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Speak English in 30 Days 1.0
It is very necessary to know how to speak English intoday'sworld.If you want to learn how to speak English fluently,thislearnenglish in 30 days app will help you achieve your goal.Thisappincludes total 30 days program with various featureswhichtaughtyou How to Speak Real English. Most of the time we facemanykindof problem due to poor english speaking like to get a jobandinmany social activities. This is offline app and doesnotrequireinternet connection..
English Speaking tips 3.02
English Speaking Tips contains simple english speakingtrikswithenglish quiz. This app helps you to learn englishspeakingandgrammer with examples. There are main Three section inthis app1.Learn English 2. English Quiz 3. English speakingpractice InLearnsection you can learn about basics of Englishlearning. YouCanPractice to speak English by learning through thisbestEnglishspeaking app. By this app you will learn how totranslatehindi toEnglish. This app also contains examples of dailyusablesentencesin hindi and English for your English speakingpractice.quizsection of this app help you to practice Englishgrammer.
English Speaking Course 1.3
Akshay Khesal
This android application is specially developed and designedforhindi speaking users who want to learn english. This app hasthefollowing reading content. App contains all the grammarchapters.App has lists of common word, vocabulary and proverbs. Ithasconversations on common events in english. Users can also sharethecontent through social networking applications like Hike,Line,Whatsapp etc.
How to Speak Real English 3.6
This English application is absolutely Free! We offer . . . -RealEnglish Vocabulary (over 20 days) - Video Lesson - Over 8Lessons -MES Conjugation System - Vocabulary book with Flash cardType - Youcan test yourself "speaking","grammar"and "Vocabulary"more . . .However most foreigners feel embarrassed to talk inEnglish becauseof the following reasons . . . - fear of makingmistakes - notknowing what to say and how to say - not comfortablewith a nativespeaker So how do you speak English fluently like anative speakerswith no fear and be confident? You must practicespeaking,speaking, and speaking! The most effective way of speakingFluentEnglish is . . . - know many practical vocabulary and tenses-practice speaking with native speakers - practice speakingEnglishword phrases - practice speaking using slangs andexpressions Hearit, Learn it, Speak it Our English lessons providethe mosteffective language-learning program ever developed. Thelessonsgives you quick command of English structure withouttedious,boring drills. All our lessons will develop your Englishspeakingskills immediately so you can put your English to use whenabroador dealing with English-speakers everywhere! With our lessonsyouget: - The flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere -20-minutelessons designed to optimize the amount of language youcan learnin one sitting. - Within each lessons new vocabulary ispresentedin flashcard style. This allows you to learn the meaningof anyunfamiliar words quickly and easily with the help of handyEnglishtranslations. - The lessons focuses on real life situations- fromasking about jobs and what they do, hobbies, interests, andabout aperson, about how they feel and about the conditions ofothers -are those that are most practical communication. - Theselessonsfeaturing practical vocabulary, practice speaking, workbook,andTest. - The conjugation system - the best system out thereforanyone who must know in order to speak English fluentlyandconfidently. - Interactive Audio lessons to help you perfectyourpronunciation and teach spoken language organically
Learn to Speak English 2.4.8
Talk English Standard is the official FreeTalkEnglish.comAndroidApp. There are over 900 lessons and 8,000audio files tohelp youlearn how to speak English fluently. Mostlessons containclickablesentences that you can click to listen to anative Englishspeakersay that sentence. Each lesson page also has aself recordtool.You can record your own voice reading that sentenceandcompare itwith the audio file from the native English speaker.Ifyou want tolearn how to speak English fluently, this app willhelpyou achieveyour goal. Features and functionality: - Click,listen,and repeatfunctionality - Record and play back tool-Interactiveconversation practice lessons - Hundreds of reallifescenariossuch as movies, sports, shopping, college life,pets,working, andmany more. - Book mark lessons / Managefavoritelessons feature -Share feature - Lesson Search Englishcategoriesconsist of: -English Basics - Regular Daily English -BusinessEnglish - TravelEnglish - Interview English - Idioms andPhrases -ListeningLessons - Pronunciation Lessons - English GrammarBasics -Top 2000English speaking Vocabulary word list Everythingyou needto helpyou learn English speaking is available in one FREEapp.
