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Call Recorder - ACR 33.4
Another Call Recorder is a free callrecorderapplication. It is one of the best call recorders in thePlay Storeand offers tons of features such as:- Search- Grouping recordings by date- Auto email (Pro)- Auto delete old recordings- Marking recordings as important so they don't getautodeleted- Multi select, delete, send- Displaying contact name and photo- Excluded numbers- Auto or Manual (Pro) call recording- Password protection of recordings- Lots of recording formats- Ability start delayed recording- Different recording modes by number, contact, non-contact orjustselected contacts- Dropbox integration (Pro)- Google Drive integration (Pro)- WebDAV integration (Pro)- FTP integration (Pro)- And many more...Do not use ACR in conjunction with other call recorders andtrydifferent recording formats (ogg,3gp,mp4,wav) to find best oneforyour phoneSome phones do not support call recording properly. This is duetocapabilities of different chipset/CPU or Android versioneachbrand/model have.Legal:Please check with local laws related to call recording inyourcountry
Call Recorder 2.1.3
Solid Union
What’s Call Recorder?Never Miss your important call information. Call Recorder isthebest app to record your phone calls, you can record all yourphonecalls by this fantastic application, either incoming oroutgoingcalls will be Automatically recorded.Call Recorder providesyou theeasiest and flexible way to record all your necessaryphoneconversations.Features:★ Record your calls automatically.★ High quality audio sampling.★ Easy to check caller history recording ,play, send or deleteacall recording.★ Listen to the recording and option to share it.★ Cloud backup supporting.★ High level privacy and security protecting .★ You can play back, or save your call recording on yourSDcard.Notes-If Call Recorder does not record your calls, please restartyourdevice and try again. If it does not record again. Then yourdevicemight not support call recording.Enjoy recording your phone calls and don't forget to reviewourapp.If there's any problem or suggestion please contact us at :Email : [email protected]
Automatic Call Recorder 6.30.1
Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you wanttosave. You can set which calls are recorded and which areignored.Listen to the recording, add notes and share it.Integration withGoogle Drive™ and Dropbox allows calls to be savedand synchronizedto the cloud as well. Please note that callrecording does not workon certain handsets and can result ininferior quality recordings.We therefore suggest that you try thefree version beforepurchasing the paid app. If you encounter anyrecording issues orwish to improve voice quality, try recordingfrom a different audiosource, or use auto-on speaker mode. Recordedcalls are stored inthe Inbox. You can set the size of the inbox.The number of savedcalls is limited only by your device memory. Ifyou decide that aconversation is important, save it and it will bestored in theSaved Calls folder. If not, old recordings willautomatically bedeleted when new calls fill up the inbox. You canenable a CallSummary Menu with options to appear immediately aftera call.Search for recordings by contact, phone number, or note.There are3 default settings for automatic recording: Recordeverything(default) – This setting records all calls except forcontactspre-selected to be ignored. Ignore everything – Thissettingrecords no calls except for contacts pre-selected to berecorded.Ignore contacts – This setting records all calls withpeople whoare not contacts, except for contacts pre-selected to berecorded.In the Pro version only: You can set calls from particularcontactsto be automatically saved, and they will be saved in thecloud.This app contains ads.
Call Recorder 1.6.20
Call Recorder gives you the easiest way to record all yourphoneconversations and manage them. 1. Record your callsautomaticallywhile calling. 2. Organize your call records. You canview all yourcalls with options such as list by time, group bynames or group bydates. 3. You can play back, or save your call tomp3 files on yourSD card.
Call Recorder Auto - ACR 2022 26.0
***A Top 10 app in over 120 countries worldwide.*** Call Recorderisan application that allows you to record your outgoingtelephonecalls. The entire call is recorded and saved on your phoneand yourphone only. Unlike other call recording apps yourrecordings areprivate and are not saved on a third party server.You can use CallRecorder to make and record national orinternational calls fromany Android device including tablets. CallRecorder is very easy touse: just like your phone dialer, you justmake a call from the appand it will be recorded. Your recordedcalls can be: - Played onthe phone. - Sent via email. - Transferredto your phone (.wavformat). - Deleted. You can also set a title foreach recording.Features of this app : - Record your all callsautomatically whilecalling or ask every-time to record new call. -Search call by nameor phone number. - Organize your call records.You can see calls asall calls records, only incoming, onlyoutgoing, date and timeeasily. - Share recording to Bluetooth,Message etc. - Play, saveand delete, call recordings - Ignorerecording for specific contactor phone number - Add caller phonenumber to contacts - See callerhistory - Record your call or callsin MP3, WAV, MP4, AMR or 3GPPencoding / format. - You can playback, or save your files on yourSD card im mp3, wav, mp4, amr or3gpp format. - Audio Sourceoptions for both incoming calls andoutgoing calls are alsoavailable. Try to change audio source onlywhen default audiosource does not work or does not records calls. -Different optionsof audio quality are available. You can choose44.1kHz (It mightnot work on some devices) for high quality orselect lower samplerate for low quality audio recording. 8kHz isrecommended for callrecording. - Notification with caller image. -Vibrate device onstart of call recording. - Notification on deviceon start of callrecording with blinking light (if your devicesupports it). - Youcan listen your communication or callsrecordings in your on devicedefault audio player. - Automaticallyon device speaker to recordbetter quality voice. - It’s FREE! HowCall Recorder works : - Openthe Call Recorder Android app it willnow run in the background toincrease productivity by enabling easyaccess. - Make or receive acall and it will begin recording oncethe call connects - Selectthe app to access the list of previouslyrecorded calls and playthem. Notes: (Instructions + Troubleshootingtips) 1. Please notethat some devices are not compatible or notallow to record calls.2. Please confirm that your device should nothave more than onecall recording application, otherwise it cancreate issues. 3. Ifcall recorder does not record calls, pleaserestart your device totry again. If it does not record again thenyour device might notsupport call recording. 4. Some devices recordlow voice of otherparty, in this problem, please enable automaticspeaker, on startof call recording by going application and thenmore settings. 5.This app might not be working when you are usingother apps torecord something, such as wechat, LINE: Free Calls& Messages,voice recorder or other call recorder. 6. You canselect WAV, 3GPP,MP4 or AMR audio encoding format, if MP3 recordingnot workingproperly on some devices. 7. If you geterror"msg_create_file_error", then please test, Have your devicebeenwith sdcard or memory card? If not, please changerecordingsdestination path to any other path by going into moresettings andrecording path and change it correctly. 8. If you get"Sorryrecording starting failed", please try other recordingoptions likechange Audio source or sample rate.
Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder - callX 10.6
Auto Call Recorder is the best automatic call recording appthatenables you to record calls to your Android deviceautomatically.The app also feature caller ID which will help youidentify phonecalls and avoid spam. Need the best solution forphone callrecording on your Android device? Take control of yourphone callsand choose callX, the best call recorder app in 2020with beautifuland modern design in latest version. New version for2020 isavailable. Callrecording key features - Record calls perphonenumber or contact name - Exclude recording per phone numberorcontact name - caller id identifies unknown phone numbers -Manualand auto call recording both side voice - Choose betweenhighquality hd MP3 and WAV audio formats - Upload thecallconversations to Dropbox or Google drive - Play audiorecordedconversations - Recording filter option enables you torecord allcalls, contacts or only unknown numbers - Playbackthrough speakeror earpiece on your device - Record incoming andoutgoing callShare files: - Dropbox - Google Drive - SMS - Whatsapp- Viber -Skype EXTRA FEATURES: - Records all your phone calls -Playrecorded audio Thank you for using Automatic Call Recorder
Easy Voice Recorder - Record Audio, Sound & Music 2.7.7
Record high-quality audio to capture meetings, personal voicenotes,classes, music and songs, and much more, without time limits- withEasy Voice Recorder! Listen to and share your recordingswith ease.Start recording quickly with one of our many home screenwidgets,even if the app is closed. Use audio from your ownrecordings withmusic, vocals or anything you like and createringtones for yourphone to play. Deleted a recording? Search inRecently Deleted tofind what you’re looking for and restore it toyour savedrecordings. Easy Voice Recorder: The best audiorecording app forevery need. For students Record audio in classesand lectures withclear quality, even when the teacher is not rightin front of you.Listen to these recordings as many times as youwant to help youstudy for that next exam. With no time limits andthe option tochoose a compressed format, it's easy to record thelongest classesand lectures. For business Take recordings ofinterviews andmeetings from your phone, tablet, or smart watch,then share themwith your colleagues through email or your favoritemessaging app.Search for recordings by name to easily find whatyou need. Formusicians and for everyone Voice the melodies thatpop into yourhead and record them for later. Make music andfine-tune therecordings captured in rehearsals. Record vocals andmusic withraw/unprocessed microphone mode. Take voice notes, trynew ideas andhear the results. Audio for any situation: Recordaudio memos,conversations, and create music with easy to usesettings andpresets. Key Features: ★ Record to high-quality PCMand MP4, or useAMR to save space. ★ Share recordings with a singletap. ★ Quicklystart a new recording with widgets and shortcuts. ★Record in thebackground while you continue to use your device. ★Create ringtonesfrom your high-quality sound files. ★ Record fromyour smartwatch -Wear OS support. ★ Light and dark themes so youcan customize theapp, and many other cool features. Want arecording app with evenmore options and features? The Pro versionalso includes thefollowing features (available on supporteddevices): - Upload newrecordings automatically to Google Drive orDropbox. - Record to MP3and AAC, in addition to all the formatsavailable in the freeversion. - Boost recording volume and skipquiet sections. - Recordusing a Bluetooth microphone. - Trimrecordings and remove unwantedsections with Edit mode. - Manageand organize your recordings withfolders. - Convert soundrecordings into videos for easy sharing tosocial media. -Customize the app to your style with a choice of 8new themecolors. - Control the recorder from anywhere usingthenotifications bar. - Bonus features: record in stereo,importfiles, use custom bitrates, and more. Easy Voice Recorderisexactly what the name says: an easy to use audio recorder andsoundrecorder. Reliable, fast, and flexible, it adapts to yourneeds.Need help? Please note: Easy Voice Recorder is not a callrecorderand can’t record phone calls on most phones. If there areanyproblems, please contact us at [email protected] We arealwayshappy to assist you. Terms of Use Terms ofUse: Photos/Media/Files: Save recordings to yourexternalstorage. Microphone: Record audio from your microphone.
Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder - ACR 1.96
Our latest Call Recording app for Android has high-techsmartfeatures in it which makes it different from all other apps.TheAutomatic Call Recorder App is an easy to use automaticcallrecorder app that records all daily calls in high quality.Itrecords all your incoming & outgoing calls in high qualityandstores it on your phone as .amr files. This call recorder appcanbe used without limits to record calls and is totally free touse.The Automatic Call Recorder app lets you record calls andmanagethe recorded calls beautifully with features like share,play,delete and rename. With our call recording app, never worryaboutlosing an important detail anymore. Our latest Call Recordingappfor Android has high-tech smart features in it which makesitdifferent from all other apps. Smart Caller ID & phonenumberlookup lets you see who is calling before you answer a call.Whyyou should choose the Automatic Call Recorder App👑 GlobalCall Recording App with over 10+ Milliondownloads.📌 Works Automatically on all major AndroidPhones.⏺️ Audio Recorder The smart voice recorder recordsaudioin high-quality. 🔎 Real-Time Caller ID to always know who'scallingbefore you receive. 🛑Recording Limits Set a max callrecordingduration or go for limitless recording. 👉 Backup& Restorecalls from Google Drive. 🎙 Best AudioQuality Recordcalls in clear sound quality from both sides.🌟 PasswordProtection Security to keep your recorded phonecalls private.🔥Advanced Settings Manage your app preferences as peryour need. 🈲Select Language The app is localized in 10 differentlanguages fromaround the world.  REAL-TIME CALLER ID ☞ Knowwho is callingbefore you pick unknown calls. ☞ See names of unknownnumbersbefore you receive any call. ☞ Identify spam callerlocation. ☞Mobile number tracker allows you to enter any number andget itsdetails. 【LIKE us and STAYCONNECTED】 Feel free to provideyourfeedback and suggestion to our support [email protected]
All Call Recorder Automatic 1.0
Call Recorder is a must have utility! Being swiftly able toopenCallRecorder and record your conversation with one person oragroup ofpeople is very valuable. If a conversation starts togetinterestingsimply record it. Never forget the details ofaconversation again.Being able to file conversations away is averyvaluable asset. CallRecorder allows you to create a libraryofconversations that arestored in a list and calendar format.CallRecorder is simple to useand is hidden behind a cleverintuitiveuser interface. We built callRecorder to be a ruggedutility theis versatile and dead simple touse. No fumbling orquestioning howto start recording. Call Recordereffectivelyrecords every detailof the conversation of both thesides and keepsyour "recordedaudio " files in your desired locationin .cafformat. You can sendrecorded calls via e-mail, any cloudstorage,messengers,bluetooth, etc Transfer important recorded filesto anyof yourdevice which supports .caf format files and carry itwithyouwherever you go. The Mini view allows you to controlandmonitoryour live recordings without taking up real-estate onyouropenscreen.
Call Recorder 16.4
C Mobile
Simple Call Recorder application that has an ability to:-Recordsall your phone calls. - Playback recordings. -Deleterecordings. -Lock recordings to prevent from deleting. -Sharerecordings (onlyin Premium version). - Upload allrecordingsto your Dropboxaccount (only in Premium version).-Upload allrecordings to yourGoogleDrive account (only in Premiumversion). - Managestoragefor your recordings. - Protect yourrecordings by passcode.IF ITDOES NOT WORK ON YOUR PHONE AT ALL ORIT DOES NOT RECORDOPPOSITESIDE VOICE CLEARLY: 1. Try to mixdifferent recordingsettings asitdescribedhere: a limitation for some phones that don't supportrecordingfromphone line or bluetooth. It’s audio driver problemmadebymanufacturer of the phone. List of known supporteddevicesandconfigurations for themishere:,notgive bad marks for that. Thank you! If you have somesuggestionsorcomments, please visit our site and feelfreeto contact us.
Automatic Call Recorder Pro 6.19.9
IMPORTANT: Please try the free version first to make sure thatyourdevice supports recording calls. Record any phone call you wantandchoose which calls you want to save. You can set which callsarerecorded and which are ignored. Listen to the recording, addnotesand share it. Integration with Google Drive™ and Dropboxallowscalls to be saved and synchronized to the cloud as well.GoogleDrive integration works on Android versions 3.0 and above.Pleasenote that call recording does not work on certain handsetsand canresult in inferior quality recordings. We therefore suggestthatyou try the free version before purchasing the paid app. Ifyouencounter any recording issues or wish to improve voicequality,try recording from a different audio source, or use auto-onspeakermode. Recorded calls are stored in the Inbox. You can setthe sizeof the inbox. The number of saved calls is limited only byyourdevice memory. If you decide that a conversation is important,saveit and it will be stored in the Saved Calls folder. If not,oldrecordings will automatically be deleted when new calls fill uptheinbox. You can enable a Call Summary Menu with options toappearimmediately after a call. Search for recordings by contact,phonenumber, or note. There are 3 default settings forautomaticrecording: Record everything (default) – This settingrecords allcalls except for contacts pre-selected to be ignored.Ignoreeverything – This setting records no calls except forcontactspre-selected to be recorded. Ignore contacts – This settingrecordsall calls with people who are not contacts, except forcontactspre-selected to be recorded. In the Pro version only: Youcan setcalls from particular contacts to be automatically saved,and theywill be saved in the cloud.
