Top 50 Games Similar to Gem Miner: Dig Deeper

Gem Miner 2
Psym Mobile
Dig your way into history!
Clicker Mine Idle Adventure - Tap to dig for gold!
Are you ready go to the mines? Dig for gold and be an idleclickerstar! 👑💎
Miner Premium
Palata Media
Dig yourself a way to gold, diamonds and success with thisaddictivemining game
Tiny Miner
qube 3D
Get ready to explore an awesome world of mining!Translatorsneeded!!!
Seven Idle Dwarfs
Sonat Studio
Dig up all mines over the world and become the richest idle ever!
Gold Miner Vegas
Gold Miner Vegas with very addictive, classic and nice goldminergame play!
Idle Miner Clicker Games
Clicker Games
Idle clicker game: Tap to mine the treasure & collect cashinminer idle games
Tap Tap Dig - Idle Clicker Game
Tap to dig with your pick axe! Mine riches in a fun idleclickertapping game!
Concrete Jungle
A city planning deck-building puzzle game!
Idle Miner Tycoon Mining Games 1.2.9
In a wonderland faraway from the city there exists an idleclickerworld of Dwarves and Dragons in clicker games. One day thedwarfdiscovers a minefield filled with a lot of gems, crystals&diamonds in tycoon games. Little Dwarf, with help of hisdragonfriend hero clicking games, summons his clan to show them anewdiscovery which will give them money games. Dwarves areenergeticand ready to discover more mines and gems to become idletycoon.All you have to do is TAP TAP TAP games and you will becomeabillionaire with help of dragons of business games. Let’s growrichby tapping games as fast as you want to in new idle mafia gamesnowifi games of 2022. Idle tycoon games Summon dwarfs by tapping onascreen which will mine gems so that you will transport intothecity to earn idle gold mine profit from stone miner games,idlegames and become mine tycoon of idle tycoon games. Researchmore tobe an industry tycoon and build your gems empire by playingtheidle Miner games Empire idle building games. crafting andbuildingmining games systems and investing into resources to gainprofitfrom business games and become a gold mining games idletycoonsimulator your world in mining tycoon games. Hey Idle builderofmines, the perfect clicking games here are filled withwonderfulstories of little elf and dragons within simulation gamesofflineidle games. crafting and building idle empire in tap city&money games and expanding your mines in stone miner idle quickandno wifi games of tap tap games dig. Perfect simulation gamesinwhich you will collect clicker cash by transporting gems intothecity via train within offline idle games. Improve your workbyresearch, faster the tapping games, the more dwarves aresummoned.The idle mafia games of dragons & dwarves are waitingfor yourorders in new game idle miner idle tycoons & clickergames.Hurry up and take control of your mines so that you become arichbusiness games idle tycoons at gold and goblins gems idlemarketgames. Become a digging games master of simulation games withhelpof dwarf and dragons in idle mines clicking games FeaturesofClicker Tycoon Games Idle Miner • Super Casual cartoony game&Idle clicker • TAP & BUILD Build your dwarf town of empireidletycoon • Click & Collect clicker Cash by selling gems •Planyour cash investments and level up with multiple story upgradesofbusiness games • Amazing 3D environment and graphics of taptapgames • Realistic Sound effects Build your empire of clickergameswith idle tycoon profits. Tap like a business games idletycoon inmoney games at a gold mine games and clone as many tinyidle minerdwarves as you could to grow and upgrade your dwarf cityto pocketmoney tycoon these awesome 3D clicker games! Hatch yourown dragonswith an exciting idle fun simulator game of 2022 whichyou can playoffline as well. Idle clicker world of gold mininggames filledwith magical little dragons & dwarves is here.Become a tycoongames expert by generating idle clicker profit andbecome a heroclicker. Business games will transform you into anempire tycoon inan idle town. Manage your mine rescue to becomeempire miningtycoon idle games. Accept the challenge to discovermine games byplaying idle miner tycoon games. Empire miningsimulator of an idlefactory will give you control of your minerescue to generate moremoney tycoon games. Idle Miner tycoon iswaiting to be controlledby your idle management games so that youcan start earning idleclicker profit from the mining tycoon factory& money games. 3SIMPLE STEPS TO GROW YOUR IDLE MINES in goldminer Empire IdleClicker Games 1. Tap to mine in money simulator 2.Research to winto earn idle profit 3. Upgrade your idle mine shaftsto be the idlefarm tycoon story all your friends are talking aboutin clickergames!
Dig - Mine and Upgrade
Gray Dotters
Explore the world made from blocks. Dig deeper to minebetterminerals.
Dig Away! - Idle Clicker Mining Game
Ruoto Games
An In-Depth Retro Style Idle Game
Gold Miner Super
Gold Miner Super with claw and reel, you will be top of thegolddigger world
Gold Miner Las Vegas
Gold Miner Las Vegas with many modes Challenge, Battle mode.PlayNow!
Drill Down
Dakror Games
Mine and process natural resources to construct a giantfullyautomated factory.
Gold Miner Joe
Donut Games
Treasure-packed GOLD MINES await in this PLATFORM ADVENTURE.
