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Can You Escape 3
Escape from a room of a rockstar, writer, sportsman or a hunter!
Can You Escape 6 27
After 3 years the Can You Escape saga continues! Let uspresentyouthe sixth episode of the legendary Can You Escape series!CanYouEscape 6 takes the room escape to new level! 18 amazingroomsarewaiting for you, all packed with legendarypuzzles,mind-blowinggraphics and 100% room escaping fun! If youthink youstill havewhat it takes to escape this adventure then goon anddownload thelatest Can You Escape episode now! ↗ Relaxinggraphics!↗ Thrillingstoryline. ↗ BEWARE! Highly addictive! ↗Hundredsdifferentpuzzles! ↗ Free room escape for EVERYONE!
Spotlight: Room Escape 8.38.0
Are you ready for the thrilling experiencewithlots of drama and adventures? “Spotlight: Room Escape” isathrilling app based on the theatrical drama scene. What wouldyoube up to if you have been kidnapped and locked up in a strangeroomwith no clue about how you reached there? You literallyhaveforgotten everything and your only aim is to escape from theroombefore time runs out. Start your investigations and findtheanswers to various questions like who kidnapped you, the purposeofyour kidnapping and lot more on the process of finding thewayout.!The game “Spotlight: Room Escape” is beautifully designedwithmysterious graphics and thrilling sound effects. Every objectinthe Room is placed with clear logic around it and eachscenedescribes deep meaning.! Observe, Analyze and use yourlogicalskills to escape the mysterious Room.Get ready for the most adventurous thrilling journey of yourlifewith “Spotlight: Room Escape”. Collect the clues and startbuildingthe plan to escape the way out. The game has intuitivegamingcontrols perfect for players from all age groups. Find outthenecessary things hidden in the room like Torch, Rope and lotmoreto have your Escape plan ready. The game has lots ofmysteriouslevels each designed with unique exit plans. Explore thelocationcarefully and combine various clues to find the wayout.!Check out your detective skills and investigate every sceneandobjects to find the clues. Put on your logical hat and solvethevarious number and letter puzzles to open the locks. The cluescanbe hidden anywhere around you. Solve the riddles and wordsbyinvestigating the clues found. The game requires completepatienceskills and analyzing skills along with the logical thinkingtosolve the scenes quickly and escape out. The game “Spotlight:RoomEscape” is a perfect game for all those who loveinvestigatingitems around and have awesome analyzing and logicalthinkingcapabilities.************************FEATURES************************✓ Awesome 3D graphics with mysterious sound effects✓ Intuitive touch mode gaming controls✓ Lots of challenging levels✓ Thrilling scenes and hidden clues✓ Interesting riddles and puzzles✓ Exciting ways of investigation to find the escape planDownload the most addictive detective game “Spotlight: RoomEscape”and have the adventurous exciting journey while exploringthelocations to find out the escape plan. The game will helpyouimprove your logical thinking and increase the efficiency tosolvepuzzles. Push out your brain and exercise your mind to solvethechallenging puzzles. Complete the levels successfully andunlockthe new crime scene in a new room for morethrillingpuzzles.!************************SAY HELLO************************We are constantly working hard on making the “Spotlight:RoomEscape” game better with more advanced and thrilling features.Weneed your constant support to get going. Please feel freetocontribute and email us for any queries/suggestions/problems orifyou just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. Ifyouhave enjoyed any feature of the “Spotlight: Room Escape” game,donot forget to rate us on play store and share amongyourfriends.
Can You Escape - Deluxe
Are you ready to take your room escape experience to a wholenewlevel?
Can You Escape - Holidays
Get ready to escape all possible locations dedicated todifferentholidays!
Polyescape - Escape Game
Solve the puzzles and escape all rooms in Polyescape.
You Must Escape 4
Mobest Media
Legendary You Must Escape saga continues with episode four!
Prison Games - Escape Rooms
There are lots of cute Escape Stages! Let’s solve the riddlesandescape!
Escape Legends
One room, two players, endless puzzles to solve. Who willescapefirst?
Spotlight X: Room Escape
Javelin Ltd.
Spotlight game series is coming back with new story twistsandparallel story. Game is a fascinating story based quest thatwillpush your brain to think logically and efficiently in ordertosolve the interesting puzzles and challenging riddles withinthegame! Our hero finds himself locked up in unfamiliar place.Hecan't remember who he is, but he know certain that he needstoescape the room alive! Only the smartest shall prevail andsurvive.The question now is - can you pass all levels and escape?