Google Drive
Google LLC
Google Drive is a safe place for all yourfilesand puts them within reach from any smartphone, tablet, orcomputer.Files in Drive – like your videos, photos, and documents– arebacked up safely so you can’t lose them. Once there, you caneasilyinvite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any ofyour filesor folders.With Drive, you can:- Safely store your files and access them from anywhere.- Search for files by name and content.- Easily share files and folders with others.- Quickly view your content.- Set access levels for who can view, comment, or edit.- Quickly access recent files.- See file details and activity.- Enable viewing of files offline.- Use your device camera to scan in paper documents.- Access pictures and videos from Google Photos.
Mobizen Screen Recorder - Record, Capture, Edit
Download the most easy to use screenrecorderMobizen now and create your first, amazing video!Mobizen is the most easy-to-use, convenient screen recorderthatallows you to record, capture and edit.Everyone can use the 100% free features to make thebestvideos!How to Make the Perfect First Video?ㆍClear Screen Recording in FULL HD!※ Highest Quality supplied ▷ 1080P Resolution, 12.0Mbps Quality,60FPSㆍCapture your reactions freely while recording game sound andyourvoice with Facecam!ㆍYou can record long videos without worrying whilesavingonExternal Memory (SD Card)!ㆍ(Trim, Cut, Images, etc.) Raise the quality of your video withaVariety of Video Editing Features!ㆍPut in your favorite BGM and an Intro &OutroVideo to make a personalized video!ㆍRecord a clean screen Without a Watermark withCleanRecording Mode!Available Only with MobizenㆍAnyone can use it with No rooting starting fromOS4.4!ㆍUse Screen Recording, Capture, and Editing allforFREE!ㆍYou can Remove the Watermark for FREE!Have Any Question while Using Mobizen?You can keep up-to-date with Mobizen Features, News, andthecontinually growing Mobizen Community through thefollowingsites!ㆍHelp Center: support.mobizen.comㆍYouTube:ㆍCommunity: Us Better the AppHave you seen any weird words in Mobizen?ㆍLanguage Volunteer☞'t hesitate and download Mobizen now!※ To experience all the features of Mobizen Screen Recorder,youmust agree to Storage, Camera, Mic, and Draw overAppsPermissions.
ASR Voice Recorder
ASR is one of the best sound and voice recording app on thePlayStore. Record meetings, notes, lessons, songs. It is freeandwithout any limitations on the recording time. Here are some ofthefeatures of ASR: - Lots of recording formats such as MP3, WAV,OGG,FLAC, M4A, AMR - Cloud upload integration (Pro) support forGoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Yandex Disk, FTP, WebDav, Autoemail- Grouping recordings by tag/label - Adding notes whilelisteningor recording - Audio converter to cut and save parts fromrecording- Playback speed controller - Sample and bit rate optionsforbetter control of recording quality - Dedicated pauserecordingbutton - Dedicated discard recording button -Customizablerecording folder - Skip silence mode - Gain to increaseor decreasevolume of recording - Delete and share multiplerecordings - Recordand play recordings while app is in thebackground - Listen whilerecording with headphones - Record fromBluetooth headsetmicrophone - Auto start recording - Recordingwidget and shortcutfor quick and easy access - Multiple languages
Call Recorder Automatic 1.1.308
Auto call recorder allows you to record phone calls while onphone.This automatic Call Recorder is a great Telephone Recordingapp forandroid, Record any phone call you want, Choose which usersorincoming\outgoing phone calls to record and choose which callsyouwant to save or share. Key Features: * Call Recorder automatic-record all your calls on auto-pilot. * Easily manage allyourrecordings. * Play back, or Share your phone recordings *Sortrecordings by names or group by dates. * Reveal ID's ofunknowncallers automatically Try it Now!
Call Recorder License - ACR 10.1
This license key removes adverts from ACR CallRecorder( access to PREMIUM features such as - Abilitytostartrecording in the middle of conversation viamanualrecordingsetting - Dropbox integration - Google driveintegration -Autoemail - Auto delete short recordings and more ..This app isONLYUSED TO ACTIVATE PREMIUM FEATURES OF ACR, YOU NEEDTO HAVEACRINSTALLED ON YOUR PHONE. If you don't, downloaditfrom phone after installing ACR License
Easy Voice Recorder Pro
Easy Voice Recorder Pro is youreverydaycompanion to record important moments. Capture meetings,personalnotes, classes, songs, and much more, without time limitsorads!For studentsRecord your classes and lectures with clear quality, even whentheteacher is not right in front of you. Listen to these notes asmanytimes as you want to help you study for that next exam.With no time limits and the option to choose a compressedformat,it's easy to record even the longest classes andlectures.For businessCapture interviews and meetings from your phone, tablet, orsmartwatch, then share them with your colleagues through email oryourfavourite messaging app. Take advantage of powerful widgetsandshortcuts to start a new recording right from thehomescreen.You can even enable cloud upload to record voice noteswhilecommuting and have them automatically uploaded toyourlaptop.For musicians and for everyoneWith many options to fine-tune the recording, the app is greatforrehearsals and for capturing melodies that pop in yourhead.Quickly try new ideas, hear the results and make adjustmentson anew take.You can quickly switch between voice notes, meetings &lectures,and music & raw sound with easy to use settingsandpresets.Exclusive Pro features (available onsupporteddevices):★ Upload new recordings automatically to your Google DriveorDropbox.★ Manage and organize your recordings with folders, andsaverecordings to your SD card.★ Record using a Bluetooth microphone.★ Control the recorder from anywhere using the notifications bar,orthrough our Tasker and Locale plugins.★ Many more options, including stereo, skip silence, volumeboost,custom bitrates, and more.Plus all the great features you find in thefreeversion:- Record to high-quality PCM and MP4, or use AMR tosavespace.- Quick start a new recording with widgets and shortcuts, andrecordin the background.- Share recordings easily through email or your favourite app,orset them as a ringtone.- Android Wear support - record from your smartwatch.- Light and dark themes, and many other cool features.Easy Voice Recorder is exactly what the name says: an easy touseaudio recorder and sound recorder. Reliable, fast and flexible,itadapts to your needs.Need help?Please note that Easy Voice Recorder Pro is not a call recorderandcan’t record phone calls on most phones. If there are anyproblems,please contact us at [email protected] We are alwayshappy toassist you.Terms of UseTerms ofUse: detailsPhotos/Media/Files - Save recordings to your externalstorage.Microphone - Record audio from your microphone.
