them erased.Battle enemypursuers and monsters in the fantasy world of Crestoriathroughsimple yet intense turn-based anime RPG battle action!CombineKanata and his allies with legendary characters fromprevious Talesseries to form the ultimate team and help you in thisanimerole-playing quest! AN ORIGINAL TALES ANIME RPG STORY •Experiencethis epic new Tales anime RPG saga • Help Kanata and hisfellowTransgressors survive the world of Crestoria • Voice actingfrom anAll-Star Voice Cast help bring this Tales story to lifeCLASSICANIME RPG TURN-BASED BATTLES • Intuitive turn-based RPGcontrols •Link epic Mystic Arts to perform massive combo attacks •Strengthenand upgrade your characters’ skills TALES CHARACTERS FORA NEW AGE• Add newcomers Kanata, Misella, Vicious, and more to thelist ofmemorable Tales characters • Unlock character episodesthroughbattle to learn about them outside of the main anime RPGstory •Follow characters’ Face Chat conversations that provideshort &fun insights on character thoughts NEW MEETS CLASSIC •Create theultimate Tales dream team with popular charactersthroughout theTales series • Fan favorites such as Cress, Velvet,Luke, and manymore are available • Play Side Story missions withprevious Talescharacters in the Crestoria world! IMMERSIVE WORLD OFCRESTORIA •Featuring anime character designs from top artists frompreviousTales series • Stunning anime 3D visuals bring the colorfulfantasyworld of Crestoria to life • Smooth character animations addto theepic turn-based anime RPG action TALES OF CRESTORIA is suretodelight longtime fans of the Tales series and anime/manga gamesingeneral. Are you ready to make the choice to do what isright?Download TALES OF CRESTORIA today!SUPPORT: BANDAI NAMCOEntertainmentInc. Website: Bydownloadingor installing this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCOEntertainmentTerms of Service. Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy: Note: Thisgamecontains some items available for in-app purchase that canenhancegameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases canbedisabled in your device settings,see formoredetails. ©MUTSUMI INOMATA ©KOSUKE FUJISHIMA ©BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc.
Pokémon Masters EX
Pokémon Masters EX All-Star Battles With Trainers & Pokémon!
The Seven Deadly Sins
Enter the world of the anime! Join the Seven Deadly Sins on agrandadventure!
Mech Arena: Robot Showdown 1.24.02
Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a FREE competitive multiplayermechshooter with deep gameplay, intense team battles, and lush3Dgraphics. With levels designed for tight, fast PvP gameplay,battles take about five minutes. You’ll spend all of thosewithguns blazing. Real-time multiplayer 5 vs 5 big bad robotcombatnever looked this good! Choose from dozens of weapons andmechswith special abilities for endless combinations, thencustomizethem for each new challenge. Meet friends and form teamsto helpyou dominate lighting-fast Control Point Capture matches orbrutalTeam Deathmatch battles. Like taking the high ground? Back upyourteam with a sniper mech. Want to get up close andpersonal?Respawn, re-arm with autocannons, and jump back in. Withinstantlive match-making, you can go from pocket to live battle inlessthan 30 seconds! Pulverize the rankings, crush globalTournaments,customize everything, and carve out your legend as thebaddestpilot in the Mech Arena League. Shoot smart... the worldiswatching! ⋇FEATURES⋇ REAL-TIME 5v5 MULTIPLAYER Test yourskillagainst real players from around the world in live matches.Takeyour shooter friends with you in complex team gameplay asyouconquer the rankings together. COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAY Withrankingsand achievements, there’s more than one way to take homemedals,prizes, and free gear for your mechs. When you’re ready,join inTournaments to prove your worth. Rise up the brackets, pickup theprize, and strike fear in your enemies. JUST POINT AND SHOOTSimpleand intuitive controls make it easy to get the hang of thingsevenin your first PvP battle. Want to play it your way? Customizeyourcontrols the way you want them. THE RIGHT MECH FOR THE RIGHTJOBAre you a scout? Sniper? Support? There’s a mech chassis andweaponloadout for you. Apply unique skins or add paint jobs to makeyourmech stand out in the crowd. FORM A TEAM Get your friendstogether,plan your strategies, design complimentary Mechs, andfightside-by-side. Bring in allies from Facebook, or find new onesonthe battlefield. Mech Arena is like a LAN party you carry inyourpocket! UNIQUE GAME MAPS Fight up close in the Mech Arena.Runmissions at the Mesa Verde facility, or take your combat tothestars at Elon Station Gray. Shoot down enemy mechs under theneonlights of Neo Hokkaido, or fight through the frost ofPattersonStation. The world and beyond is your arena. TONS OFWEAPONS Attackfrom cover with devastating long-range artillery,shoot aroundcorners with smart missiles, freeze targets with stasisguns, orrely on good old kinetic and energy weapons. They’re allfullyupgradeable, so go nuts. SPECIAL MECH ABILITIES Blindyouropponents with targeting jammers. Shoot forward at rammingspeed.Deploy energy shields, repair fields, jump jets, mines, andmore.Every map is different - find the right mix for yourwinningtactic. NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM. Mech Arena: Robot Showdown isashooter designed to work on most 4G/LTE networks. It should workaswell as your carrier does. You can (and should) play itwhereveryou can get away with it. PLEASE NOTE: • Items areavailable forpurchase in this game. Some paid items may not berefundabledepending on the type of item. • Mech Arena is availablein Englishand Russian. • This is an early Beta version of the game.We needyour help to make it better, so please give us your feedbackat:[email protected] Official Website: [email protected]: PrivacyPolicy: ofUse: PrivacyRequest:
Play an entirely new RPG made in classic FINAL FANTASY style!