EXiTS - Room Escape Game 11.0
□■Our escape games hits 10,000,000+ downloads!■□ Find the wayandescape from the room. The mysteries are hidden in the rooms.Findthem and solve the puzzles. "Exits" is a game of stage-cleartype.If you can not solve the mystery, you review hints. You canplayeasily even if you are a beginner. New stage will be addedfromtime to time! [Features] · A lot of nice stages. · You can playallstages for free. · Beginners also can play easily. · Theprogressis automatically saved. [How to escape] · Tap the screen toexaminethe place. · Select items by tapping. · Use the selecteditem on asuspicious place. · Get a hint by tapping the hint button.*If youuninstall this app, you will lose all coins you have. Pleasebecareful. twitter : @NAKAYUBI_CORP instagram:@nakayubi_corp
Can you escape the 100 room VI 2.0.8
Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room VI" is coming...It is a classic puzzle game , If you like the challenge mustnotmiss it! The new 50 room escape, Let you can't stop, startyourbrain cells, your observations, your judgment, yourcalculations,trying to escape ... Humane tips, the key moment willbe pleasantlysurprised,Make you successful escape. If you lovepuzzle games, youwill not miss such a wonderful challenge. 50rooms, 50 challenge,waiting for you to escape!!!
Can You Escape - Tower 2
Think you can make it? Go on and download this amazing roomescapegame now!
Escape game: 50 rooms 2
A lot of fun for you ,Definitely worth your download.
Escape Game Basic 4.9
Welcome to "Escape Game Basic"! You have been trapped in manyrooms.Please escape by solving the mystery and tricks in theruins."Escape Game Basic" includes below. *Escape Game Tiny Cube*EscapeGame Cactus Cube *Escape Game Apple Cube *Escape GameDaruma Cube*Escape Game Hat Cube *Escape Game Egg Cube *EscapeGame Plain Room*Escape Game Toys *Escape Game Fish *Escape GameGadget Room *EscapeGame Fireplace *Escape Game Autumn *Escape GameIsland *Escape GameFactory *Escape Game Snowman *Escape GameSpring *Escape Game Beaver*Escape Game Statue You can play witheasy operation only with taps.■ How to play Tap to find out. Ifyou want to use items, select theitem and tap the place you wantto use. To enlarge an item, tap theitem twice. If you want tocombine items, enlarge the item, selectthe item you want tocombine, and tap. To close an enlarged item,tap the cross button.If you need hints, tap the bulb button. ■Function There is an autosave function. Long press icon to changegame progress. Downloadassets before playing game. Tap Trash Can toremove downloadassets. ■ Features Beginners can enjoy it to thelast. Recommendedfor those who like cute world view.
Escape game: 50 rooms 3
A lot of fun for you ,Definitely worth your download.
Rooms&Exits: Escape Room Games
Follow a thrilling story & solve puzzles to unravel theescaperoom mystery.
Dreamo Escape 1.1.0
Dreamo Escape presents fresh 3D escape game for you. Enjoythedreamyroom escape experiences. Explore through the rooms andfindthe wayto solve the puzzles. Find the clues in the rooms andalsodon'tforget to check your items for possible clues. Operatethemechanicalpuzzles and try to understand how they work. Findthehidden stars inbasic levels and extra levels. Meet acreaturecalled Dreamo. Dreamoneeds your help to find a way out oftherooms. Don't worry, Dreamois not in a hurry. Take yourtime,relax, and enjoy the game. Dreamowill be really happy ifyou'vemanaged to collect all the stars. KEYFEATURES * Tutoriallevelthat will teach you the basics of the game* Basic Pack with10free levels * Purchase Full Game to get 10 extralevels fromExtraPack * Collect 60 stars across basic levels andextra levels *Usethe stars to unlock the levels on Bonus Pack *Auto-savefeaturethat will save your progress for each level *Uniqueandchallenging puzzles that will keep you excitedDownloadDreamoEscape now and help Dreamo escapes from the rooms.
Faraway 3: Arctic Escape
Faraway 3 is a relaxing adventure escape game full of new puzzlestosolve.