Call Recorder - Cube ACR 2.3.224
Cube Apps Ltd
The most technically advanced call recorder. Records phone callsandVoIP. Supports call recording for most versions of androiddevices.If you have already tried to record calls using otherapplicationsfor recording calls and did not get a satisfactoryresult, try CallRecorder - Cube ACR, it just works the best. Callrecorder - CubeACR lets you easily record your incoming andoutgoing phone callsand VoIP conversations. The best part? It'sFREE! ►Cube CallRecorder supports: - Phone calls - Signal - Skype7, Skype Lite -Viber - WhatsApp - Hangouts - Facebook - IMO -WeChat - KAKAO - LINE- Slack - Telegram 6, Plus Messenger 6 - morecoming soon! ※NOTEThis app uses Accessibility services. WARNING: -Premiumsubscription grants access to extra features only. It won’timproveyour call recording experience. Please check how the basicversionworks before purchasing the subscription. - Not all devicessupportVoIP calls recording. Below you can find the list of testeddeviceswhere VoIP call recording is supported. But we recommendrunningyour own test on the exact device you have.►Crystal Clear Sound Quality! Record yourcalls and conversations inthe best possible quality. ►Easy to Use!- Automatically recordevery call. Record each conversation themoment it starts; -Automatically record selected contacts. Createa list of people youwant to always record; - Exclusion list.Create a list of contactwho won't be recorded automatically; -Manual recording. Tap therecord button mid-call to record only theselected conversations orparts of them; - In-App playback. CubeACR has a built-in fileexplorer for managing your recordings,playing them, deleting on thefly or exporting to other services ordevices; - Smart speakerswitching. Bring the phone to your ear onplayback to switch fromloudspeaker to earspeaker to privatelylisten to your recordings. -Starred recordings. Mark importantcalls and filter them for quickaccess; - Call back and opencontacts right from the app. Premiumfeatures: ★ Cloud backup. Saveyour call recording to Google Driveand restore them if somethinggoes wrong. ★ Pin lock. Protect yourrecording from prying eyes andears. ★ More audio formats. Recordcalls in MP4 format and changetheir quality. ★ Save to SD card.Move your recordings to an SDcard and use it a default savelocation. ★ Shake-to-mark. Shakeyour phone while recording yourcalls to mark the important partsof a conversation. ★ Smart storagemanagement. Automatically deleteovertime old unimportant(non-starred) calls and ignore recordingshort calls. ★ Post-callactions. Immediately play, share or deletea recording once you stopa conversation. ►Works on tablets Even ifyour device doesn'tsupport cellular calls, you can use Cube CallRecorder to recordSkype, Viber, WhatsApp and other VoIPconversations. ※NOTE If itdoesn't work on your device or you hearonly yourself on playback,try changing the recording source in theSettings, or use auto-onspeaker mode. ※Legal notice Thelegislation regarding phone callrecording varies in differentcountries and states. Please, makesure that you're not breakingthe legislation of your or yourcallee/caller country. Alwaysnotify the callee/caller that yourconversation will be recordedand ask for their permission. ※Contactus If you have any questionsor issues, please, send us a message [email protected]
Google Calendar
Google LLC
Get the official Google Calendar app foryourAndroid phone and tablet to save time and make the most ofeveryday.• Different ways to view your calendar - Quickly switchbetweenmonth, week and day view.• Events from Gmail - Flight, hotel, concert,restaurantreservations and more are added to yourcalendarautomatically.• To-dos - Use Reminders to create and view to-dos alongsideyourevents.• Goals - Add personal goals—like “run 3 times a week”—andCalendarwill schedule time for them automatically.• Quick event creation - Smart suggestions for event titles,placesand people save you time when creating events.• All your calendars in one place - Google Calendar works withallcalendars on your phone, including Exchange.
Simple Call Recorder Android 1.0.1
BC Amani LLC
Simple and efficient call recorder solutionforyour Android phone.Simple Call Recorder Android records incoming and outgoing callsonyour Android phone.* Some device may not work with this app this is out ofourcontrol so please don't review us on restrictions from yourdevicemanufacturer.Simple Call Recorder Android is easy to use and implement.Features of Simple Call Recorder Android:• Simple Call Recorder Android has a Simple install.• Simple Call Recorder Android is easy to use.• Simple Call Recorder Android stores calls recorded.• Simple Call Recorder Android records both inbound andoutboundcalls.How To Use Simple Call Recorder Android• Open the Simple Call Recorder Android app it will now run inthebackground to increase productivity by enabling easyaccess.• Make or receive a call and it will begin recording once thecallconnects• Select the app to access the list of previously recorded callsandplay them.- Thank you for your download!- We are always happy to hear from you about your experience.- Please post your valuable suggestion to make thisappbetter.SO PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW THIS APP.We appreciate the continued help to identify and detail bugs.Pleaseemail [email protected] anyquestions.5d946a1332
Call Recorder - Auto Recording 2.3.5
Automatic Call Recorder is a simple and smart auto telephonevoicerecorder for all android phones like Samsung S20, S10, S9,AndroidPie, Android 10... to easily get phone recorded from bothsideswith clear voice anytime. Our App is globally availablehelpingthousands of users to record phone calls. Automatic CallRecorderFeatures ★Phone Call Recording ✔Auto record any incoming&outgoing calls ✔Clear HD quality recording on bothsides✔Enable/Disable call recording to your needs ✔Play recordedcallsanytime ✔Quick search recordings ★Special List ✔Add numbers tothespecial list, set the “Default record” to “special list” ✔Youwillbe able to only record calls between these numbers ★Share&Manage Recordings ✔ Share recording to anyone via social apps✔Delete, rename telephone recording ✔Get all caller detailfromrecordings ★Add Recordings to Favorites ✔ Add important phonecallrecording to favorites ✔ Helpful for your business &life★Multiple Audio Formats & Source ✔ Supports AMR, WAV, AAC,MP3to record ✔ Supports auto, own voice, opponent voice etc ✔Morephone recording formats coming soon ★Back up to The Cloud✔Automatically back up your telephone recordings to the cloud★AppLock ✔ Set your recordings to private mode ✔ Easy to findyourpasswords when forget ★Voice Recorder ✔ Record voice notesandmemos ✔ Edit, delete, backup, playback, share the voicerecordingsthrough social apps ★ More Special Features in AutomaticCallRecorder ✔ Lighting fast speed with smooth experience ✔ Simpletooperate and use ✔ Material Design User Interface ✔ Showscallerdata on Home Page ✔ First phone call recorder with norestrictionson length of call recording ✔ Less RAM Consumption(Call Recorderworks in background) ✔ Small APK Size ✔ Less PowerConsumption Thiscall recorder pro app works on phone like: SamsungGalaxy S20, S10,S9 Samsung Galaxy Note10, Note9 Samsung Galaxy A30,A20, A10Samsung Galaxy J7, J6, J2... Notice: Some third-party appspreventCall Recorder working, as a result some of your calls willnot berecorded. Usually you need to add Call Recorder into their“WhiteList”. Please close or delete all other recording apps.Facebook:[email protected]
Super Call Recorder 2.5.7
Super Call Recorder will record your phone calls. Compared toothersimilar apps, it has the following advantages: 1. Powerful: wecanrecord both sides voices of incoming and outgoing calls onmostdevices; (NOTE: As the call-recording function is depended onthesystem behavior of your device, so we can NOT GUARANTEE thisAPPwill work on every Android devices. Please contact us by emailifyou have any problem when using this APP.Email:[email protected] ) 2. Completely free, and supportmostmodels of Android phones version 5.0 to 9.0; 3. The recordedvoicesounds clear, you can use the app built-in playback andeasilyexport your recorded calls to the SD card, and send byemail,WhatsApp or other means; 4. Automatic recording to mp3 formatwithbuilt-in playback.
HD Auto Call Recorder 2021 2.5
VDG Soft
This is a Call recorder application free. It very easy to useandperfect sound quality. App Features : - Automatic recordingallcall conversations . - Automatic delete call record after aperiodof time - you can change time setting. - Password protectionofcall record. - Delete call record. - Send call recordingsviaemail... - Change Audio source, record format. - Automatic turnonspeaker. - Display notifycation after completing therecording.Note: - If you can not recording, try change the audiosource. - Ifyou do not hear the sound from the other end, turn onauto speakerin settings. - If you encounter any problems with CallRecorderPlease contact us for support.