English Speaking Course 3.0.5
More than 3 million learners are learning free EnglishSpeakingapp.Let’s enjoy! English Speak is a program to improveyourEnglishspeaking skill naturally and easily with 100commonconversations.It will help you speak English fluently.Justlisten, repeat andcompare. ENGLISH SPEAKING PRACTICE -EachEnglish lesson is based ona real world conversation betweentheuser and a native speaker.Users are put in a variety of realworldsituations and take part inconversations using the mostfrequentlyused vocabulary and grammar.You will improve Englishspeakingpractice skill with it, listeningevery day and speakrepeat. -There is a tremendous emphasis put onEnglishpronunciation. Usershave access to normal and slow playbackspeedsfor eachconversation, sentence, and word. Place your cursorover anywordin the program and it will be pronounced slowly byourinstructor,not by a computer generated voice. - 2500commonvocabulary andphrase items. REMEMBER ENGLISH VOCABULARY - Youcanbookmarkanything word that you want to learn and remember. -Andyou canplay game vocabulary to remember words, there are twogamestoplay. FEATURES - 100 English conversations - 1500 MostCommonWordsfrom basic to advance. - 1000 Most Common Phrases. -SpeakEnglishpronunciation with list of vowels and consonants. -GamePractice.- Huge amount of audio content. - Normal and slowplaybackspeeds.- Analysis features pronunciation, literaltranslation,meaning,andcharacters. Learn English Speaking App dailyto improveall of yourEnglish skills right now! ★ Moreinformation:Website: ★ Follow us andLearnEnglish evenmore:Facebook:[email protected]
English Grammar Test
Language learning requires a lot of books anddifferentonlineresources to be used during the curriculum. Thisisatime-consuming and uncomfortable way to learn English.Ourlanguageapp is the best way to study English and topracticeEnglish.Stunning minimalist design and clear user interfacemake iteasy totest your grammar skills. This English Grammar Testapp isperfectfor Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels. Thetest isdividedinto two levels. Each one contains 30 tests with20exercises. Wehave managed to put 20 English grammar units (foreachlevel) ineach test in a way that each question is a part ofacertain unit.When you complete your English test you seewhichaspects ofEnglish grammar you are good at and which of themrequiremorepractice. When you make a mistake the app explains youwhyyouranswer was not correct. Here we offer you anabsolutelyuniquefeature — simple explanations for each questionthat helpyouunderstand why we should use certain answer instead oftheother.English learning is nothing without feedback. Use our apptogetinformation about your good and bad sides. Take a grammartestonceor twice a week during your curriculum and analyzeyourresults.Focus not on mistakes but on the explanations given.Withtheprogress page provided in the app you can see your totalscoreandresult of each english test. There are three scales frombadtoperfect which indicate your percentage. If your totalscoreiscolored green then you are ready for a new level.Anotheruniquefeature that you will not find in other apps is theEnglishchat.Download the app and join the chat where you can speakEnglishwiththousands of learners around the world. Moreover, ourappprovidesFREE daily classes, exercises and lessons viapopularsocial mediachannels. Learn English free, find new friends —thisis the bestEnglish practice you can find at the store! Downloadoneapp to getmuch more: practice, analysis,communication,interestinginformation. Features: - 60 tests and 1200englishexercises - 20English grammar units in every test -simpleexplanations - totalscore and progress analytics - Englishchat -clear user interface- beautiful design - daily Englishlessons andexercises Syllabuscovered in english test: - Word Order- Articles- Present Tenses -Past Tenses - Future Tense - PassiveVoice -Modal Verbs - PhrasalVerbs - Irregular Verbs - Pronouns-Adjectives - Adverbs -Relative Clauses - Noun plus Preposition-Prepositions - Adjectiveplus Preposition - Nouns - Some, any, alotof, many, much etc. -Conditionals - Reported Speech - Gerund-Infinitives - ConfusingWords - Linking Words -Expressinghypothetical meaning - WordFormation
English listening daily 1.7.1
Listening is the most important skill in English. This softwarewillhelp you to practice English listening easier. The voicefromconversations is quite slow. Therefore, you can listen almostwordsin the conversations. FEATURES • English conversation withslowvoice. • Commonly-used English phrases & vocabularies •Easy tostore and manage your favorite items • Pretty UI, simpleanduser-friendly,support multi language • Huge amount of audiocontent• Remind learn English *Easy to use, easy to understand,easy topractice! *Improve quickly listening skills, gain moreuseful andpractical English *You can download audio to use OFFLINE.Developedby Awabe.
English conversation daily 1.1.7
English Conversation is helpful appforlearning to speak daily English. The program contains lessonsthatgive special attention to English pronunciation andeverydaylanguage. With 100 lessons based on a realworldconversation.FEATURES• 100 English conversation• Commonly-used English phrases & vocabularies• Easy to store and manage your favorite items• Pretty UI, simple and user-friendly,support multi language• Huge amount of audio content, video content• Remind learn words or phrases• Speaking English• Voice recording*Easy to use, easy to understand, easy to practice!*Improve quickly listening skills, gain more useful andpracticalEnglish*No internet connection requiredDeveloped by Awabe.
English Listening and Speaking 9.54
The powerful English learning app This is a useful Englishlearningapp that will help you improve listening skills and speakEnglishconfidently and fluently. There are many lessons from basictoadvanced built into the app to help you develop every Englishskillyou are looking for and achieve many achievements inlearningEnglish. English Conversation Practice your Englishcommunicationskills daily to help you gain confidence in Englishconversations.You can listen and practice everyday communication byyourselfright inside our English learning app. English SpeakingPracticeSpeaking is one of the most important skills in learningEnglish.With thousands of the most common English sentences andstandardAmerican English accents, it's easy to memorize sentencepatternsfor everyday use. English Pronunciation lessons are veryhelpful.They help you understand the principles of pronunciationandpractice effectively in the app. English ListeningPracticeCarefully selected listening lessons in our Englishlearning appwill help you learn English while adding to yourknowledge of theworld around you. You can find a lot of topics forlisteningpractice in the app: daily life, science and technology,shopping,travel, school life, etc. English Vocabulary Thevocabularylearning feature will effectively support you inmemorizingvocabulary. You can learn IELTS, TOEIC and basic words.Vocabularytests are rich and easy to understand for learningEnglish words.Our English learning app also includes many otherresources forlearning English. The well-organized contents make iteasy to findthe topics you need. Main Features: - Thousands ofEnglishconversations and stories with audios and completedtranscripts; -Learn English idioms and phrasal verbs in dailyconversations; -Learning English Vocabulary and test for manytopics including:most commonly used words, IELTS Academic, TOEIC,TOEFL, Kid words;- Learn English Essay for IELTS; - Irregular verbstable with audiosupported; - Learning English Pronunciation; -Names and surnamespronunciation; - Recognize and evaluate yourpronunciation; -Hundreds of English listening tests that improveboth yourlistening and vocabulary abilities; - Sentence BuildingGame; -Vocabulary Building Game; - Word Chain Game; - Listen tolessonsonline/offline; - Bookmark lessons. We have been workinghard tomake the app better and more stable for English speakingpractice.Hope you and your kids will have enjoyable experienceswhile usingthis English learning app.
