Top 18 Apps Similar to Smart Task Killer

Super Task Killer-Fast Booster
One of the fastest & simplesttaskkiller and a compact phone boosting and powersavingtool.Features☆Intelligent Power Saving☆► Battery Status: Detects battery status in real time andshowsremaining usage time► Power-saving Mode: You can customize various power-saving modesorchoose from four different modes to extend stand-by time☆Phone Boost☆► One-tap Boost: Releases memory and boost your phone► Regular Cleaning: Automatically closes background apps,keepingyour phone at best speed► Whitelist: Add frequently-used apps to your whitelist► Cool Rocket Man: Lively home screen pet to help youreleasememory☆App Management☆► App List: Lists all apps and their footprints indifferentcategories► Easy Uninstall: Uninstalls third-party apps to free morestoragespacePlease send feedback and help us improve the app if youencounterany problems while using the product.Email: [email protected]
Task Killer
It can help you to speed of your phone!
Task Manager
Task Manager for Android devices
Task Manager – System booster
Speed up your smartphone and increase battery life! Clean thememoryand cache.
End processes that slow down your system
SystemPanelLite Task Manager
NextApp, Inc.
SystemPanel features a task manager and system monitor.
System app remover (root needed)
Took all bloat ware out of your devices.
Total Commander - file manager
C. Ghisler
Android version of the desktop file manager TotalCommander(
Task Manager 2.1
Control what runs on your Android device! Task Manager will letyouview and manage all apps installed on your device, and dealwithservices and processes running on your phone or tablet. Killorfreeze processes, restart memory-hogging processes, saveresourcesand speed up your phone in one tap! With Task Manager,you’ll beable to list all installed applications including hiddenand systemapps. Task Manager can quickly close or restart runningprocessesand switch between running tasks. Is your phone short onavailablestorage? The Move to SD command will help you releasepreciousstorage by moving selected apps to an SD card. One-tapSystemSpeedup will boost the phone for you in an instant. Just taponthat button, and Task Manager will automatically scan yourrunningprocesses, kill or restart apps hogging system resources,freememory and make your phone more responsible.
Best Task Manager 1.0
Best Task Manager is the mosteasiestandefficient way to kill extra background runningprocessesIt scans your device and list the extra background processes andonasingle click kills all the extra files .Continuous running of your devices processor overburdenyourdevicememory and eventually slow it down scanning,CleansingandClearingis very important in order for smooth running ofyourdevice BestTask Manager does it all .
Task Manager Shortcut (For OLD Samsung device) 1.1
This app is NOT a standalone Task Manager, it just opensthebuilt-inTask Manager in your SAMSUNG device. NOT allSamsungdevices comewith a Task Manager. If your device is producedon2015 or later,most likely it does not has a built-in TaskManager.DifferentSamsung devices have different built-in TaskManager.Custom ROM mayNOT be supported. See section 'More byACTIVE SOFT 'for other usefulapps.
Zapper Task Killer & Manager 1.6.1
Download Lookout Security & AntivirusfromPlay Store: , forcompleteAndroid protection including free antivirus, backup, findlostphone and more.❐ About Zapper Task Killer & ManagerZapper Task Killer & Manager is an easy way to killtheprocesses that are slowing down your phone - by zappingthem!✰ “Simple to use and simply amazing! Kills unnecessary appsanddoesn't lag like other task killers.”✰ “Killer! Just like their security app. Top notch!”✰ “Great program! Does what it says and does it easily!”Ever suspect that your phone is running slowly because of an appyoudownloaded? Lookout Zapper Task Killer helps you find therealculprit behind battery drain and slower phone performancebyshowing you a list of every active app on your phone.Apps are sorted by CPU usage, with those that are using themostprocessing power at the top. If you see something that seemslikeit is making your phone run slower or making your batterylifesuffer, select the app and zap to kill it. Once you zap theapp, itimmediately closes down, stopping it from taking up any moreofyour phone’s precious resources.Want to kill all processes and start from scratch? Hit selectalland kill all active apps with one click.Zapper Task Killer & Manager also provides real-timechartsto help you visualize how much memory and processing poweryourphone is using overall.Note: Zapper Task Killer & Manager can onlykillbackground processes. If the app is running an important task,likePandora streaming music or Gmail sending a message, it can notbekilled. These can only be stopped through the Running Apps menuofthe Android System Settings.❐ About Lookout LabsZapper Task Killer & Manager is a project of theLabsdivision of Lookout Mobile Security. The goal of Lookout Labsis toexplore new ideas and push the boundaries of mobile apps.Labsprojects are experimental by nature, and may only be availablefora limited time.❐ About Lookout Inc.Lookout builds security technology that protectspeople,businesses, governments, and critical infrastructure fromthegrowing threats in the post-PC era.Visit our website to learn moreaboutus.❐ About Lookout Security & AntivirusZapper Task Killer & Manager is not a replacement forLookoutSecurity & Antivirus.Downloading Lookout Security & Antivirus ( is the bestwayto keep your phone & tablet safe from malware and spyware,backup your data, and locate, scream, lock, or wipe a lost orstolenmobile device.Lookout Security & Antivirus is available in German,French,Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (TraditionalandSimplified), Korean, Russian and Polish.© 2012 Lookout, Inc. All rights reserved. Patents pending.
