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Data Usage - Data Manager 1.3.5
Manage and track the data usage on your smartphone.
Data counter widget - usage
Roy Solberg
Data counter widget keeps track of howmuchnetwork traffic your mobile uses.Danish, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian,Spanishand Swedish translation available.Discreet and simple widget that can be placed on your home screentokeep an eye on your network usage. Shows wifi / wlan and 4G /LTE /3G / GPRS traffic.Try out the new quota in the pro version. :)You can customize the user interface and configurewidgetsindividually - just take a look at the screenshots.Please report any bugs. :)Pro version features:- Quota- Turn off display of cell/wifi individually- More background colours- More font coloursIf you want to become a beta tester of Data counter widget andstayahead of the rest, please checkout you want to see Data counter widget in your language (ormaybeyou've seen a few words missing translation) please goto with the translation. It is very much appreciated. :)covfefe
My Data Manager - Data Usage 9.2.3
My Data Manager is the best app to helpyoutake control of your mobile data usage and save money onyourmonthly phone bill. Over 11.5 million users have downloaded MyDataManager. Use My Data Manager every day to track how much datayouuse and get alerts before you run out of data or getchargedunnecessary overage fees.And now (in the US only), My Data Manager includes PlanMatcher™,which keeps tabs on mobile plans from dozens of carriersandautomatically recommends the best ones based on yourusagehistory.Key features of My Data Manager:· Data Tracker: Monitor your data usage on mobile, Wi-Fi,androaming· Call & Text Tracking: Monitor how many call minutes ortextmessages you have left· Alarms: Set custom usage alarms to avoid overage charges andbillshock· App Tracker: Know what apps are using the most data· Shared Plan: Track data usage across everyone in your sharedorfamily plan· Across Devices: Manage data across multiple devices· History: Track historical consumption to ensure you’re ontheright data plan· Save Money: Maximize how you use your data and get more outofyour planUse My Data Manager to track how much data you use, monitorwhatapps are using the most data, and get alerts before you run outofdata and get charged unnecessary overage fees.What are People saying about My Data Manager?"You can install a free app called My Data Manager, it trackshowmuch data you are using and which apps are using the mostcellulardata." - David Pogue, Yahoo Tech"My Data Manager does a great job at keeping track of everythingsoyou can stay under your limit. It is pretty amazing anddefinitelya great tool." - Android Headlines“My Data Manager ... is the best Android app for monitoringandtaking control of the amount of data your Android is using” –BestAndroid Apps Review“Monitoring your data use has become an essential task ... whichiswhy apps like My Data Manager are becoming soimportant.”ZDNet“My Data Manager is an incredibly convenient tool” – CNET“Added support for per-app usage tracking on AndroidNdevices.What's New?Added support for per-app usage tracking on Android Ndevices.Note: some users on Marshmallow were also affected by this (alldatawas being attributed to "OS Services"). Please update tothisversion to resolve this issue.Check out these links to recent Reviews: Data Manager works well on networks around the world,includingAT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, ChinaMobile,China Unicom, China Telecom, Vodafone, Airtel, Vivo, TIM,Claro,Orange, SFR, China Telecom, SK Telecom, NTT docomo, EE, O2,andmany more.We value your feedback and would love to hear from you.Pleasecontact us using the Feedback button in the app.Note: SD storage is not supported. If placed on the SD cardthemonitoring service will be disrupted in some cases.
Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter 1.0.205
Network Traffic on Status-bar + Data Usage Analyzer
Data Usage Hotspot Monitor - NeoData 2.7.4
NeoData shows the amount of data used, easy and accurate withjustone click instead of logging in to My Operator Mobile HotspotUsageMonitor: ✔ Keep track of your hotspot usage with out having tologinto Operator account. ✔ Set Limits for Mobile Hotspot usage.Trackhotspot usage and share your internet at home consciously.Controlyour wireless data plan: ✔ Exclude free apps(zero ratedapps) fromthe counter data plan. ✔ Data Tracker: Monitor your datausage onmobile, Wi-Fi, roaming, 3G, 4G. ✔ Data plan usage: Set upalarmsfor the usage of your plan. ✔ Widget of Real time plan usageontask bar and screen. ✔ Daily Data Usage indicators Dual SIMphonessupport Android 6-9. (Support removed by Google on Android10) ✔Dual SIM App. You can control each plan individually. ManageeachSIM data usage, for example, you can separate your phonebillaccording to your needs: business/personal; Fortravellers;International SIM/local SIM; Prepaid/Pospaid etc.Monitor yournetwork coverage. Network usage monitor. ✔ Shows to theoperatorswhen and where network downtime and mobile internetproblems arehappening. Works for Vodafone, ATT, Cricket, Movistar,Verizon.Screen Time. Usage Phone. ✔ Monitor and get real timereports onhow much time you spend on your smartphone and on yourfavoriteapps. Phone Usage and digital detox. Please, contacting usat:[email protected]
GlassWire Data Usage Monitor 3.0.380r
SecureMix LLC
Protection from data usage overages, bandwidth wasting apps,andmore!