Speak English in 30 Days
* Learn English Speaking is an easy andsimpleEnglish Speaking Course meant for teaching you simpleEnglishspeaking.* This is an English Speaking tutorial which uses gradualteachingmethodology with interactive audio sessions for each of thesixspecific chapters.* You are coached to get more command over English languagewithevery lesson that you take.* Fluent English speaking becomes simple and easy as youareprovided facility to even record your own exercise session inyourown voice for each lesson and save it for futurereference.* You will like going through each of the chapters whicharecompletely interactive in nature, coaching you throughout togainmore knowledge as you learn English language.* Every English learning chapter is sufficiently providedwithinformation to ensure that your speaking fluency getsfurtherenhanced - learn hindi to english and english to hindi.Speakenglish daily offline.This is how you can use this application:***** Text Based English Learning - learn english fast andeasy.Learn to speak english fluently.***** Audio Based English Learning - learn englosh using thebesttechniques***** Save your voice recordings for future reference andtrackingyour improvement against each exercise - it is joy to playandlearn english. This is an english conversation speaking app tohelpyou speak English fluently.***** There are six separate chapters, devoted individuallyforScenarios, English Interview, Expressions, ColloquialEnglishSpeaking, Etiquette and Phrasal Verbs - learning englishspeakingHindi to english. Learn daily English Conversation.***** Take a quiz test on English language after completingthesechapters - speak english daily offline easily.***** Hence, learn how to speak English Fluently - you are freetoutilize this app - learn how to speak english fluently in 30days.Also learn offline English pronunciation.***** This app is useful in giving you the knowledge ofEnglishBasics before you start learning Business English. Aftercompletingthis tutorial, you will be able to figure our commonmistakes InEnglish. Often people jump start with Grammar and Partsof Speech,but it is suggested that you first learn with this Hindito EnglishPhrasebook. Learn to Speak English by Play & Learnmethod. Youcan Learn Languages free using the techniques specifiedin thislearn english magazine. This app gives you a basic BPOInterviewBriefing. Once you completely understand the content ofthis app,you can go ahead and later choose to learn Idioms &Phrases.Your next step could also be a group discussion app forinterviewor an app on English for competitive exams - it willcompletelyyour choice. Comprehending English verbs through Englishlisteningcan also be your future course of action. Here you canalso learnto some extend, English for BPO. Learn English byListening andfind here Interview Questions and Answers. You willalso be able toLearn English Words or Learn English VocabularyDaily. This can beyour first step towards learning English for BankExam. Later, youcan refer an Idioms and Phrases Dictionary andstrengthen yourEnglish. If you are wondering as to how to speakenglish fluentlyin 30 days, this can be your perfect destination.We suggest thatafter you have completed perusing through your appcontent, you canmemorize Synonyms and Antonyms or chisel yourEnglish for Banking& SSC preparation.This application can also be used by those participants whoarepreparing for BPO, Call Center, English Discussions and Debatesaswell as English Job Interview. Use this learning englishappmethodically and learn english speaking and improve yourspokenenglish offline app. Utilize this English Listening Appproperlyand there are chances that you English will be better soon.Thisexperience could be better than using an English Podcast app.Thisapp will improve you English Pronunciation as well withthisenglish pronunciation app.
