Top 50 Apps Similar to FeeDog - Raising Puppies

Cat Room - Cute Cat Games
Cats games to create a wonderful custom room with cute cats♪
Animal Hot Springs - Relaxing with cute animals 1.3.9
■ Game Introduction "Animal Hot Springs" is an idlecasualmanagement game. Run your hot springs successfully to make itthemost popular place ever. You can earn acorns from animalsvisited.Buy various bath items and upgrade the facilities with youracorns.■ Game Features - Easy, simple and idle management game thatanyonecan enjoy easily - Bathing animals look so cute and adorabletolook at - Facility upgrades offering automatic acorn earning-increase the reputation of the hot springs to invite all thecuteanimals - a casual and cute animals management game - arelaxingGame ever! ■ How to play - You can earn acorns fromanimalvisitors. - Purchase a variety of bath goods in advance withyouracorns and provide them properly. - Satisfy your animalsbyproviding bath goods properly and get the VIP stamps. -Variousfacilities in lounge will help you increase your reputationandearn more acorns. - Higher reputation enables you to invitemorediverse animals. - Collect all the hidden animals to reachthehighest level. - The animals in the sauna give you goldenacorns. -Now the sauna is open!! Invite new animals to the sauna. -Turn onthe brazier and animals will come to enjoy. - Bake food onthebrazier and animals love it! - And now you can changethebackground of the hot springs. ■ Save Data This game saves datatoyour device. If you delete the game, your game progress willbelost.
Cute Dog's Life
★Puzzle game with cute pet Dogs★ Easy, swift, fun to playPuzzlegame♪
Sailor Cats
The cutest fishing adventure game! Featuring cute cats :3
Cat Condo
Zepni Ltd.
Build your own cat condo and collect cute cats!
Merge Meadow - Cute Animal Collector!
Collect cute animals & explore five unique worlds!
Cat Game - The Cats Collector!
Mino Games
Enjoy our Match 3 game, collect more cats and have fun atspecialevents!
Decorate your cats, take care of them, and enter catpageantstogether!
Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector
Attract cats by placing food and items in your yard!
Cat Hotel: The Grand Meow
Ohayo Games
Decorate an adorable hotel for cute kitten. Relaxing andadorableidle cat game.
Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons
★Warning: Super addictive and cool! All must TRY! ★
KleptoDogs 1.10.5
From the makers of KleptoCats and for the livelihood of dogloverseverywhere, it's... KLEPTODOGS!!! That’s right! GemDogreturns homefrom his adventures with the KleptoCats in order tolead otheroutrageously cute pups in their quest to fill rooms withthestrangest of things. Unlock all the different breeds: pug,corgi,beagle, chihuahua, some sort of weird alien dog thatshouldn't bethat shade of radioactive green, etc. The list goeson... Feedthem, play with them and even dress them in the cutestclothes.You’ll have a blast hanging out with these puppy pals!!!
HamsterRestaurant CookingGames
Let's make a restaurant with hamster! Cooking in variouscountrieswill appear!
Otter Ocean - Treasure hunt with cute pet friends
Go on an object hunt with an otter widget pet. Collect thekawaiianimal family
Furistas Cat Cafe
Adopt cute pets and help restaurant customers find theirpurrfectkitty
Fantastic Cats
Cat's are mysterious... What are they really? Perfect game to'spyon cats'.
Alpaca World HD+
This is the loveliest alpaca app ever! (´・ェ・`)
Nekonoke ~Cat Collector~
Picola Inc.
Too much free time? Love cats? This is the only game you need.
Purrfect Cats
Merge furniture to attract various cats
Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game 1.5.5
Do you remember the days we spent together?
Cat Condo 2
Zepni Ltd.
Your own virtual cat tree! How will you customize it?
Old Friends Dog Game
Give cute dogs a new life in this pet rescue sim.
Hamster House
Zepni Ltd.
Spin the wheel with your hamsters!
Pet Idle
Adopt pets, take care of them, teach them skills and createacomfortable home!
Baking of Food Cats: Cute Game
Tapps Games
Discover how the cute Food Cats were made and collect everysinglekitty!