Thunder Fighter Superhero
game war between the space galaxy, protect the robots from thespacesky force
Vanguard ZERO
The popular TCG "Cardfight!! Vanguard" debuts as a Card BattleRPGon mobile!
Starsteel Fantasy - Puzzle Combat 1.19.0
Own your destiny in the world of Starsteel Fantasy,ananime-inspired Match-3 RPG. Create your team of 4 heroesandtactically attack enemies in gem-swapping combat. Completevariouspuzzles each with various win objectives in strategicturn-basedcombat. Cast spells and unleash ultimate attacks ondragons,bandits, and even menacing slimes. This adventurous worldis yoursfor the taking, if you’re ready to own it. Features: -Create a4-person team based on classic RPG classes (Healer, Tank,DPS andMagic) Strategize your battle strategy with basic attacks,specialattacks, and ultimate attacks - Cast status ailments, buffs,anddebuffs against your opponents - Match 3, 4, and 5 of thesamecolored gems to create special blocks allowing you tostackmultiple attacks in one turn - Build your own prosperouskingdom,craft powerful weapons and items, and summon legendaryheroes inyour own town - Recruit a team of heroes to serve asyourgladiators in PVP Arena for fantastic prizes - Dispatch yourheroesto collect rare resources and and items © CoinflipStudios.Published by Crunchyroll Games, LLC TERMS OF SERVICE:Please readthis Terms of Service Agreement and our Privacy Noticebefore usingour services as they govern the relationship betweenyou andCrunchyroll.
Mech Tactics: Fusion Guards
A NEW BREED OF COMPETITIVE MECH TACTICS RPG - Joinanactivecommunity of players where YOUR FEEDBACKinfluencesdevelopment. -A mobile mech tactics game that respectsyour timeANDintelligence. - Made by a team of competitive playersLIKE YOUwhowanted their voices heard! PREPARE FOR STRATEGIC MECHBATTLE-Fight tactical, asynchronous battles with otherplayersusingpowerful mech robots in beautifully-illustrated,3Dbattlegroundsto become the strongest pilot on your server. -Crafta uniqueroster of mech war heroes through campaign storymissions,weeklyand live events, and team and guild idle PvP AFKmultiplayerarenabattles - Rapidly experiment with tactics andformation, mechaunitbuilds, and mech pilots in order to test yourstrategies andtakethe top spot on the leaderboard. EXPLORE AN EPICNARRATIVE -JoinEMBER'S WRATH, a mercenary group of mech pilots outto save aworldravaged by rogue AI and experimental nanotech. -Enter a worldofdeadly intrigue and perilous hope, as rival factionsandpowerfulAI war for the future of the planet in anRPG-caliberstory. -Unite powerful, competing factions and overcomea growingarmy ofadvanced, AI-controlled mech robot forces intent onwipingouthumanity forever. - Meet a unique cast of herocharacterswhostruggle to overcome epic challenges without losingtheirhumanityin the process. CUSTOMIZE YOUR MECH / REFINE YOURSTRATEGY- Craftadvanced weaponry and defeat powerful mech robotenemies onthebattlefield. - Victory requires ingenious combos ofyourmechs,hero pilots, and equipment – all of which can be easilyandquicklyswapped around – to create the best units. - Usetacticsandstrategy to plan your mech formation and destroymenacingrobotsand counter the cunning setups of your opponents. -Work withtherewards and materials you receive in order to craftnewtacticaloptions and advanced mech gear with an intuitiveyetflexible andpowerful strategy RPG system. COMPETE & ADVANCE-Help shapethe world by taking part in unique events involvinganentireserver. - Win events, reap the rewards, and become anidlemechboss battle available to all other players. - Create orjoin ateamand enlist other players as allies in epic mecharenabattlesagainst rival teams and special events. - Join afactiontoparticipate in multi-battle-arena PvP events, storyarcs,andhundreds of players all working towards a common goal. MECHPLAYATYOUR OWN PACE - Skip/auto battle or watch carefully toanalyzeyourtactical choices in idle missions and asynchronousAFKPvPmultiplayer against rival mecha. WHAT PLAYERS ARE SAYING -"TheDevteam is unparalleled... I haven't seen as muchtransparencyandinteraction than