Top 35 Games Similar to Football News - Ohio State Edition

Ohio State Buckeyes 173.2.5
The official Ohio State Buckeyes application has a new look andfeelfor the 2021-22 season! Whether you’re on campus at the gameor onthe go, this app is a must-have for ALL Buckeye fans. Withenhancedin-venue features, including mobile ticket managementandconcessions, venue mapping and free live audio, the OhioStateBuckeyes app has you covered on game day. Plus with round theclocknews, scores, schedules, notifications and social mediastreamsthis application covers it all! Features Include: +MOBILETICKETING – Purchase, manage and access your event ticketsforquick and easy entrance to all Ohio State athletics events+GAMEDAY MODE – Once you’ve scanned your mobile ticket for entrytoyou event, toggle your app to Gameday mode to view anexclusivein-venue experience + MOBILE ORDERING AND EXPERIENCES –From thecomfort of your seat make purchases for concessions,merchandiseand shop for available seat upgrades and exclusivein-venueexperiences. + LIVE GAME AUDIO – Listen to free live audioforfootball, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s hockey andbaseballgames throughout the year. Also easily access coaches showsandpodcasts. + SOCIAL STREAM – View real-time twitter feeds withintheapp on gameday. All your favorite OSU accounts are pulled intoourgameday twitter feed. + INTERACTIVE STADIUM MAPS –Enhancedlocation-aware in-venue maps for fans, including amenitiessuch astailgating and parking, where available + SCORES & STATS– Allthe live scores and stats that fans need and expect duringlivegames + NOTIFICATIONS – Custom alert notifications to let fansstayin the know on their favorite Buckeye teams and keep informedonGameday + GAMEDAY INFO – In-depth team information,includingrosters, bios, team & player season stats + SPECIALOFFERS –Receive special updates and offers from OSU, includingexclusiveoffers from corporate partners, player and teamspotlights, ticketoffers, and more! This app requests the use oflocation services toprovide attendees with additional in-gamebenefits. Additionally,this app uses notifications to keep youinformed of events andoffers. You can manage your settings andopt-out of these featuresat any time.
Florida State Gameday 172.6.0
Calling all Seminoles fans – the official Florida StateSeminolesGameday application has a new look and feel for the2017–18 season!Whether you’re on campus or on the go, this app is amust-have forALL Seminole fans. With FREE LIVE AUDIO, social mediastreams, andall the scores and stats surrounding the game, thisfree FSUGameday application covers it all! Features Include: + LIVEGAMEAUDIO – Listen to free live audio for football games andothersports throughout the school year. + SOCIAL STREAM – Viewreal-timeTwitter feeds within the app on gameday. All your favoriteFSUaccounts are pulled into our gameday Twitter feed. + FAN GUIDE –Ahome for all the information a fan could need includingstadiumpolicies and other need-to-know information to plan yourgameday. +INTERACTIVE STADIUM MAPS – Enhanced location-aware mapsfor fans,including in-venue details, surrounding area points ofinterest,and parking, where available + SCORES & STATS – Allthe livescores and stats that fans need and expect during livegames. +NOTIFICATIONS – Personalize alert notifications –Personalize alertnotifications – game reminders, score alerts, teamupdates and more– to the sports you want to follow! + GAMEDAY INFO– In-depth teaminformation, including rosters, bios, team &player seasonstats. + SPECIAL OFFERS – Receive special updates andoffers fromFSU, including exclusive offers from corporate partners,player andteam spotlights, ticket offers, and more! This apprequests the useof location services to provide attendees withadditional in-gamebenefits. Additionally, this app usesnotifications to keep youinformed of events and offers. You canmanage your settings andopt-out of these features at any time.
Oregon State Credit Union 2021.06.03
Free mobile banking application exclusively for OregonStateCreditUnion members. Check your account balances andhistory,transfermoney, deposit checks, pay bills, and locate ATMsandbranchesanytime, anyplace. To learn how we protect yourprivacy,pleasevisit,%20Member%20Fees%20and%20Member%20Info/Privacy-policy.pdf
Sports Alerts - NHL edition
Get LIVE, FAST scores, stats and alerts for the NHL! Allyourreceived alerts are saved in your alert history in case youmissedany. Get standard game alerts and player alerts you won'tfindanywhere else, all easily configurable. We use real pushtechnologywith no background services running for faster alertswith nowasted bandwidth and battery life. We also provide: ●scoring playsand penalties ● live scores widget, updated everyminute ● customnotification cards for Android Wear ● full teamrosters ● teamschedules ● season stats for every player ● team newsfrom multipleoutlets ● league leaders for a dozen stat categoriesThe followingalert types are available: ● game start ● game end ●score change ●lead change ● overtime game ● power plays ● hat trick● 3 assists ●close game (5 min. or less remaining, within 1 goal)** note: Thisapp is not affiliated with or endorsed by the NationalHockeyLeague. Any trademarks used in the app are done so under"fair use"with the sole purpose of identifying the respectiveentities, andremain the property of their respective owners.