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free,trustedleader for reliably viewing, annotating, and signingPDFs.VIEW PDFs• Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any appthatsupports “Share.”• Search, scroll, and zoom in and out.• Choose Single Page, Continuous scroll, or Reading mode.ANNOTATE AND REVIEW PDFs• Make comments on PDFs using sticky notes and drawing tools.• Highlight and mark up text with annotation tools.• View and work with annotations in the comments list.SCAN DOCUMENTS AND WHITEBOARDS• Use your device camera to snap a photo of anything—adocument,whiteboard, form, picture, receipt, or note—and save it asaPDF.• Scan multiple document pages into a single PDF and reorder themasdesired.• Easily save and share scanned PDFs.• Enhance your camera images with improved boundarydetection,perspective correction, and text sharpness.• Requires Android 4.4 KitKat+.FILL AND SIGN FORMS• Quickly fill out PDF forms by typing text into fields.• Use your finger to e-sign any PDF document.PRINT, STORE AND SHARE FILES• Sign in to your free Adobe Document Cloud account.• Connect your Dropbox account.• Print documents from your Android device.IN-APP PURCHASEConvert PDFs and organize pages on the go by subscribing to oneofAdobe’s online services. You can get started without everleavingyour app, and subscriptions work across all your computersanddevices.ORGANIZE PAGES IN PDF FILES• Subscribe to Acrobat Pro DC using In-App Purchase.• Reorder, rotate, and delete pages in your PDFs.CREATE PDF FILES• Subscribe to Adobe PDF Pack using In-App Purchase.• Create PDF files.• Convert Microsoft Office files and images to PDF.EXPORT PDF FILES TO WORD OR EXCEL• Subscribe to Adobe Export PDF using In-App Purchase.• Save PDF documents as editable Microsoft Word orExcelfiles.ALREADY A SUBSCRIBER?If you have a subscription to Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Standard,PDFPack, or Export PDF, just sign in to convert and export PDFs onthego.AVAILABLE LANGUAGESEnglish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech,Danish,Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,Spanish,Swedish and TurkishPRICEAcrobat Reader for Android is free.Terms & Conditions: Your use of this application is governedbythe Adobe General Terms ofUse( and the Adobe PrivacyPolicy(
Microsoft Word 16.0.13328.20160
The familiar Word app lets you create,edit,view and share your files with others quickly and easily. Italsolets you view and edit Office doc attached to email messages.Workwith anyone, anywhere with confidence. With Word, your Officemoveswith you everywhere supporting you whether you are a blogger,awriter, a journalist, a columnist, a student working onassignmentsor a project manager working on documentation, it willbe as handyas you want it to be. Word introduces pdf reader andmakes readinga pdf easier for you. It enables you to read your pdfsand e-bookswhile traveling, before bedtime or wherever youwant.Make impactful text documents, scripts, blogs, write-ups,orresumes. Customize your document, letter, resume, or yournotesyour way with robust tools that enable you to accomplish yourbestwriting with the best format options. Word gives youthecapabilities to customize your writing and design your documenttomeet your specific needs with respect to your differentprojectsand assignmentsCreate with confidenceJump-start your project, assignments, letter, blogs, scripts,note,write-ups or resume with beautifully designed moderntemplates.  Inyour assignments, letters, notes, scripts, resume andprojectdocumentation: use rich formatting and layout options tonote downyour ideas and express it in writing. Document format andlayoutstay pristine and look great — no matter what deviceyouuse. Reading, writing and editing ComfortablyWith Word’s pdf reader feature, now go through your pdf documentsatyour own ease on any device. Reading view lets you read longtextdocs, pdfs, letters, scripts, write-ups, blogs or notes andreviewfiles on your device with ease. Writing down insights fromthe webright into your Word docs helps you review the insightslater. Edityour pdf by converting it into word document file andmake changesin your docs as you want. Convert your doc into pdfafter editingand share your pdf file with a click of button.Collaborate with anyone, anywhereAs you and your team make changes to your text documents, youcanrevert to view earlier drafts of the files with theimprovedversion history in Word.Keep everyone on the same pageShare your thoughts by commenting in your doc right next to thetextyou’re discussing. Everyone can add to the conversation andstay ontop of changes to the text, layout and formatting indocs.Sharing is simplifiedShare your pdfs and document files with a click of a buttontoquickly invite others to edit or view your text documents.Easilymanage access permissions and see who’s working in adocument. Copythe content of your word files directly in the bodyof an emailmessage with its format intact or attach your pdfs anddocs to anemail and make sharing easier.REQUIREMENTS• OS version: KitKat (4.4.X) or above• 1 GB RAM or aboveTo create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoftaccounton devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches orsmaller.Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifyingOffice365 subscription (see yourphone, tablet, PC and Mac.Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be chargedtoyour Play Store account and will automatically renew within24hours prior to the end of the current subscription period,unlessauto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manageyoursubscriptions in your Play Store account settings. Asubscriptioncannot be cancelled during the active subscriptionperiod.Please refer to Microsoft’s EULA for Terms of Service for OfficeonAndroid. By installing the app, you agree to these termsandconditions:
Microsoft Excel 16.0.13328.20160
The familiar Excel spreadsheet app letsyoucreate, view, edit and share your files with others quicklyandeasily. It also lets you view and edit workbooks attached toemailmessages. Work in accounting, auditing, finance or any otherfield,with anyone, anywhere with confidence. With Excel, yourOfficemoves with you being able to implement the most complexformulasand with amazing features.Review your accounting, audit or financial analysis or startabudget on the go. Customize your spreadsheet your way withrobustformatting tools and great features. Excel gives youthecapabilities to build your spreadsheet to meet your specificneeds,be it related to finance, accounting or auditing.Create, calculate and analyze with confidenceJump-start your budget, task list, accounting or financialanalysiswith Excel’s modern templates.  Use familiar formulas toruncalculations on your data and analyze them. Try rich featuresandformatting options to make your workbook easier to read anduse. All the spreadsheet features, formats and formulas operate thesameway — no matter what device you use Excel in. Review, edit and work from anywhereReview your Excel files related to any kind of work,likeaccounting, auditing or financial, from any device. Edit yourdataor update your task list from anywhere. There are featureslikesort and filter columns to focus your review. Create,duplicate,hide and unhide sheets in any workbook.Tell a story with your dataInsert common charts to bring your data to life. Use featureslikeadd and edit chart labels to highlight key insights inyourdata.Draw and annotate with inkMake notes, highlight portions of your worksheet, create shapes,orwrite math equations using the draw tab feature in Excel ondeviceswith touch capabilities.Sharing made easyShare your files with a click of a button to quickly inviteothersto edit, view or leave comments directly in your workbooks.Copycontent from your one worksheet to another with orwithoutformulas. Copy content of your worksheet in the body of anemailmessage with its format intact. Attach or copy a link toyourworkbook for other sharing options.REQUIREMENTS• OS version: KitKat (4.4.X) or above• 1 GB RAM or aboveTo create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoftaccounton devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches orsmaller.Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifyingOffice365 subscription (see yourphone, tablet, PC and Mac.Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be chargedtoyour Play Store account and will automatically renew within24hours prior to the end of the current subscription period,unlessauto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manageyoursubscriptions in your Play Store account settings. Asubscriptioncannot be cancelled during the active subscriptionperiod.Please refer to Microsoft’s EULA for Terms of Service for OfficeonAndroid. By installing the app, you agree to these termsandconditions:
Automatic Call Recorder 1.1.101
Automatic call recorder, best phone call recorder forandroid.Pleasedownload Call recorder, You can record any incomingcallsandoutgoing call with high quality. Call recording isautomaticand veryreliable. Call recorder is very easy to use, Youcan setwhich callsare recorded to white list and which areignored. Youcan manage yourrecording files, Listen to therecording, add notesand share it.Synchronized to the cloud aswell. You can set aconversation isimportant, save it and it willbe stored in theimportant category.There are many functions forcall recording,all you need is in thiscall recording appFunctions: - Recordcalls automatically with highquality while youin incoming callsor outgoing calls. - Organizeyour call records.You can view listof files with order by time, bynames. - You canlisten recordings,view detail information of filessuch as: size,location - You cansave recordings to SD card. -Record alltelephony conversations. -Play audio recordedconversations. -Marking recordings asimportant - Show confirmationdialog forsaving the recorded call.Ask immediately after the calland set upin the options. - Lots ofrecording formats (mp3, amr,wav) -Support White list, all numbersor contacts in White list willberecorded. - Support Black list,number in Black list will beignored- Set source (Mic, voice call,a video camera) - Recordincomingcall - Record Outgoing call - Setpassword to protectprivacy - Lockand protect recorded items toprevent fromauto-cleaning Sharefiles: - Dropbox - Google - SMS -Skype,FaceBooks... Hope you likethis Call recorder!
