Top 19 Apps Similar to Mini For Facebook & Messenger - Mini FB

Messenger Lite 334.
A faster version of Messenger that works in all network conditions
Messenger 432.
Instantly reach the people in yourlife—forfree. Messenger is just like texting, but you don't have topay forevery message (it works with your data plan).Not just for Facebook friends: Message people in your phone bookandjust enter a phone number to add a new contact.Group chats: Create groups for the people you message most.Namethem, set group photos and keep them all in one place.Photos and videos: Shoot videos and snap selfies or otherphotosright from the app and send them with one tap.Chat heads: Keep the conversation going while you useotherapps.Free calls: Talk as long as you want, even with people inothercountries. (Calls are free over Wi-Fi. Otherwise, standarddatacharges apply.)Even more ways to message:Bring your conversations to life with stickers.Preview your gallery photos and videos without leavingtheconversation--then choose the perfect ones to send.Record voice messages when you have more to say.Extra features:Know when people have seen your messages.Forward messages or photos to people who weren't intheconversation.Search for people and groups to quickly get back to them.Turn on location to let people know when you're nearby.See who's available on Messenger and who's active onFacebook.Create shortcuts to get to any conversation right from yourhomescreen.Turn off notifications when you're working, sleeping or just needabreak.Stay logged in so you never miss a message.
Messenger 1.4.4
Messenger is a connection of all your messenger apps likeTwitter,Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp Messenger, and much more, giveyou anaccess to a world though Messenger. No more searching forsocialmessenger apps. With Messenger, you just need one click toopenyour messenger app whenever you want to have a messenger withyourfriends and families, show you the open times of eachmessengerapp, find the most used messenger app. Freenon-installationrequired messenger apps, with no mobile networktrafficconsumption, all messenger & communication apps can beopenedand used in our Messenger app. Messenger will help you toopen yourfavorite social messenger apps like Twitter, Facebook,Viber,Whatsapp Messenger, and much more. You can add your ownmessengerapp as you like. Keep all your friends and families all inonemessenger, open all your social messenger apps just with oneclick.Don't need to search for messenger apps every time you wanttomessenger with your friends and families.
Facebook Lite
Keeping up with friends is faster andeasierthan ever with the Facebook Lite app! Use Facebook Lite asafriends app to connect and keep up with your social network.TheFacebook Lite app is small, allowing you to save space onyourphone and use Facebook in 2G conditions. Many of theclassicfeatures of Facebook are available on the app, such assharing to aTimeline, liking photos, searching for people, andediting yourprofile and groups. Specific features include:Find friends and familyPost status updates & use Facebook emoji to help relaywhat’sgoing on in your worldShare photos and your favorite memesGet notified when friends like and comment on your postsFind local social events, RSVP, and make plans to meet upwithfriendsInteract with your friends by adding your own comments orreactionsto their Facebook postsSave photos by adding them to photo albumsFollow people to get their latest newsLook up local businesses to see reviews, operation hours,andpicturesThe Facebook app does more than help you stay connected withyourfriends and interests. It's also your personal organizerforstoring, saving and sharing photos. It's easy to sharephotosstraight from your Android camera, and you have full controloveryour photos and privacy settings. You can choose when tokeepindividual photos private or even set up a secret photo albumtocontrol who sees it.Facebook Lite also helps you keep up with the latest newsandcurrent events around the world. Subscribe to yourfavoritecelebrities, brands, websites, artists, or sports teams tofollowtheir News Feeds from the convenience of your FacebookLiteapp!Now you can get early access to the next version of Facebook Litebybecoming a beta tester. Sign uphere: downloading or installing the app?See need help? Please tell us more about theissue: is only available for people ages 13 and over.Terms of Service:
Facebook 437.
Find friends, watch live videos, play games & save photosinyour social network
Plus for Facebook 1.5
if you are a FaceBooker, this is the bestappfor you. Faster, lighter and easier to use.✪ Basic features✓ Chat, Messages, Friends, Notifications...✓ Use the sliding menu to help you access quickly and easily.✪ Multiple accounts✓ Use multiple Facebook accounts on the same device.✓ Switch between the accounts easily (just one click).✓ Protect privacy by Passcode.✪ Download Video & Photo✓ View and download full size photo.✓ Watch and download video in HD quality.✓ To download photos & videos, just press and hold on ituntilyou see the options.✪ Notifications✓ Display notifications for new messages, news feed...✪ How To Download Photos & Videos?✓ To download photos & videos, just press and hold on ituntilyou see the options.If you enjoy using our app, please take a moment to leave us anicereview. Thanks for your support!
