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AppSales: Paid Apps Gone Free & On Sale 11.2
AppSales offers an easy, convenient way to find and downloadthebest apps and games on sale or free for a limited time.Personalizeyour experience with advanced filter options, monitorapp pricesand discover the latest sales and trending apps. ✔ *NEW*Discoverpaid apps that are free for a limited time Google recentlymade itpossible for developers to make their paid apps availablefor freefor a short time which wasn’t possible before. Our new “NowFree”tab highlights those deals so you can grab those apps whiletheoffer lasts. ✔ App price monitoring has never been thiseasy!Feature overview: • Modern, intuitive user interface (Material2.0Design) • Constantly updated list of sales • Get notified aboutthenew best sales on the Google Play Store and apps gone free •Onlythe hottest apps, games, and wallpapers • A price historyprovidestransparency, allowing you to compare prices over time aswell •Dismiss apps you're not interested in • Search for yournewfavorite apps and add them to your Watchlist • Advancedfilteroptions to personalize your experience • Sync your Watchlistacrossmultiple Android devices • Share sales with your family andfriends• Dark Theme / Night mode ✔ Your Personal Watchlist Addapps,games, and wallpapers to your personal Watchlist and receiveanotification once the app goes on sale. ✔ Price History APriceHistory lets you easily view the min, the max, and theaverageprice during the last 60 days (360 for Premium user).Validatesales and detect price-patterns to save money by purchasingan appat the best time, usually during a price drop on the GooglePlayStore. ✔ Watchlist Charts Grouped into 3 sections (Last 48hours,last 30 days and 1 Year) you can easily discover brand newtrendingapps or the most popular paid apps. ✔ Advanced FilterOptions Usefilters to personalize the list of sales by definingyour minimumdiscount-, download-, watchcount- and rating threshold.You canalso choose to hide apps with ads or in-app purchases. ✔DismissApps Dismiss apps you already own or you’re not interestedin andthey won’t show up the next time they are on sale. ✔Categories Notinterested in apps of certain categories (e.g. GamesorWallpapers)? No problem, you can disable notifications forspecificcategories or completely hide them from your sale list.✔Customizable Highlights Section Set up filter, specifycategories,blacklist certain app types and developers to get a listof salesyou’re interested in. Why Should I Download AppSales BestApps OnSale? (tl;dr) AppSales lets you discover the best apps andgames onsale thanks to our advanced filter and customizationoptions. Otherfunctions, like a price monitor or Watchlist Charts,makes AppSalesan all-in-one solution for apps gone free deals andoffers.Suggestions? Feedback? Leave us a comment or rating in theGooglePlay Store or contact us at: [email protected] Please note:Actualprices may vary depending on your location and currency. File Manager
Manage your files on service, download themusingAndroid device.
G2A - Games, Gift Cards & More
Best deals for gamers & geeks
Gameflip: Buy & Sell Games, Game Items, Gift Cards 2.13.2
ijji, inc.
Gameflip is the one-stop marketplace trusted by over 5millioncommunity members where you can find the best gaming deals.MARKET| BUY & SELL NFTS, GAMES, IN-GAME ITEMS, GIFT CARDS &MORE1. Buy and sell at the best prices 2. All purchases backed byour100% cash-back guarantee 3. List in a snap 4. Fast cash-outs5.Safe and secure PLAY WITH PROS | IMPROVE YOUR GAMING SKILLS 1.Playwith Pros to improve in your favorite esports games. 2. Learnnewtricks, get tips, and stay up to date with updates andmetachanges. Need more reasons to use the Gameflip app? -Receiveupdates on listings, comments, and sales on the go -Communicatedirectly with buyers and sellers - Find the Top Shot,digitalcollectible, item, game, or gift card you've been searchingfor atthe lowest price - Save up to 25% on gift cards forPlaystation,Xbox, Steam, Nintendo, Amazon & more - Shop safely:Alltransactions are backed by our Gameflip Guarantee whichensuresyou'll get the item you purchased or 100% of your money back
PS Trophies
Nicolas Ortiz
App for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 andPlaystationVITA users
CLZ Games - catalog your games
Just scan barcodes for automatic cover art and valuesfromPriceCharting
GAMEYE - Game & amiibo Tracker 4.16.10
The revolutionary way to manage your video gamecollectingaddiction!
CLZ Barry
Scan barcodes with your device cameraandinstantly send them to your software on yourWindowsor Mac desktop computer.Wireless barcode scanning:* Scan barcodes using the built-in camera of your Android phoneortablet.* Supported barcode types:-- EAN and UPC barcodes (for CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays andvideogames)-- ISBN barcodes (for books and comic books)-- UPC+2 and UPC+5 barcodes (for comic books)* Instantly transmit scanned barcodes to the AddAutomaticallyscreen of the software on your desktopcomputer (PCor Mac):-- Movie Collector for Windows or Mac-- Book Collector for Windows or Mac-- Music Collector for Windows or Mac-- Comic Collector for Windows or Mac-- Game Collector for Windows or Mac.* Direct Scan and Send mode: scan directly into the Add screen,itwill even automatically "press" the "Search Now" button for you,sothat after scanning a barcode, your Collector programautomaticallystarts the search.* Batch Scan Mode: Or use CLZ Barry to scan multiple barcodesin"offline" mode, then send the entire batch to the Queue Modeofyour Add Automatically screen.* Using the Connect web-apps? Then install theBuddyfor Barry companion app on your desktop computer, so that youcanscan barcodes into your Connect web-app.Automatic title and image look-ups (optional):* When scanning barcodes for DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs, CDs, book,comicsor games,CLZ Barry automatically looks up Title and Cover Image in online media databases.* Tap an entry in the barcode list to view more media Core mobile website.Supported devices:* Android 2.1 or higher* A high quality, auto-focus camera.* Requires internet connection on both your phone anddesktopcomputer.Any internet connection will do (Wi-Fi, 3G, EDGE or GPRS).No Bonjour needed, no local LAN connection needed.Enjoy,The CLZ Barry team
Retro Game Collector (Game Collection Database)
Captain Touch
Manage, analyze and track prices of your game collection!
MCPEHosting - Minecraft Server
Create your own server for Minecraft Pocket Edition to playwithyour friends.
Melee: share game clips with the gaming community
Looking for group (LFG)? Share game clips and memes with thegamingcommunity
Blacknut Cloud Gaming
Stream 500+ games with cloud gaming. A monthly subscription, withnocommitment.
MyGameDB - Game Tracker
MyGameDB is a video games / platforms / accessoriescollectionmanager
Stash - Games Tracker
Stash Team
App for gamers. Track your game collection and joingamingcommunity!