I see with this team. They aresuper humbleandpassionate about building a strong gaming community;not justasuccessful cash grab." - OpticalX_ - "You really feel asenseofcommunity and team building here. So much fun!" - PinkyStiletto-"I love very much that it does not need a lot of timetoinvestdaily." - Χ0Χ609Χ0Χ - "To spend or not to spend, eitherwayyou'regonna have fun!" - Two Chins - "Fusion Guards isanin-depthstoryline game, created by players for players.Amazingmechscombine with pilots to create a unique tactical team.Avastcommunity on Discord helps create new ideas and givesfeedback." -Ryellun For fans of BattleTech, MechWarrior,Warhammer,Gundam,Front Mission, Real Steel, Titanfall, and othergreattactical mechcombat, turn-based strategy games, mecha JRPGs,andbattle arenagacha games.
Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade
Pixel Toys
Retro JRPG style Bullet hell Shoot'em up game ShooMachi
World Robot Boxing 2
Conquer the World Robot Boxing Championship in the most epicarcadeaction RPG.
Superhero Wars: AFK Summoners - Legend Battle 5.0.0
The Forces of Darkness suddenly come down to Atlantis, andtheyareleading the zombies army to destroy the civilizationofthecontinent! Brave Adventurers, there has to be someone tobetheleader. To gather the army of superheroes, to defeattheevilforces, to win and bring peace back to Atlantis! GameFeatures●Collect more than 50 superheroes with special talents andformyourown legend team. ● Develop your superheroes, unlocktalentskillsand activate hidden gains. ● Take part in adventureandchallengechapter checkpoints at anytime. ● Auto-battle offlineandclaimrewards online. ● How many rounds can you survive intheEndlessChallenges with the increasing difficulty? ● Competewithglobalplayers for the championship of the season in the PeakArena.●Invite friends to join your guild, summonartifact,improvestrength and challenge boss. ● Accomplish dailytasks andperiodicactivities to obtain rare materials and synthesizeepicequipment.Download Superhero Wars right now. Join millionsofplayers aroundthe world and fight with your allies forthechampionship! #ContactUs# Feedback byEmail:[email protected]
Spiral Warrior
Grab your Tops! LET IT RIP!
Godzilla Defense Force
NEXON Company
Defend cities from monsters and Kaijus alike! Base builder&idle clicker game!
WAKFU, the Brotherhood
The official game based on WAKFU® series.
Transformers TCG Companion App
Hasbro Inc.
Enhance your Transformers TCG tabletop gameplay with thisofficialcompanion app
Dead Crusher 2.2.5
"A highly contagious virus broke out and turned the world intoastate of chaos. Nobody was spared from being infected andbecamewalking deads. You're the only survivor of a special forcewith themission of shooting down as many zombies as you can andfindingother survivors to rebuild your homeland! The only way tosurvivethe apocalypse is to equip yourself with various skills assoon aspossible. There is no end to the survival challenge, and youhaveto start over once you die. Please be careful! KeyFeatures:-Auto-aim mechanism, one-finger control for all commands.-Randomand unique skills that offer great support in completingstages.-Hundreds of unique weapons that simulate the real-worldbullettrajectory -Thousands of giant bosses and alien invaders todefeat.-Play the game with various tactics. Learning skillcombinations,character movement, and weapon switch can help yousurvive. -Dodgeis the key to survival in chaotic situations. -Arandom weathersystem that simulates the real environment. -Upgradeepic gears toincrease combat efficiency. " Download Dead Crushernow for anunprecedented shooting experience! PLEASE NOTE Networkconnectionis required for playing the game. Dead Crusher is free todownloadand play. Certain in-game items are obtainable with realmoney. Youcan disable in-game purchases in APP settings. Bydownloading thisgame, you've agreed to our privacy policy and termsof use. Followthe Dead Crusher team on social media & staytuned for thelatest news, tips, and reward events!Facebook: Ifyou haveany questions, feel free to contact usthrough:[email protected]