Can you escape the 100 room IV 2.0.4
Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room IV" is coming...It is a classic puzzle game , If you like the challenge mustnotmiss it! The new 50 room escape, Let you can't stop, startyourbrain cells, your observations, your judgment, yourcalculations,trying to escape ... Humane tips, the key moment willbe pleasantlysurprised,Make you successful escape. If you lovepuzzle games, youwill not miss such a wonderful challenge. 50rooms, 50 challenge,waiting for you to escape!!!
Escape Alcatraz
App Holdings
No one has ever escaped and lived to tell. At least that'stheofficial story...
Adventure Escape: Asylum
Haiku Games
Trapped in an Asylum with no memory of the past! Can you escape?
Room Escape - Can You Escape this 1000 Doors
HFG Hidden Fun Games brings you this point and click typelatestfree new Christmas escape games especially for the escapegameslovers. It is a combo of 65 games with 3 categories ofChristmas& New Year puzzle collections for 2021. Let's playandcelebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays. The most specialandbeautiful holiday of the year will again be full of joyandhappiness. Winter Escape Games Story: The first collection isWaxStone of 23 games. Its story is about preventing the earth fromthewax stone falling on the earth and celebrating Christmas withahappy ending. The second collection is the Christmas celebrationof27 games. The third collection is the New Year Celebrations.Eachgame is different in all aspects of celebrating New Yearincompletely different atmospheres. It's all about the party oftheNew Year, participating in celebrations, and Santa Clauspresentingprecious gifts to your loved ones. About Unique Design:The floorsand rooms are highly decorated for Christmas and Newyear. Find allthe massive numbers of hidden objects in allChristmas celebrationsand matching the objects, collect the hiddenkey, open the doorsand locks then finally escape from the room. Itwill be taken intothe real feel celebration in front of Santa andBunny. About themystery of Logic puzzles: A huge number of puzzlesare waiting toentertain you. The mystery puzzles are really given atoughchallenge to your brain, at the same time highly entertainyou.Each seasonal puzzle is having a unique design and concept.Kidslike it very much and help to increase memory power. NewVariety ofGame-play: If you are an escape game lover then try thisgame onceit is totally different from other games. Because we aremade witha tough challenge in an entertaining manner. Once youstart playingyou will be busy for the next few days. Meanwhile, thegames aresuitable for all age groups. Here we combined bothChristmas &New Year celebration games. Are you ready to escapefrom themysterious room, unlock the Christmas levels & overcomethisamazing graphic adventure? You will be pleasantly surprised bythevariety of new levels where fascinating brainstormingpuzzlescombine with the classic point and click escape games. Findall thehidden objects and solve the riddles in the snow house.Celebratewith a different collection of Christmas and New Year'sunique gamelevels. FEATURES: * 65 Levels of Mixed VarietyCelebrations *Addictive Game-play (32 hours). * Exciting Animation&Graphics. * Riddling Logical Puzzles * Endless User-FriendlyHints* It's Free in Category. But here the only thing escapeisimpossible. Can You Escape from here? If you are intelligentthenall are possible. Are you ready?
Escape Machine City: Airborne 1.28
It has been two days since the once vibrant Air City wentcompletelysilent and now it seems to be flying on its own. Allattempts toestablish contact have failed. Your squadron was sentto investigatethe silence, and now it's up to you to solve themystery. BRILLIANTPUZZLES Solve diverse puzzles and riddles inthis exclusive escapegame! STUNNING 3D ART AND VISUAL EFFECTSExplore beautiful levelswithin a captivating game setting.ATMOSPHERIC AUDIO The customsoundtrack and ambient soundscomplement each other for an immersiveexperience. TRY FOR FREEPlay the first 8 levels for free and decidewhether to buy the restand experience the whole story that willleave you impressed. Don'tmiss out on this unforgettable 3D puzzleescape game.
Can you escape the 100 room V 2.0.4
Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room V" is coming ...Itis a classic puzzle game , If you like the challenge must notmissit! The new 50 room escape, Let you can't stop, start yourbraincells, your observations, your judgment, your calculations,tryingto escape ... Humane tips, the key moment will bepleasantlysurprised,Make you successful escape. If you love puzzlegames, youwill not miss such a wonderful challenge. 50 rooms, 50challenge,waiting for you to escape!!!
