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Shape Puzzle - Learning words
Kids solve puzzles & learn English, German, Spanish andFrenchsight words
Toddler Animal Trace 2.2
• Designed for kids ages 2+ • Toddlers trace 24 animals in3environments • Cute animations, animal sounds, and balloons topopThis game is ad free (contains no third party or commercialads).This simple and fun game is an excellent way to introducechildrento tracing. Your children will love watching the animalscome tolife as they progress through the connect-the-dot styletracings.Trace the body, next the head, then the feet, and continueon untilthe whole animal is traced. Completed animals are placed intheirhome environments where they can be interacted with. How toPlayFirst, choose an animal. Second, trace each body part untilthewhole animal is traced. Finally, pop the balloons and placetheanimal in its home environment (jungle, farm, or grassland).SimpleTracing Children trace animals by connecting the balloonstogether.This is done by dragging the trace line from one balloonto thenext. Several visual cues will help your child know whichballoonsto connect. 24 Animals Trace the animals your childrenlove,including: cat, dog, duck, elephant, horse, monkey, owl,turtle,and many more. Each animal features unique sounds andanimationsthat are sure to capture your toddler's imagination.Questions orcomments? Email [email protected] orvisit
Sight Word Games for kindergarteners spelling free 2.0
274 Words: 82 animals, 50 food, 60 words about life, 23wordsaboutfestivals, 31 words about astronomy and geography, 28wordsaboutothers. 28Scenes--8Animal+4Food+7Life+3Festival+2Map+4Others!Native English,Spanish, German and French spellingandpronunciation! Looking forsomething entertain but alsoeducationalfor your kids? Amazing FirstWords is a must-have! Itprovideshours of fun, laughter andlearning. Amazing First Wordswill helpyour child: 1 develop finemotor skills 2 learn torecognize andmatch letters 3 learn thesounds letters make 4 learnthe names ofletters 5 learn how to spellwords
Toddler Sing and Play Christmas
4 Christmas games in 1 designed to help your kids learn songs inafun way.
Clean and Bright - Book and games for kids
Interactive children's picture book and games for 3 to 100 yearsoldkids
Toddler Animal Learn
A child's first animal learning game - learn 30 animals! NO ADS
Kids Animal Jigsaw Puzzles
Educational young kids game teaches shapes for toddlerandpreschoolers 3 +
Children Puzzle
Game Brain
An enjoyable puzzle game for preschool kids
Mortimer and the Dinosaurs - Book + Games for kids
Interactive children's picture book and games for 3 to 100 yearsoldkids
Forgotten Places: Lost Circus 2.1.1
Sungift Games
Obsessed by dreams of a mysterious circus, Joy awakens eachnightwith tears and the dreadful feeling that her waking life isthereal nightmare. Why are these recurring visions troubling herandwhy does she sense such a strong connection to a place that shehasnever been before? Could it be that the circus is real? FollowJoyas she discovers the real-life source of her nightmares. Searchforclues to help spark Joy's memories of a forgotten past.Solvepuzzles, play curious mini-games, and collect peculiar itemsin aneerie quest for answers. TRY IT FREE, THAN UNLOCK THEFULLADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME! Features: - Reveal themeaningbehind strange dreams in this eerie Hidden Object encounter.-Wander the ruins of an abandoned circus on a dark and stormynight.- Search for clues to reveal signs and spark memories ofaforgotten past. - Solve puzzles, play curious mini-games,andcollect peculiar items. - Enjoy Casual or Expert mode whilealsoplaying a bonus side quest - English, Dutch, French,German,Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, UkrainianlanguagesFollow us on Twitter: @sungiftgames Thanks for playing andenjoy!