Goal Horn Hub 22.0.1
Carson Lougheed
Ever wanted to press the goal horn button at a NHL™ hockeygame?Ever wanted to be a DJ and play the goal song and soundeffectsafter the goal horn button has been pressed? IntroducingGoal HornHub powered by FamousGoalHorns. Goal Horn Hub includesauthenticgoal horn sounds of all the 32 NHL™ teams, vintage goalhorns, AHL,ECHL, MLB, BCHL, QMJHL, OHL, WHL, and other horns, whilehaving theability to control the blasts of the goal horn by holdingdown thegoal horn button. You also have the ability to control TWOgoalhorns at once. NEW: Follow the action when there's too muchtofollow! Goal Horn Hub displays live scores all on one page soyoucan keep track of every game in progress, and plays a horn whenagoal is scored! Need to get more info on the game? Game statsareavailable in the Full Game Log! Just select the game you wishtoview! With 16 different types of crowd noises, Goal Horn Huballowsyou to make it feel like you are in the arena itself,especiallyafter a goal has been scored. Channel your inner GoalHorn Operatorand download Goal Horn Hub today!
Florida Gators
The Official Florida Gators Mobile App
GoArmy Edge Football
GoArmy Edge Football is a free app that allows players toperformmental reps.
TennisPAL - Join. Meet. Play. Learn.
NHRA.TV 2.0.0
"Stream all 24 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Seriesevents.Plus,watch 2017, 2018 and 2019 race video on demand aswellashistorical race footage, exclusive exhibition matchesandcoverageof the Sportsman and Pro Mod TV broadcasts. Live videowillbeavailable on Fri-Sun of all races, with audio availableonalmostall other race days."
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mobile
YinzCam, Inc.
This is the official mobile app of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
65 Country Guitar Licks
Learn to play blistering country guitar solos!
SPECTO Bowling
Kegel Bowling
KEGEL SPECTO Bowling™, the most advanced Ball trackingsystemavailable.
Ohio State 2022.4.13
Hey Buckeyes, put campus in your pocket with the Ohio Stateapp.Easy access to everything Ohio State offers, from viewingyourgrades to finding the nearest pizza shop. It’s free! Downloaditnow! Features: * View grades and class schedules * BuckIDbalances,transactions and meal swipes * Real-time bus locator *Automaticamenity recommendations * Campus map, building detailsandamenities * Athletics news and schedules * Find People * Andmore!
ITF ebooks
Books and publications from the International TennisFederation(ITF)
Premier Bowl Scorekeeper Trial
Steve Neglia
A full-featured bowling scoring keeper & metrics app forbowlersand coaches
Baseball Scoreboard BSC
Stay involved in the ball game with this simple baseballscoreboardapp!
Suns + Footprint Center
YinzCam, Inc.
The official app of the Phoenix Suns.
Tennessee Volunteers Gameday
The official Tennessee Volunteers Gameday application is amust-havefor fans headed to campus or following the Volunteersfrom afar.With FREE LIVE AUDIO, interactive social media, and allthe scoresand stats surrounding the game, the Tennessee VolsGamedayapplication covers it all! Features Include: + LIVE GAMEAUDIO -Listen to free live audio for football games and othersportsthroughout the school year + SOCIAL STREAM - View andcontribute toreal-time Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds fromthe team andfans + FAN GUIDE - The official Gameday Fan Guide withkey times,events, and the need-to-know information to plan yourgameday +INTERACTIVE STADIUM MAPS - Enhanced location-awarein-venue maps forfans, including amenities such as tailgating andparking, whereavailable + SCORES & STATS - All the scores,stats, andplay-by-play information that fans need and expectduring live games+ SEC and TOP 25 SCORES – Live scoring fromacross the conferenceand Top 25 + NOTIFICATIONS - Customnotifications to let fans knoweverything surrounding Gameday +UPGRADES - Makes fans feel likereal VIPs with early access to seatupgrades and unique game dayexperiences
Official Green Bay Packers
YinzCam, Inc.
This is the official mobile app of the Green Bay Packers.
Philadelphia 76ers
The official mobile app of the Philadelphia 76ers.