SystemPanel App / Task Manager
NextApp, Inc.
SystemPanel features a task manager, app manager, andsystemmonitor.
Root Booster
Boost your speed, battery life and stability with preset modesforroot users
Just Cleaner 7.20
Easy and instantly clean up and free upmorestorage space that’s what you need Just Cleaner for!Additionally,you’ll get all in one tool cleaner featuring memorybooster, deviceoptimizer, CPU cooler and battery saver. Theefficiency of our junkcleaner is proven: about 4 mln people havebeen using it!Are you suffering from lag and freeze of your device allthetime?Is your phone always running out of space?Is your battery draining faster than before?If you’ve got even one “yes” for the questions above, ourmobilecleaner and speed booster is the right trash manager foryou!With the advanced monitoring process our cache cleanercanintelligently empty background processes, stop stealthyrunningapps and disable stealthy auto-start apps.Just Cleaner Highlights:☆ MEMORY and GAME BOOSTER - forceful phonespeedboosterOur device cleaner and booster kit analyses stopsbackgroundprocess, frees up phone memory. That allows to optimizegames andapps performance and moreover efficiently extendbatterylife.☆ JUNK FILE CLEANER - powerful clean master,spacesaverThis cache and ram cleaner has accurately analyzed thousands ofappsand detect trash including residual files, temp files. As aresult,it cleans cache junk with one tap, frees up space andboosts phonespeed.☆ APP MANAGER - runs your apps and files intelligentlyDetects rarely used or consumption apps that occupying spaceandslowing down your device and uninstalls them. Our Task killeralsomoves internal storage apps to external SD card. That will giveyouenough free space for more desirable apps and files.☆ CPU COOLER - instantly cool down phone temperatureThe less apps are running the less your phone or tablet areheating.So our memory cleaner ‘ll kill two birds with one stone:checkstemperature and make your battery last longer by reducingusage ofoverheating apps!☆ Fast, compact and efficient app☆ Speed up your device with a tap☆ Extend battery life and prevent overheating☆ Boost up memory and save space☆ Smart Design: user-friendly interface, that is easy to useJust Cleaner is an app featuring RAM, empty folder andbrowserhistory cleaner, ram and speed booster and Androidoptimizer. Withintuitive interface, it can clean junk file, cache,ads,unnecessary background apps and in one tap boost up mobilememoryto make your phone faster. Enjoy the highest performance ofyourphone after downloading and using our app.
Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster
Trusted by 230 million users, DUSpeedBooster & Cleaner can clean cache and junk file, boostyourphone to make phone faster, making it the best cachecleaner,memory booster, DU Speed Booster & Cleaner Total keepsyourAndroid device safe, clean, and fast to be always justlike”New”.DU Speed Booster & Cleaner is the only all-in-one speedbooster,trash cleaner and antivirus app that optimizes yourbackground apps,memory space and junk(cache) files. While keepingyour device safefrom virus and trojan, that can secure yourprivate data with theAppLock function.DU Speed Booster(Antivirus &JunkCleaner)Highlights:► Phone Boost & Memory Boost - The best phonespeedboosterClean up memory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by removingredundantbackground tasks.Stop stealthy running apps, Aims to speeding up yourandroiddevice.We also have phone booster shortcut, One-Tap Boost directlyfromyour home screen makes it easy to optimize.► Junk File Cleaner - Small yet powerful cleanermaster,space saverFree up space and improve the performance by intelligently scanthejunk files.Such as residual files, cache, temp files, obsolete apks andotherbig files.► Security & AntivirusScan installed apps, memory card content, and newappsautomatically.DU Speed Booster & Antivirus latest protectiontechnologiesagainst viruses, adware, malware, trojan andmore.► Network BoostOne-tap comprehensively detects network status, includingWi-Fisecurity, download speed, upload speed, networking devices.Closebackground network-occupied applications, to ensure that theusingapps is in a better network condition.► CPU Cooler - Detect and clean apps thatcauseoverheatingContinuous monitoring temperature changes, detects appshighlyconsuming CPU and starts a cooling progress, effectivelyreduce thephone temperature.By memory boost, it can cool downAndroid deviceas fast as possible.► Apps Manager - Scan and clean redundant APK filesSmart Task Manager transfer apps, games or files, move to SDcardeasily without scrolling from one screen to another one!AppManager for moving internal storage apps to external SD cardwillgive you a lot of free space on your tablet or smartphone.► AppLock - Guarding your privacy is easier than everThe fastest & safest applock for android in the world;Securitytool, easy to reset password.Prevent others from accessing your important private apps suchasFacebook, Instagram, SMS, Gallery and so on.► Smart ChargeDisplay charge status in real time, accurately estimatingremainingcharge time.Display notifications on the screensaver to never missfriends'messages.► DU SwipeHelp users quickly switch applications and system settings!Find us online:Facebook: Speed Booster & Cleaner is right here to deal with allissuesthat slow down your Android device performance! DU speedBooster ishere to help you to Clean and Speed Up android device,androidsystem or in one touch optimize all files on your tabletorsmartphone! It will help you master and optimize yourbackgroundapps, memory space, junk (cache) files and battery power,as wellas inspect apps permissions and secure your phonefromviruses.Help fight against deceptive adsDU Group is dedicated to providing a safer mobile experience forourglobal users, so we’re committed to fighting againstmisleadingdownloads. We’ve found that some ads/redirected pagesmight bemalicious promotion from unknown channels. If you comeacross oneof these ads, you can help us to take them down. Pleasesend us thelink and screenshots of these ads [email protected] Weappreciate your kindly help.
CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Is your Android phone or tablet full of junk and runningslowly?Clean, optimize and boost the performance of your devicewithCCleaner for Android! Brought to you from the makers of theworld’smost popular PC and Mac cleaning software, CCleaner forAndroid isthe ultimate Android optimizer. Quickly and easily removejunk,reclaim space, clean RAM, monitor your system and more, andtrulymaster your device. Optimize, Clean, and Master • Speed upyourphone and clean junk safely • Clean application cache,downloadfolders, browser history, clipboard content and moreReclaimStorage Space • Analyze and optimize valuable storage space•Quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted applications •Clearjunk, such as obsolete and residual files Speed up your Device•Quickly stop running tasks and clean memory with Task Killer(RAMBooster) • App Hibernation feature, to stop apps from runninginthe background until you manually open them Boost PerformanceandBattery Life • Disable functions you don’t use • Clean your RAM•Set profiles to auto-adjust battery usage for home, work, orcarAnalyze Applications’ Impact • Determine the impact ofindividualapps on your device • Check which apps consume your data• Findapps draining your battery • Discover unused apps with AppManagerOptimize Photo Storage • Find and remove similar, old, andpoorquality (too bright, dark, or unfocused) photos • Optimizefilesizes with Low, Moderate, High, and Aggressive filecompression,and move originals into cloud storage • Delete photosfrom privatechats Monitor your System • Check the usage of your CPU• Masteryour RAM and internal storage space • Check out yourbattery levelsand temperature Easy to Use • Optimize your Androidin just a fewclicks • Simple, intuitive user interface which iseasy to navigate• Fast, compact and efficient, with low RAM and CPUusage • Choosethe color theme you like most Disclaimer: Certainbattery profilesare automatically triggered based on your device'slocation, whichrequires access to location data we'll be using inthe background.We'll ask for permission to access this data beforeusing it.
Fast Task Killer
HDM Dev Team
Just one tap the app icon to instantly release memory.