Wlingua - Learn English 5.0.15
Learning English has never been so easy. It's perfect foryou,whether you already have a beginner, basic, intermediate,oradvanced level of English. Thanks to our online Englishcourse,you’ll notice your English improving very quickly. Millionsofstudents have already tried our courses. Would you like tojointhem? Our Online English Courses: English Course 🇬🇧 🇺🇸LearnAmerican English or British English. 500 lessons with hundredsofvocabulary and grammar exercises. You can also practiceyourreading and listening comprehension skills. Levels:Beginner,Elementary, Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate. AdvancedEnglishCourse 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 This course will help you continue to improveyourEnglish! More than 200 grammar and vocabulary lessons withhundredsof exercises. Level: Advanced B2 First Course - FirstCertificate🇬🇧 440 lessons with hundreds of exercises to prepare forall partsof the Use of English, Reading, and Listening sections. Itcontainsexam-style questions only. English Irregular Verbs Course🇬🇧 🇺🇸 70lessons with hundreds of exercises to practice yourEnglishirregular verbs. British English Pronunciation Course 🇬🇧 Acoursewith 30 lessons and many pronunciation exercises to recognizethesounds in British English. American English Pronunciation Course🇺🇸A course with 26 lessons and many pronunciation exercisestorecognize the sounds in American English. Our Learning Method:💡Alearning process designed for you that is both easy andguided:You’ll feel like you’re learning more and more English everyday.Every sentence, exercise, review, and reading has beencarefullyselected for you. 🔊 Audio clips in British English andAmericanEnglish: A wide variety of accents with clear, crisppronunciation.Recorded by professional narrators. 🔗 Linkedconcepts: Each word islinked to its use or precise meaning. Whenyou click on the wordsin each sentence, exercise, or reading, theirmeaning or anexplanation of their use will appear. 📝 Lessonstructure: Conceptsare introduced progressively throughout thecourse. We will neveruse concepts that weren’t studied previously.📇 Vocabulary: Learnthe meaning, pronunciation, and use of wordswith activitiesadapted to your progress. 🤔 Grammar exercises:Practice yourgrammar with exercises linked to explanations. 🗂️Vocabularytopics: Words are grouped by topic categories. 📈 Spacedreviews:Review the vocabulary and grammar at increasingly longintervals. 🔍Search function: Find whatever you’re looking for,includingvocabulary and grammar. 📃 Reading comprehension texts(readings):Learn and practice with conversations, news, emails,andinterviews, among others. 🥇 Certificates: Earn a certificatethatproves your knowledge at the end of each level. Account types:✔Basic: With a Basic account, the course is free, but hassomelimitations. ✔ Premium: With a Premium account, you’ll haveaccessto all course content and activities. At Wlingua, we workhardevery day to offer you a quality English app that will help youinyour work, with that upcoming exam, on your vacation,incommunicating with people from around the world... Download ourappto learn English!
Speak English Fluently 5.36
Your handy English learning app If you are looking for an apptoimprove your English Conversation, Listening skills and helpyouspeak more fluently, this English learning app is suitable foryou.Various and practical English learning resources All sounds oftheapp are in American English accent that is widely used instudy,daily life and work around the world. This app also includesthelist of most common words and phrases used in dailyEnglishconversations. It will help you speak English smoothlyandencourage you to learn English with enjoyment and lots of fun.Acompanion for your English speaking practice Our application hasalot of communication sentences classified into many realEnglishconversation topics that will be an effective tool duringyourEnglish speaking practice. New English lessons and featureswill beupdated regularly. Features of "Speak English Fluently": ★List ofEnglish conversations with 2 levels: beginner andintermediate ★List of most commonly used sentences and expressions★ Record yourvoice, then the app will be able to compare your voicewithoriginal sentences ★ Most commonly used words and sentencesindaily situations ★ Necessary English Idioms and Phrases ★Bookmarkyour favorite lessons ★ Online audio mode: save yoursdcard'sstorage ★ Offline audio mode: can use this app on the goWish youwill gain many achievements in learning English with ourapp.
Learn English In 60 Days With Hindi 3.0.1
In country like India where English is the part of personality.Thisapp makes you speak fluent English especially people who arefromHindi medium. The App contains number of lessons suchasgrammar,vocabulary,test,tips and conversation. We tried to useasimplified language by which you can understand easilyDownloadthis offline application and speak fluent English to make abrightfull career. ||||अब आपके अपने भाषा हिंदी में सीखें आसानीसेअंग्रेजी।।।। हमारा प्रयास की हम आपको कुछ नया दे सके, play storeमेंअनेक application उपलब्ध है।लेकिन हमने कुछ ऐसा करने की कोशिश किहैजिससे आप आसानी से English बोल पाए | Key Features: • lessons:Wehave covered almost all important chapters that will giveyouclassroom experience. • Well-designed Course: This Englishspeakingcourse has been divided into seven parts. ** Tips ** Test** Tense** Grammar ** Vocabulary ** Conversations ** Writing Skill•Test:This is the most amazing feature that you will appreciate alot,this section makes you practice the chapters that you havelearntfrom grammar. You will have to just go through test and getyourbest score. •Tips: We have tried to solve your queries anddoubtsin this section which mostly students encounter. •One on one:Youcan clear your English speaking related doubts with DeotirthSahu .