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Alarm Clock for Me
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Wake up to this great alarm clock and use a stylish clock tobealways on time.
Alarm clock to wake you up
If you use to dismiss the alarm while youarestill sleeping, looking for a cool simple alarm clock withoutallthe complicated features or just wants to set alarm withinfewclicks without being required to pay for advance features thenthisfree app is for you!The current version of the good & simple alarm clockincludessome basic features:* A math question to dismiss in case you use to dismiss whileyouare sleeping. You can also choose the difficulty level of themathquestion.* Set unlimited number of alarms (great for heavy sleepers whowantsfew alerts in a row to make sure they wake up).* Set alarms in advance for the entire week.* Use your own personal tone– A music file from the device oraringtone from the android OS.* Special user interface for tablets.* Loud sound - The default music volume is the maximum volumeforthe phone. Great for heavy sleepers.* Gradual fading in of the alarm music to wake up gently.* Works in silent mode. Works when the screen is locked.* Works also on android 6 (marshmallow) unlike otheralarmclocks.* Vibrate including some advance settings.* Snooze including some advance settings.* Quick Alarm - Just move your finger on the screen to set thetimeyou want the app to wake you up.* Effective tips about how to sleep well, how to wake upenergized,how to create the best morning routine and the bestnightroutine.* Set a default music.* Cool and simple user interface so everyone can useiteasily.So to sum it up. The good & simple alarm clock includes asimpleand cool interface and is great for all the heavy sleepers,kids,and everyone who wants to set an alarm as easy and quickaspossible.I do my best to make the alarm clock as simple and effectiveaspossible. If you think that my best is not good enoughpleasecontact me via email: [email protected],com and leave meafeedback (it’s better via mail because it’s a twowaycommunication). If you love the have please review it on theplaystore and write why you think the app is so good.Please notice that the android OS do not allow the alarm clocktoturn off while your phone is off.On future versions of the app more free features will be addedsostay tuned.
Speaking Alarm Clock
Hourly and Interval chime with TTS voices Speaking StopwatchandSpeaking Timer
Alarm clock 1.3.3045.9
Top Tool Apps
Alarm clock is base app and reallyimportantapps for all mobile phone (Android and IOSapplication)Alarm clock can wake up gently to your favorite music andavoidaccidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Free!Not only alarm clock feature, this application can supportotherfeature like WorldClock, Stopwatch, Timer1. Alarm clock- Analog light, digital dark, and digital light- Unlimited alarms and timers – set them multiple times, one atatime, repeating or recurring, with tunes from your ownphonelibrary- Flexible and intuitive algorithm for alarm activations- Presents a lot of customization options to best suityourflavors- Fit all screens- 3 types of notifications – next alarm, missed alarms,presentactive alarms- Wake up with your favorite music- Utilizes 12 or 24 time format- Auto adjustment for alarms while changing time zones- Set custom labels for alarms and timers with unrestrictedlengthof the text- Use automatic auto snooze to preserve your battery life or tuneupthe snooze time by yourselfBy this feature, you can feel free to get you out of bed2. World clock- Find another city/location in the same time zone, and addit- Multiple clocks support- Quick search for locations- Displaying 12H or 24H clock format3. Stopwatch:- Stopwatch (Chronometer) and Timer (Countdown) modes- Infinite laps count- Stopwatch and Timer runs in background- Supports multiple screens- Timer presets4. Timer- Custom presets- Widgets- Select Ringtone5. Settings- Enable/Disable notifications- Custom themes- Custom alarm timeout- Debug modeAll time and date features in alarm clock. We think give youthebest application.
Alarm clock
Timy Alarm Clock will help you avoid accidentally turningoffyouralarm clock and falling asleep. To dismiss the alarm youwillhaveto disturb some funny characters. Main features:Multiplealarms.Cute characters to annoy: Cat, dog, bunny, fox,crocodile,shark,duck, with three difficulty levels. Wake up withyour tonesorsongs. Repeat option. Snooze. Independent volumecontrol. Ifyoufind any bugs, or get a Force Close please [email protected] with android version, appversionanddevice. Suggestions are welcome too ;) Important: Devicemust beonto work.
Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock is the new form of simplicitywithelegantly designed clocks and intelligent algorithm foralarmactivations.The app is built around flexible and intelligent algorithm foralarmactivations. Our alarms auto adjust themselves while the timezonechanges and each alarm starts with predefined settings. If youtalkon the phone, the alarm is automatically played in a lowertone asnot to disturb you. While the alarm runs and someone iscalling you,it will auto snooze and start playing the callringtone. Alarm Clockis designed to free you from annoyance andwill obey to all yourneeds of how you want to be woken up orreminded for the importantthings in your life.Apart from minimalistic design, we have also developed AlarmClockto use very low system resources. It can be used as analarmmanager, and it can be used as beautiful desk clock as it sitsonyour charger – the choice is yours.We have also thought about usability – the digital modes have oneofthe biggest and easily noticeable digits, so they can be enjoyedinany light settings and from a great viewing distance.FEATURES- 4 types of stylish designer clocks – analog dark, analoglight,digital dark, and digital light- Unlimited alarms and timers – set them multiple times, one atatime, repeating or recurring, with tunes from your ownphonelibrary- Flexible and intuitive algorithm for alarm activations- Beautiful 2x1 and 4x2 widgets, along with lockscreenwidgets- Presents a lot of customization options to best suityourflavors- 3 types of notifications – next alarm, missed alarms,presentactive alarms- One size fits all – our app utilizes unique architecturethatequally supports smartphones with the smallest screens up tothelargest tablet screens without affecting in any matter the sizeofthe app- Intuitive app settings – get an easy access to all optionsyouneed- Wake up with your favorite music- Auto adjustment for alarms while changing time zones- Set custom labels for alarms and timers with unrestrictedlengthof the text- Utilizes 12 or 24 time format- Use automatic auto snooze to preserve your battery life or tuneupthe snooze time by yourself- Specially tailored for both landscape and portrait modes- An option to allow and disable the notifications- Pretty and lightweight you can use it as a nightstand clock- Build from the ground up with native tablet support- Offers quality support for Android devices – from Android 1.5toAndroid 4.4- Optimized for all known screen resolutions- Your wish is our command! Choose by yourself what will be thenextfeature of Alarm Clock – send us e-mail or leave a commentwith yoursuggestions.Get in touch with us and follow the latest news regardingourapps:
UP - Alarm Clock free 🔔 3.11.08
With the free, smart and functional UP awakening, choose your waytowake up (by playing, gentle alarm or classic ...) in order toget upon your feet! Do not go to bed too late thanks to thenotificationof bedtime and grant you small naps with the naptimer. Simple,convenient, intelligent and constantly improving arethe keys to UPawakening to meet your wake-up needs through avaried and freechoice of alarms. Because it is above all a wake-upcall, the mainfunctionality is to wake you up! However, everyonehas his way ofgetting out of bed (classic ring, games, smoothly...). That's whywe want to allow everyone to personalize his / hermorning alarmclock. UP offers in its alarm functionality : ⏰Classic Alarm : Seta ringtone from the available sound library andset your alarm asyou see fit. Connect your Deezer account to wakeup with yourfavorite music or choose one from your library on yourphone. 🎮Mini-games : for those who prefer to play directly withtheir eyesopen, choose one or more mini-games (and its difficulty)to performat random when you wake up to be able to turn off thealarm. 🎼 SoftAlarm (Progressive) : For those who prefer a gentlemorning alarmclock, the volume of the ring will gradually increaseuntil you wakeup completely. UP will accompany you in all yourphases of sleep.This is why the alarm clock also has 2 practicalfeatures foreveryday use : 💤 BedtimeNotification : We rarely go tobed at thetime we promised ourselves, is not it ? To help you meetyourcommitments, UP suggests you remember when it's time to go tobed.Set the time of your alarm and the number of hours you want tosleepto know the ideal time to go to bed (and do not regret thenextmorning). 🔔 Sleep Timer : Want a little nap ? Quickly setapredefined alarm between 20 and 60 minutes or customize it!Simple,free and easy to use, UP alarm clock also has 3 otheressentialfeatures: 🕜 Stopwatch: Play with time as you like withtheeasy-to-use stopwatch and its small practicalstop-and-gofunctionality in certain situations. ⏳ Timer: Practicalin manycircumstances (not to miss the cooking of eggs). 🕐 TimeZone: Findall the time zones across a multitude of cities to findout thetimes. Convenient when you have relatives around theworld.Features of the UP application : ✔ Alarm Clock o Alarm 🎼Appmusic 🎼Music library personal phone 🎼 Deezer account o Mini-Games OSmooth✔ Sleep Timer ✔ Bedtime Notification ✔ Stopwatch ✔ Timer ✔TimeZone If you like the free, functional and intelligent UP clock,youcan support us by noting this application and dividing it. Ifyouhave any questions or find bugs, please send an [email protected] so that you can makecorrectionsquickly. Also, do not hesitate to be part of yourremarks toimprove the demand according to your needs. Regularupdates will beprovided to provide you with a complete, functionaland intelligentalarm clock, you want to customize your alarms.