NOX - Mystery Adventure Escape
Can You Escape? Find Hidden Objects & Solve Puzzles In AMysteryAdventure
501 Room Escape Game - Mystery
HFG brings you the most popular point and click type latest newroom2D adventure mystery escape games specially designed forescapegames lovers. With endless levels filled with various themesrangingfrom fantasy, mystery, detective thriller to fiction, whichtestsand improve your brain IQ skills while providing you thedesired funand excitement. Our game was beautifully designed withcolorfulinteractive graphics and dressed up with appealinggame-play objectsthat alleviates your eyes. Make up your mind tojump into a game oflogic's and fun. Observe, Analyze and use yourlogical skills toescape the mysterious Room. Easy gaming controlsand alluring userinterface pleases players from all age groups.Grab your detectivehat and lens to find the hidden objects to planyour Escape plan.Put on your logical hat and solve the variousnumber and letterpuzzles to open the locks. Solve the riddles byinvestigating theclues found. Start your mission and facechallenging differentvarieties of logical puzzles. Enjoy themysterious journey continuedfrom every room with thrilling twistin the stories. Look out formore struggles to find the hiddenobjects. Find thousands of keysand unlock all the locked doors andprove your wits. Are you anescape game lover, eager to exploremore rooms to unlock them all,then download this game to fulfillyour desires. Are you an expertin facing brain challenges, thenstart playing today. Are your eyesare too sharp to find hiddenobjects in the scenes, install our gamenow. Loaded with tons ofmystery puzzles waiting to entertain you.Get addicted bychallenging your brain with our puzzle escape gamewhich can relaxyour mind and can be your stress buster. With overten millionplayers world-wide, our game tops the chart withthousands ofpositive feedback's. 501 levels waiting. Let's startyour journeynow but it not coming to an end. Surely the journey ishaving moreadventurous and riddle fields. Get ready to enjoy ourhighlysuccessful room escape game in this year 2021. With nothingtolose, do you have the smarts and tenacity to solve every puzzleandmake it off the Rock! FEATURES: - 501 Levels with differentdoors& exits - Tricky Challenging brain teaser - Beautifulgraphicsdesigns and sound - Addictive Gameplay (250 hours) -Riddling Logicmysteries Puzzles waiting for unlocking - Free gamecoins are givendaily - Charming rooms with lots of hidden clues andsolutions
Amazing Breakout
Locked in a Museum - you'd better escape before you becomeanexhibit yourself..
New 50 rooms escape:Can you escape:Escape game 1.1
A NEW EXCITING ROOM ESCAPE GAME! If you like room escapegame,Youmust not to miss it! Free to play! You can explore 50differentroom by free! Can you Escape? Find clues as you can in theroom andrun away from the danger as soon as possible! Find thetruth! Thereare many secrets in the different room,try to find thestory behindall the secrets! Challenge yourself! Solved the mostdiffcultpuzzles in all different room to prove you are abrilliantdetective!
100 Doors Escape Room-Mystery 3.7
Get ready to escape all possible places dedicated to differentroomsand location, solve enigma and open the door. Uncover thenewmystery of an adventure. 200 doors escape journey is the sequelofpoint and click nature with more riddling puzzles. Try to breakallthe doors and mysterious locks. Prove yourself and solve thebaffleto exit the room. * Train your mind with mindfulness andlogicalthinking. * Your intention is simple – find and use hiddenobjectsand solve the baffle. * Defy yourself with the amazingbaffles inmany divergent locations. 200 doors mysterious roomescape withstunning graphics and exciting puzzles, excellent soundeffects andunforgettable atmospheric experience. You need to workyour brainand think out of the box to solve some extraordinarybaffle withthe help of inkling. Have fun! One of thosebrain-teasing,challenging room escape game. Don’t miss it!Interesting game playthat you don’t get bored. You need to playmore than 200 doorsxscape and exit the room. Interact with objectsand solve thepuzzles to achieve the task in the escape game. Unlockthe doors atevery levels give you a thrilling adventure andexciting feel. All200 levels are taken into imaginary world andfulfilled of dreamthrough escape. Solve mysterious logic puzzle;use your potentialto open the door. Improve the user’s experienceand brainefficiency. Solve the baffles, inventory the hiddenobjects to usethem to open the room and go to the next level andUse your skillsand do whatever it takes to escape. Game Features:200 AddictiveLevels Bunch of riddling puzzles More than 100 HoursGame playDaily gifts and rewards available Humane hints areavailable Gametranslated in 25 major languages
Fun Escape Room: Logic Puzzles
Entertaining room escape games with various brain teasers toboostyour mind!
