Top 16 Games Similar to car racing kids

Real Drift Car Racing 5.0.8
Real Drift, the most realistic drift racing game on mobile devices.
Hill Climb Kids Racing 1.0
Hill Climb Racing Kids is a FREE simple andfuncar racing game to play for little kids.Choose your ride andguideit in this colorful 3D track to the finish line! Control yourcarwith just one finger and see how it flips, jumps and rolls onit'sway.Enjoy the cute comic characters and fun tracks!Buckle upandjoin us for a fun ride with our hill climbing cars. Chooseyourfavorite vehicle and face the challenges of unique uphillanddownhill environments.Our kiddie buddies will take you on an unforgettablejourneythrough the City, Farm, Desert, Snowy mountains and theSavannahforest. Control your speed or you will flip on the highturn!Collect as much coins as you can before reaching the finishlinefor the best results! It is easy enough for a 2 year old andcan befun to play for 10 year old!Climb and explore thet hills withcutechildren now!Just try it yourself and give it to your children, they willloveit!GAME FEATURES :Two finger touch simple racing game for young kidsaged2-6.Move forward and backward; jump the obstacles; flip the car ifyouget stuck upside-down;Smooth physics simulationDifferent animated animal vehiclesKeeping in mind that this app is for small kids, the cars donotburst or dieFREE to playPerfect mix of learning and adventureSpecially made for KIDS!HOW TO PLAY :Drag to place the toy in the carTap right/left buttons to move forward/backwardsSUPPORT :Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos andmorefree apps in the future.Game Videos and Trailers: us on Facebook: you have problem during installation, please email us atcustomersupport for help. We will try to fix it.
Nitro Car Racing 2.0
Mapi Games
Grab and get your Helmet on, and run in totheNitro Car Racing Track! Nitro Car Racing is a simple retroTop-downarcade racer with ultra smooth gameplay for your KindleFire. Youdrive a retro styled red F1 nitro car and go back to thearcademachines of the years 80s with this great game. The gameplayisvery simple and fun, you drive a F1 nitro mini car, whenyoudriving collect all the power-ups that you see in to thetrack,choose the perfect racing drive line, avoid the obstaclesandsurpasses all other cars to win and unlock all 8 track levels!Havefun with this awesome game!Product feature bullets:• 3D prerendered sprite images• 8 fantastic racetracks• Great soundtrack• Ultra-fluid top view game play• 3 cars opponents
Car Race & Chase! Racing Kids 1.1
Play and race with awesome toy supercars,SUVs, and trucks!I loved playing with a toy cars as a small child, so Iworkedwith my children to make a simple, easy to play with toy cargame.It has light up headlights, and a honking horn, plus a racemode todrive, race, and turbo through! Select your favorite vehicleandrace through city, desert, snow, and even night time!Plus we added safety tips after each level for your kids tolearnas they play.My three year-old loves it, and we hope your little kids loveit,too!
Car Racing Simulator 2015 1.076
Car Racing Simulator 2015 is the best free game of theyear2015!Drive the fastest sports cars of the world at extremespeedandfeel the asphalt of the track burning! Drive likearealprofessional racer to leave your furious rivals behind!Feelthecompetition and speed boost your car to the finish line!CARRACINGSIMULATOR 2015 pro features: · Enjoy therealisticdrivingmechanics and its smooth controls. Remember not todrift tobereach faster speeds! · Race realistic and challengingAIrivals.Need to go faster speed? Buy faster cars on thegarage!DIFFERENTCIRCUITS TO RACE IN CAR RACINGSIMULATOR2015:-------------------------------------------------------Differentfuntracks to master and show your skills. Release all thepower ofyourGT car! Desert Highway and circuit HD environments.Race allover theworld and shift up your engine! DIFFERENT FASTSPORTSCARS:------------------------------------------------------A fullcatalogof GT sports cars: Turbo or NA, RWD or 4x4. We havethemall! Drivethe best racing cars and test their limitwithoutcrashing them! Thisis not about city parking or driving atruck onthe street: THIS ISREAL ACTION. Show you have what itneeds andrace full gas in CarRacing Simulator 2015!
