Top 45 Games Similar to Circle Hero

Think you can protect your town? Try Bounzy! today.
Cat Jump
Seeplay Inc.
Amazing arcade game! Various modes! Boss, PVP, Cooking, Story!Jump!Jump!
Crazy Cell 1.4.1
Crazy Cell is a microcosm themed game, mainly tells the story ofthegood cells in the unknown microcosm against the virus, theplayerplayed by the commander to help the cells to constantlyenhance thestrength against the virus invasion of the story. Thegame consistsof 120 levels and a total of 6 zones,Each zone has20-30 levels.After completing all levels in the zone, you canreceive theregional treasure chest reward,destroy the cell todefend thedefense line to win, get the chest reward and unlock thelevel.Play's cell bank contains all the cells owned by the player.Thereare 16 kinds of cells in the game,Players can use the goldobtainedthrough the entry level to upgrade the cells. The higherthe levelof cells, the stronger the ability. The strategy game oflovelystyle, build your defense army to resist all kinds of viruspeopleceaselessly, the rich operation makes the strategy of thegamebecome more powerful, at the same time the content ofmoreinteresting play is also very enjoyable.
Stop the monsters from escaping the lab!
Servant Master : the roguelike
Can you recruit the best servants as the last wizard, the hopeofthe kingdom?
WorldShop 1.0.18-google
Welcome to World Shop, a unique place where you can shapeyourownbeautiful planet and furnish it with fancy elements fromaspecialTV shop! With the help of two amusing hosts, Mr Fire andMsWater,and a bit of alchemy, you can choose the way yourplanetlooks.Build snowy mountains, fiery volcanoes or peacefulponds:createyour own world with unique scenery! Unleash yourfantasyrightaway: start connecting magical elements in chains,usevariousbonuses and boosters and receive coins to unlocknewlandmarks andupgrade your existing ones! FEATURES: - Make chainsofelements anddiscover new areas to design your planet! -Completelevels in theExpert mode to double your coin rewards! -Claim yourdaily bonus:the longer you play, the more you get! -Invite yourFacebookfriends to play together!
Jump Ball Blast Ⅱ
Upgrade your cannon, blow all the balls, and use your wisdom tokeepgoing!
Shoot n Loot - RPG Battle
Grab your gun - collect power-ups, dodge bullets and shootallmonsters up!
Blade Master - Mini Action RPG Game 0.1.28
Blade-X Games
Become a Blade Master! Blade Master is a mini action RPG game.Takeyour adventure in monster world. Eliminate all of them to getpassand rewords, also take the risk to avoid the attack. Upgradeyourweapons and abilities to defeat large bundle of enemies andhugebosses. Come and see how far you can advance in this monsterworld!Enjoy and use your skills to eliminate large crowds ofenemies withpowerful spinning blades. Defeat huge bosses with smartmovementsand tactical skills. Key Features: - Addictive gameplay inthismini action RPG game. - Hundreds of maps to explore inmonsterworld. - Thousands of unique enemies and obstacles. -Exciting bossfight. - Dozen of heroes to unlock, and hundreds ofupgrades andskills to master. Enjoy and feel free to contact usvia, - Email:[email protected] © 2019 Blade-X Games. All RightsReserved
Will Hero
Save your princess with reckless rush!
Jump Ball Blast
Upgrade your cannon, blow all the balls, and use your wisdom tokeepgoing! (Fast-Play Shooter)
The fastest and best mobile shooter available.
Combo Critters
Combine to evolve your critters and conquer the universe
Ball Action
Roll around and knock other balls off!
Tails of Survival Battle!
Garden Goons - PVP Battle
The Heroic Rumble that makes you Chuckle! MULTIPLAYERbattleswithSTRATEGY and HUMOUR: STRATEGICALLY CHOOSE YOUR GOONS toattackyouropponent. ENABLE YOUR SUPER-POWERS by usingvariousMushrooms.UNLOCK NEW GOONS in the magic flowerpots. DISCOVERNEWWORLDS whileclimbing up the ranks. TAUNT YOUR OPPONENTS withtheoption ofmockery.