Alarm Clock Free Plus
iHandy Ltd.
Alarm Clock Free turns your android intoabeautiful digital clock and alarm clock for free!
If you enjoy Alarm Clock Free, there is a paid version "AlarmClockPro" with more features: 
- Set your own song or playlist asalarm
- More colorful themes 
- Built-in flashlight
★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Features include:★ Clock ★ 
- Gorgeous Green LCD style display 
- Verticalandhorizontal modes 
- 12 or 24 hour format 
- Show/Hide seconds
-Customizable auto-lock time★ Alarm ★ 
- Super big Snooze/Stop Alarm buttons 
- Multiplealarmssupported 
- 11 built-in alarm sounds: Ascending, Birds,Classic,Cuckoo, Digital, Electronic, High Tone, Mbira, Old Clock,Rooster,School Bell 
- Sound ON/OFF, 
- Sound volume adjustable 
- Snooze time customizable 
- Vibrate ON/OFF 
- SoundFadeIn: Wake up gently in the morning 
- Alarm works even screenislocked or android is in silent mode★ Tips ★ 
- Slide/flick up and down to dim the screenEnjoy another free app from iHandySoft!
Talking Alarm Clock
The first alarm clock that says what you want!!!
I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock
Kog Creations
Alarm clock that stimulates you in the morning and can't beeasilyskipped
Speaking Alarm Clock - Hourly Timer Water Interval
Hourly Voice Reminder / Alarm /Interval /Countdown Timer/OnlyHeadset /Battery
Alarm Clock Free
iHandy Ltd.
Turns your android into a beautiful digital clock and alarmclockfor free!
Google Inc.
Clock combines all of the functionalityyouneed into one simple, beautiful package.• Set alarms, add timers, and run a stopwatch• Keep track of time around the world using the World Clock• Pair with Android Wear devices to bring your alarms and timerstoyour wrist
Alarm Clock Xtreme: Timer 2022 7.4.0
AVG Labs
Wake up gently to your favorite music and avoidaccidentallydisabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Xtreme Free! Oursmart alarmclock includes features that prevent excessive snoozingand get youout of bed. Join over 50,000,000 people who have alreadyinstalledthis app! Download the redesigned Alarm Clock Xtreme Free(withtimer and stopwatch) NOW Alarm Clock Xtreme is more than yourbasicalarm clock. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to wake upinwhatever way works for you. ♪ Set your morning alarm toslowlyincrease in volume and wake you up gently ♪ Use theextra-largesnooze button to prevent you from accidentally pressing‘dismiss’ ♪Jump-start your brain by solving math problems tosnooze/dismissthe alarm ♪ Decrease snooze interval time and set amaximum numberof snoozes. Perfect if you are a sound sleeper. ♪Easily deactivateyour alarm if you wake up before it goes off. ♪Use Quick Alarm tospeedily set a non-recurring alarm. FEATURESAlarm — Personalizeyour alarm to never oversleep again! Our alarmclock offers thefollowing dismiss options: screen button, volumebuttons, powerbutton, or shaking your phone. Quick Alarm — Set anon-recurringalarm in just a few taps. Upcoming alarm notification— Easilydeactivate your alarm if you wake up before it goes off.Timer —Enter required time and start timer. You can set as manytimers asyou want for activities like exercise, cooking, and more!Stopwatch— Use our simple and reliable stopwatch to keep track ofsplit/laptime and total time down to 1/100 of a second. My day —Display themost important information you need when you wake up,such as theday’s weather forecast and upcoming events synced fromyourcalendar. Reminders – Never forget an important task or eventagainthanks to our newest feature! ALARM RINGTONE OPTIONS Ringtone—Default ringtones from your device. Music on device — Anymusicdownloaded onto your device can be used as your