Top 21 Apps Similar to 3D Butterfly Live Wallpaper

Rose Live Wallpaper 1.5
- Beautiful Rose Live Wallpaper - Nice Animation on Rose -TouseRose Live Wallpaper -> Open Rose Live Wallpaper App->Clickon the Go to Wallpaper Button -> Choose RoseLiveWallpaper-> Click on the Set Wallpaper thats it - So easy touse
Glass rose Wallpapers 1.5.0
One of the most beautiful flowers . One ofthemost used flowers. This time we are presenting to you theglassroses. Beautiful masterpieces from the history and frommoderntimes. Beautiful and elegant, but very dangerous andmysterious.Artists from all around the world are making those rosesofglass,as a personal decoration, window decoration or asdecoratingstatues. Enjoy this unusual gallery.
Neon Flowers Live Wallpaper 2.1
Tri Core
Glowing Neon flowers animate withvariousstyles and touch interaction. Different types of florescentcolorflowers animate on designed black screen to get beauty toyourmobile screen. More HD backgrounds also included with thisfreelive wallpaper.
Transparent Screen Wallpaper 1.0
SunT Apps
Transparent Screen Live Wallpaper makes your phone screenbackgroundtransparent by using the back camera of you device. Youwill useyour phone just like you are using a phone with atransparent livewallpaper launcher, it allows you to use yourphone as usual. It isa funny and useful app for you to prank yourfriends and show off.★★Attention: How to Use★★After you installing our Transparent Wallpaper, you need to gotothe system ""wallpaper setting"" to enable it, there are twowaysbelow:a. Settings -> display -> live wallpaper -> choseour""Transparent Screen Live Wallpaper"" -> click""setwallpaper""b. Long press the blank of the home screen -> Wallpaper->chose our ""Transparent Screen Live Wallpaper -> click""setwallpaper""
Romantic Love Pics 30.0
Alma Games
Romantic love pics & quotes for yourphone,you can save the image to SD, share it with friends byWhatsappLine, upload to social networks Facebook, Twitter, email,etc ...Features:- Set as wallpaper- Save to SD- Post directly on facebook, twitter etc...- Share by email and sms- Share by WhatsApp, Line etc ...- Set their status in social networksNote:This application contains advertising.
Galaxy Autumn Live Wallpaper 1.2
Are you looking for cool and pleasantlivewallpaper with beautiful autumn leaves floating on yourmobilescreen,then "Galaxy Autumn Live Wallpapers" is the Perfect choice.In the app settings, you can customize thefollowingfeatures:-* Choose favorite background from various HD backgrounds.* Control the number of falling autumn leaves.* Control the speed of autumn leaves.This free wallpaper is tested on latest mobiles
[Anip]LiveWallpaper(Butterfly) 1.3.0
This is live wallpaper.Choice it~!
Photo Aquarium Live Wallpaper
Tri Core
Aquarium Live wallpaper, which is use your photo frame asBackground
Forest HD Live Wallpaper 1.0.6
Forest Hd live wallpaper is speciallycreatedfor the nature lovers!It is created with jungle Hd backgrounds, 3D animals,flyingbutterfly and beautiful birds animations with sounds.Realistic Animation of birds. butterflies and animals is smoothandnatural.Relax yourself and have peace of mind with jungle sounds!This free android wallpaper has various customized features:-1. Change background from various Forest backgrounds2. Select your favorite flying birds3. Display only your favorite animals4. Enable or Disable morning jungle sounds5. On or Off flying of butterfliesInstall this "Forest HD Live Wallpaper" ans spent yourbeautifuldays with nature!
Autumn HD Live Wallpaper 2.1
Enjoy the beauty of nature with the "AutumnHDLive Wallpaper". This wallpaper has beautiful HDbackgroundswhich are collected from most amazing seasonal sceneries.Take a walk to the Autumn world and enjoy the colors of theautumnleaves.It's true that "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf isaflower".This ultimate wallpaper gives you live experience of autumnseasonwith animated backgrounds.Download it now, its completely Free!In the App Settings, you can customize thefollowingfeatures:-* Choose your own background from various HDnaturebackgrounds.* Control the falling speed of Autumn leaves.* Control the amount of falling Autumn leaves.How To Install:Long Press on home screen -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers-> Select "Autumn HD Live Wallpaper" from the list-> Set asWallpaper.