Toddler Sing and Play 2 2.7
Your kids will love singing along with these games: •OldMacDonaldHad A Farm • Five Little Ducks • Five LittleSpeckledFrogs • MaryHad A Little Lamb Designed for ages 2+, thisgame helpsyourchildren learn popular songs in a fun and creativeway. Eachsongfeatures an interactive game scene with lyrics. Thisgame isadfree (contains no third party or commercial ads). OldMacDonaldHadA Farm 18 verses for 18 animals, including farm animalssuch asacow, horse, pig and sheep, and other animals such asanalligator,frog, lion and snake. Your child will choose an animalateach "Andon that farm he had a..." and then play with thefarm.Five LittleDucks This counting song has five cute ducklingsthatlove to play!As the song progresses, the ducklings get fewerandfewer in numberuntil there are none left and mama duck has togofind them. Watchand interact with the ducks as they fly aroundandplay in thewater. Tap the butterfly! Five Little Speckled FrogsAcountingsong that features five unique frogs that love to eatbugs- andthere are a lot of bugs! As the song progresses, thefrogsjump inthe water until there are none left. Tap on the bugs toeatthem,move the frogs around, touch the sailboats, and more! MaryHadALittle Lamb A classic song for children. This songfeaturesMary,her lamb, four verses and a world that builds asthesongprogresses. Make it snow and make it green, ring theschoolbell,play with the school children, pick apples, andmore!Questions orcomments? Email [email protected]://
ABC preschool word pictures
Teaches site reading and the English alphabet phonics with 120easywords
Kids Zoo Animal Jigsaw Puzzles
Educational game teaches matching for pre school childrenandtoddlers
Toddler Monster Pop 2.3
• Designed for children ages 18 months and up • 30 silly monsterandover 150 pop objects • Multitouch enabled - fast popping! Thisgameis ad free (contains no third party or commercial ads).Designed forages 18-months and up, your toddlers and kids willhave a blastinteracting with 30 friendly monsters and popping allsorts ofobjects - from bubbles to bugs and cookies to candy, andlots more!Perfect for kids who love silly monsters and popping.Great forchildren still learning to use touchscreens. Designed forKids Thisgame was designed to be easy for young children to play,and willonly require you showing them how to play one or tworounds. Thisgame will help your children learn basic interactivityand assist indeveloping their fine motor skills. How to PlayFirst, your childselects a friendly monster, and then your childpops the fallingobjects as fast as possible! The objects start offlarge and slow,but as your child completes more monsters, theobjects get smallerand faster. Completed monster are put in ajungle where they can beplayed with. 30 Silly Monsters Yourtoddler will be able to playwith up to 30 friendly and sillymonsters. Each monster featuresunique sounds and animations. Someof the monsters include: BelloBoo, Crazy Joe, Fluffy, Huggles,Uncle Roar, and Wormy. 150 PopObjects Your kids will love havingmore than 150 unique objects topop, including: bubbles, fruit,cookies, frogs, popcorn, socks, andmore! This game ismultitouch-enabled so that your little ones canuse all of theirlittle fingers (and so you can play too!).Questions or comments?Email [email protected] or visit
KlangDings - House of Music
A merry music game for kids aged 2+. Play with funny sounds!
Barnyard Games For Kids (SE)
RosiMosi LLC
24 games in one! Fun and educational games for kids!
Kids Cards in Greek
Educational Cards for Kids in Greek Language - 8DifferentCategories To Learn
Kids Educational Puzzles: Animals
Kids Educational Puzzles: Animals is a one of seriesofeducationpuzzles offered by Forqan for 3-5 years old Kids:KidsEducationalPuzzles Kids Educational Puzzles: AnimalsKidsEducational Puzzles:Animals, Letters & Numbers Thiseducationalpuzzles applicationcontains pictures of: 1. Farm Animalsand Pets:Sheep, Duck,Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Pig, Hen, Hours, Cow, Donkey&more 2. WildAnimals: Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Tiger,Bear,Rhinoceros, Zebraand more 3. Sea Creatures: Hippopotamus,SeaHorse, Fish, Wheal,Octupus and more 4. Insects: Bee, Ant,Ladybug,Butterfly, Spider5. Birds: Eagle, Crow, Toucan and more6.Dinosaurs: T-Rex,Stegosaurus, Aardonyx. We, at Forqan SmartTech,have always soughtto provide the best for your childrenthroughapplicationsdesigned, and directed each age groupseparately, ourbelief in thefeature each evolutionary stage passesby your son,but in order tolend life skills and the mentality tolearn and growand playcorrectly and properly, and to communicatewith his peersand theenvironment surrounding it. Kids EducationalPuzzles:Animals isavailable in different languages mainly:English,Spanish, Russian,German and French
Forgotten Places: Lost Circus (Full) 2.1.1
Sungift Games
Obsessed by dreams of a mysterious circus, Joy awakenseachnightwith tears and the dreadful feeling that her waking lifeisthereal nightmare. Why are these recurring visions troublingherandwhy does she sense such a strong connection to a place thatshehasnever been before? Could it be that the circus is real?FollowJoyas she discovers the real-life source of her nightmares.Searchforclues to help spark Joy's memories of a forgottenpast.Solvepuzzles, play curious mini-games, and collect peculiaritemsin aneerie quest for answers. Features: - Reveal themeaningbehindstrange dreams in this eerie Hidden Object encounter.-Wander theruins of an abandoned circus on a dark and stormynight.- Searchfor clues to reveal signs and spark memories of aforgottenpast. -Solve puzzles, play curious mini-games, and collectpeculiaritems.- Enjoy Casual or Expert mode while also playing abonus sidequest- English, Dutch, French, German, Italian,Portuguese,Spanish,Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian languages Follow usonTwitter:@sungiftgames Thanks for playing and enjoy!