•Absolutely Free app: There are no hidden chargeswhatsoever.Please download this free application and start speakingEnglish athome. ===उम्मीद है की आपको यह application पसंद आएगा====****ShortDescription about Deotirth Sahu**** देवतीर्थ साहू एकEnglish गुरुतथा प्रेरक वक्ता के रूप में देश के विभिन्न शहरों मेंहजारों छात्रोका मार्गदर्शन कर चुके हैं| बहुत ही कम उम्र में एक छोटेसे गैरेज सेक्लास की शुरुआत करते हुए आज आप अंचल के सबसे बड़े SpokenEnglishinstitute के संचालक हैं| अपितु आप एक हिंदी मीडियम छात्र थे,आपकीइंग्लिश कमज़ोर थी, आपने इसी कमज़ोरी को ताकत बना कर छात्रोकोइंग्लिश सीखाने का एक साहसिक प्रण लिया| आज आपके institute सेहजारोंछात्र इंग्लिश को कठिन समझी जाने वाली भाषा में पारंगत होकर देशविदेशमें सेवा दे रहे हैं| आपकी खोजी प्रविती तथा वैज्ञानिक सोचEnglishसीखने को आसान बनाती है | इसका जीवंत उदाहरण यह App है, जहाँआप आसानीसे English सीख सकते हैं | समाचार पत्र, टी.वी, रेडियो आपकेलेख तथासाक्षत्कार को युवाओं तक पहुंचाते रहे हैं |वे छात्रोंकेआत्मविश्वास, मनोबल वृद्धि तथा English language के लिएस्कूल-कॉलेजएवं अन्य संस्थाओ द्वारा आमंत्रित किये जाते रहे हैं | •Startedcareer in the field of soft skill and personalitydevelopment namedDev Spoken English in year 2004 which is thelargest institute inChhattisgarh. • Started classes at Central JailDurg in Year 2013.• Specially invited as a presenter in LANCOMMMalaysia • Hosted ashow with ABHI TAK News Bhilai on career andpersonalitydevelopment. • Hosted a show with Zee News on SpokenEnglish andpersonality development in year2011. • Invited asSpecial Guest asCareer adviser on Zee News in year 2012. •Interviewed andpublished by BBC News Web Portal •Special interviewby electronicmedia Sahra News,Bansal News, India News,Zee 24GhanteM.P/CG •Widely interviewed and published by many Newspapers likeDainikBhaskar, Naidunia,The Hitvada, Haribhoomi, Navbhart ,Patrika,Kanchan Path, Central Chronicle, Chhattisgarh, Etc. InviteDeotirthSahu to your events, seminars, conferences and conventionsfor hiskeynote address and motivational sessions. The followingsubjectsare covered : motivation Hindi | inspiration Hindi |businessspeakers corporate speakers| Public Speaking| CommunicationSkill |Soft Skill.
English Speaking Course in 7 Days - Learn English 47.3
* This application helps you to learn English easily. * Youcanlearn spoken English in just a few hours. * This is anEnglishspeaking course for learning English easily. * Englishconversationcan be easy if you go through the chapters properly. *And if youare wondering how to learn English, this app on theEnglishlanguage can help you do so - this is a speaking English appfree.* This app has a chapter on English vocabulary as well. * Ifyouare looking forward to learning English online it is betterthatyou initially start with this application. * There aresimpleEnglish words as well, in one of the lessons which you canfindhelpful. * Learn English phrases and idioms easily. *Thisapplication is in fact a Hindi to English speaking tutorial. *Ifyou are seeking to talk English the right way, this can be agoodbeginning. * Learn English using Hindi with effectiveEnglishlistening. * You can learn how to speak English fluently.*Speaking English with Hindi was never easier. * This can alsobeuseful for those who are seeking to join BPO or Call center. *Alsoif you want to participate in English discussions and debates,youcan begin with this application. * This application uses bothtextand voice audio to teach English the proper way. * LearningEnglishgrammar could be easier if you initially get to know thesebasics.* Learn to speak English fluently with Hindi. * Also if youarepreparing for an English interview, spend some time learningthetools provided here. * An excellent beginning for a Hindispeakingperson. * Start learning these English lessons and improveyourEnglish knowledge with this application which is for beginners.*These English practice lessons and tutorials will makeyoucomfortable in improving your English skills. * Learn Englishusingthe Hindi language and acquire the skills which are lookingtoachieve. * You will learn some basics of English which isimportantto understand before you start learning professionalEnglish. * Itis very important to know how to speak English in themodern world.* If you really need to learn how to speak Englishfluently, thenthis learn English in 7 days app can support you inachieving yourtarget. * This app is a 6 to 7 days program and hasseveral whichcan teach you How to Speak Real English. * Angreziseekhe andachieve your goal using this English speaking course. *Angrejisikho and learn the basics to crack interviews with thisSpokenEnglish apps. * Use this free English speaking course andpreparefor a bright future. * Learn English for competitive examsandachieve your goal soon. * This angreji bolna sikhe app hasmanyfeatures to help you learn English quickly. * This Englishlearningapp has been used by many. * If you are wondering thatangrejikaise sikhe, you have reached a proper place. You can alsolearnangreji grammar. * Then what is the use simply pondering -Hindiangreji bolna sikhe. * Hindi to angreji application is an easywayto gain confidence. So, here is your opportunity to learnEnglishspeaking and improve your spoken English with this offlineapp. *If you have made up your mind to speak English in 30 days,you cango for this app. * This English Tutor App teaches you tounderstandsome concepts in English quickly. * An English learningapp isrequired to teach you certain principles easily. This is anEnglishTeacher app - learn English. Learn English Speaking withease. Thisis a speaking English course app. * Learn how to speakEnglishperfectly and easily. This will help you prepare forcompetitiveexams.