Car Racing 1.7
Car Racing features fast paced intense Arcade Racing! Downloadnowfor free!
Car Racing 2.3
Car Racing is a fun and exciting sportscarracing simulator game. Become the driver of some of thefastestcars on the City streets in a collection of game modes likeclassicrace, countdown, knockdown, and drift. This amazinglyrealisticracing car driving simulation game is packed full of supercoolfast race carsand exciting, dynamic racing levels.Your car will be out of gas, so you have to refuel by hittingthe"Gas" car on your racetracKEY FEATURES- Different new cars to choose from: sport cars, roadsters,musclecars!-Tilt your cell phone or tablet to steer left or right.- Upgrade and customise your vehicles with latest colours.- Earn cash rewards to unlock new carsGAMEPLAY- Tilt to steer- Touch brake button to slow down- Buy better cars to have better handlingTIPS- The faster you drive the more scores you get- When driving over 700 kmh
Car Racing 1.21
become a true champion of the race car games
Car Racing 2.2
Car Racing is a fun and excitingsportscarracing simulator game. Become the driver of some ofthefastestcars on the City streets in a collection of game modeslikeclassicrace, countdown, knockdown, and drift. Thisamazinglyrealisticracing car driving simulation game is packed fullof supercoolfast race carsand exciting, dynamic racing levels.Shake your device to control your car. Noted that:Avoidcollisionswith other vehicles to achieve the highest scoreduringtherace.Your car will be out of gas, so you have to refuel byhittingthe"Gas" car on your racetracKEY FEATURES- Smooth and realistic car handling- Different new cars to choose from: sport cars,roadsters,musclecars!-Tilt your cell phone or tablet to steer left or right.- Upgrade and customise your vehicles with latest colours.- Earn cash rewards to unlock new carsGAMEPLAY- Tilt to steer- Touch brake button to slow down- Buy better cars to have better handlingTIPS- The faster you drive the more scores you get- When driving over 900 kmh
Country - Car Racing 1.0
HDn Games
Are you ready to race the car in your country?Choose the car of your country and other countries competewithpopular cars !Germany E30 racing ! Turkey Sahin race! Russian Lada Vazrace!USA, Italy, France and many countries compete with cars !** Timer ranking list** Sensor** Drift racing** Gorgeous car models** Amazing Race maps and musicJoin the excitement at this point and you !
Cross Cars Racing
Poo and Play
Welcome driving a Bigfoot loans climbthebiggest obstaclesCross Racing Cars offers you the opportunity andpleasurethrillsin a freestyle trial in high quality with a realistic side andoneways to playbased on that fun little find in arcades Cross Racing Carsto press on the solid bases to speed the bolidein road routes with power nitro engine in the incomparable30 level provided the trial freestyle and many other futureworth a browse in hilly Cross Racing Cars free gameoptimized for tablet and works perfectly on mobilebonus in the car with a nitro you can put the turbo neededMount the blocks without jump back and Wheeling programin a musical atmosphere arcade stylebonus and future improvement:customizations of the car more nitro and turbonew level even more difficult over trial more truck and 4x4additions in the range of the camera and another interface .hoping that you will enjoy to play in Cross Racing CarsFind team poo and play on Facebook and tweeterThank you yours supports means a lot to us.
Drift Car Racing 1.2.6
Rooster Games
This game exclusive a drift racing game for everyone.
Car Racing Games 1.0
Crush all the cars that are in your way,inthis racing game you must obtain all possible coins and whenyourcar is transformed into a monster truck must crush them allandscore points. One of the most fun car racing games that canbefound.If you like cars this is the game for you.