The White Door
Second Maze
Robert Hill wakes up in a Mental Health facility andsuffersfromsevere memory loss. Follow the facility’s strictdailyroutine,explore his dreams and help him recall his memories.TheWhite Dooris a new point-and-click adventure developed bythecreators of theCube Escape & Rusty Lake series. Features:■Pick-up-and-playEasy to start but hard to put down ■Interactivestoryline Follow adaily routine and recollect memoriesin a playfulway, filled withbrain teasers and riddles ■ A uniqueRusty Lakesplit-screenadventure Experience Robert Hill's stay inRusty Lake'sMentalHealth facility with an innovative split-screengameplay■Absorbing atmosphere Each day in the facility hasitsownatmosphere, suspense and a variety of unexpectedandsurrealisticevents ■ Immersive and haunting soundtrackAtmospherictheme songscomposed by Victor Butzelaar ■ Specialachievements TheWhite Doorhas more secrets to unravel
501 Free New Room Escape Game 2 - unlock door
501 Free New Room Escape Games is a combination of pointandclicktype classical room escape games of different locations anditisdeveloped and released by HFG Ena Game Studio. What'sinside?Eagerto learn what's this room escape game is all about? Themaingoalof this room escape game is to break out of the rooms,solvethepuzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have touse intherooms in order to advance. Get involved in the gameandchallengeyourself in this fun, addictive, free, and popularpuzzlegame.Observe, Analyze and use your logical skills to escapeallthemysterious Room. Try to break all the doors andmysteriouslocksthrough your long memory power. Can you escape allthe doors?Canyou escape all the mysterious rooms and doors? Can youescapefromall the fantasy worlds and it's magical shrines? Canyouescapefrom the mine-filled war fields? Can you escape fromthehorror andgothic abandoned places? If your answer is YES, youcantry ourgame which includes all the flavors of the genres. Getreadyforthe most adventurous thrilling journey of your life withthe501Room Escape game. Collect the clues and start building theplantoescape the way out. Explore the location carefullyandcombinevarious clues to find the way out.! Prove yourdetectiveskills andinvestigate every scene and object to find theclues. Puton yourlogical hat and solve the various number andletter puzzlesto openthe locks. What's special about 501 Roomescape games? Ourescapegame is designed with mystery stories andunique gameplayaddedwith logical brain challenging puzzles. It issuitable for allagegroups and also a family entertainer. If youlove tosolvechallenging puzzles then never miss our game. TakeAway:Improveyour logical thinking and increase the efficiency tosolvepuzzleswith our game. Push out your brain and exercise yourmind tosolvethe challenging puzzles. Features: 501 varieties ofescaperoomsand themes. Gorgeous graphics and different themedrooms! Lotsofchallenging levels Thrilling scenes and hiddencluesInterestingriddles and puzzles It's FREE
Faraway: Puzzle Escape 1.0.6300
Escape the ancient temples in Faraway:PuzzleEscape thatare full of challenges and mysteriouspuzzles. Thisroom escapegame will surely challenge your puzzleescapingability!CAPTIVATING STORY You're walking in the footstepsof yourfather.He was a collector of unusual artifacts who wentmissing tenyearsago. Your journey will take you from deserts andoasis tooldcrumbling ruins of a mysterious civilization. Theyhadconstructeddevices and puzzles to see if you're worthy ofknowingtheirsecrets. Observe the environment, collect items,manipulatedevicesand solve perplexing puzzles to escapetemplelabyrinths.COMPELLING PUZZLES Explore 18 grand temples packedwithescapepuzzles. Turn, explore, think and truly open your eyes,ifyou wantto experience the best in this excellent combinationofescapegames and 3D relaxing puzzle games. IMMERSIVE WORLDEasytonavigate 3D world which holds more secrets than it appearsonthesurface. One of the most mesmerizing graphicsandambientsoundtrack you will find in the escape gamesgenre.INTRIGUINGMYSTERY Collect pages from your father’s missingdiary tofind outwhat happened to your family. A puzzle game thatwilltakechallenge your mind and completely engage you! TRY FOR FREEYougetto try the escape game before you buy. The first 9levelsareavailable free of charge! Experience the story of Faraway,agamingexperience with immersive original puzzles thatimpress.SUPERWIDESCREEN SUPPORT The puzzle game looks beautiful onnew18:9phones and also shines on tablet devices. Enjoystunningandastoundingly detailed graphics that look exquisite.Enter allnewastonishing worlds of room escape games & puzzleswithFaraway:Puzzle Escape!