SWIPECRAFT - Idle Mining Game
Swipe, idle, mine resources, make pickaxes and explore dungeonswithSWIPECRAFT
Idle Tower Miner: Idle Games
Pixel Keep
Idle Tower Miner: Mine & Build Play in mini world for miningtocraft & building
Idle Mine RPG
Idle Mine RPG is an idle game that lets you take control of ateamof dwarfs and mine deep underground. Collect gold, mine ore,dig& rescue lost miners and craft items! Spend money toupgradeyour dwarf warrior and mine deep to the core. Prestige todigdeeper, kill faster & throw more bombs! IDLE MINE RPGFEATURESTap to Mine ● Tap to throw bombs and dig ore! ● Tap todestroymonsters & earn gold! ● Tap to upgrade & dig deep!Craft ●Craft Items to Mine Rare Ore ● Craft & Refine Rare Ore&Gems! ● Recruit more Dwarfs to Craft Faster! Upgrades ● Hiretonsof dwarf miners to mine for you! ● Upgrade Your Miners byRefiningOre! ● Idle as Your Dwarfs Collect Gold! RPG Gameplay ●UpgradeYour Bomb Throwing Skills! ● Level Up Your Dwarf Stats toMineFaster! ● Craft Weapons, Picks & Armor for your Miners!IdleMine RPG–Blow Stuff Up, Mine with Dwarfs!
Palata Media
Dig yourself a way to gold, diamonds and success with thisaddictivemining game
The Enchanted Cave 2
Dustin Auxier
**Full premium version with no IAP!** Delve into a strangecavewitha seemingly endless supply of treasure, strategicallychoosingyourbattles to gather as much treasure as possible! Findrareartifacts,gold, and stat gems, and traverse the skill treetobecome yourchoice of a mage, warrior, alchemist, or a mixofskills. Craftpotions, enchant your equipment, and discoversecretareas! But becareful because the cave has become quitedangerouslately with moreexplorers going missing every day…---Gameplay---The Enchanted Cave2 is an RPG/roguelike with a heavyfocus on riskvs reward.Strategically choosing your battles,building yourcharacter,enchanting your equipment and knowing whento escape thecave arecrucial to succeed. ---Key Features--- - 9playablecharacters - 100randomly-generated floors of loot,monsters, andminibosses - Secretareas hidden in the walls - Athriving town oftourists and eagerexplorers to talk and trade theirequipment -Over 300 items,equipment, spells, and craftingingredients -Mid-cave shops to buy,sell, and enchant equipment -Sprawlingskill tree featuring 3unique play-styles, or anycombination! - Abeautiful soundtrack byGrant Kirkhope - Museum forthe hardcorecollectors - New Game+ modeto infinity * 512 MB memoryor higherrecommended (most devicesafter ~2010)
Aviator - idle clicker game
Tap to become an airport tycoon in the clicker game withupgrades& recognition
Tiny Guardians
Summon guardians and embark on an epic journey in this TD gamewitha twist!
Idle Armada
Deep idle game with NO ads, NO in-app-purchases!
Westbound: Goldrush 2.4.9
Rockyou Inc.
Haven't you heard? The Gold Rush ishere!Strike it rich on the frontier!On your way to the west in search of gold, your wagon breaksdown!Now you're stuck in a hidden valley with a bunch ofintriguingsettlers. Don't fret! Build a great boomtown and explorethebeautiful countryside. Saddle up your horse and comealong!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MAKE YOUR LUCKY STRIKE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fun adventures await as you explore the hidden valley,discovercurious mysteries, and build a booming pioneercivilization!Things you can do in this western adventure:● Meet new characters and friends!● Explore the hidden valley and strike it rich!● Build a bustling boomtown in the heart of the west● Discover ancient mysteries and find lost treasure● Solve ancient mysteries in this quest to be the best!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DO YOU HAVE GOLD FEVER?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IN-APP PAYMENTS: Westbound: Gold Rush is free to play but youcanbuy special items to use in the game.NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links tosocialnetworking sites that are intended for an audience that is atleast13 years of age; direct links to the internet with thepotential tobrowse any web page; and advertising of RockYouproducts andproducts from select partners.REVIEWS: Please rate Westbound: Gold Rush and leave us a review!Welove hearing from our fans!Keep updated on new features and game hints!
Melvor Idle - Full Version
Melvor Idle is a feature-rich, idle/incremental game inspiredbyRuneScape!
CompactO - Idle Game
CompactO is an addicting idle game where you create colorfulsquareson a plane.
Dungeon Warfare
Defend your dungeon with powerful traps against thegreedyadventurers!
Digger Machine: find minerals
Collect rare treasures and diamonds! Upgrade your tiny dig machine!
Clicker Knight: Incremental Idle RPG
Loot Filled Idle RPG! Tap Craft Loot to become anIncrementalClicker Knight!