Go Ducks Gameday 1.0.10
The official Oregon Ducks Gameday app is a must-have for fansheadedto campus or following the Ducks from afar. With interactivesocialmedia, and all the scores and stats surrounding the game,the OregonDucks Gameday app covers it all! Features Include: +SOCIAL STREAM -View and contribute to real-time Twitter, Facebook,and Instagramfeeds from the team and fans + SCORES & STATS -All the scores,stats, and play-by-play information that fans needand expect duringlive games + NOTIFICATIONS - Custom alertnotifications to let fansknow important news
Pro Hockey Radio
Allows you to listen to live radio, view scores, schedules,andstandings.
New England Patriots 21.11.598
Welcome to the official mobile app of the New EnglandPatriots;featuring exclusive live local and prime time Patriotsgamebroadcasts!* Get instant access to all of the latest newsandanalysis. Be the first to know about your team direct fromthesource! - Live local and prime time Patriots game broadcasts*-Official Patriots news, analysis, video, and photos - LivePatriotsRadio and podcasts including Patriots Unfiltered, Pre&Postgame shows - In depth Patriots Game Center withliveplay-by-play, game commentary and game stats - Official RosterandDepth Chart plus weekly Injury Reports - Schedule,LeagueStandings, and NFL scores with live game stats from all gamesinprogress! - Purchase official Patriots merch Links to theofficialPatriots social media accounts - Worldwide Fan Club andsports barlocator - And so much more! *GEOGRAPHIC AND DEVICERESTRICTIONSAPPLY. LOCAL & PRIME TIME GAMES ONLY. DATA CHARGESMAY APPLY.Check your local TV listing to confirmavailability.Feedback/Questions: Email [email protected]
Stact - Live Scores, Stats & Athletes 1.12.0
STACT App - The go to application for sports fansandathletes.Follow events and athletes, watch them unfold inrealtime, andmanage athlete careers all from your mobile device!"Ithink thisis an amazing initiative. Having this kind ofinformationissomething missing in our sport. How to break recordsif wedon’tknow the records?" - Pierre-Louis Costes "Stact Appisasophisticated yet ultra simple-to-use app that is goingtochangethe game in action sports statistics. It's sleek lookallowsyou toguide your way through multiple sports and allows youaccesstoyour favourite rider down to the smaller details. Somethingthatisgoing to seriously turn heads!" -Iain Campbell | 2017APBWorldChampion Stact Features: FOLLOW EVENTS AND ATHLETES -Followyourfavorite athletes and events - Choose to be notified whentheeventis on or when athletes are competing, so you never misstheaction.- Stay updated with news about who you follow LIVERESULTS -Liveresults, updated in real time - Go in-depth withliveresultsgraphs and charts IN DEPTH STATS - Analyzemultipledifferent statsto better understand athlete performance -Hundredsof filtercombinations allow you to see how athletesperformthroughout theircareer in specific locations at differenttimes. -View differentcharts, graphs, and tables giving avisualization toperformanceslike never before. DISCOVER GREATNESS -Discover eventsandathletes you may have looked past or didn’t knowabout - Viewtherankings tab to explore top performing athletesDESIGNEDFORATHLETES - Discover and register for events -Comparingresultsgives athletes an avantage against upcomingcompetitors -Look backat previous event results to analyze what youdid ordidn't do -Stay connected to social channels with quicksharing forresults,stats and more - Unlock your full potential withStact!PREMIUMSUBSCRIPTIONS Silver - Live stats and information -Livejudgesheet and shot charts - Basic athlete and team statisticsGold-All silver features - Full athlete and team stats -compareathleteand team stats - no service fee's when registering toevents- noads when playing videos - share and download videocontentChoosean organization, team, or athlete and we'll give aportion ofyoursubscription to them! Follow us on social [email protected] #AMPLIFYTHEACTION
Premier Bowling Scorekeeper (BDSS!) 5.4.5.p
Steve Neglia