A Street Cat's Tale 2.107
Mama cat has gone, how is a baby kitten to survive every dayonthestreets? ※※ Please save your game data at the TitleScreenbeforeyou delete the app to change device, or upgrade toSupportEdition■ Food It’s inevitable that most cats living on thestreetswillstarve. They often dig through trash to findwhateverleftoversthey can get. Or sometimes eat delicious cannedfood fromnicehumans if they are lucky. ■ Many NPCs Many NPCs withtheirownunique personalities. Listen to their stories, get themwhattheywant and they might feed you. ■ NPCs provide multipleendingsWhatwill happen to the kitty? Will the kitty end up livingwithahuman? Or stick to the streets? It's up to you to guidethispoorkitty! *Feemodev donates 10% of the profits from thegametoCat/Dog shelters. *Supported languages : English,Japanese,Korean,French, Turkish, Polish *Language updated:Portuguese,Spanish,Russian, has been added. (Please understand,that googletranslatorwas the best we could do.) [Frequently askedquestions]Q)Why isthis game so SAD?! Isn’t the game supposed to befun andcute? thisgame is so traumatizing. A)This game contains therealityof thestreet cat’s life. Of course, the content of the gameissomewhatrough or sad. And we understand your feeling comingfromthat. butwe don’t have any plan to change the game or easetheviolencebecause there's a message we wanted to send throughthisgame. wemade this game because we love cats, not because wehatethem. Ihope that you understand that there are such aspects ofthestreetcat’s life. Thank you. Q)I always get sad endings, how doIgethappy endings? A) Instead of ending ‘solitude’and'rainbowbridge’. (Ending 5,6) The endings can be seen byachievinganintimacy level 7 with a specific NPC(characters).However, youcanonly see one ending at a time, so if you target onecharacter atatime, you’ll get the ending you want! Q)There’s onlyto ‘drop'or‘eat’ with the item, how do I pick up and give it to theNPC? A)Ifyou saw the option to eat or drop. it means you alreadypickedupan item. talk to the characters and select 'givepresent'whileholding an item. Q)The cat is too slow and the hungershrinksofast! A) Upgrading the house will help you. Hunger,HP,movementspeed increase each time you upgrade your home. Q)WherecanI get‘gloves’ and ‘band-aid’? A) the gloves and band-aid canbeobtainedfrom the store near Doggo. And they are 50% chance eachtoget.Q)Why do I have to start all over after the game ends? A)Ifthegame’s over, We assumed that you have already finishedthegame.All the progress will be reset except with a houseupgrade.And wethink that it’s going to be strange if Everyonewouldrecognize thekitty After crossing the rainbow bridge or getadoptedby someone.Q)I want to purchase support edition, can Icontinueplaying withthe previous save data? A) yes you can. Selectthe‘cloud' icon onthe normal version of the title screen andselect'Save’ to savethe data. Then, select the ‘cloud' icon in thesameway on thetitle screen of the support edition and 'load' thedatato play.Thank you very much for your interest and support!
Kawaii Kitchen
Make huge weird burgers with ingredients from all around the world!
Dog Game - Cute Puppy Collector + Offline Match 3
Dog Game: A free and healing game which you can playoffline!Findcute puppies and enjoy their lovely looks each time youopentheDog Game. Remember to take photos of those cute dogs!❖Cutepuppies will heal you anytime, anywhere ❖ Download Dog Gamenowandlet cute dogs keep you company day and night! 