Simple Social Browser 12.3.1
Welcome to the best way to connect to your favorite socialnetworksall in one browser app. Simple Social Browser includesaccess tosocial networks without the need to install their batteryintensiveapps. With Simple Social Browser, it's simple to downloadvideosfrom some social networks. You can also easily downloadimages witha press of a button. Get notified of new notifications,from selectsocial networks by setting up your sync interval inSimple SocialBrowser's settings. Need access to other networks?Simple SocialBrowser has you covered! Download Simple SocialBrowser and feelthe difference! Simple Social Browser is in no wayassociated withany of the services contained within the app. SimpleSocial Browseris a Web Browser. As such, all logos, names, andtrademarks areowned by their respective owners.
FastVid: Video Downloader for
Download HD videos from Facebook and save them to gallery,fast& without login!
Disa (Unified Messaging Hub)
Instant messaging app. Create group chat. Send text, videomessages,emoji.
SVD Video Downloader Facebook 1.3.3
SVD - Video Downloader Facebook isaperfectapplication to download videos directly toyourdevice.Video Downloader For Facebook You can now save videosuploadedbyyou, Friends , Family , Page Videos and videos youaretaggedin.Also check out our collection of funny videos. Save videostogalleryand start sharing.Video Downloader For FacebookWe value your feedback and suggestions, Send us yourthoughtsonhow we can improve on future versions. VideoDownloaderForFacebookContact us for feedback and issues :[email protected]://"Feature SVD - Video Downloader Facebook"* Uploaded Videos* Timeline Videos* Tags Videos* Uploaded Videos* News feed Videos* Pages Videos* Group Videos* Funny VideosNote SVD - Video Downloader Facebook : Support by AdsVideo Downloader For Facebook
VIPole Private Messenger 2.1.3
VIPole secure messaging and collaborationappprotects your privacy against interceptions and eavesdropping.Alldata including video, calls, all shared files areencryptedend-to-end with strong cryptographic algorithms. Theserver has noaccess to the user data, which means that disclosingit to anyoneis technically impossible.ENCRYPTED PRIVATE MESSAGING AND GROUP CHATSChat secure as easy as any other chat, the core difference isstrongencryption that is a part of all data transmission andstorageprocesses. VIPole is the best private messenger forincreasing teamproductivity, as encrypted chat rooms organizesecurely theworkflows of different departments and projectgroups.SECURE AUDIO AND VIDEO CALLSMake crystal-clear audio and video calls encrypted end-to-end.IPmasking and changing your voice tone during calls can make allyouconversations even more confidential.AUDIO AND VIDEO CONFERENCE CALLSWith encrypted conferencing for 9 people, VIPole is a handy toolforconnecting remote team members. Make secure multiuser calls apartof your daily business interactions.SHARING ANY FILE AND MANAGING FILESMake your docflows easy and secure, as all photos, mediafiles,archives and docs that you send in VIPole are encrypted ondevices,on servers and in transit and synched so that you can reachthemanytime, anywhere.HISTORY EDITING AND CLEARINGSecure communication means that you can always change your mindandtake it back. Erase messages, set autoburn mode, edit themordelete the conversation completely and irrevocably – thehistorywill be changed respectively on the devices of yourcontacts.CONTACT LIST MANAGEMENT AND HIDDEN CONTACTSConfidential communication is designed for your personalaffairsonly. Limit the number of people you want to see in yourcontactlist, as you are too busy for any kind of negativity in yourlife.No advertisers, spammers or meddlers can bother you here.Makelists of hidden contacts and blacklists when necessary.PASSWORD MANAGERAccount details for all devices, social media, creditcards,software licenses and subscriptions – everythingrequirespasswords. VIPole password manager takes a load off yourmind –store and organize passwords, access them on all devices andsharethem securely.ENCRYPTED NOTESMessage encryption is useful, but sometimes you need tomakemarginal notes for yourself, not your friends. You no longerneed aspecial app for this – VIPole will store your ideas encryptedandinaccessible to everyone but you.SECURITY EXTENSIONSRemote control of self-connections allows to disconnecttheunattended devices. Auto lock and auto logout on inactivityprotectyour conversations from prying eyes – just set thepreferableperiod prior to disconnection.CHEAP INTERNATIONAL CALLSStay connected with friends outside VIPole, we offer thebestinternational calling rates.USE ON ANY DEVICEConnect simultaneously using all your devices on Windows, Linux,MacOS X, iOS and of course Android!____________________________________________________________________________________For support and advice, please visit: send us an email to [email protected] updates and tips: about us:
Folio 3.9.6
Folio Apps
Folio is the fastest social web wrapper out there. Usethelighterversion of your favorites mobile site, Folio willrestorespace onyour device, while saving your battery and dataplan.Everythingyou expect from a great FB Alternative - SaveBattery,Save spaceon your device - Messenger & Facebook in oneapp -Video &Photo download - Order your feed by Most Recent -FolioLock tosecure you account with a 4-digit pin - Night mode-Beautifulthemes - and a lot of carefully designed smallfeaturesthat willdelight you! You will find many copy cats based onolderversion ofour open source version (Simple, Swipe, Metal,Fast).Folio islightning fast, and full featured. Try the originaland seethedifference! *************** Folio is a browser app and isnowaysponsored, endorsed or administered by, orassociatedwith,Facebook. ***************
Video Downloader for Facebook 1.9
With the "Download Facebook Videos" app,youcan download any video from Facebook, in high quality HD, andwatchit later, even when you don't have an Internetconnection.You can browse your friends' news feeds or pages, select thevideosyou want to download, and save them to watch later, or sharethemusing any other app.All you have to do is click on a Facebook video and, on thepop-upthat appears, choose if you want to download or watch it.Thedownload will start immediately on the background and willbeblazing fast. You can download all the videos you want at thesametime.Main features:* Download videos from any Facebook page, group or friend, evenfrompages you haven't 'liked'* Watch all videos any time, without Internet, using theapplicationor your favorite media player* Download the videos in the background without interruptingyourbrowsing* Search for videos by browsing the real Facebook site* The maximum number of videos you can download depends only onthestorage capacity of your device* The list of downloaded videos will be in your devicecommondownload list* You only need to sign in to Facebook through the app thefirsttime you use itEnjoy the "Download Facebook Videos" app and share it withyourfriends on Facebook.Important Notes:* This is an unofficial app and has no relationshipwhat-so-everwith Facebook (tm)* This app is not recommended, supported, affiliated,endorsed,approved or certified by Facebook* The logos and trademarks displayed in this application areownedby Facebook* You will not be able to download videos not hostedonFacebook* This app uses the Facebook API* This application does not support downloading Youtubevideos.Downloading YouTube videos is against Google's policy* As this is a free app, you will see ads. These help us improvetheapplication. Thank you very much for understanding this* Any unauthorized re-uploading of content and/or infringementsofintellectual property rights is the sole responsibility oftheuser
Theme For Messenger
Try Theme for Messenger, our new SMS theme!