Premier Bowling Scorekeeper is a full-featured bowlingscorekeeper,game tracker, reporting and metrics app. The appcomescomplete witheverything you’d expect of a typical bowlingscorekeeping app, butalso includes a wide variety of advancedfeaturesfor the seriousbowler, youth leader or college coach. ***NEWWHAT-IF ANALYSIS! ***What-If if you made those spares youshouldhave made? See what youraverage would have been and manyothermetrics if more spareconversions were made. With PremierBowlingScorekeeper there is •NO ADDITIONAL IN-APP purchasesrequired forFull Functionality •ZERO advertisements • Unlimitedbowlers •Unlimited history forleagues, tournaments, open bowls anddrills •Full support forRegular, Baker, No-Tap and evenNo-Tap/Baker bowl• Full Support forIndividual and Team play • Tonsand tons ofdetailed metrics(currently over 60) Features include •Full gametracking forleague, tournament, open and drill bowling • Afullrange ofreal-time, detailed metrics • Frame-by-frame gameentry,or “QuickScore Entry (QSE)” for simply entering final gamescore •Simpleframe-by-frame ball tracking, and other frame andballcriteria •Superior ad-hoc reporting providing unlimitedreal-timefilteringusing over 30 criteria • Graphically trends allleaguemetrics •View and graph week-by-week running league metrics•Track 'BallFinish Position' (Light, Pocket, Brooklyn, etc.)•Automaticallycalculates league handicap • Supports Regular,Baker,No-Tap bowling• Supports for Individual or league Team bowl•Track and report ondifferent “shot types”, includingStandard,Challenge and Sport •Track notes for each sessions, gameor framebowled • Full game orseries edit capabilities • Scoreframes usingpin counts totals, orexact pin leaves • Complete“sharing”capabilities • Full backup andrestore features. Backuptocloud-based services such as GoogleDrive or Drobox • Exportdatato a comma-delimited .csv file • Abuilt-in bowling ballspeedcalculator • Help information onvirtually all form Robustreportand query capabilities • Completewith 8 predefined reportsthatcan be filtered on over 30 game andframe criteria •Executemultiple reports for multiple bowlerssimultaneouslyforcomparative reporting • Combine criteria with ANDand OR logictofind specifically what you are looking for •Allframe-levelreports can be executed on Baker format games,givingindividualframe statistics per bowler • Combine filters oncriteriasuch as oBowling Center o Date bowled o Lane Pattern o Ballused oTimestart and end o Lanes numbers o Shot type o Game numberoGamesthat contain notes o Ball speed o Standing board oLanetargetboards o Actual board hit o Breaking point board oFramenumber oFrames with notes o Pin count left o Pins knocked downoWas aspare made? o Was a strike made? o Did a foul occur? o Wasasplitleft? Drill Bowling • Easily setup custom, pin-based (i.e.7pin,10 pin, etc.) or target-based (i.e. 10 board out to15thboard)drills • Combine pin-based drill and target-based drills.•Createdrills where ball 1 is different than ball 2 (i.e. 7 pinonball 1,10 pin on ball 2) • Track and report on HITS andMISSESwhenexecuting drills • View drill metrics and graph progressandtrendsover time. Filter drill metrics using a variety ofattributes
Flag Football Playmaker X
Flag football playbook design, playbook printing &wristbandprinting
Indianapolis Colts Mobile
The official mobile app of the Indianapolis Colts.
Cincinnati Bengals
YinzCam, Inc.
The official app of the Cincinnati Bengals
g-Force Recorder 1.22
Ever wondered how many g's you're experiencing in yourfavoriteroller coaster or in your car? This app records the g-forcesensedby your phone and gives you all the information you need. Italsodoubles as a pedometer - it counts your steps (implemented asdatapostprocessing). == Features == + g-Force recording up to 1weekwith choice of sampling speed. + No need to keep the app alive,allrecording is done in the background. The max durationisselectable. + A notification is present in the status barduringrecording, allowing also a quick link to the app. + Livemonitoringis possible during recording. + All data (time, g-force,andg-force per x-y-z axis) is saved as .csv files (commaseparatedvalues) on the SD-card. + Data files can be sent asattachment withany compatible app on your phone: mail programs andmore. + Datafiles can be tagged with your text, to identify themeasier in thelist. + Pedometer function available as one of theways to viewdata. + Works on tablets too. + No ads!
NBC Sports
Watch LIVE sporting events & more with the NBC Sports app!
BIG3 1.1.1650317851
The BIG3 is the world's premier 3-on-3 pro basketball leaguefoundedby Ice Cube featuring All-Stars, Hall of Famers and WorldChampions.Download the BIG3 App today to follow the action! •Follow theplay-by-play action live • Stay up to date on the latestBIG3 Newsand Highlights • See what other BIG3 fans have to say onsocialmedia • Dive into detailed season stats on your favoriteplayers •Learn how BIG3 is Changing the Game with its unique rules• See whatthe BIG3 Store has to offer More awesome features comingsoon!