Hill Car Racing
Hill Car Racing games where you climb hilltoescape cop chases and show off with stunts in 3d car racinggame.Hill climb racing 2017 at its best.Experience the thrill of driving recklessly in open 3d worldofHilly Desert and Snow areas in this hill racing game. This timeyouare behind the wheels of cars in a detailed gaming experiencewithcontrols of tilt, acceleration and brakes on screen. Cardrivingsimulation of the best standards in all handpicked cars.ExperienceSports cars, Tuners and Muscle cars from all German,American carmakers. Hill climb racing best free car racing and hillracinggame.Hill Car Racing 3d is all about how you drive and race againsttimewith constant pursuit of cops to take you down at every turn.HillCar Racing takes the endless racing genre and hill racing gameto awhole new level by adding better graphics, best performance foralldevices and giving you a real life racing feel. Your need forspeedwill be satisfied with adjustable performance of all the cars.It’sthe next generation of 3d graphics and beautiful Desert andSnowenvironments. Drive your car in endless highways and roads,overtaking traffic, evade cops, upgrade and buy new cars tothebeat the score of world leaderboards. Hill climb racing 3dfungame.Now it is the time to drive and fly in the open world of HillCarRacing in 3d hill climb car driving game.Features3d Hill climb racing.Hill Racing Game.Third Person Camera view for optimum behind thewheelsexperience.14 Cars to choose from.Detailed environments with day and night variations in twoamazingmaps.Online leaderboard and number of achievements.Known controls of race, brake and tilt steer with also tap andsteermade for everyone.The best new Hill climb car racing games 2017.New car racing games 2017 , free download.New Car games 2017, free download.3d hill car racing games free download for android mobile.TipsCollect fuel to continue driving and earning stars.Avoid cops and crashes to save your rides’ health.Drift, Jump and do awesome stunts to earn extra cash andupgradeyour rides with colors and alloy wheels.Keep upgrading your rides with speed and health to survivelongerand have best scores for leaderboards.Hill Climb Racing will be updated regularly with your feedbacksandsuggestions. Don’t forget to leave a review with yourfeedback.Check out our other new car racing games 2017 ,freedownload.
Stock Car Racing 3.9.3
Drivers start your engines! Experience the heat of racing astockcar on mobile!
Racing Race
Strap yourself and start the engine to raceinthe most compulsive physics based car racing game madeforeveryone. Tap on the nitrous and thrust full to experience therealspeed of your car in the ultimate arcade racing game. Buildyourracing career by completing all the challenging missions beforeyoubeat all the boss racers.Over 30 handcrafted missions laid in variety of raceslikeclassic,elimination,endurance challenges,knockdowns whileyouprogress in Racing Career. Over dozen of cars and diverse rangeofupgrades to maximize your car’s performance. Given all this ,GetReady to dominate the Boss Racers!Customize your Game play in Quick Play Mode for Locations,racetypes, Cars,Traffic,Laps and difficulty settings.Daily Bonus ! Go for it and play the mini slot game. Great chancetowin free coins daily.Daily Battle! A special daily event with high reward. Takesplacemultiple times in a day.Over 8 unique Racing Modes.Classic Race - Reach the finish line first.Beat ‘Em All - Knock down targeted racers or more before thetimerruns out.Elimination - After every certain time the slowest racergetseliminated.Traffic Run - Avoid all the traffic and reach the finish lineintime.Speed Trap - Get snapped at the targeted speed to wintherace.Time Trial- Achieve higher speeds and pass though eachcheckpointbefore its timer runs out.Big Score - Stay in first position for maximum amount of time tobethe winner.Beat The Rank - Compete vs Boss Racer ! Reach the finishlinefirst.Game Features:- Breathtaking visuals and detailed environments :Downtown,Construction-site, Mountainside and Snow.- Earn cash to unlock and upgrade 12 high-performance cars.- Easy to learn 3 different controls for player interest.- Fast nitrous boost to speed up your race.- 30 events in Career mode before you claim to be the Boss ofallthe Ranks.- Smooth and realistic car handling.- Realistic sound effects and best suited music tracks forlocationsand races.- Knockdown, near misses, ramp jumps just give extra thrill.- Customize your race with different combination ofevents,locationsand cars in Quick Play mode.- Daily Bonus and Daily Battle are unique events to boost upyourtotal coin counts.- Brag your friends through online Leader boardsandAchievements.