Top 50 Apps Similar to Rocket Punch!

Magic Finger 3D
Action at your fingertips!
Punch Bob
Fight off your enemies in this fun physics platformer game!
Draw Hero 3D - Puzzle Game
Draw your weapon to kick the stickman! Solve puzzles and savetheworld!
Ropeman 3D
Lion Studios
Get hooked to being the hero
Heroes Inc!
Lion Studios
Create New Super Heroes!
Swing Loops: Grapple Hook Race
SayGames Ltd
Take part in an incredible race! Run, jump and swing for win!
Sword Play! Ninja Slice Runner
Slash your way through stickman samurai! Stylish dash &cutaction game
Freeze Rider - Frozen Slides
Are you brave enough to surf the ice? Reach the topwithoutfreezing!
Flying Stickman Rope Hero Game
Stickman Rope Hero Game with Amazing Stickman Spider Hero ofCrimeCity!
Hit Master 3D - Knife Assassin
Epic battle awaits! Throw knives at your enemies and hit thetargetsto win!
Slice them All! 3D - Siren head Hunting
Slice your enemies! Defeat SCP Siren Head!
Giant Rush!
Blob Run & merge to grow bigger, Brawl against Giant Bossincombat fight games
Drive your car in the battle, grow, beat enemies, and stay thelastsurvivor!
Samurai Flash
Time moves when you move.
Turbo Stars - Rival Racing
SayGames Ltd
Race on a wide variety of exhilarating tracks and defeatyouropponents
Gang Boxing Arena
Win the big ragdoll battle and become the main fighter in theworld!
More Snacks!
Lion Studios
Snacks also play hide n seek!
I, The One - Fun Fighting Game
Kick all fighters out of the arena! Enjoy the casual fightinggameexperience
Draw. Aim. Shoot.
Parkour Race - FreeRun Game
The Ultimate Competitive Parkour Racing
Mr. Slice
The most satisfying cutting and slicing game ever.
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle
ITI inc.
Unique Rescue Puzzle
Bottle Jump 3D
Flip the bottle! Do tricks and don't let the bottle fall!
Defeat the enemy with one blow. Epic puzzle adventure
Kick the Buddy
Kick buddy arrives on Google Play Explode, destroy, fire,shoot,smash, freeze, toss, send the power of the Gods and don'teventhink about stopping. You now have a virtually limitlessarsenal tobeat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, and even anuclear bomb!We present to you Kick the Buddy — it’s more than justa relaxinggame it’s more than stress game. It’s a top interactiveactiongame. Among all stress relief games, Kick Buddy is a relaxinggamewhere you can slap the doll and forget about your anger. It's afungame to play when bored. Do you want to beat the boss, ormaybeslap and bash the ragdoll? Want to smash all around you inthisdestroying game? Want more kicks? Even if you're arelativelystress-free person you need to chill out at some point instressgames like ours.
Cats & Dogs 3D
Lion Studios
Together complete the tasks!
Slap Kings
Lion Studios
Become the world's best slapper! - Fun io games
Smash ‘em all & don't get hit in io games! Kick the buddyfoesout of the arena
Voodoo Doll
Lion Studios
Get your revenge!
Push Off Your Opponents
Slingshot Smash-Shooting Range
Smash targets, destroy huge buildings with a slingshot, anddemolishthe city!
Run n Gun - AIM Shooting
SayGames Ltd
Slip into a slow-motion shooting frenzy to save the hostages!
Cat & Mouse .io: Chase The Rat
Cops and Robbers Tag game! Choose your side!
Bullet Man 3D
CrazyLabs LTD
Trigger happy? Aim & shoot at your enemies in a snipershootinggame!
Web Hero
Be a super hero and grab obstacles that could be dangerous inyourneighborhood
Light-hearted arcade for all!
Stickman Superhero
Naxeex Ltd
Join superhero league!
Finding Blue Free (KOR) 1.2.5
Finding Blue is a fps-style mobile mini-game. Your goal istofindand destroy the BlueMons, while avoiding other enemiesintheshortest time possible. Try to attain the highest levelofthemission with limited ammo and faced by many dangers ! Youmaygetfrustrated by the difficult missions, but don't give upbecausetheForce is always with you! (If you destroy enemies otherthantheBlueMons, yourscoredrops.)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------◆Variousweapons Weapons vary from a pistol to a lightsaber!Destroyenemiesusing the right weapon at the right time and in therightplace. ◆Easy to control FindingBlue has overcome thedifficultcontrols ofother mobile FPS games. For example, aim modeandmovement mode havebeen separated for easier control. ◆ Ride inacar and a helicopterYou can destroy the enemies easily using acarand a helicopter. ◆Bonus game The last stage of each level isabonus stage involvingcatching chickens. Catch as many chickensasyou can!
Best water slide game
Fire Hero Robot Rescue Mission
Get into city rescue mission like fire hero robot inflyingsuperhero game.
Pixel Rush - Obstacle Course
SayGames Ltd
Survival Run! Take part in the Running Pixel Man Challenge!
Do Not Fall .io
Do not fall! Be the last on the arena! 20 guys and only one winner!
NERF Epic Pranks! Fun Bullets
Blast the enemies in this shooting game with the NERF epicguns.Prank 'em all!
VIP Guard
Protect Mr. President from bullets! Become a human shield inthisshooting game
Prison Escape 3D - Jailbreak
Gather a crowd of prison escapists and arrange the mostgrandiosejailbreak!
Super City
Create your own superhero and battle others in the ultimateshareduniverse!
No One Escape
Lion Studios
Time to take no prisoners
Supreme Duelist Stickman
Supreme Duelist Stickman is a funny stick fight mobile game