Tower of Farming - idle RPG (Soul Event) 2.1
[Premium Benefits] ▶▶▶ Start with 3,000 soulstones◀◀◀[Characteristics of the game] 1. Living and breathingbattleJuststanding at the appointed spot and cutting is not enough!Enjoyasmall and cute but dynamic battle lively! 2.StrategicbattleIdentify the characteristics of various heroes andequipmentsandplace them where you want them. Let's turn the tide ofthebattlewith your own strategy! 3. Over one hundred heroesLet'sidentifythe characteristics of various heroes who are fullofpersonalityand raise them. The heroes who have grown up withgreateffort willnever betray us! 4. Thousands of items Collect,combine,andreinforce a variety of powerful items to put wings on myhero!5.Fun of Farming If you are good at farming, you can getallweaponsand all heroes! Farming today! Farming tomorrow,again!■■■■■Recommended point ■■■■■ - Easy operation (Tap TapTap),hottestbattle action! - Fun game! - Challenge tower Defense! -16vs 50↑fight! - Monster Hunting, Boss Raid - You like to growparty&hero! - You can enjoy this game even idle play type!-Variousweapons, Various heroes, Various monsters, Variousgamemodes - Endof the idle RPG
Champions Odyssey - Idle RPG
Quimera apps
Join this journey and enjoy a full RPG experience on the go.
Drilla: Mine and Crafting
Black Bears
😎Craft your Drill, upgrade to the max, dig a deep mine, becomethebest digger!
Kingdom Rush Origins - TD
The epic prequel tower defense adventure with amazing towers,levels& troops
Goldcraft: Idle Games 1.15
Have you ever wanted to be a gold miner? Of course you have!Beginyour gold mining adventure with Goldcraft :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~How to Play ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Tap themountains to mine gold.- Hire loyal workers to help you. Level themup to get morepowerful. - Buy equipment to get you more gold! -Find rare andpowerful artifacts that give you huge bonuses. -Workers mine evenwhen you aren't playing, so you can come backlater and have tonsof gold for upgrades. - When things slow down,complete MasterTraining to reset back to level 1, but with extrabonuses so youare even more powerful! - You can idle and let yourworkers do thework! Tapping will add even more gold.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MasterTraining (Prestige/Reset)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Most idle games havea 'prestige' or soft resetsystem that allows you to start over atthe beginning, but with someextra power. Goldcraft's reset systemis called Master Training.After master training, you will startback at claim 1. Your rankwill be higher, and your global bonuswill be higher. You will alsoearn Master Points. Master points letyou enhance your workers andartifacts. Basically it lets you makeyour favorite workers andartifacts extra powerful. You can reachmaster training by tappingthe 'master training' button on the'You' worker.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Cool Stuff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Goldcraftis an idle clicker game. You can tapto mine gold or let yourworkers mine for you while you idle. Playthe way you want! This isa free to play game, but there are in-apppurchases that you canmake if you want. You can get everything forfree but if you don'thave the time you can always buy something.
Mine Quest 2: RPG Mining Game
Tapps Games
Explore roguelike dungeons, win RPG battles and discoveranadventure world!
Pocket City
A casual city building game. Become the mayor and create yourownmetropolis!
Tap Tap Dig 2: Idle Mine Sim
Tap to dig for gold with your pick axe! Get rich in a fun idleminesim game!
Dungeon Defense
Shooting Defense Game! Defend the dungeon from the heroes!
WIP idle project
Idle Distiller Tycoon Game
Kano Games
Build your brewery and distillery empire. Get rich and becomeanidle tycoon!
Ninja Village
Rewrite the history of feudal Japan withanarmy of the ultimate guerrilla warriors: ninjas!The shogun has fallen from power, plunging the land into chaosasfeuding feudal lords scramble to take his place. But the shogunhasan ace up his sleeve: you! As the head of a leading ninjaclan,it's up to you to rally your followers and help unifyJapan!As their fearless leader, you'll need to train your fellow ninjasinthe ways of modern 16th-century warfare--including the use ofthosenewfangled matchlock guns! Assign them to infantry, cavalry,andother units to form an army fit for a shogun!Of course, war is costly in more ways than one. Betweenbattles,your followers will raise funds by producing food,handicrafts, andother goods to sell to passing travellers.Arm your ninjas with the best gear, training, and skills andleadthem to victory in the struggle for unification! You may evenmeetsome of the era's greatest generals along the way...--Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games, or visitusat Be sure to check out both ourfree-to-playand our paid games!
Heroes : A Grail Quest
Game Dev Team
Turn-based strategy game in a fantasy world inspired by classicPCgames.
Idle Industry: Get Rich!
Upgrade mines and factories to make money, turn profitwhileoffline. Get rich!
King's League: Odyssey
Conquer the leagues in the enhanced port of theaward-winningstrategy hit game!
Gold Mountain
Mine the minerals and gems in the mountain for making money!
Cookie Breaker!!!
Cookie Breaker!!! Is an exhilarating game where youdemolishcookieswith heavy fire power. Genuine! Includes a richvariety ofelementsfor challenging gameplay. It's an addictiverealistic gameforpeople who can't help but want to demolish cookiesfor somereason,like they made too many of them.
Crafting Idle Clicker
Craft a complex production line, earn idle cash and becomeanindustrial tycoon!
Pocket Settlers
Mini Hidden Objects & Puzzles!