WNBA - Live Games & Scores
Watch WNBA games live and on-demand with WNBA League Pass. 7.207.2
The RacingAmerica.TV America's new home for live grassrootsracing,NASCAR Cup Team content, and now highlighting the bestpavementshort track racers across the country. Stream hundreds ofliveshort track races from across the country, plus get accesstoon-demand replays, highlights, interviews, recaps, andotherexclusive subscriber content. RacingAmerica.TV is the home forthebiggest tracks and series in short track racing, including:-Carolina Speedway - Carolina Pro Late Model Series -ChampionRacing Association - Five Flags Speedway - Goodyear AllAmericanSpeedway - Granite State Pro Stock Series - MobileInternationalSpeedway - Montgomery Motor Speedway - NashvilleFairgroundsSpeedway - Pro All Star Series - Slinger Speedway -Southern SuperSeries To access all features and content you cansubscribe on a monthly or yearly basis with anauto-renewingsubscription right inside the app.* Pricing can varyby region andwill be confirmed before purchase in the app. In appsubscriptionswill automatically renew at the end of their cycle. *All paymentswill be paid through your Google Account and may bemanaged underAccount Settings after the initial payment.Subscription paymentswill automatically renew unless deactivated atleast 24-hoursbefore the end of the current cycle. Your accountwill be chargedfor renewal at least 24-hours prior to the end ofthe currentcycle. Any unused portion of your free trial will beforfeited uponpayment. Cancellations are incurred by disablingauto-renewal.Terms of Service: Policy:
BallparkDJ Walkout Intros 13.3.12
Looking to take your game introductions and announcements tothenext level? Look no further than the BallparkDJ mobile app.Thiscomplete solution for professional voice and music introcreatorapp is a great tool for all varieties of youth sports.Infuse theseprofessional intros from major league announcers withmusic andmultiply them with SuperVoice to introduce every possiblesituationimaginable. No matter what you call it: walk-up, walk-out,walkup,walkout, intros, introductions, or announcement;BallparkDJdelivers professional introductions and announcements.BallparkDJis not just for baseball and softball but for any youthsport:football, soccer, lacrosse, cheerleading, basketball, hockey,andmuch more. Players, parents, and coaches absolutely love it!Why?Three reasons: Sports. Music. Kids. They belong together. 🥎 AddaUnique Flare to Youth Sports Adding professional introductionsandmusic to baseball, softball, or any youth sporting event isfinallysuper-easy and fun AND very inexpensive! Download BallparkDJandtry it for free to produce professional walk-up and walk-outvoiceand music intros. Once you're certain it fully serves yourneedsfor athletic audio you can activate the unlimited versionfromwithin the app for only 6.99. Unlimited teams. UnlimitedPlayers. 🎤The Only App With Pro Sports Announcers Order customvoice oversfrom pro sports announcers like Ryan Cameron of theAtlanta Falconsand Atlanta Hawks! The voices you hear at MLB parksfrom teams likethe Braves, Cubs, Angels, Mets, and Rays can nowintroduce youryouth sporting event through BallparkDJ! Make yourteam feel justlike they are walking out on a major league field ina big leaguegame for a one-time fee of $2.99/player. Not into theprofessionalintroductions? No problem! You can use your own voicefor theannouncements! ✅ The Only Easy to Use, Complete Walkout Appon theMarket Your job as a call announcer has never been easier.The easeof use and rich features of our professional intro app,your teamwill love your walkup introductions and music.---------------🔊SuperVoice is Here! What could be better thanprofessionalintroductions from major league voices for youthsports?Professional Introductions powered by SuperVoice! SuperVoicewillinfuse your player introductions with over 30of the mostpopularevents in your respective sport to empower you toprofessionallyannounce every possible situation at your sportingevent. Now, your1 team operates as over 30teams! Here’s how itworks: • Tap on aplayer, then tap on the appropriate action, andSuperVoice takescare of the rest. • SuperVoice combines up to 4different voicecomponents into one seamless introduction openingthe door tocountless possibilities. • Insert special effects, teamname, teamchants (or anything you can imagine) into eachintroduction,anywhere you wish. • SuperVoice can be blended witheach playersfavorite song. SuperVoice will bring yet another levelof awesometo your BallparkDJ experience. • Pre-Game ContinuousFull-TeamIntro created automatically 🧑🏽🤝🧑🏽Team Sharing andDuplication Goingto miss a game? No problem! Share your team withanother coach orparent. Even share from iOS to Android or Androidto iOS. You caneven duplicate your team for multiple sets ofwalk-up songs,line-up orders, or full-team intros. 🔁 ContinuousPlay This optionmakes it easy to create entire team pre-game introswith one songplaying behind the entire line-up with a tap of abutton. And SoMuch More including Team Sorting, Team Subtitles,Team Duplication,Importing Players Between Teams, Tip of the Day,Benched Players,etc.! Your game day experience will never be thesame. What's yourtheme song?
Cleveland Cavaliers
The official app of the Cleveland Cavaliers.