Animal Sounds
Animal Sounds and respective noises from over 40 animals in9worlds.
Kids Reading Sight Words
Kids Sight Words is a delightful app acrosstheboard for children, parents and teachers!Join Tammy the frog on a journey through four exciting activitiesasshe hops from one activity to the next to learn and reviewcommonlyused English words from the list of 220 Dolch sight words.There arefive levels of vocabulary for the child to learn andreview.In Kids Sight Words, children will:- listen to common words and identify the correct sight word- learn to recognize common words at their reading level- improve reading skills by practicing words that they may haveseenor are familiar with- improve reading fluencyKids Sight Words is the newest addition to our dynamiccollectionof English apps. It is for children who are alreadycomfortable withthe basics of phonics and blending sounds. If yourchildren are notat this level yet, we recommend downloadingIntellijoy apps such as,Kids ABC Letters, Kids ABC Trains, KidsABC Phonics, and KidsReading apps.Intellijoy's educational games delight children through funandlearning. Children and parents love our distraction-free games.Allof the apps focus on specific learning concepts. They donotdistract the users with unnecessary sounds or images on thescreen,not to mention ads, pop-ups, and unrelated subjectmatter.
Kids ABC and Counting Puzzles
Learn the alphabet numeracy shapes numbers for toddler andpreschool children
Archaeologist - Deep Blue
How many treasures lie at the bottom of the sea? You wouldnotbelieve how many!
Kids ABC Letter Phonics
Tip: Try our Kids ABC Letter PhonicsLitefirst, which contains the first four out of the eightactivities(see below). If you like it (and you will love it), thenget thispaid version.★★★ What activities are included in this game? ★★★This full version of the game has eight wonderfullychild-friendlysections.- Learn Letter Sounds. Kids hold and turn a picture-filledletterblock and hear the ABC phonics being pronounced.- Build Letter Blocks. Children have fun buildingphonicsrecognition skills by making their own ABC blocks.- Pop Letter Bubbles. Kids love to pop bubbles. But don'tbefooled. By the time children are done with this game, theywillknow what letter goes with which sound by heart.- Make Words. While putting puzzles together, kids learnthebasics of phonics blending. These skills will be furtherexercisedand expanded in the upcoming Kids Reading game.- Let's Get Rhyming. Children roll the bowling ball and learntoclearly distinguish word-ending syllables.- Ride the Ferris Wheel. Kids get more practice for theendingsounds.- Squirt the Duck. Children learn the concept of vowels.- Wack-a-Mole. This old time favorite is a new way topracticeletter sounds.Every section is designed so children enjoy success timeaftertime and receive positive reinforcement from the likableladyteacher. So they want to keep learning.★★★ This full version has all eight activities. ★★★★★★ Preceded by: ★★★Kids ABC Letters and followed by Kids ABC TrainsKids ABC Letter Phonics is the second app in our ReadingCurriculumSeries.✰ Have Suggestions or Issues?Email [email protected] and you'll get a promptresponse.★★★ Intended for: ★★★Kids ages 2-7 (Yes, parents tell us even two-year-olds areusingit!)★★★ "I couldn't get my phone back!" ★★★This delightful game invites preschool-aged children to listenandlearn the ABCs in ways that enchant them.★★★ What will my children learn? ★★★With Kids ABC Phonics, your kids will learn the alphabetlettersounds – guaranteed!★★★ What won't my children learn? ★★★Kids ABC Phonics teaches letter sounds and the basics ofblending,but does not teach the next step, which is fluency inactualreading. Developing reading skills is a separate educationalgoal,which is covered in a separate game, called Kids Learn toRead.Including in-depth reading skills in Kids ABC Phonics woulddetractfrom the focus of this game and make it too complex toinvite anddelight children.
