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Dr. Chess
SUD Inc.
Online chess game!
Gamma Play
Your new challenging Checkers game. Download Now!
Chessify: Scan & Analyze chess
Play chess vs computer or friends & analyze games withcloudStockfish 14 engine
Trap and flip your opponent's pieces to control the board!
Gomoku Pro
Play this classic 5-in-a-line board game now on 9x9, 11x11 and15x15boards!
Backgammon Classic + Online
Put your skills and luck to the test with this challengingboardgame.
Draughts Pro
Enjoy the most powerful INTERNATIONAL DRAUGHTS game (10x10)evermadefor mobile phones. Gorgeous graphics in High Definition,tonsoffeatures, a fierce opponent, along with an uniqueandsmoothinterface. It includes a graphical editor allowing youtoquicklysetup a position and share it with a friend by mail (FENTaginPDN). Even better than this, you can modify on the fly thegameyouare playing. Build your games database by importing PDNfiles orbysaving your favorite games. Find your games quicklythanks tothepreview tool. Analyse thousand games of professionalplayersthanksto the replay features (You can jump to a specificmovethanks tothe move list). Designed for both Tablets and PhonesKeyFeatures:* 3 Game modes: Fischer Cadence (Blitz games arepossible!),Seconds By move and Trainings * 10 Difficulty levels*Openingbooks from the best Draughts Player:Sijbrands,Georgiev,Schwarzman, Chizhov, ... * 'Setup position'Editor *Import andexport games in PDN format * Thinking on opponenttime *Replayfeatures ( Jump to a specific move, watch, rewind, ...)* 1or 2players mode * Load and save games in your library *Shareyourgames by mail * 2 themes: Wood and Cartoon in 2D or 3D*Optimizedfor multicore processors * Polished andintuitiveinterface * SwypeLeft/Right to Undo/Redo * Breathtakinganimations* Preview yourgame before loading * Big fingers friendly* Englishand Frenchsupported * Instant Help Try Dr Checkers bydownloadingDr CheckersFree Edition. Become a fan of Dr CheckersonFacebook: Dr CheckersPageis onGoogle+, join the community to know theincomingfeatures: on twitter:
Chess PGN Master 2.8.1
Gerhard Kalab
This is the trial version of ChessPGNMaster.Browse through chess e-books available in PGN format or watchlivetournaments as they occur (if there's a PGN file available ontheweb which is regularly updated).The trial version allows you to view:- the first 20 games of a PGN file- the first 5 games of a live PGN filePlease buy the pro key to remove restrictions and to enableeditmode:* Easy navigation (tap on left or right side of the board tomovethe pieces)* Analyze games with the integrated analysis engine (outputlimitedto one move in trial version) - start with menu -Analyisisstart/stop* Add more UCI chess engines for analysis (e.g. use theenginesdistributed with Chessbase)* Autoplay (automatically move the pieces, time between moves canbeset in settings)* Live update of games (a PGN file from the web which isupdatedwill automatically be reloaded once a minute)* Dropbox support (load PGN files from your Dropbox)* includes a PGN file with 6 annotated games from"ChessFundamentals" by former world champion José RaúlCapablanca* Edit mode (PRO only): try out analyzed lines, edit annotationsandvariations* Blunder check* Supports many languages (e.g. Russian, Chinese) inannotations(see Preferences - Set encoding)* Share games with other programs (Chess programs, Google+,...),share from Chessbase Online* Can read Scid database files if "Scid on the go"isinstalled* Automatically convert ChessBase databases to PGN if "CBH toPGN"is installed* Support for chess engines in open exchange format like KomodoorTexelChess960 is NOT supported.IF YOU FIND A PGN FILE THIS PROGRAM CANNOT LOAD PLEASECONTACTME.
Play this classic 5-in-a-line board game now on 9x9, 11x11 and15x15boards!