The Forgotten Room - The Paranormal Room Escape 1.0.8
Glitch Games
🌟 Play as paranormal investigator John "Buster of Ghosts" Murrasyou explore yet another mysteriously creepy house. You'llneeddecipher clues, solve puzzles, and look for evidence in ordertofind out what happened in this forgotten room! 🌟 🌟 Can youhelpEvelyn Bright escape her father's old sins? Or will you shebeforever lost in this forgotten room? 🌟 The Forgotten Room isafirst person point and click adventure game that is stuffed fulloflogical puzzles, fantastic graphics, mind-blowingriddles,intriguing story details, superb voice acting, andbeautiful music!Easy to pick up, hard to put down! Play asparanormal investigatorJohn "Buster of Ghosts" Murr as he exploresyet anothermysteriously creepy house full of puzzles, clues,mysteries, andthe unknown. This time he's on the case of EvelynBright, a 10 yearold girl that went missing whilst playing hide andseek with herfather. Will John solve the mystery of the missinggirl anddiscover what really happened in the forgotten room? Tunein rightnow to find out! Key Features: • In game camera so you cantakephotos of all the clues you find. Less back tracking! 📸 •Plenty ofpuzzles to solve! • Rooms to escape from! • Loads of itemsto findand use! Here are some you may see -🔦🗝🔐👻🏚️🗞️🌧️🕵️‍♂️🔑🔎🔨💻🎤🍂📍🔪📕😱🌩️ •Clues to find and puzzles to solve! •Classic gameplay akin toMyst! • Candles! Candles are a featureright?🕯️🕯️ • Beautifulsoundtrack composed by Richard J. Moir. 🎶 •Auto-save feature,never lose your progress again! Other Games: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟If you like TheForgotten Room you'll no doubt love our othergames as weexclusively make the best narrative-driven room escapegames on themarket. These titles include; the Forever Lost trilogy,CabinEscape: Alice's Story, Ferris Mueller's Day Off, A Short Tale,andAll That Remains. 🌟🌟🌟 🌟 🌟 Facebook & Future Game Releases:
The Room
Fireproof Games
Welcome to The Room, a physicalpuzzler,wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile3Dworld.*****************Praise for The Room:• Eurogamer “...resist hurrying and savour every sliding panelandtwist of a dial. The Room is the cave of mysteries fromeveryone'schildhood; a perfect encapsulation of the fear andpleasure ofdiscovery."• Gametrailers “The touchscreen controls really shine. A mustplay”Penny Arcade “This isn’t a title that is hindered by touchcontrolsas much as its set free by them"• Arcade Sushi "I couldn’t stop playing this fascinatingbrainteaser...beautifully crafted"• Indie Game Magazine "Fireproof Games has hit a home run"• Pocket Gamer “More suspense than a thousandbullet-riddledshooters"• Game Informer “Excellently produced, clever puzzlesandspine-tingling music"• Jaysisgames "The immersion overrides any sense ofyoursurroundings beyond the box" "The Room is eye candy forthemind."• IGN “The most realistically rendered objects in a mobile titletodate.”******How are you, old friend? If you’re reading this, then it worked.Ionly hope you can still forgive me.We’ve never seen eye to eye on my research, but you must putsuchthings behind you. You are the only one to whom I can turn.Youmust come at once, for we are all in great peril. I trustyouremember the house? My study is the highest room.Press forward with heart. There is no way back now.AS.******Fireproof Games are very proud to bring you our greatest creation,amind-bending journey filled with beauty, peril and mystery inequalmeasure. Be transported into a unique space that blendsspellbindingvisuals with intriguing problems to solve.• Unsettlingly realistic graphics: The most natural lookingvisualsever seen on a mobile device.• Spine-tingling single finger controls: touch controls sonaturalyou can play with one digit, to fully navigate thismysteriouslybeautiful 3D world.• Fantastical pick-up-and-play design: Easy to start, hard toputdown, the secrets of The Room will immerse you before you evenknowyou're playing.• Compelling layers of mystery: think you know what you'relookingat? Think again.