🐾 How toPlayDogGame 🐾 Place food and toys and wait for puppies to comeandplay! ▶Create your own Exclusive Dog ◀ Pick a dedicated dog tobeyourpartner! They are the most loyal pals, always there whenyouopenthe Dog Game Keep you company and create a doggy worldwithyou.You can choose from a variety of clothing and accessoriesintheshop and create the most exclusive dog with unique styles.Youcanalso play mini dog games with your dog pals everyday! ▶CreateyourDoggy World ◀ Place a variety of toys to make your doggyworldfullof life! Two types of toys are available to be placed onlandor onwater, Match them with various settings to enrich yourdogworldeven more. Enjoy every cute look of dogs on your screenwhentheyplay with different toys! Take a photo and hashtag#DogGametoshare your doggy world! ▶ Collect Moments with Dog Book ◀TheDogBook is for you to record the dogs came to visit - Storeandviewunique photos of cute dogs in your Dog Book collection.Catchtheircute moments when dogs are jumping, eating, sleeping,andrunning.You might miss out visits of dogs if you don’t openDogGame fortoo long. Challenge to complete the full DogBookcollection! ▶Challenge Match 3 Games and Earn Rewards ◀ Wanttokill time whenwaiting for dogs to stop by? Try challenging Match3puzzle gamesto earn dog gold coins! Match 3 puzzle gamesareembedded in DogGame, with up to 200 levels to pass the timeandexercise yourbrain. Use booster to conquer difficult puzzles!Playdog games forstress relief; play Match 3 puzzle games forbrainexercise.Multipurpose dog games will satisfy all your wishes!▶Launchingthe classic Dog Game ◀ Well, the cat people alwayshavecat gamesto play, Have you ever wished to have cute and fundoggames? Waitno more! Our dog people friends, Hope you will lovethisdog gameas much as we do. Feel free to let us know if thereareanysuggestions for Dog Game. If your friends would liketodownloaddog games, too Make sure you recommend Dog Game to them!※FeelFree to Contact us ※ Dog GameFacebookPage: Dog GameIssueReportEmail: [email protected] ♢ Dog Game features♢ ✔Freeand easy to play: enjoy cute dog games ✔ GermanshepherdorJapanese shiba inu? Choose the breed you love! ✔ Doggamesthatdon't need wifi: play dog games without wifi ✔ Dogmakeupgames:Dress up your dog! ✔ Dog games with many levels: enjoythepuppymatch 3 puzzle games ♢ Dog Game is for players ofthefollowingtypes ♢ ✔ Under a lot of stress and want to be healed✔Want todownload offline games ✔ Want to download free buthighquality doggames ✔ Dog people ✔ Who like cat neko kitty gamesorhamster games✔ Who always enjoy pet games or dog games ✔ Wanttodownload idlegames, match 3 games, jigsaw puzzle games ✔ Wanttodownload avatarmaker games or dog dress up makeup games ✔ Wanttodownload dogpuppy games with many levels ✔ Want to download dogandcat games(puppy and kitty games) ✔ Is looking for cute gamesfordogs of2019 ✔ Want to download dog puppy games for kids,boys,girls andtoddlers ✔ Who like dog simulator games or dogracingrunning games✔ Want to download dog games that don't needwifi (doggameswithout wifi) Download Dog Game now and enjoy thefree andofflinegames, let puppies keep you company day and night!
Dream Cat Paradise
Dream Cat exists everywhere. Even in your pocket! Are you readytofind them?
Animal Restaurant
Take in a stray kitten, launch a restaurant.
Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef
Cooking Crepes with Shiba Inu
FeeDog with Angel - Puppy
Cute Puppy's Eating Show♥
The cat's meow town
cat raising idle game 0 stress game where you only feed yourcatevery few hours
Hamster Town
Draw lines as you please to deliver sweet, sweet candy to thecutehamsters.
Purrfect Spirits
Daily fun with cats in death
Rolling Mouse -Hamster Clicker
Cute heart attack! A huge healing game.15 animal friends healyourspirit.
These cute kitties can't stop stealing treasures. What willtheysteal next?
Mystic Mansion
Play exciting puzzles and relax decorating rooms to show offyourunique style!
Secret Cat Forest
Come relax with our adorable little kitties!
Cat Restaurant!
GET the hearts of cats with spinning foods!
Animal Rescue: Pet Shop Story
Tapps Games
Save cute animals and manage your pet shop mania! Dogs andCatsneeds your love!