SaioApp - The strongest Othello engine
Saio (System Artificial Intelligence Othello) The strongestOthelloengine in the world developed in about 15 years by the 3timesItalian Othello Champion Romano Benedetto. Now available onyourAndroid Device with all his features: - Play vs the engineatspecific time limit or fixed depth of search - Eval bests moves-Eval all moves - Show detailed Library values - WThor gamesarchivewith all games of official tournaments from 1977 - Showstatisticsfrom games archive - You can study a specific playerdirectly onthe board - Regressive Analysis of all the games -Endgame Tutormode, Single good move and single line to avoid losethe game -InApp buy of the INCREDIBLE BIG Library 8GB with 180Mmoves,240.443 draw lines - Download Library in SD card, useexFatfilesystem format! - Rotate board - Load games from list ofmovesin the clipboard - Export list of moves to the clipboard toeasyshare in chats - Show transcript of the game - Edit board - Fixtheline that Saio play - Select of random XOT opening - Study modetohelp to memorize openings - Gameplay mode with rank levelofdifficult - Middlegames play mode with rank points and levelofdifficulty - Endgames play mode with rank points and levelofdifficulty - Online classify for ranked games play mode Whobuyedthe FULL Library now can: - Expand the Library, manuallyorautomatically (press for 3 seconds on Library) - Expand fixedlines- Automatically fill nodes not yet present on the line - Canstartfrom the standard library too - Merge Incremental Library totheMain Library The engine of Saio is actually the STATE OF THE ARTofthe informatic knowledge about search in game trees, and isREALLYaccurate to eval moves. SaioApp contain all the firsts 12moves ofhis INCREDIBLE BIG Library of moves. After you can buy theFULL 8GBLibrary developed in about 10 years and continue to beexpanded.The FULL library actually permit to Saio to NEVER LOSE AGAME,using the datagram algorithm build during Ph.D Thesis "How tobuilda library to never lose a game". You can explore all thelibraryvalues and know what sequences are really draw, lose or win.Youwill have the definitive knowledge of the Othello moves withtheyreal values. Designed for Professional Players that need thebestengine ever, created to beat all others engines. ThankstoAlessandro Di Mattei and Paolo Scognamiglio for they support tobefirst in the world to buy SaioApp and to contribute to Test andaddfeatures.
Backgammon Mighty
Tough Pixels
Play backgammon offline against AI or play it online and livewiththe others!
Mobialia Chess
The best app for chess lovers: Play against AI or online at FICSorICC
Checkers Puzzles - Free Draughts Task
Bros Ogon's
Logical checkers puzzles according to the rules of Russian draughts
Chess Free - Play Magnus 4.0.9
Play Magnus
Want to test your chess skills againsttheWorld Champion of Chess? Now you can! Play Magnus offers youtheopportunity to play chess against the official MagnusCarlsen"tuned" chess engine and gives you the chance to qualify toplayMagnus Carlsen Live at a secret location! Play Magnus onyoursmartphone - it's free!Play Magnus supports 1 player gameplay, while future versionswilloffer multiplayer functionality.In the meantime, test your skills against challenging theMagnusCarlsen computer opponent and share with your friends toearnadditional points!Play Magnus offers exciting features, including:- Magnus Carlsen tuned chess engine with generalfunctionality- Sharing functions- Chance to qualify to Play Magnus Live at a secretlocationannually
Addictive, challenging and beautiful - test yourself in thisancientgame!
Checkers Premium
Take the classic game of Checkers with you wherever you gowithCheckers Premium
Quoridor: PVP logic board game
Improve your logic and IQ! Connect with your friends and Playonlinematch pvp
64 - Russian Chess Magazine 17/01
Chess King
The most famous Russian chess magazine is now on Android!
Stick Tennis
* WIRED - Essential App * The Telegraph -MustHave App *Easy to play yet difficult to master, Stick Tennis offers fastandfluid gameplay and a huge range of unique player stylesandcharacteristics to unlock and play.With just a simple one-fingered swipe you’ll soon bethumpingcrosscourt winners, yet at the core of Stick Tennis is ahighlysophisticated physics engine that rewards tacticalplay.* Take on the all-time greats in WORLD DOMINATION* Steer your favorite player to success in the SLAMS* Earn trophies and bonus balls in the DAILY CHALLENGE* Secure bragging rights in FRIENDS CHALLENGE* Improve your game at the CASUAL SETS TENNIS CLUB* Unlock TEN realistic court surfaces from around the globe* Unlock more than SEVENTY playersNew balls please!Important message: This game includes in-app purchases***New York Times“If you’re into tennis even just a bit you may love Stick Tennis.Ithas cute graphics and surprisingly good gameplay.”The Sun“Incredibly addictive. You’ll soon find yourself hooked.”Pocketgamer ‘Top Ten’“It’s often better when sports games go all out for raw,dementedplayability. Stick Tennis demands instant reactions.Getthis.”***Follow us on Twitter: @StickSportsBy downloading this app you are accepting ourEULA: message: This game includes in-app purchases.
Reversi Pro
Trap and flip your opponent's pieces to control the board!
Chess Coach Pro
Improve your chess skills with a thematic collection of puzzlesandopenings!