Aprender Inglés Curso! 9.10.13
✅ ¡¡ Curso de Inglés Gratis !! ✅ Aprender Inglés Es Fácil conestaAPP que Tiene 57 Lecciones de Inglés, Audios, Textos,PronunciaciónFigurada y Exámenes. 🇺🇸 Incluye 3 Niveles ( Básico -Intermedio yAvanzado). Ademas Cuenta con 7 Exámenes Virtuales ParaEvaluar TuProgreso en el Idioma! 👍 Este Curso es 100% GRATUITO, esCompleto yde Acceso Libre! La Ultima Versión Incluye TraductorGratisMulti-Idiomas! No esperes más, Descarga esta APP ahora mismoa TuCelular ó Tablet Android! Curso Completo de Inglés es100%Recomendado! Ademas Agregamos La Sección "PALABRAS" con las1000Palabras Más usadas en el Idioma Inglés, con su Traducción,suPronunciación correcta con Audio nativo y Dos Frases ejemplodeuso! ¡Comienza a Aprender Inglés con Mejor Curso de Ingléshoy!CARACTERISTICAS DE MEJOR CURSO DE INGLÉS : Lecciones deInglésGratis - 57 Lecciones Gratis para ayudarte a Hablar Inglés-Lecciones en Audio y Texto - Vocabulario y Pronunciación PruebatuFluidez - 3 Niveles incluidos: Básico, Intermedio y Avanzado -Vecuanto has aprendido - ¡7 Exámenes Virtuales para evaluartuprogreso en el lenguaje! Entrenamiento Bilingüe - Tendrás accesoala librería gratis con más de 1000 palabras en Inglés -Cadapalabra incluye guías de pronunciación y traducciones - Aprendeahablar como un hablante nativo de Inglés ¡Descarga Mejor CursodeInglés hoy completamente Gratis! Learn English Free withthisCourse! Download it Now!
English Listening Practice TFlat 5.9.1
TFlat Group
Learning English by conversations with slow voice. YoucanuseEnglish dictionary right in your app. ♦ Listening isthemostimportant skill in English. This software will help youtopracticeEnglish listening easier. ♦ The voice from conversationsisquiteslow. Therefore, you can listen almost words intheconversations.♦ Translate any word or text right in the app.Youcan downloadaudio to use OFFLINE. Developed by TFlat.
Daily English Conversation 1.6.4
LQ Education
If you are looking for an app to improve your EnglishConversationskill and help you speak English more fluently, thisapp issuitable for you. You can listen to English conversationswithnormal or slow speed. This app also includes the list ofmostcommon words and phrases in English used in dailyconversations. Itwill help you speak English fluently.
Learn English Words Free 3.1.0
Vocabulary Trainer for Learning English: Learn to SpeakEnglishforTravel, Business, Dating, Study & School.•Flashcarddictionary with English translations of 10,000 words.•Fastestgrowing language course education app for mobile&tablet:500,000 new users/month. • 100% Free English lessonsforbeginners,advanced learners, adults and kids. Build asolidvocabulary injust 10 mins per day. Pioneering sleeplearningfunction designedwith leading researchers. Learn the mostfrequentEnglish words andtravel phrases quickly, before yourholidays.Proven methodologyfor accelerated and stress-free learningofEnglish. Over 10.000words and phrases with images andqualityaudio. More than anyother app! Learn vocabulary whiledriving,running or doinghousework in listening-only mode. It's 100%free.Give it a try anddownload now! Key Features: ► 10,000Flashcardscontaining Englishwords and phrases with theirtranslations ►Listening-only modeincluded ► Accelerated learningmethod withspaced repetitions,based on the latest research foroptimummemorization ► Qualityaudio pronunciation and images ► Nointernetconnection requiredwhile learning (offline) ► Fromabsolutebeginners to advancedlearners ► Adapts to mobile phones andtablets► Sleep Learning:Learn English words while you sleep. Savehours ofvocabularystudy. Based on the latestacademicresearch: it compare to other language learning apps? ► 100%Free:Nolimitations of content or functions in an attempt to makeyou buyapaid version. Everything is free. ► More Words andCourses:Coursesadapted to fit your language learning objectives,whether youwantto study the language for your job, your holidaysor justforasking someone on a date. ► Adjustable Learning Speed►AcceleratedLearning Methodology: Research in the fieldofvocabulary learningshowed that spaced repetition languagetraininggives the bestresults for memorization in language lessons.Plusoptionalrelaxation music can increase studentmemorycapacity(superlearning). ► Add your own vocabulary lists: Ifyouare takinga course at a school, university or private academy,youcan addthe words from your textbook and learn them here insteadoflookingthem up in a dictionary. ___ Do not download this app ifyouwantto learn grammar. This app is designed for rapidlearningofvocabulary and phrases. For learning grammar thoroughly(suchastenses and verb conjugations) the best option is toattendalanguage course ideally in a country where the languageisspoken.On our website you cancompareover10000 reviews of language courses & programsworldwide.Thebest app is no replacement for a English course, butcan helpmakethe vocabulary learning part of any course so mucheasier.___Available Flashcard Language Course Lessons: ► MostFrequentWordsin English - Beginner A1 (500 words) - ElementaryA2(501-1250) -Lower Intermediate B1 (1251-2250) - UpperIntermediateB2(2251-3500) - Advanced C1 (3501-5000) ► DatingPhrases -Dating,Romance and Going Out ► Practise Business English-BusinessVocabulary ► Exams - TOEFL - IELTS - TOEIC ► Travelphrases-Basics ___ Contact us at [email protected] or visitourforum:
Learn English Step by Step - Spoken English App 26.0
*This application helps you to learn English easily. * You canlearnspoken English in just a few days. * This is an Englishspeakingcourse for learning English easily. * English conversationcan beeasy if you go through the chapters properly. * And if youarewondering how to learn English, this app on the Englishlanguage canhelp you do so. * This app has a chapter on Englishvocabulary aswell. * If you are looking forward to learningEnglish online it isbetter that you initially start with thisapplication. * There isalso a chapter on English pronunciation. *There are simple Englishwords as well, in one of the lessons whichyou can find helpful. *Learn English phrases and idioms easily. *This application is, infact, a Hindi to English speaking tutorial.