Merge Tactics: Kingdom Defense
Your Majesty, please grow your kingdom and protect usagainstinvasions!
The Rhythmic Puzzle-Platformer
Non-Stop Space Defense - Infinite Aliens Shooter
WHAT (games)
Be the Hero of the Galaxy and stop the Alien invasion todefendEarth.
Legend of the cartoon - idle RPG
Honeydew 1853
Looks sloppy, but strong heros are coming!
I Am Wizard
Use your magic, control the battle and win the game.
Power Painter - Merge Tower Defense Game
Pop, Color Shoot, Blast & Ball Attack! Tap and Play EpicBubbleShooter Battle!
Pixel Sword Fish io
Dash to your enemy and kill them! Pixel cute creatures piercingeachother.
Super Spell Heroes - Magic Mobile Strategy RPG
EPIC realtime PvP fighting game. Level up heroes, collect spells,bea legend!🔥
Sky TD: Hardcore Tower Defense Game
Argon Games
Hardcore Offline Tower Defense strategy from a small indie team.NoPay to Win
Wall Kickers
Wall jump to the top!
Merge Defense 3D
Challenging Time Killer Game for You!
Super Sticky Bros
The platformer game that will end all platformer games
Arrow Shooting Battle Game 3D 1.5
LT Online
Five years before the zombie virus bursted, the Companywasanecomony company. The person in charge of the Companychangedafteran internal adjustment, this company turned to beanambitiousmilitary research company. Variola virus was usedforgenetic testby the Company, and this city turned to betestbasement for thevirus. Unfortunately, you witnessed all ofthis.Game features:1.This crisis is hidden everywhere in the citywhichis covered bythe virus. 2.You find the virus is mutatingwithinyour body. Youfeel some changes within your body. 3.Varioustypesof weapons, tryto be characteristic warrior to crush theCompany'shypocrisy.4.Who keeps giving you information along theway? What ishiddenbehind all of this? 5.Protect yourself andsurvive!
JUUMP! Fast-paced arcade fun
Winkel Games
Jump your way through this fast-paced, addictive arcade adventure!
Merge Guns!: Line Defense
Line defense game with simple but various strategies!
HeadHunters io
Choose the strategy, survive in brutal battle and win in thispixelwar!
Battle Balls: Idle clicker
Hit the enemy and get coins reward. Upgrade and grow your ballsarmypower!
Nindash: Skull Valley
Become a Master Ninja
Go! Go! Pogo Cat
It's Pogo Cat's time! A new adventure in the world of TheBattleCats!
Swing Shooter
The king returns to classic slingshot battles.
Bullet Knight: Dungeon Shooter
Rogue-like Hell Crawl Games. Tap Move, Release Shoot. NeverEndingShooting Game
Fight! Kill! Evolve! Become the biggest warrior of thedeathmatcharena!
Battle aliens and monsters in space. Save the galaxy inthisball-bouncing RPG!
Juicy Slice
Just tap to smash!
Tower Breaker - Hack & Slash 1.31.4
Be a Devil and conquer all the towers. Dash! Defense!Attack!Blowaway the enemies! A Simple and Funny Action Game"TowerBreaker"Game Features ◆ Random and mystery boxes withspecialweapons init! ◆ Gather the best weapons and strengthen themwith100% chance!◆ Choose your cool armors and shields! ◆ Specificpetthat helpsyou level-up and upgrade! ◆ Unique weapon's fancyskills!◆Eliminate every towers' characterized enemies andpowerfulbosses![Selectable access] - Location Access: For videoadslocalization ◆You can use the application even if you do notagreeto the access.We're happy to help you at anytime! Please feelfreeto contact usat: [email protected]
I Am Warrior
Take your sword and lead your soldiers to join thisunprecedentedwar.
Towers N' Trolls
Fantasy Tower Defense from the creators of Toy Soldiers &DarkAlliance