Usage Analyzer: apps usage 1.0.139
Know how you use your apps - Apps time, call time, Charts,history,data usage
Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G/5G Speed 12.2.0
Demand more. Have it all at your fingertips. Speed - Data -QualityWith the ad-free Traffic Monitor you can check your 3G / 4Gand 5Gspeed and keep an eye on network coverage and data usage onyoursmartphone. Integrated key-features: speed test for 3G / 4G and5Gnetworks, inspection of network availability and datausagemonitoring. Speed test The speed test of the Traffic Monitorshowsyou the speed and latency of your UMTS, LTE, 5G and Wi-Finetworkon a speedometer, separated into upload, download and pingspeed.After each test you receive an assessment of your result,comparingit to users in your region. So you can find out if yousurf the netfaster or slower than the rest of the world. All speedtests arearchived with all details and can be accessed anytime andviewed onthe integrated map view. The archived data helps you torecognizespeed variations quickly. Coverage Discover the reasons ofbadnetwork performance with Traffic Monitor! The coverage mapdisplaysnetwork availability depending on your current position.Thenetwork coverage of each provider is shown on the coverage mapforselect countries, with more countries added over time.RoamingAvoid unpleasant surprises after your holidays. TrafficMonitordetects foreign networks if you are abroad and showsdedicatedroaming counters. So you can always keep an eye on yourroamingusage. Data usage Monitor your data usage in aself-specifiedperiod of time. Therefore you can set all yourdetails of your dataplan like the starting date of your billingperiod or your maximaldata allowance. You can also choose betweenweekly, monthly or30-day billing period lengths. Traffic Monitormeasures your datausage in general and by app. So you are alwayswell-informedbecause Traffic Monitor warns you if you have exceededyourspecified data volume. In addition, data usage abroad isshownseparately so that you can track your roaming chargeseasily.Traffic Monitor is for free and does not contain any ads! Wearehappy about positive ratings and your feedback :-). Thank you!
Network Monitor Mini Pro 1.0.270
Configurable live network meter, real time network bandwidthandconnections
Internet Speed Meter 1.4.10
Internet Speed Meter displays yourinternetspeed in status bar and shows the amount of data usedinnotification pane. This helps you to monitor networkconnectionanytime while using your device.Lite Features- Real time speed update in status bar and notification.- Daily traffic usage in notification.- Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.- Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days.- Battery efficientPro FeaturesNotification DialogA notification dialog appears when you tap thenotificationhaving- Graph to monitor last minute internet activity- Time and usage of current sessionSmarter notificationsNotification appears only when you are connected to internet.Youcan change priority of notification. You can also hidethenotification when connection is idle for specified amountoftime.Themes supportYou can manually select the color of UI.Blue status bar iconOption to choose between blue or white status bar icon. (onlyforKitKat and below versions of Android)Upload and Download SpeedOption to show upload and download speed inseparatenotifications.Warning: Do not move this app to SD card. It will stop (Forceclose)when you remove the card.