alarmclockringtone. Online Radio — Choose from many popular onlineradiostations, or add your own if your favorite isn’t already onthelist. None — Don’t want any sound? Wake up using onlyvibrations.HOW TO AVOID ACCIDENTALLY DISABLING YOUR ALARM Chooseone of thepuzzles available in Alarm Clock Xtreme! Puzzle appearsonly afteryou hit the dismiss button. PUZZLE Math — Solve mathproblems. Youget to choose the difficulty level: Easiest, Easy,Medium, Hard,Hardest. If solving one problem isn’t enough, increasethe numberof problems from 1 up to 5. Password — To turn off thealarm, youmust retype the password that appears on the screen.QR/Barcode —Scan any QR code to add it into your code library.Print the QRcode and place it far from your bed. When your alarmgoes off,you’ll have to scan the QR code to dismiss the alarm. AppLaunch —Choose an app on your device that will launch after youturn offyour alarm. None — If you trust yourself to not hit dismissorsnooze when your alarm goes off, then no puzzle is needed.Withthese puzzles you will never oversleep again. Reminders (NEW!)-Customize each reminder with name, icon, or ring tone - Setrepeatintervals: annually, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, orseveraltimes a day - Choose a priority for each reminder: decidehowurgent each reminder is, and how you want to be reminded**Important Note: your phone must be on for the alarm to work**Download Alarm Clock Xtreme Free (with timer and stopwatch)NOW!Alarm Clock Xtreme Free features: ✔ Music alarm – chooseyourfavorite music ✔ Gentle alarm with increasing volume ✔Wake-upcheck ✔ Quick alarms ✔ Upcoming alarm notifications ✔ Randomsongalarm ✔ Solve math problem to snooze/disable ✔ Extra-largesnoozebutton ✔ Nap alarm with countdown timer ✔ Decreasingsnoozeinterval after every snooze ✔ Set a maximum number of snoozes✔Auto-snooze ✔ Auto-dismiss ✔ Built-in Stopwatch ✔ Built-in Timer✔Reminders
Gentle Wakeup - Sleep & Alarm Clock with Sunrise
Turn your Android into a professional wake up light.
Music Alarm Clock
You can make a list of favorite music for alarm clock.
Alarm Clock with Ringtones
No chance to oversleep when this alarm clock is on
Early Bird Alarm Clock 6.11.4
* If there is a 'colon' on the time announcement, pleasedisable'Number processing' on [Android settings > Generalmanagement> language and input > Text-to-speech >Preferred engine].Maybe there is a bug on TTS engine on US. * EarlyBird Alarm Clockis faithful to the basics of Alarm Clock. It issimple butpowerful. Features ✔ Various themes You can set abeautiful themefor your personality. ✔ Select alarm date for shiftworker Completeschedule such as day-night-off-holiday will be okay!✔ No more samealarm sound everyday! It prevents you from sleepingdue to familiaralarm sound! It uses different alarm sound randomly.✔ Use variousalarm stop method in combination! Combination of QRcode, voicerecognition, and trace and write force you to get up. ✔Weatherforecast Do you check the weather forecast every morning?Earlybird shows the weather forecast on notification screen! ✔Today'sevents If alarm is turned on, it lets you know the weatherandevents to plan today. ✔ Talking clock Early Bird Alarm Clocksayscurrent time during alarm firing. Permissions-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE It is needed to set custom ringtones inyourexternal storage. -CAMERA It is needed to dismiss an alarmbytaking a QR code. - RECORD_AUDIO It is needed to dismiss analarmby voice recognition. -ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION,ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION It is need to show acurrent weather in yourlocation. - READ_CALENDAR It is need to showevents in yourcalendar.