Faraway 2: Jungle Escape
Faraway 2: Jungle Escape is a relaxing adventure escape game fullofnew puzzles
Escape Room Fantasy - Reverie
Mystery 130 levels fantasy escape game has lots of fun puzzlesandriddles.
Can You Escape this 252 Games
Addicting 252 room escape games challenge. Can you solve allthepuzzles
Can you escape the 100 room VII
Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room VII"
Faraway 4: Ancient Escape
Faraway 4 is a relaxing escape game full of mysteries, riddlesandpuzzles!
Rime - room escape game -
Rime is packed with mysterious riddles and is one of the bestescapegames.
Through Abandoned
Go through the Abandoned in search of your missing twin brother
Escape game:home town adventure 2.1.0
Classic Room Escape Game "Escape game:home town adventure"Released.This is a classic puzzle game,You must not miss it! Manydifferentstyles of rooms,Let you constantly observe, judge,calculate, untilescape. A lot of fun for you ,Definitely worthyour download. Whenyou are confused,Humanized hints,Help you toescape. Excitingadventure, so you can not stop ...
Strange Case: The Alchemist 1.0.1
In Strange Case: The Alchemist you need to investigatethemysterious case about crime named “Alchemist”. He defiled agravesand nobody knows the reason. Are you a true detective? Canyoucatch and reveal the Alchemist's identity? Will you escape allthetraps on your way? Download this free escape game, and you'llget:- unique creepy graphic style and atmosphere - originalchallengingpuzzles - strange mysterious characters - no hiddenfees, noregistration, simply install, play and escape! - nonetworkconnection needed during gameplay
101 - Free New Escape Games
101 Free New Escape Games is a collectionofnew games in various genres. After playing all these games,surelyyou will have the feel of escaping in reality. The games arefullof puzzles and make a challenge to your brain. but definitely,youfeel it's not an easy thing that kind of experiences gives atthetime of play. The game is one of the best in this categorythatcovers all genre from Room escapes, horror, fantasy,adventurous,outdoor and so on. You might have read out greatescapes frombooks, novels and also have watched in movies. But youcould gainthe real exciting experience once you play these "Newescapegames". HFG brings you this point and click type latestgamesespecially for the escape games lovers.FEATURES:101 attractive levelsChallenging Puzzles.Incredible graphics.Addictive Gameplay (50 hours).Amazing Logics.Explore different themes and roomsPolished animation.Stuck in Game - Get Help - Any Suggestion about the game,pleasecontact us through below social media links. We are ready tohelpyou...Facebook: +:
Escape Titanic 1.7.5
App Holdings
Can you Escape the Titanic before it's too late? Join over3millionfans who've taken the escape game challenge. Get ready-there areno instructions, it’s just you and your smarts as youfacetheultimate test of wits, cunning, and speed in thisuniqueadventurepuzzler. No two scenes are alike, so be preparedforanything as yourace to escape the world's most infamousoceanliner. Put yourdevice through its paces as you pinch, twist,tap& swipe yourway through ingenious room-puzzlechallenges.Escape the Titanic isa FREE-TO-TRY app. You can play thefirstchapter for free, if youwant to unlock the epic FULLversion,there is a one-time fee topurchase. * SOLVING PUZZLES *Need alittle assistance, but not thesolution? Don’t worry;unlocking thegame includes all Hints thatoffer clues through thegame. Ifyou’re stumped, there areadditional Solutions too. Provethat youhave what it takes tooutsmart, outrun, and outmaneuveranyobstacle. Good luck! *FEATURES * • 50 clever puzzles; no twoalike• Challenging levelswith integrated hint system • Hiddenobjectsaid in your escape
Can you escape the 100 room IX 17
Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room IX" is coming...It is a classic puzzle game , If you like the challenge mustnotmiss it! The new 50 room escape, Let you can't stop, startyourbrain cells, your observations, your judgment, yourcalculations,trying to escape ... Humane tips, the key moment willbe pleasantlysurprised,Make you successful escape. If you lovepuzzle games, youwill not miss such a wonderful challenge. 50rooms, 50 challenge,waiting for you to escape!!!
Doors&Rooms : Escape King
Open the door and escape!