DataEye | Save Mobile Data 2.2.135
DataEye saves you mobile data and battery by letting youmanageyourmobile data traffic and helping you discover thelatestOffers. Appbased data usage control means there is no morehiddenfees ordata-heavy background traffic. You enjoy thebestmobileapplications and websites with a peace-of-mind. 1)ACCESSAMAZINGOFFERS – We save you mobile data and money by bringingyougreatoffers on the most popular apps. 2) KNOW WHERE YOUR DATAGOES– Youdeserve to know how your data is used, so we let youcontrolit onan app-by-app basis. This way you keep more of yourmobiledata andmoney. 3) EXTEND YOUR BATTERY LIFE – Unwantedbackgrounddatadrains your phone's battery. By putting you in chargeof yourdatausage we significantly increase your phone’s batterylife. 4)GOGLOBAL – Data doesn’t stay local, so we make it easy tomanageyourmobile data, even while roaming. With DataEye, youdiscoveranamazing world of data free Apps and finally take chargeofyourmobile data usage! *We are working hard to bringmoremobileoperators onboard with Offers. Your mobile operator maynotprovideany currently but you can enjoy DataEye to save mobiledataandextend your battery life.
SpeedChecker Speed Test 2.6.77
Easy and accurate mobile and Wi-Fi SpeedTest up to 1 Gb/s. UK,USAand Worldwide
Network Speed - Internet Speed 2.7.5
⚡Monitor your network speed in real time on your status barorfloating widget
Wifi Speed Test Master lite 1.6.0
Super Lite speed check app. Internet speed meter. FastWi-Fi/Networkspeed test.
Internet Speed Test SPEEDCHECK
Use Speedcheck - Internet Speed Test to quickly check yourinternetconnection and measure your internet performance. The mostaccurateinternet test, trusted by millions of users on Android, theweb andiOS. Perform unlimited ethernet, cellular/mobile or wifispeedtests, no pay wall to run more tests. Independent Trustedbymillions of users, we are not affiliated with any internetserviceprovider, making us the ideal tool to check yourinternetconnection without bias. Our export tools allow you to usethe testresults to hold your internet provider accountable.AccurateEverywhere in the World Our internet speed test isreliableeverywhere worldwide due to a testing network ofhigh-performance10Gbps servers. This allows fast and accurate speedreadings evenfor the fastest internet connections. Unlike otherspeed test apps,we are ready for 5G speed tests. Scheduled SpeedTests Theautomatic check feature even gives you the ability toscheduleperiodic speed tests to monitor your internet connectionand speedcontinually. Works with Any Type of Connection Speedcheckcan beused either as an internet speed meter for yourcellularconnections ( 5G, LTE, 4G, 3G) or a wifi analyzer toperform a wifispeed test for wifi hotspots. Performing an internetspeed testworks on 4G, 5G, DSL, ADSL, Fiber or Broadband. Evensatelliteconnections like Starlink work, really any internetconnection youcan imagine we can test. Advanced Tools whenMeasuring WiFiNetworks If you activate advanced Wi-Fi statistics,the appmeasures the actual Wi-Fi connection speed in your network.Withthis, you can check if your WiFi or your internet connectionislimiting your internet experience. Diagnose your NetworkOuradvanced tools can help you find the optimal location toplaceWi-Fi routers or remove common connection issues. If youexperienceproblems with your internet, our team is also alwaysthere to help.Just send us an email. New to Internet Speed Testing?- We have youCovered Even though our speed test is easy to run,simply measuringspeed isn't that helpful if you don't know what theresults aretelling you. To make your internet speed results easiertounderstand, we give you a simple overview of how importantinternetservices like email, web surfing, gaming, video streamingorchatting will perform for you. Feature Overview * Testyourdownload and upload speed and latency (ping) * 5G and LTEspeedtest: Check the speed of your mobile carrier, even thefastestconnections * WiFi speed test: Analyze the internet speed ofyourWiFi hotspot, your net, and ISP * Schedule automatic checkstomonitor your connection over time. For example, if youareexperiencing issues around a certain time of day, you canschedulea speed check to run multiple tests during this particulartimewindow. * Check and verify if your internet service providerisdelivering on its service promise * Keep track of all yourpastspeed tests and measurements with an intuitive test historyalongwith detailed overviews for every test taken. * We make iteasy foryou to share your tests with your friends and followers onsocialmedia with a custom image for each speed test If you made itthisfar, here is a treat for you. You can remove all ads foreverbygoing to Settings > Remove Ads > Tap 7x on thepicture.Download this SpeedTest app for the best, easiest and mostreliableway to run an internet speed test and monitor networkconnectionquality and performance for all your internetconnections. If youexperience any issues, have questions orsuggestions, we are happyto help. Just send us an email [email protected]
WiFi Monitor: network analyzer 2.6.18
Information about WiFi networks and connected devices. Helpstosetup a router.