All Call Recorder 2.5
Darez Hiko
Call recorder to record Incoming and Outgoing Call in HDQualityFeature ✆ Auto Call Recorder to Record HD Calls. ✆ CallRecordingAutomatically call recorder working with hd call. ✆ Voicecallrecorder to record voice call. ✆ Call recorder can enableordisable call recording. ✆ It display all the detail aboutrecordlike date ,time and time duration of the call. ✆ After callendedyou will see one conformation dialog box that "Would you liketokeep recorded your call?". ✆ If you don't want particularcallrecording then you can also delete easily with use ofdeleteoption. ✆ HD call recorder can start and stop your recordingcallwith singal touch. ✆ You can also set option for autocleaningrecorded audio with this call record. ✆ In this you canrecordunlimited calls recorder. ✆ It is also used in secretcallrecording because all files are hidden no one call listernyourrecordings using call recorder. ✆ You can also save recordingofyour co workers easily. ✆ You can listen your important phonecallsif after call ended you forget something then easily you canrelivethings call recorder. ✆ Call Recordings are save in SD card.✆ Thisapp is easiest way to record your call. ✆ Record call ofselectedcontacts. ✆ Take backup of contacts and share backup. ✆Sharerecorded call to others with single tap. ✆ Multiplelanguagesupported call recorder so you can select your mother toneandoperate app in that language. ✆ Secret Call Recorder all filesarehidden which are recorded no one can listen withoutthisapplication. ✆ Take backup on the dropbox directly which isveryeasy so if device lost app uninstalled than also you have yourallcall recording. ✆ All Call Recorder take backup in the dropboxsojust turn on the dropbox and allow with authentication. ✆SecretCall Recorder is very useful no can find recordings. ✆ Hiddencallrecorder hide all recordings and upload it on to the dropbox.✆Take backup of your contact and save it on sd card usingthisapplication. ✆ Restore your contacts with this call recorder soallfacility you can use in this call recorder. ✆ Search callmobilenumber using this call recorder so just enter 10 digitmobilenumber and search the detail of mobile number. ✆ Secretcallrecorder and hidden call recorder is very useful to recordcalls. ✆operate call recorder in arabic,spanis,portugish,hindi andenglishlanguage. Notes : ✆ If you find any problem withintellectualproperty violation or DMCA rules break than please mailus [email protected] ✆ We are not accessing your contact oranypersonal information regarding calls.
Dropbox: Cloud Photo Storage 278.2.2
Dropbox, Inc.
Dropbox lets anyone upload and transfer files to the cloud,andshare them with anyone. Back up and sync docs, photos, videos,andother files to cloud storage and access them from any device,nomatter where you are. And with advanced sharing features, it’seasyto share docs and send files—large or small—to family, friends,andco-workers. Features: • Automatically upload videos and photosfromyour camera roll to cloud photo storage—all in thebackground—foreasy video sharing and photo sharing. • Access anyfile in youraccount—even offline—and preview over 175 differentfile types withno special software required. • Easily send largefiles by copyingand pasting a link you can give to anyone, even ifthey don’t havea Dropbox account. • Scan documents, receipts, IDs,photos, andmore using your mobile device and transform them intohigh-qualityPDFs, so you can view and send anywhere. • Sync folderson your PCor Mac to Dropbox with computer backup, and recover olderversionsor restore deleted files with version history and filerecovery.Sign up now for your free Dropbox Plus trial. You’ll get 2TB(2,000 GB) of storage space—that’s enough room to save filesfromall your linked devices. We’ve also introduced some newfeatures aspart of your Plus plan: Dropbox Passwords to store andsyncpasswords across all your devices and Dropbox Vault to secureandorganize your most sensitive documents. And with DropboxRewind,you can roll back any file, folder, or your entire account,up to30 days. Existing Plus customers can upgrade toDropboxProfessional. With 3 TB (3,000GB), you can store allyourstuff—from work projects to personal photos—and have spacetospare. You and your clients can comment on most file typeswithoutleaving Dropbox. And you can protect your work with awatermark,add shared link controls, or rewind your account up to180 days.Before completing payment, you’ll see the plan price. Thisamountwill be charged to your Google Play account and will vary byplanand country. Dropbox subscriptions purchased in app renewmonthlyor yearly, depending on your plan. To avoid auto-renewal,turn itoff in at least 24 hours before your subscription renews.You canturn off auto-renewal anytime from your Google Playaccountsettings. Dropbox is a secure cloud solutions leader trustedbyFortune 500 companies for their most sensitive data. Over14million paid users choose Dropbox because they know they cancounton a company that’s also dedicated to their security andprivacy—nomatter what they do or where they are. Let Dropbox beyourall-in-one file storage, file organizer, file transfer, andfilesharing solution for all your devices—from Android to iPhoneandMac to PC. We’d love to hear from you! Join the Dropboxcommunity: Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
SwiftKey Keyboard
NEW: All themes are now completely free!Upgrade your phone’s keyboard to SwiftKey Keyboard for free-and get more done without fussing over typos. Join over 250millionpeople worldwide who use SwiftKey Keyboard forhassle-freetyping.SwiftKey Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence toautomaticallylearn your writing style, including the emoji you loveto use (ifyou use emoji), the words that matter to you and how youlike totype. That means autocorrect and predictive text thatactuallyworks because it adapts to you.SwiftKey Keyboard caters for all typing tastes - all colors,designsand themes. Support for 150+ languages. Tapping orswipe-to-type.Tons of emoji (smileys, emoticons). No emoji. Oremoji keyboardpredictions learned from how you’ve used emojibefore.- Kills your typos- Type faster with A.I.-powered predictions- Simply swipe-to-type with SwiftKey Flow- Autocorrect that actually works- Always learning your slang, nicknames and phrases- 80+ colors, designs and themes- Emoji keyboard - learns and predicts your favoriteemoticons- Bilingual autocorrect across 150+ languages- Teach the autocorrect your quirks from your online accountsFind out more about SwiftKey’s keyfeatures: 150+ languages, including:English (US, UK, AU, CA)Spanish (ES, LA, US)Portuguese (PT, BR)GermanTurkishFrenchArabicRussianItalianPolishSee the full list of languageshere: Keyboard requests access to your SMS messages in ordertoimprove word predictions based on what you've typed before.Some features are only supported by certain versions ofAndroid.Emoji is supported on Android 4.1 and above. For moreinformationon emoji support and other FAQs, pleasesee© Copyright TouchType Ltd 2017
OneNote 16.0.14931.20304
CREATE YOUR WAYType, hand write, draw, and clip things from the web to getdownyour thoughts into your notebook. Use OneNote's flexible canvastoplace content anywhere you want. You can even scan handwrittennotes or pages straight into OneNote then makethemsearchable.GET ORGANIZEDOneNote is set up like a notebook to bring the familiarphysical3-ring binder to the digital era. Easily use sections andpages toseparate out thoughts by theme at school, home or work. Notsurewhere you categorized something? Use our powerful search tolookacross all of your notebooks or just the page you're on tofindwhat you're looking for, even words on pages you scanned intoyournotes. You can use tags to label to-do lists, follow up items,markwhat's important or make custom labels. Use OneNote as anotebook,journal or a notepad. Organize in one place, fromanyplace.COLLABORATE WITH ANYONEShare your notebook with whomever you want, such as yourcolleaguesor family, and work on your projects together. OneNotesyncs yournotes across all devices and lets multiple people work onthecontent together, at the same time. Leave comments or tagstopeople to ask follow up questions, draw up your ideas, planandjournal the family vacation or check off the to-do list.ACCOMPLISH MORE AT WORKOneNote is great on your own or when you share with a team. Useitas a notepad for team meetings, brainstorming projects,drawattention to important points or organize key resources toneverlose track of what you need. Work together in real time tostay insync and on the same page. You can log in with 2 accounts atthesame time to seamlessly move from work to personal andback.OneNote is available across your favorite devices, no matterwhatyour team likes to use --Android, Apple or Windows-- you canstillwork together to get more done.ACHIEVE MORE IN SCHOOLOneNote is great for school for both students and teachers.Takeyour notes during class with ease, mixing in text, ink, andwebclippings. Use OneNote to organize your brainstorms, draw mindmapsand develop your ideas for your next school assignment. Asateacher, plan your lessons and have all the information youneedright in your pocket and on the go.BETTER TOGETHER WITH OFFICEOneNote is part of the Office family and works great withyourfavorite apps, such as Excel or Word to help you do more.NOTES AT THE SPEED OF LIGHTUse the OneNote badge as a notepad to list your thoughts downnomatter when something crosses your mind. The badge hovers onscreenand lets you quickly write your thoughts down during a phonecall,while on the web or wherever else your mind takes you. Inadditionto the badge you can launch OneNote from a home screenwidget orpin a notebook or page straight to the home screen helpingyou divein faster, right where you want.You can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about OneNoteforAndroid at  Requirements:  • Requires Android OS 4.1 or later.  • A free Microsoft account is required touseOneNote.  • OneNote opens existing notebooks created in Microsoft OneNote2010format or later. • To sync your notes to OneDrive for Business, sign in withyourorganization's Office 365 or SharePoint account. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or visit the blog forthelatest news: 
Easy Sound Recorder 1.10.13
Tools Dev
This easy recorder (tape recorder) is a totally free recordingappfor everyone. Easy Sound Recorder has a succinct andclearinterface, making sure you can record sound and record musiceasilyand without obstacles. The sound recorder providesextra-longrecordable time, and you can suspend the recording at anytime. 📼💯🎙️ It is a lightweight app for all range of people 😃Forstudents:record lectures and speech for taking notes after class😃Forstaffs: record the entire meetings and report 😃Forinterviewers:record long interview in high quality 😃For musicians:recordinspiration and rehearsal 😃For household: record noise intheneighborhood ⏺️ Sound Recorder Features: ⏩Record sound inhighquality in AMR format ⏩Record without interruption⏩Allowsuspending recording ⏩Share, rename and set as ringtone⏩Display inascending or descending order by date, length, and size⏩Allowbackground recording even when you exit the recordinginterface⏩Record without even opening the app with its widget ⏩Thecolor ofthe microphone changes with the recording status Toavoidunnecessary losses, you need to pay attention to: 1.Make sureyouhave selected the audio (click the small box in front) whenyouneed to set recordings. 2.For privacy and legal reasons,phonecalls are not allowed to record. Only for outer speakerrecording.3.Pause your recording by pressing the button in themiddle, andfinish recording by pressing the √ button
Phone Call Recorder - Free 1.9
The "Phone Call Recorder" is a free automaticcallrecordingapplication. It records any call from alandline,telephone, mobilephone. There is no limit in therecording. It isan unlimitedtelephone call recorder. This callrecording app hasmany featuresand all are completely free like,records incomingcalls, recordsoutgoing calls, block recording forany specificnumbers or to allnumbers, add recorded call intofavorites, andshare them anywhereRecord phone conversation is amust-haveapplication for everymobile device, which helps tomaintain theimportant calls torecord. Like a conversation withfriends orfamily, interviews,meeting over the mobile phone, etc..."PhoneCall Recorder" won'tput any restrictions in save recording aslongas the user devicehas space, the application will keeprecording.The best way torecords a phone call, use the defaultsetting of theapplication.But, recordings in all mobile devicesdon't work on thedefaultsetting. If there is any problem, tryvarious recordingoptionsfrom the application setting. "Phone CallRecorder"application hasan easy user interface. it'sself-explanatory.Incoming recordingsstore in the incoming box andoutgoing store inthe outgoing box.You can play, delete, favorites,call, and manymore options with asingle tap. Sometimes the recordedvoice is notclear on defaultaudio sources, this application hasoptions in MP3recording withvolume increase and decrease. Simplyturn onrecording in MP3 fromthe application's settings. Thefeatures ofthe great mobile phonecall recording app are: 1. RecordIncomingand Outgoing calls 2.Record unlimited calls, norestrictions, andcompletely free 3.Playback recorded calls in theapplication orwith external players4. Block recording whichever youdon't want 5.Delete un-wantedrecorded calls 6. Record calls in MP37. Add callsto favorites 8.Support multiple file types. Like 3GP,AMR, MP3 andMPEG_4 9. Sharerecorded calls 10. Add recorded contactto yourphone contact listif it's not available in your contactsWith thesegreat featuresand options in this complete free phonerecorder app,why not giveit a try!!! tmsapps team always eager toknow thefeedback fromtheir users. Share your valuable feedbackabout theapp. Feel freeto provide your feedback and suggestion tooursupport mail id [email protected]
Call recorder: CallRec 3.6.13
PLEASE, READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PROGRAM, THIS ISIMPORTANT!"Call recorder" - an application for automatic and manualcallrecording and a voice recorder. IMPORTANT! Before theinstallationof the program, turn off all the call recordingprograms! As thecall recording is forbidden in certain countries,some manufacturesturn off the possibility of recording the phonecalls! IMPORTANT!If the application doesn't record the calls in agood quality,please, try different setting options (the instructionis in theprogram menu "Help". Please, read it first!) Everyone whowants tohelp in the development and quality improvement of theapplicationis invited to take part in alfa/betatesting: during conversation • Start / stop record manually•Comments, favorites and start recording with one movement -bypressing just one button "Edit" you automatically startrecording,open the editing window and the record will be added tofavorites(VERY EASY!) • Favorites and start recording with onemovement - bypressing just one button "Favorites" you automaticallystartrecording and add it to favorites (VERY EASY!) • When you addacomment and a record to favorites, and the "Dialogafterconversation" function were ON, the program will understandthatthe conversation is important to you and won't ask "Do you wanttosave this conversation?" (VERY EASY!) • Time marks (VERY EASY!)•Shake the device to add a mark or start recording Recordonlyimportant conversations • Don't save shortconversations(Conversations lasting less than N seconds) • Separatesettings forincoming and outgoing calls (Record all, Don't record,Record onlycontacts, Record all except contacts) • Pause before thebeginningof recording • Save or delete recording right afterconversationSynchronization with Google Drive Easy managed recorder• Adjustingwidget • Constant reminding in the notification panel(Record /stop, Add comment, Add to favorites) - quick access to therecorder(VERY EASY!) • Shake the device to add a mark Choose thequality ofrecording • Recording in "amr", "mp4" or "wav" with thepossibilityto select quality of the record. View recordedconversations •Groups (All/ Incoming/ Outgoing/ Favorites) •Sorting by (Date,Subscriber's name, Phone number, Duration, Filesize) • Searchbetween all records • Quick filtering by selectednumber Edit,manage recorded conversations • Editing the informationaboutrecord • Time marks • Call the program's subscriber •Protectionfrom the removal of record (Favorites) • Automaticremoval ofrecords • Send records via available transmission media •Changerecords' storage place Notifications • Turn off thenotificationsof the beginning of recording • Notification modewhile recording:"Don't show the icon" - no notifications, "Showwhile recording" -notification appears only while recordingconversation, "Showduring the call" - notification appears afterthe call starts(Gives the opportunity to: start / stop recordingmanually, add acomment, add to favorites. VERY EASY!) • "Save therecord afterconversation" dialog • Notification in case ofrecording error •Notification after removing the records You cansend yourrecommendations, or any information about errors orproblems of theprogram to my e-mail PS: THANK YOU VERY MUCH inadvance! I willreally appreciate your evaluation and comments.