Metal for Facebook & Twitter 9.0
Nam Nghiem
Switch to Metal: Facebook and Twitter in one light app
Bubble - Group Messenger 1.1.258
Bubble is a fun group chat, group messaging and private groupvideoapp for all of the groups in your life. Bubble is perfectforfriends, family, sports teams, cheer squads, fantasy sportscrews,school groups and clubs, work teams — or any other groupcurrentlybeing forced into text group chaos. You can easily chatfor free,share GIFs, photos, videos, updates and more with anygroup. Youcan even 'Go Live' with livestream video in any of yourprivategroups. PRIVATE GROUP VIDEO & LIVESTREAM FOR UP TO 10PEOPLE *Bubble lets anyone in your group share what’s happeningRIGHT NOWby going “live”. “Live” allows you to stream whateveryou’recapturing with your camera with the members of your group.Whetherit’s something funny happening right now, a game that yourfriendsdon’t want to miss out on, a perfect sunset, or othermust-see,wish-you-were-here moments, Bubble lets you bring yourfriends withyou to experience life, in the moment, with you.CELEBRITYDROP-INS: * Invite celebrities, musicians, athletes &more todrop-in to your private Bubble group via live video for achance tohave an up close and personal experience with yourfriends. They'lldrop-in on Bubble groups regularly so just makesure you're usingBubble for your group messaging and watch fornotifications. STAYORGANIZED * Bubble allows you to ditch nastygroup texts and emailcompletely and handle all communication withthe different groupsin your life in one place. All files, photos,videos, messages, andother media shared in the group, stays in thegroup. Bubble alsoshows you who has seen your messages so you don’thave to wonderwho knows what’s going on in your group. GIPHY FUN *It's easy toshare funny gifs with your group because we'veintegrated withGiphy. Just tap the GIF icon and you'll be able toinstantly addthe perfect animated GIF to any conversation. SUPERSPEEDY * Bubbleis super light and really fast. Moving from group togroup is aswipe and a tap away, helping you juggle a ton of chatterwithease. Just tap the B icon on the upper left or swipe right foramenu of all your Bubble groups (and to create new ones)SOCIALFEEDS DELIVERED TO YOUR GROUP * Bubble delivers the best oftheinternet directly to you for easy sharing with yourfriends.Whether it’s a hilarious video on Instagram or a crazyTweet,Bubble brings it to you—no more switching between apps,busilycopying and pasting links to your favorite content. Followyourfavorite Instagram, YouTube or Twitter account to easilypreview& share any updates with your Bubble group. All links,GIFs,videos, etc. display with a preview right inside the app.Bubble isfree (no SMS charges, works with your data plan) Note:Bubble isintended for people 13 years or older. *****Bubble isbrand new soplease install and send us yourfeedback/suggestions:[email protected]
Video Greetings for Messenger
** Create beautiful video greetings fromyourphotos and videos and send to your friends on FacebookMessenger**Join over 100 Million users who enjoy the Slidely suite andsharetheir favorite moments in creative ways!Video Greetings for Messenger is a fun and creative way toeasilycreate beautiful videos greetings from your photos and videosandsend them on Facebook Messenger to your friends and familyforFREE!Our beautifully crafted themes for holidays, birthdays, I loveyousand thank yous make it very easy to create an awesomevideogreeting.Video Greetings for Messenger is a remarkable yet simple wayforanyone to create and share personalized videos. Simply chooseyourfavorite photos and videos from your device, select one ofourpre-made greeting card themes, choose the right song and shareitwith your friends and loved ones.Each theme comes with a soundtrack that brings out the emotioninyour photos and videos. Use Video Greetings for Messenger tocreatefree and unique video ecards from moments you want toremember andsend them to your loved ones.KEY FEATURES* Select your favorite photos and videos from your device* Pick your perfect moment from each video* Choose a stunning pre-made theme from our library* Select the right song to make your video come alive* Send your new video greeting to your friends and familyonFacebook Messenger* Create as many greeting cards as you like for free!WHAT IS SLIDELY?Slidely is building a place for users to create, broadcastanddiscover beautiful visual content. It's a visual contentplatformwhere everyone can create or curate visual content in a funandengaging way and easily broadcast it to the rightaudience.Slidely - Connecting People Through Creativity
Wire - Secure Messenger 3.80.23
Wire is the most secure collaboration platform. We increasetheproductivity in your team while keeping your informationprivate.Wire allows your team to communicate and share informationeasilyand securely - messages, files, conference calls orprivateconversations - always in context. – Communicate with yourteamsthrough private or group conversations – Share and collaboratewithfiles, documents, links with reactions – Press theone-clickconference call button and your voice or video meetingsstarts ontime – Invite partners, customers and suppliers tocollaboratethrough the unique guest rooms – Increase privacythrough ephemeralmessages and device fingerprinting – IntegrateWire with yourcorporate applications and services – Recognized byIDC as industryleading security and privacy approach through OpenSource, end toend encryption, forward secrecy and public auditsWire is availableon any device and operating system - so your teamcan collaboratewhether in the office or on the road. Wire is alsoavailable as anon-demand solution for crisis collaboration. Wireoffers a freeversion for external business partners or friends andfamily use.To learn more go to
Unseen - No Last Seen 3.1.1
No last seen, no blue double tick and no last read!