Dinosaur Kids Connect the Dots ❤️🦕 2.0.9
Tiltan Games
★★★★★ Dot To Dot - Connect the Dots Game - with DinoandFriends★★★★★ Connect the dots is Tiltan Games newest game forkidsandtoddlers in the loved Dinosaurs theme! Play 144 differentscenesin3 difficulty levels Your kids will just love discoveringover90wonderfully drawn unique pictures and will improvetheirskillswhile having fun! Tiltan Games kids series aims tobringacomfortable and fun learning experience for kidsandtoddlers.Connect the Dots improves your kids skills whilekeepingthementertained. Our educational games are specificallytailored tofitpreschool-aged kids, and encourage them to learnfromeachactivity. Aimed for kids in the ages 1-6 ★★★★★ What's inthegame?★★★★★ ✔ 144 connect the dot scenes, from 4 dots for thefirstoneup to 35 dots ✔ Over 90 unique pictures to discover ✔3Difficultylevels - Each containing 48 scenes. Easy - Connect4-10Dots Medium- Connect 11-20 Dots Hard - Connect 21-35 Dots✔Beautiful picturesfrom variety of subjects - dinosaurs,toys,vehicles, fruits andvegetables, and many more. ✔ HDGraphics,suitable for all HDdevices ✔ Positive and pleasantfeedback foreach action your kidmakes - sounds and effects ✔ Funpost sceneactions - pop fallingcolorful bubbles or explode risingballoons ✔Large dots, easy foreven the youngest kids to pick anddraw ✔Increasing difficultylevel as your kid advances from scene tosceneto connect the dots✔ Hinting mechanism to support thechilddecisions. ✔ PleasantVoice over to teach the younger kids tocountup to 20 or the ABC.✔ Kids safe buttons to prevent accidentalentryto parent relatedpages ✔ Control the game music and soundeffectsfrom the settingsmenu ✔ Control the level of assistancechildrenget from the gamewhile playing The game Does Not containads. Thegame contains InApp Purchase to unlock all scenes. Thefirst 5scenes are open forfree in each difficulty level. If yourkids likethis game and youwould like to purchase the rest of thepuzzles,you can unlock therest of the puzzles from one of the gamelockedpuzzles. Thanks foryour support! ★★★★★ How to play? ★★★★★ Ineachscene, children willsee a number of dots with numbers orletters oneach. Your childwill then pick the first dot and startdrawinglines to the nextones. Every time your kids willsuccessfullyconnect the dots, thegame will highlight the connecteddot, voiceits number or letterand color the line in red. Once kidscompletethe shape, a pleasantvoice congratulates the kids on atheir greatwork. In addition,balloons fly up or bubbles drop tocelebrate thechildren successand your kid can enjoy popping them.Best scoresfor each scene arestored in the game and each time a newhigh scoreis reached, yourkid will get a success message dropping.★★★★★ Whatwill my kidslearn? ★★★★★ Connect the Dots with dino andfriendsaims to helpbuild kids shape and pattern recognition, finemotorskills,cognitive skills and visual spatial skills. Inaddition,helpfulvoice over assist in learning numbers and theenglish ABC.★★★★★What makes our games work? ★★★★★ ✔ Educationalgames foryoungchildren is our focus. Our kids ideas are behind manyof ourgamesand they are our first happy players for every game wemake. ✔InTiltan Games, we know that educating children can be fun!We aimtogive children just the right balance between education andfun✔Our games are easy to grasp and control on one handbutchallengingenough to provide a significant learning experience.Wehope yourchildren will have fun and enjoyable experienceplayingConnect theDots with dino and friends. TiltanGamesTeam
Ocean II - Stickers and Colors 2.6
After the huge worldwide success of “Oceano-Puzzles and Colors”, we are proud to introduce:***** Oceano II Matching, Stickers and Colors *****Care for details and focus on younger players make “Oceano II”aneducating, relaxing application for your children.Designed for children aged 3 and up, it is simple to use.Features:- 4 Games: Matching Game, Stickers, Colors and Music- Compatible with all devices- Very high resolution images for exploiting the features ofHDdisplays- Audio effects and background music- Continuously updated with new characters and levelsTry the free version now. All levels will be unlocked inthecomplete version.++ STICKERS ++- 70 stickers to stick- 15 albums to complete with lots of characters- Simplified albums- Complex albums for older children- Use your imagination and artistic flair to position thestickersas you want++ MATCHING GAME ++- 64 characters to discover- 4 levels of difficulty- Simple and user-friendly even for the youngest children- improve your memory++ DRAWINGS TO COLOR IN ++- Simplified use of colors- 24 drawings to color in- 30 colors- Save your drawingsHave fun!