All Call Recorder 1.57.2
Android Labs
Simple and efficient call recorder solution for your Androidphone.It is compatible with Android 12. AllCallRecorder recordsincomingand outgoing calls on your Android phone. It savestelephoneconversations in 3gp files. It has minimum settingsandautomatically detects the best call recording method foryourphone. You can send recorded calls via e-mail, any cloudstorage,messengers, bluetooth, etc To delete or send a singlerecord, longtype on it to show context menu.
Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder Pro 12.5
Call Recorder Automatic is the complete solution for phonecallrecording. How to record a phone call on your Android? Theeasiestway is to choose Automatic Call Recorder Pro - best phonecallrecording app with a beautiful redesign in 2021! Auto callrecorderis your new choice for phone call recording. Functions: -Caller ididentifies unknown phone numbers - Record calls per phonenumber orcontact name - Exclude recording per phone number orcontact name -Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus optimized - Record yourcallsautomatically while calling - Automatic Call Recorder -AdvancedFile Manager - You can play back, or save your call to mp3files onyour SD card - Record all outgoing calls - Record allincomingcalls - Record all phone call conversations - Play audiorecordedconversations - Delete recorded conversations - Send callsto email- After Call confirmation dialog for saving the recordedcall - SetAudio Quality Auto call recorder is a the best free callrecorderapplication with these features: - Record incoming andOutgoingcall - Favorite - Search - Marking recordings as important- Multiselect, delete, send - Excluded numbers - Set password toprotectprivacy - Set different audio format (MP3, WAV) -Differentrecording modes by number, contact, non-contact or justselectedcontacts - Enable/Disable call recording - Play recordedaudio -Share recorded items - Playback through speaker or earpieceon yourphone Share files: - Dropbox - Google Drive - SMS - Whatsapp-Viber - Skype Thank you for using Automatic Call Recorder Pro
Microsoft PowerPoint 16.0.13426.20258
The PowerPoint app gives you access tothefamiliar tool you know and use across devices. QuicklyaccessPowerPoint to create, edit, view, present, or share quicklyandeasily from anywhere. Need to access your most recentlyusedPowerPoint Presentation files quickly while on the go? Noproblem,PowerPoint provides a quick view of the files you have beenworkingon for easy access on any device. Worried about multiplefileversions when you work on PowerPoint mobile? Syncing isseamlessacross devices. Work with anyone and present to anyone,anywherewith confidence. With PowerPoint, your Office moves withyou.PowerPoint lets you make a lasting impression with a powerfulandcustomizable presentations that let you stand out amongstyourpeers. Now you can create and present with confidence,fromanywhere. Making a delightful and impactful presentation hadneverbeen so easy, PowerPoint gives you the ability to edityourpresentation and customize it on the go, collaborating withothersin real-time.Present with confidenceNever miss a beat with PowerPoint on the go. You can makenewpresentations or continue working on previouslycreatedpresentations. PowerPoint syncs your presentations toOneDrive, youcan start a presentation using a desktop copy ofPowerPoint andthen edit and present using PowerPoint Online. Withpresentationview on any device make your point heard and present itwithconfidence, all without firing up your laptop. Make a lasting impressionA beautifully crafted presentation is always a winner. Withthepowerful and highly customizable experience in PowerPoint,creatingpresentations that will make an impression and help youstand outis easier than ever. Now you can do it on any device andeasilybuild a presentationWorking with others made easyPowerPoint makes it easy for you to collaborate yourpresentationswith others. With 1-click sharing quickly inviteothers to edit,view, or provide feedback on your presentationslides. Easilymanage access permissions and see who’s working inyourpresentation. Stay on top of changes and feedback from otherwithintegrated comments within the presentation slides. It letsyoucompare the changes to see how your presentation evolvedovertime.REQUIREMENTS• OS version: KitKat (4.4.X) or above• 1 GB RAM or aboveTo create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoftaccounton devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches orsmaller.Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience with a qualifyingOffice365 subscription (see yourphone, tablet, PC and Mac.Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be chargedtoyour Play Store account and will automatically renew within24hours prior to the end of the current subscription period,unlessauto-renewal is disabled beforehand. You can manageyoursubscriptions in your Play Store account settings. Asubscriptioncannot be cancelled during the active subscriptionperiod.Please refer to Microsoft’s EULA for Terms of Service for OfficeonAndroid. By installing the app, you agree to these termsandconditions:
Call recorder 4.7.2
AM Company
Call Recorders Is a simple application that allows you to recordallyour phone conversations directly on your Android device, youcanconfigure it in your way, TRY IT. With this Call Recorder youwillno longer have to take notes of telephone conversations, youwillnot need to memorize addresses or phone numbers. You just haveto goto the inbox and listen to the recordings of your phonecalls. ThisCall Recorder features an easy-to-use, simple-to-useinterface, youroptions for recording phone calls will turn thiscall recorder intoyour favorite application. Just download thisrecorder andautomatically record all calls, incoming and outgoing.
Auto Call Recorder Pro 2016 4
« Automatic Call Recorder Pro2016 »Now You can record all incoming and outgoing call withgood audioquality. You can make your recording, its like aAutomatic CallRecorder 2015 Pro with beautiful theme for your eyes,believe meyou need to try it.Record any incoming and outgoing phone call you want andchoosewhich calls you want to save. You can set which calls arerecordedand which are ignored. Listen to the recording.Feature:• Recording will save in you selected format.• You can enable/disable notification for start recording.• Choose audio format.• You can also save selected call recording.• Enable/Disable passcode lock and change passcode.• ON/OFF call recording.• Inbuilt audio player for play your recording.• Delete recorded item.• Just use Automatic Call Recorder Pro 2016• Play or Stop the recorded calls by single touch.• Delete recorded call audios.• Configure Call Recorder – Can also set the Auto Cleaning timeforrecording.• Confirmation dialog: Would you like to keep recorded call thatisshown just after the call EndUse free call recorder 2015 when you cannot remember what wassaidon a call; when you want to know exactly what was said; or whenyouwant to hear the voice of a loved one.Your life will get smarter.Thanks for your support Automatic Call Recorder Pro 2016.