* English speaking appto talk English the right way- this can be agood beginning. * LearnEnglish using Hindi with effective Englishlistening. * You canlearn how to speak English fluently. *Speaking English with Hindiwas never easier. * This can also beuseful for those who areseeking to join BPO or Call center. * Alsoif you want toparticipate in English discussions and debates, youcan begin withthis application. * Learning English grammar couldbe easier if youinitially get to know these basics. * Learn tospeak Englishfluently with Hindi. * Also if you are preparing foran Englishinterview, spend some time learning the tools providedhere. * Anexcellent beginning for a Hindi speaking person. * Startlearningthese English lessons and improve your English knowledgewith thisapplication which is for beginners. * These Englishpractice lessonsand tutorials will make you comfortable inimproving your Englishskills. * Learn English using the Hindilanguage and acquire theskills which are looking to achieve. * Youwill learn some basics ofEnglish which is important to understandbefore you start learningprofessional English. * This applicationcontains lessons on EnglishGrammar. * Learn English by ListeningEnglish - use this app book. *You will be able to talk Englishbetter. * This app trains you howto speak English fluently. * ThisEnglish Speaking Course isspecially designed to make you better inEnglish conversation. *This spoken English course is custom builtand you will find how tolearn English quickly. * You will getbetter in both EnglishVocabulary and English Pronunciation. * Itis very important to knowhow to speak English in the modern world.* Learn how to speakEnglish fluently with this learn English in 12days app can whichfor just the basic English understanding is alsoa learn English in7 days app. * This app is a 12 days EnglishLearning program but youwill start getting initial understandingin 6 to 7 days as we teachyou How to Speak Real English. * Angreziseekhe and achieve yourgoal using this English speaking course. *Angreji sikho and learnthe basics to crack interviews with thisSpoken English apps. * Usethis free English speaking course toprepare now. * This angrejibolna sikhe app has many features tohelp you learn English quickly.* This English learning app hasbeen used by many. * If you arewondering that angreji kaise sikhe,you can also learn angrejigrammar. * Then what is the use simplypondering - Hindi angrejibolna sikhe. * This is an English Teacherapp. Learn EnglishSpeaking with ease. * This an app for EnglishLearning. * If youhave made up your mind to speak English in 30days, you can go forthis app and achieve your target much earlier.You are howeverencouraged to keep this app for 30 days.
Learn English in Urdu - Speak English Fluently 8.0
Are you looking for an English learning application in Urdu?Thenyouare at the right place. Learn English in Urdu isacompleteapplication for English learning in just 36 days. Donotworryabout weak English skills. Learn English in Urdu will helpyoutolearn English and make you talk and speak inEnglishfluently.Learn English in Urdu Main features: Learn Englishtensesin veryeasy way Quick English learning English UrdutranslationsEnglishsentences with Urdu meanings Learn EnglishGrammar in UrduEnglishlearning in just 36 days Speak Englishfluently LearnEnglish innative language Urdu for quickunderstanding Share appwith friendand family Urdu to Englishtranslations EnglishLanguageTranslations Download the best Urdu toEnglish learning apptodayfor free. fa69fe5477
Learn English from Hindi
Namaste English app by HinKhoj helps youinlearning spoken and written english from Hindi. It is best apptolearn english grammar, daily english conversations. It is afreeEnglish learning course used by lakhs of learners for spokenandwritten English, grammar, and vocabulary building.Levels of english lessons:- Beginner Level : Learn greetings, vegetable names inenglish,nouns etc.- intermediate Level: Name of days in english, body partsinenglish, singular and plural, articles usage, spicesnamesetc.- Advance Level: Present , past and future tense, birds andanimalnames, prepositions, adverbs etc.Features of Namaste English:- The apps works offline as well.- 100s of Interactive english course lessons to help youlearnenglish from very basics to advanced level.- Language games with tips and immediate result to help youlearnenglish while playing!.- Chat option through which you can clear your doubts and chatwithour language experts.- Daily surprise quizzes to keep you updated.- Most of the chapters are free and you can earn coins and usethemto unlock advanced chapters.- Provides english learning games for spelling checks andsentencebuilding.Sentence game: Learn english sentence by playingsentencegame.Boat / Balloon Game: Build vocabulary by practicing meaningofenglish words. Learn english through such games.Integrated Dictionary: HinKhoj Hindi to English and English toHindidictionary integrated with the app now.Mobile par angreji sikhane ka best app. Aasani se angrejibolanasikhe. मोबाइल पर अंग्रेजी सिखाने वाली एप्प है नमस्तेइंग्लिश.Say Hello to English Learning now and take a leap inlearningEnglish. Namaste English will be your dost and guru forenglishguidance.For more details, open
Speak English basic 1.16
- Can you read and write but still can'tspeakfluently?- Is English speaking difficult for you?- Do you need more English conversation practice?- Do you feel nervous speaking English?- Are you shy when you have to speak English?- Do you lack confidence in speaking English?----> Do you want to Speak English Fluently?----> Do you want to Speak English Confidently?Speak English basic can help you learn English Speaking so youcanspeak English fluently.With many categories/topics and over 5000 audios for youpracticeeveryday:01. English Speaking Basics - Learn basics of speaking usingcommonexpressions.02. Regular Daily English - Study commonly used sentences inaneveryday setting.03. Business English - Improve communication and gain confidenceinan office.04. Interview English - Prepare for any kind of Englishspeakinginterview.05. Travel English - Learn how to say important sentences whileonvacation06. English Listening - Improve listening skills with funquestionsand answers07. English Pronunciation - Sound good and be understood08. English Grammar - Set the proper foundation by learningbasicsof grammar09. Idioms and Phrases - Learn words that are hardtotranslate10. Over 2500 vocabularies to speak.Also you can speak conversation and record it to practice inthisapp.Keep to learn and practice, you will success! GOOD LUCK!