Animal Games for Kids: Puzzles
Do your kids love animals and puzzles? Then try Animal GamesforKids: Puzzles!
Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO
Teach and delight your kid with this award winning app!Downloadfree today!
Challenging puzzles and quirky characters await
123 Dots: Learn to count numbers for kids
Preschool learning games for toddlers. Learn basic skills for 2 -6years old
Animal Jigsaw Puzzle Game Kids
Fun puzzle game with many beautiful pictures of animals! ForKids& Adults
Sleep Attack TD
Bad Seed
A new TWIST in Tower Defense!
Balloon pop - Toddler games
educational game for preschool learning: alphabets,numbers,animals, shapes etc
ParrotFish - Sight Words Reading Games
Learn how to read with our sight words program!
Kids Learn about Animals
If your child loves visiting the zoo, theywilllove Intellijoy's latest app, Kids Learn about Animals. Infact,once they are done playing Kids Learn about Animals, yourchildrenwill know more about animals than you do - guaranteed.With its HDgraphics, vivid animal sounds and lively voiceover,Kids Learn aboutAnimals will quickly become your kids' favoriteanimals game.Kids Learn about Animals contains over 90 questionsandeducational descriptions for more than 70 animals. The gameisdivided into four different "zones": Farm and Domestic,ForestWildlife, Africa Wildlife, as well as North and South Pole.It isintended for children ages 3 to 9.Update: Now your kids can hear a likeable teacher talk abouteachanimal. To support this new voiceover functionality, twonewpermissions were added: "Modify SD card contents", "FullInternetAccess'.
Kids Preschool Numbers & Math
Learning Number games for kids in NurseryandMontessori. Teach your preschool kids about Numbers, NumberLine,Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Sorting and Matching.Learningnumbers can be fun and make math easy for kids.Features:• Covers math topics in categories such as sorting, additionandsubtraction.• Twelve colorful & engaging math educational games designedtoprovide basic number concepts.• Core activities for foundation stage of primary schoolkids.• A common playground for randomly playing all the games.• Easy and intuitive instructions for the kids.• Reward at the end of each game.Description:An app designed especially for kids (2-5 age group) to laythegroundwork for learning basic math skills without losinginterest.12 high quality math activities at a single place, withenticingrewards, keeps your kid amused for hours. Educational basedgamesare perfect for kids to inculcate inquisitiveness for math intheirearly childhood.Different sections such as counting, before/after,ascending/descending, addition and subtraction etc. touch on theelementarymath. The activities encourage kids to learn at their ownpace. Nowinning and no losing keep the kid enchanted with theexperience ofthe game. Rewards and appreciation earned at the endof eachactivity boost the kid’s morale. Adorable stickers can becollectedin a box after scoring enough points.** List of math games in the app:1. Hanging Fruits2. Number Fun3. Shoot the Ball4. Scratching Fun5. Bubbly Numbers6. Hopping Frog7. Puzzle Mania8. Dots to Dots9. Same to Same10. Fish Crunch11. Before and After12. Sort it out