Awesome Alarm Clock
An awesome digital alarm clock with choice of skins and colors
Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock is one of the best alarm clock, making yourlifealarmyand remindly. It is a must have app, much better thansystemclock.With wake up alarm, you will never missing importantthings,nomore late for school or work. Remind you anything shouldnotbeforgot. Small, simple, powerful, Alarm Clock is one ofthebestalarm&reminder for Android who providesfull-featuredalarmylife with Shake Mode, Math Problem Mode. Evenbetter, weproviderthousands of free music and current weatherinformation.KeyFeatures of Alarm Clock ★ Alarm Clock with unlimitedalarmsupport,totally free for you. ★ Low power usage, low memoryusage.★Thousands of Free music as alarm ringtone. Of course youcanuseany audio in your phone storage very simply. ★ Dismissalarmclockby shake mode, math problem mode, slide mode. ★Offerweatherinformation, remind you special weather. ★ Add notesandTO-DOlist. Contact us: Email: [email protected]
The Rock Clock™ 1.0.2
Introducing the Rock Clock. Amotivationalalarm clock from Project Rock.Enter a personal goal, set your morning alarm and wake up everydaywith a new message from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.It’s time to get up and get after your goals. No excuses.Rock Clock Features:- Exclusive video messages from The Rock, sent from his phonetoyours.- 25 custom alarm tones created by The Rock himself.- No snooze feature. The Rock is not a fan of that button.- Rock Time. Syncs your alarm with The Rock’s. You get up whenhedoes
Smart Alarm (Alarm Clock) 2.5.6
This is a simple and highly functional alarm clock "SmartAlarm"Free version. It is also very easy to use! You can get thealarmagain at the specified time by snooze function even if thealarm isstopped. The alarm can be set to repeat every week onspecifieddays of the week. The wallpaper which is used in thedevice can beshowed as the background for this app by using thetransparencysetting. 【Other functions】 ■ Corresponds to the holidayin theUnited States. You can exclude the public holiday fromrepeatedalarm settings ■ You can set the music that is on SD cardas thealarm sound. ■ This alarm clock has the mode to increasegraduallywith an alarm sound and it has vibration that can be setby thestrength of the two-stage. They will prevent be surprised tosuddenloud alarm sound. ■ It is possible to change the size of thealarmstop button and snooze button. It will prevent the mistake tostopthe alarm by mistake. ■ It is possible to set the alarm to stopbysolving a math problem or enter the number. You canpreventoverslept by an intricate alarm stop operation ■ You cancustomizeSide key, Back key and Menu key as to stop alarm or snoozeoradjust the alarm volume. ■ You can switch to enable / disablethealarm sound and vibration in silent mode. ■ You can setwhetheroutput the alarm sound from the speaker of the device whentheheadphones are plugged in. 【Restriction of the free version】 ○Thead will be displayed. ○ The alarms that can be registered are 10orless. 【Note】 ● If the power of the device is not turned on atthetime that alarm is set, the alarm will not work. ●Pleaseregisteron the exclusion list if you are using any task killer appsorpower-saving apps. And do not force stop app on task manager.Itmay cause the alarm does not work. ● When you set any music onSDcard as the alarm sound, it will sound the alarm in thedefaultringtone if SD card mounts are off at alarm time. ※ Werecommendthat you set the alarm after confirming the operation ofthepreview feature when you set the alarm. 【About permissions】"FULLINTERNET ACCESS" "VIEW NETWORK STATE" → are used foradvertisingdisplay function. "PREVENT DEVICE FROM SLEEPING" → areused forprevent device from sleeping when alerting. "CONTROLVIBRATOR" → isused for the vibration function. "AUTOMATICALLY STARTAT BOOT" → isused in order to configure the alarm timer when youboot thedevice. "MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETESD CARDCONTENTS" → is used for backup and restore the alarmsettings."MODIFY GLOBAL SYSTEM SETTINGS" → is used to show nextalarm timeon lock screen.
Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - Alarm clock 4.35.21
■ "World's Most Annoying alarm clockapp,featured by Cnet, Gizmodo,Huffington post etc."■ #1 in the category in 92 countries, including Germany, France,andSouth Korea. (Appstore)■ Features "Photo Mode" (Get out of bed and take a pictureofregistered place to turn off alarm)■ Also support "Shake Mode" (To turn off alarm, shake yourphone)and "Math problem mode" (To turn off alarm, solve themathproblem)■ No more late mornings for you■ How to turn off the alarm ? (Picture dismiss mode)- Register a place where you want to turn off the alarm.- When alarm starts ringing, you will have to go to theregisteredplace and take a picture.e.g.) If bathroom is the registered place, wake up and takeapicture of the bathroom.■ Tip- good place to register : far from bed (bathroom sink isthebest!)- bad place to register : brightness changes frequently or closetoyour bed.- If the currently registered alarm picture is too easy ortoodifficult to turn off, please register a new place :)Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is the innovative solution for thosewhojust can’t seem to get up on time, even with an alarm clock.Thisapp has been cleverly designed to force you to get out of bed.Youset it up by registering a photo of an area or room in yourhouse.Then once the alarm is set, the ONLY way to make it stopringing isto get out of bed and go take a photo of the registeredarea.The World’s Most Annoying AlarmDubbed as “the world’s most annoying alarm”, Alarmy hasquicklybecome a favorite mobile app among users. It has beenfeatured inGizmodo, Cnet, and at Huffington Post, and is currentlyNumber Onein its category in 70 countries, including France,Germany, andSouth Korea.Users are truly enjoying this app and many have devised theirownunique methods around the alarm’s requirements. For instance,youcould register the foot of the bed as your location, then youwouldonly need to wake up enough to take a pic of the foot of yourbedand then go right back to sleep. Of course, thistotallycircumvents the whole purpose of the app but has become afunpastime for many users.Works Better Than Other Alarm ClocksOther creative locations that users have come up with includetheceiling of their room, a nightstand, or the floor. If you’remoreserious about really getting up on time, then how aboutregisteringthe bathroom sink or an item in the kitchen?Though the app has sparked lots of interest and has proven tobereally entertaining, it will definitely get you out of bed. Ifyouabsolutely MUST get up on time for an important appointment orjobinterview, then this would be the perfect solution.■ Permission informationCAMERA- Alarmy needs this permission for the picture alarm turnoffmethod, which requires users take a pictureWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- Alarmy needs this permission to load external ringtones.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE- Alarmy needs this permission to save pictures taken by userswhoare using the picture turn off methodACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION- Alarmy need this permission to get weather information.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN- ALARMY need this permission to prevent app from uninstall- This app uses DEVICE MANAGER permissionPrivacy policy inenglish: : [email protected]
Moon Phase Alarm Clock 1.22
Moon Phase Alarm Clock is a digital alarm clock that alsodisplaysthe current moon phase. Features: • digital clock •secondscounting • create multiple alarms • 12-hour or 24-hour mode• fulldate format • Displays the moon phases • option to dimbacklight orset it to automatic brightness (may not be available onsomedevices) • option for hourly signal • option for keepingscreenawake • small icons at top of the display that indicateselectedoptions • supports both portrait and landscape orientationmodes
Simple Alarm Clock
Yuriy Kulikov
Simple, easy to use, no frills alarm clock with customizable colors
ASUS Digital Clock & Widget
Asus Clock provides intuitive and clear UI for fasterandeasieraccess to local time, home time, setting alarms andusingtimer.Key features * Alarm You can easily set the alarm torepeatdaily,on weekdays, on weekends, or weekly. * World ClockThisfeaturedisplays your home time and the local time of yourlocation.*Stopwatch This feature gives you multiple lap times withamaximumtime of 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. * TimerThisfeaturelets you set multiple countdown timers. You can evenassignadifferent alarm tone for each countdown. * AscendingalarmAlarmvolume increases gradually. * Auto snooze You canenableautomaticsnooze to set snooze length and number of snoozes. *Alarmtoneselection Customize your alarm tones by selecting theminyourlocal storage or from external source.