Monkey Roll: Kawaii Climb 0.3f
Monkey Roll is an infinite roller that breaks thetraditionalgameplay controls. Instead of controlling the player,you controlthe backgrounds! Tap to switch the platforms left andright and trynot to fall! The higher you get the harder it gets!Collect as manycoins as possible so you can unlock lots of supercute roundedanimals! 🐵🐸🐱🐷🦝🐹 FEATURES: ⭐️ Intuitive one touchcontrols ⭐️Collect +30 different super cute animals! ⭐️ Play +10differentbackgrounds ⭐️ Roll your way up to collect coins and openpiñatas!❤️ Cute kawaii graphics! -------- No additional purchasesareneeded to finish the game. No internet connection needed.--------❤️ This game is in an early stage of development so yourfeedbackmeans the world to us! Please if you have any suggestionsemail usat [email protected] Are you ready to roll? 🐵
Cats Tower - Adorable Cat Game! 2.31
🐾 Purr-fect Game. Giving shelter to furry felines andpreciouslittlekitties is the least we can do! This furry littlefelinesneed ourlove and care. That is what this addictive cat gameis allabout! 🐾CATS TOWER is the most cat-tastic pawsome Catcollectorand Cat Mergekitty game you can play ever! Over 100 cutiecuddlycats waiting foryou to give them shelter, merge, collectcrystals,take them to CatHouse, decorate them in cat room with CatCondo,cat stickers and somany adorable toys. 🐾CATS TOWER will getyourVIRTUAL PET CATCOLLECTOR and FEEDING app in just few secondsafterstart playing,the most FAVORITE one! This awesome virtual petgamewill soon beyour free cute cat addicting game to pass thetimewith youradorable, awesome and lovely kawaii kitty cats evenwhenyou areoffline and without wifi. 🐾You will enjoy an adorablecatstowergameplay and finding out about new cat breeds likeAmericanwirehair,Bengal, Persian, Australian mist, Russian blue,Egyptianmau,Japanese Bobtail, British Shorthair, Norwegian Forest,ArabianMau,Himalayan, Picatso, Turkish Angora, ScottishFold,BrazilianShorthair, Savannah and about 100 other kitty cattocreate yourown kawaii animal world, cat condo, virtual catcafe,cat town,winter fest or cat hotel and have it in your pocket!Let’ssum upthis paw-some free cat game: 😺 Build a tower for catswithendlesspuzzle rooms for your little kawaii furry friends. 😺Collectandtake home the most lovable cuddly furry kitties, feed andtakecareof your little tigers 🐅 😺 Decorate cat condo roomswithstylishmagic toy items for your virtual cats and challengeyourinteriordesign skills! 😺 Meow! Merge cute cats, unlock veryrarecat breedsof this furry kittens, feed your pets with theirfavoritemeals andget them awesome toys and accessories like noodleball,stickers,condo, tree, mouse, perfume, slippers and whatevertheylove tomake them happy. Enjoy playing online or offline. 😺Unlocklevels,earn crystals and open more beautiful puzzle roomsforyourgorgeous furr-ends. 😺 Collect & combine kittensbymergingthem, discover more than 100 cat breeds and take careoftheseadorable furry kawaii cats. 😺 And of course, adopt yourlittleTom,give and receive love to the cutie little kitties!🐾Buildadorablecat tower tree for all of your furry cats! Startdecoratingvirtualcats and their living places like room, kitchen,yard,castle,beach, condo, cafe and spa and make a perfect cattownhotel! CATSTOWER is perfect cute cat game for kids, girls and,whynot, boysand all cat freaks who love cute kawaii apps. No matterifyou callthese awesome baby kittens kucing, petfinder,gato,tiger,zookeeper, fish lovers, cat battle, dog avoiders,winterfestmagic, stickers, or simply kitty, you would love themmoreeveryday! Not all angels have wings. Sometimes they have paws,tailandwhiskers! 🐾😻 Anything is really paws-ible with a cat byyourside.🐈 Like & Follow Cats Tower on Social Media! 📱Facebook🐾🐾🐾🐾
Interactive pets at your fingertips!
Field of Cats
Douzo LLC
Sow seeds here and cats will grow! Don’t forget to water the soil.
Fancy Cats - Kitty Collector
Genix Lab
Welcome to the purrfect world of Fancy Cats. Fun with 40+ cutecatbreeds
Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons (Start Pack Edition)
★Game of the Year 2018 ★ A relaxing game full of happy andtouchingmoments!
Clawmon: Cute Pet Machine
Simple Claw machine game, collect and evolve your Pets
Hamster Life
9 million downloads! This is a super healing free appgame「HamsterLife」
BoxCat : Meow Jump, Jumping game, Fun and easy 1.22.61
Boxcat : Meow jump is healing and relaxing game. Do jump andjoygamewith variety of unique cats [How to play] A easy game.Whenyou touchthe cat jumps. Stacking the boxes, climb higher.Collectcutekitties. [Game features] ☆ It is easy. You can onlytouch. ☆Collectlovely cats. ☆ 80 kinds of cats wait for you. ☆ donot needWi-Fi. ☆do not need the data. ☆ Try hard play.ChallengeMode!-------------------- contact [email protected]