Learn English Daily 10.5
"Learn English Daily" is a free application for learning tospeakEnglish. "Learn English Daily" contains lessons that givespecialattention to English pronunciation and everyday language.►LISTENING: - Listening to thousand English phrases bynativespeaker ► SPEAKING: - Try to speak common sentences everydaywillhelp you improve your english speaking "Learn EnglishDaily"include: - A hundred Common English Conversions -ThousandEssential Phrases and Words - Online lessons - Translationto mostcommon languages. Bookmark, Notification, Search...will helpyoukeep learning English frequently.
تعلم اللغة الانجليزية باتقان 3.0.5
ebda3 App
تعلم الانجليزية حتى الاتقان برنامج يمنحك القدرة علىتعلمالانجليزيةبدون معلم بكل سهولة و يسر البرنامج مقسم الى مجموعةمراحلتبدء معكمن الاساسيات حتى الاتقان مراحل البرنامج 1- الاساسيات:تحتوي علىمجموعة كبيرة من الدروس التمهيدية و على مجموعة كبيرةمنالمصطلحات والمعاني مع طريقة لفظ كل كلمة بأسلوب سهل و ممتع2-القواعد الاساسية: ينتقل بك هذا المستوى للتعلم أساسيات تكونالجملالإنجليزية 3-القواعد المتقدمة : يشمل العديد من المواضيعالمتقدمةالتي تمكنك منممارسة الانجليزية بمستوى عال 4- القصص : يشملعلىمجموعة من القصصالانجليزية الممتعة مع ترجمتها لكي تتمكن منالاعتيادعلى قراءة القطعالانجليزية كتطبيق للمراحل السابقة
Learn english grammar quickly 3.8
Learn english Grammar quick It is the best way toimproveyourEnglish Grammar at home, on the move, anywhere! Whatisincluded inthe app? • Active Or Passive Voice, Adjectives,Adverbs,Articles,Auxiliary Verbs, Conditionals, Conjunctions,Determiners,Idioms,Interjections, Introduction, Nouns,Phrases,Prepositions,Pronouns, Quantifiers, Question Tags, ReportedSpeech,Tenses,Verbs. • Many question test for grammar • Manyfunnyquizzes, helpyou relax after working time • Many of toeictestquestions • Manyquestion about tenses • Over 100 videolecturesExplanation shownusing tables for better understanding andreading.And it's FREE!!This app will be constantly updated withnewcontents, and testswhich help you continually refreshingyourknowledge.
Speak English communication 1.4.7
"Speak English communication" is a free application for learningtospeak English. "Speak English communication" contains lessonsthatgive special attention to English pronunciation andeverydaylanguage, over 2000 commonly-used English phrases andvocabulariesfor travelers and beginners. FEATURES • Commonly-usedEnglishphrases & vocabularies • Easy to store and manage yourfavoriteitems • Pretty UI, simple and user-friendly,support multilanguage• Huge amount of audio content, video content • Remindlearn wordsor phrases • Speaking English CATEGORIES: Contains over2000essential phrases in the following categories - Communicate-Topic: "Greetings" "General Conversation" "Numbers" "Time andDate""Directions & Places" "Accommodation" "Eating Out""Shopping""Countries" "Family" "Dating" "Emergency" "TouristAttractions""Colours" - Common phrases: "Common expressions""Greetings""Travel & directions" "Numbers & money""Location" "Phone& Internet & Mail" "Time and Date""Accommodation""Dinning" "Making Friends" "Entertainment""Shopping""Communication Difficulties" "Emergency and health""GeneralQuestions" "Work" "Weather" *Easy to use, easy tounderstand, easyto practice! *Improve quickly listening skills,gain more usefuland practical English *No internet connectionrequired Developed byAwabe.
Speak English Daily 5.2
ESL Apps
Speak English Daily is your best and helpful application toimproveyour English Listening and English Speaking skills with mostcommonWords, Phrases and Conversations is based on a realworld.Features: - Conversations - Phrases - Words - Pronunciation -AudioSettings (2 mode: streaming or download and listen)