App Usage - Manage/Track Usage 5.16
Sam Lu
App Usage is the easiest to use butpowerfulapplication management app.It provides the following key features:★ Show app usage history: gather the usage time aboutappsthat you used★ Check phone history: gather counts of you checkedthephone★ Show activity history: gather the time that youopenapps★ Over-use reminder: remind when you spend on phone orappsfor a long time★ Most used apps - show most used apps on widgets oranotification★ Track all installs: keep track of all installsanduninstalled apps★ App install reminder: notify when apps installed andthesummary of daily installed apps★ Manage apps: 1-tap to uninstall apps, sort apps byvariousoptionsDue to the limitation of Android, the app usage can only betrackedwhen you are using the app and screen is on.► SHOW APP USAGE HISTORYDo you know how much time you spend on an app? Do you know thetotaluse time of a day or average use time of an app?This function lists the usage time of apps by you preferredsortingorder. This usage information is helpful for you to checkwhichapps should be uninstalled as they are not used. It can alsobeused for spying whether an app has been used by someoneelse.► CHECK PHONE HISTORYDo you know how many times a day that you check your phone?This function shows the daily count that you checked your phoneineither a bar chart or calendar view.► SHOW ACTIVITY HISTORYDo you know the time that you open Messaging or E-Mail app inaday?This function shows the time that you open an app in eitheratimeline or calendar view.► OVER-USE REMINDERThis function reminds you when you spend on phone or apps for alongtime.► MOST USED APPSThis function shows a list of your most used apps on widgetsorsystem notification. It's a convenient way to quick start theappsyou use most frequently.► TRACK ALL INSTALLSDo you know which app has been installed or uninstalledwithoutgetting your confirmation? Do you know how frequent updatesof anapp?This function tracks and lists the history of all installedanduninstalled apps by you preferred sorting order. It'sconvenientfor you to track how many apps updated in a day, and howfrequentupdates of an app.► APP INSTALL REMINDERThis function reminds you when an app installed and the summaryofdaily apps installation.► MANAGE APPSDo you know which apps that are not used for a long time? Youcanget more available space by uninstalling apps, but which oneisbloatware?This function lists apps by app name, usage time, accesscount,update time or size, and allows you to uninstall apps easilyandquickly.FEATURES★ Phone/App usage, activity, and check phone history★ Daily usage, over-use reminder★ Most used apps★ App installation history★ App install reminder★ Keep track of uninstalled apps so you can install themlater★ Batch uninstall apps★ Root uninstaller, 1-tap to uninstall apps, rooteddevicerequired★ Add personal notes for each app★ Sort apps by name, usage time, access count, update timeorsize★ Show apps in multi-column view★ Batch clear apps cache or data★ Batch shows the App info window of selected apps★ Batch view apps on Google Play★ Easy search apps by name★ Share the apps list with friends★ Support Android 2.3 ~ 7.xWe have been selected as a Google I/O 2011 DeveloperSandboxpartner, for its innovative design and advancedtechnology.If you'd like to help to translate this app to yournativelanguage, please send me an email. Thanks.Credits:Dutch - Roy MunstermanFrench - Morgane LOPVETGerman - Marcus BarkhahnItalian - Michele MondelliPolish - Dawid ZielińskiRussian - Идрис a.k.a. МансурSimplified Chinese - PerqinSpanish - Xavier Novella SindeSwedish - Göran Helsingborg
Speed Check Light 5G/4G/WiFi
Lightweight Internet Speed Check Tool
Pingmon - network ping monitor 4.2.14
Ping Monitor is an audible graphical ping tool. Test quality ofyourinternet
Internet Speed Test Original 7.0
Test internet speed of any network and check data usage withthisSpeed Test app
Speed test 4G 5G WiFi & maps 2.14.6
Network speed test & internet coverage - Speed Test forwifi,3G, 4G LTE, 5G
Cell Signal Monitor Pro 6.0.12
The application collects data about base stations of mobile network
Signal Strength 26.2.3
Check your 4G/5G/Wifi Signal strength or speed at your home/office