WallKing - HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds)
Only The Best Wallpaper, professional editors recommend,exclusivewallpapers hd
Butterfly Live Wallpaper 1.0
AppSavvy Inc.
Beautiful butterfly wallpaper in blue andblackcolor.
GO SMS Butterflies Theme 1.10
Fly in the sky like a butterfly! With thisNEWGO SMS Pro Butterflies theme, you'll feel like abutterflydelicately floating in search of the perfect words towrite theperfect messages for your friends. The cute butterflieswillinspire you and you will have a great day. Get inspired and allthetiny butterflies will work hard for you! Are you curious? ThenyouDOWNLOAD the new GO SMS Butterflies theme today, it's all FREE!- To install, follow these 3 simple steps: first press Openafterthe download, go to Installed Category, select the GO SMSProButterflies theme and then press Apply Theme. Congratulations,youare now done!- Before you download, you can preview theavailablescreenshots.- To be able to use this theme, you first need to have GO SMSProinstalled on your device.- This theme is translated in 48 different languages.Please feel free to RATE and/or COMMENT if you like ourthemes.For any questions, suggestions or to just drop us a line,you cancontact us at [email protected] com.
Backgrounds HD Wallpapers 2.0.7
Stylem Media
10,000 awesome unique wallpapers byin-housedesign team.New Backgrounds added daily.Android 4.4 Users: Bug has been FIXED.Categories:Funny,Cute,Quotes,Sunsets,Beaches,Cars,Girly,Guys,Games,Flowers,Models,Love,Christmas,Military,Money,Sports,City,Scary,Money,NewYears,Music,Movies,Animals,Space,...40 million downloads.Set Contact Icons. #1 iPhone Wallpaper app. Uses (butnotendorsed by) Flickr API.
Butterfly Wallpaper 2016 1.0
Betterfly Wallpaper 2016 is the newwonderfuland delicate pleasure for your smartphone that iscompletelyfree.Each gentle butterfly will bring a smile to your face and batheyourphone or tablet.Just try one of the best apps for Android beautified by theshinybutterfly glow and you'll fall in love with our wallpapersandbackgrounds. If you are looking for cute wallpapers withglowingflowers and various types of butterflies, you are in luck.HDwallpapers depicting butterfly and flower garden like this onedonot come very often the cool parallax effect will only enhancethebeauty of Butterfly Wallpaper will charm you. Butterflywallpapersand backgrounds will bathe your screen with color ! Enjoythe shinybutterfly wallpaper app! The sweetest butterfly wallpapersfree HDwill be ideal for your new smartphone! Beautify your screenwiththe loveliest HD images of butterflies! Choose one ofthebackgrounds inspired by the butterfly images! Full supportforlandscape mode and home-screen switching! Enjoy this free andfunButterfly wallpaper!
10,000+ Wallpapers HD
Awesome Wallpapers for Android Phones and Tablets
3D Aquarium Fishes Magic Touch Wallpaper 1.2
AppQueen Inc.