Shake-it Alarm
Best Smart Wake-up Alarm Clock to help people wake up in themorning
WakenApp - Video Alarm Clock FREE
99% of bad days start with the same alarm tone...😩 . That'swhyweknow how important is to wake up with your favouritesongsorsounds... If you feel identified, ¡this is yourapp!❤¡Keepreading! ✅ - WakenApp is the first App in the -🌎 - thatusesvideosto warn you and wake you up. Each time you set analarm,adifferent video upload by our users will make you to lookforyourAndroid to watch and rate it. With this new version youonlyneed 1hour internet connection a day to warn you, even if youdon'tatthat moment. ✅ - You have multiple thematic channels tochoosewhatkind of videos you want to be awakened or warned with;90's&80's music videos, dance music videos, pets,landscapes,youtubers,men, women, ... we have more than 15 videochannels andevery monthwe create new channels! ✅ - Your app allowsyou to nameyouralarms, choose which days of the week and at whattime you wanttobe notified, edit alarm once they are created and,ofcourse,choose which video channel you want to be awakened upwith.✅ - Inaddition you can also participate. With our integratedcamerayoucan record a video to encourage people from around theworldtowake up or wish them a good day. Do not wait anylongeranddownload our alarm clock app and surprise yourself everytimewitha different video. 🆒 🔝 *WakenApp is free ofbannersadvertisingapplication. 🚨 ⏰ 💤 - If you want to be warned inanoriginal anddifferent way WakenApp is your choice. Thank yousomuch fortrusting in us! Keep updated. We are constantlymakingimprovementsin our app. Coming soon more channels, morefeatures,and much morefun!
Loud alarm sounds 2.0
📢 LOUD alarm sounds 📢 free! More than 40noisysounds that you can use to customize your phone. You willfindstrong call ringtones, funny whatsapp sounds and much more.Allvery loud!Download the ringtone if you want! The app allows you todownloadall the noisy sounds.If what you need is your alarm clock goes really noisy, donothesitate to download this app. you will always wake up. Ifyouwish, you can also set ringtones or tones for whatsapp.Loud alarm sounds will set ringtones to make you wake up. Youcanalso download the clock alarm sounds.Among other categories you will find:- loud alarm- funny ringtones for whatsapp- wake up toneDisclaimer:All the fun sounds of this application are owned or are underpublicdomain license and / or Creative Commons licensesounds.We mention the collaboration of http://www.orangefreesounds.comwhohas bring most of the content.For any questions or concerns about the license, pleasecontactus.
Loud Alarm Clock 1.2
This is a loud alarm clock app. You will find the bestcompilationof loud alarm ringtones and loud sounds free for yourphone. Withsuper loud ringtones you will be able to set the loudestringtonesas your loudest alarm clock ever, contact sound,notification orset the loud sounds as ringtones. You can alsodownload yourfavourite loud ringtones. There are amazing loud alarmringtones!!You will never be again in the situation not to hearyour phone orwake alarm clock because this is the best loud alarmsounds appever! With this loud app you’ll have exactly what youneed: loudestringtones soundboard full of latest loud ringtones,loudnotification sounds, extremely loud alarm clock and all otherkindof really loud noises. They can serve you as phone ringtones,superloud alarm clock ringtones, super loud ringtones,notificationringtones or some other text message ringtones. So, ifyou are somewho adore louder music volume and loud alarm sounds,grab theseloud ringtones free now! 📢 LOUD alarm sounds 📢 free! Morethan 60noisy loud sounds that you can use to customize your phone.Youwill find strong call ringtones, wake alarm clock, superloudringtones, funny whatsapp loud sounds and loud alarm clock.Allvery noisy! If what you need is your loudest alarm clock evergoesreally noisy, do not hesitate to download this app. you willalwayswake up. If you wish, you can also set loud alarm ringtonesortones for whatsapp. You can use them as wake alarm clock, sinceareso much volume that you will NEVER fall asleep any more. Someofthe app features: 📢 Download the loudest ringtone 📢 Listenthesound to choose the loudest one 📢 Easy use of the app 📢 Set itasringtone, loud alarm clock sound, contact call sound, etc 📢Sharethe ringtone with your friends 📢 Improved performance!