Speedcheck is the only speed test that lets you test yourinternetconnection on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, keep trackof yourspeed tests and contribute your results to a crowdsourcedmap ofWi-Fi Hotspots that shows the speed of each hotspot. You canusethe included Wi-Fi Finder to find Free and Fast Wi-Fi - inHotels,Cafes, Restaurants - anywhere in the world. Main Features: ✓RunSpeed Tests for your cellular Network on 3g, 4g, LTE connectionstoimprove your coverage ✓ Test the Download and Upload Speed andPingof WiFi Hotspots on dsl, adsl, cable connections. ✓ Helpmakefinding free WiFi Hotspots with fast network connectionspossibleby contributing your test results to the crowdsourced Wi-FiFinderdatabase ✓ Worldwide high speed data server network forreliableresults ✓ Keep track of your internet speed tests in yourpersonalresult history. The includes download and upload speed,ping,signal strength, network name, internal and external IP andthetest date. ✓ Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell speedtests.Study the reliability of your broadband dsl, adsl,cableconnections over time. ✓ Use the Wi-Fi Finder to access acoveragemap that let’s you easily locate free, fast WiFi Hotspotsaroundyou in Hotels, Cafes and Restaurants and other publiclocationslike stores, bars and libraries
XChange Data
Marlink SAS
The XChange Data app is the data and internet access servicebyMarlink
WiFi Signal Strength Meter Pro 1.0.2
WiFi Signal Strength Meter help you detect WiFi Signal Strengthinreal time.
WiFi Signal Meter 1.0.6
Obtain the signal strength of the WiFi network to which itisconnected.
PRTG for Android 22.0.1
Paessler AG
PRTG for Android is the official app for PRTG Network Monitor
Meteor Speed Test 4G, 5G, WiFi 2.35.0-1
Mobile and WiFi speed test, app performance, network coveragemapfor 3G, 4G,5G
Net Optimizer: Optimize Ping 1368-5r
Connect to fastest DNS Server with speed test. Optimize theinternetspeed.
Speed Indicator (donated)
View your internet speed on status bar and manage your data usageata glance.
V-SPEED Speed Test
Test speed of mobile Internet connection (LTE, WiFi, 3G) onyourphone or tablet
Wifi Analyzer 6.01
Wifi Analyzer will provide usefulinformationabout wireless signals around you. App supports 2.4Ghzand5Ghz.- Helps to find optimal placement for wifi receivers- Wifi Analyzer provides you information individualy onwifichannels- Shows signal strength in history graph- Wifi Analyzer recommends the best channel for new AP- Information of the channel width (20/40/80MHz - onlyAndroid6+)- Wifi Heat Map - let you create heat map of wifi signalqualityaround youVersion of Wifi Analyzer without ads is availableat: Android 6+ (Marshmallow) requires LOCATION permissionandlocation enabled - the reasons explained on the for Android 6+ possibly without need of LOCATION: Analyzer app made on older SDK could work incompatibilitymode)
Speed test - Speed Test Master 1.48.0
Wifi analyzer. Fast wifi & network speed test. speed check.Pingtest.
Simple Speedcheck
Simple Speedcheck makes it easy to test your internet speed.It’seasy, fast and accurate and the test results are presented inauser-friendly way with icons explaining what the internet speedcanbe used for. Main Features: ✓ Simple to understandtestillustrations. ✓ Colored results for maximum clarity. ✓Nounnecessary permissions. ✓ Run tests of cellular networks on3g,4g, LTE connections to improve your coverage. ✓ Test theping,download and upload speed of WiFi hotspots on dsl, adsl,cableconnections. ✓ Worldwide high speed data server networkforreliable results. ✓ Keep track of your tests in yourpersonalresult history. This includes download and upload speed,ping,signal strength, network name, internal and external IP andthetest date. ✓ Compare your different 3g, 4g, LTE cell tests.Studythe reliability of your broadband dsl, adsl, cable connectionsovertime.
Wi-Fi Monitor 1.6.1
Information about Wi-Fi
WiFi Analyzer
Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer, Get the best outofyour WiFi.
QualityTime : Phone Addiction 3.0.10
Protect your time from Phone Addiction! Great way to manageyourhour!
Network Analyzer 3.11.1
Jiri Techet
Wifi scanner, signal meter, ping, traceroute, whois, DNS query&other net tools
Wifi Speed Test Wifi Analyzer 1.0.53
Sadhu Studio
Test your Internet download speed, test internet speed ofanynetwork.