Come close and Meet this beautiful, fully customizable ♥ 3DAquariumFishes Magic Touch Wallpaper ♥ Enjoy many fishes roamaround you intheir natural habitat while you enjoy seeing themwith lovelybackground of your choice. This wallpaper iscompletelycustomizable! This is FULL VERSION FOR FREE of ♥ 3DAquarium FishesMagic Touch Wallpaper ♥ for you. You Get 3 in 1 livewallpapers: ★The Real Live Aquarium ★ Fishes Live Wallpaper ★ 3DLive AquariumLive Wallpaper Be unique and creative! Create your owncustomizedlive wallpaper with ♥3D Aquarium Fishes Magic TouchWallpaper ♥!!!★ It is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: ★ Wallpaper settings:-Backgrounds :Choose from 5 included backgrounds– Everythingbeautiful  ★- No.of Fishes -05 Different type of fishes choose howmany you want forevery type - ★- Bubble - Switch On or Off -Bubbles Quantity –Choose from 03 levels at a same time ★ Shortcuton Wallpaper a Tinysettings button which will take you to settingdirectly for instantcustomization  ★ Additional options: - Rate UsOption - MoreSuitable apps for You OptionHome->PressMenu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers->Select ♥3D AquariumFishes Magic Touch Wallpaper ♥ ★ If you like theapplication, RATEIT :-) ♥ 3D Aquarium Fishes Magic Touch Wallpaper♥
Hello Kitty for Xperia™ 1.0.0
◆Download the Hello Kitty theme and apply from the settings onyourdevice◆♪ Touch and hold an empty area on your Home screen toquicklychange your theme.♪ The look of your user interface, home & lockscreens,navigation bar and more will have a total Hello Kittymakeover.▼Available OSAndroid OS 4.4 or higher.▼About Xperia™ ThemeXperia™ Theme is the new tool to customize Sony Xperia™ deviceswiththe use of 'Theme Creator BETA'.©1976,2015 SANRIO CO.,LTD.(G)
Kappboom - Cool Wallpapers & Background Wallpapers
Kappboom Inc.
Over 200,000 of the BEST Android HD Wallpapers! Download NOWwhileit's FREE!
Autumn Wallpapers 1.0
This live wallpaper recreatesthehypnotictripped-out visuals featured in the cult classicSNESgameEarthbound (Mother 2). Even if you've never heard ofit,theseanimated wallpapers stand on their own. With thehundredsofbackgrounds available in this tiny < 300kBpackage,youpractically can't afford not to download it! Equip itnow togiveyour device sweet visuals with low power consumption, andbethefirst person on your street with a totally bosswallpaperthatdoesn't bust the battery.Flaunt your style while remaining environmentallyconscious...Makesa great conversation starter... Use it to helpmeet the manor womanof your dreams... The possibilities arevirtually endless!:)Abstract Art Wallpapers!Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and linetocreatea composition which may exist with a degree ofindependencefromvisual references in the world.Most devices come with many nice abstract live wallpapers.Theyareall pretty nice, but non battery friendly. If youloveabstractstyle, but want a static wallpaper, this bestabstractartcollection is suitable for you.The wallpapers are of high quality which are suitable forbothphonesand tablets.Abstract Wallpapers app have the best innovativefreewallpaperapp for your Android phones/ tablets!. It lets youenhanceyourandroid phone/tablet with cool and amazing wallpapers.It willmakeyour screen look AMAZING.Features:• High definition resolution• View and set your favorite wallpapers• Attractive slide show for your device• Full Screen View• Stunning UI, easy navigation• No internet connection requiredPremium Wallpapers HD and Backgrounds HD is a collectionofthebest full HD wallpapers and backgrounds for yoursmartphoneortablet. All our wallpapers have been personallyselected so youcanpersonalize your smartphone.A modern but simple UI is used so you can easilynavigatebetweencategories. We hope it will make it easy to get tothewallpapersyou want. Also in Premium Wallpapers HD (BackgroundsHD)you havethe opportunity to favorite the wallpapers you likemostalong withusers all over the world, making your favoritewallpapersrise tothe top!Features:# More than 10,000 wallpapers in HD quality.# Wallpaper sorted by 25+ categories.# New wallpapers and images every day.# Only HD quality.# Save wallpapers on your SD card.# The high speed of the application.# Stylish interface.# Ability to automatically change wallpaper
Sunflower - 3D Garden 1.0.3
BoomTap Inc.
*^* Here is Sunflower - 3D GardenLiveWallpaper representing beautiful sun flower reactingtogestures.*^* Install this romantic, beautiful & attractivewallpaperhaving realistic movements as appears in 3D world.*^* It is a beautiful & romantic option for the love birdstoimpress their valentine.Beautiful butterflies around the bunch of roses make itmorebeautiful because we all know that butterflies are selfpropelledflowers.*^*^*FEATURES*^*^**^* Realistic 3D movement*^* Romantic, beautiful and attractive live wallpaper*^* You can set the butterflies count*^* You can set the light flare (on/off)*^* You can set touch rotation (on/off)*^* You can set rotation speed*^* You can set the effect of touch gesture.Suggestions can make this even better. Feel free to sendyourfeedbackto us