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Strawberry Shortcake Puppy Dr. 1.0.5
Help Strawberry Shortcake take care of 7cutelittle puppies at the BerryBitty City AnimalHospital!  Spot tummies full ofbutterflies, brush icky teeth,fix broken bones, and more!In this deluxe storybook app, read all about what happenswhenHuckleberry Pie’s van breaks down on the way to the BerryBittyCity animal shelter.  When the six adorable puppieshavenowhere to stay that night, all of Strawberry Shortcake’sfriendsdecide to help take care of the puppies. The girls don’tknow whichpuppy to choose, but Strawberry knows just how to helpOrangeBlossom, Cherry Jam, Blueberry Muffin, Plum Pudding,RaspberryTorte, and Lemon Meringue find their perfect puppies.Then in the Perfect Puppy Doctor activity, head to theBerryBitty City Pet Hospital, where Pupcake, Scouty, Henna,CinnaPup,Marmalade, Pitterpatch and Chiffon are not feeling well,and it’sup to you to help!  Use the tools to find out what’swrong andthen make them all better again!  Start out as anassistantvet, and earn pet certificates for your hard work untilyou becomethe berry best puppy doctor!PLAYBecome a veterinarian and treat the puppies’ problems in anexcitingactivity with lots of cool diagnostic tools:•        Use the x-ray to takeapeek at butterflies and broken bones•        Groom your specialpetwith brushes, clippers, toothbrushes•        Fight fevers withtrustythermometers, ice packs, medicine and cute band-aids for aspecialloving touch•        Discover manymoresurprises! Remember to give all of your patients a doggy treat beforetheyleave! Cure all the pets and earn pet vet certificates for yourawesomework Pet-themed coloring pages with plenty of creative toolsandstickers INTERACTIVE STORYTIMERead on your own! Or select narration to listen to your bestfriendsfrom Berry Bitty City reunite with their perfectpuppies Bright graphics and surprising animations in every page (Try tofindthe Berrykins!) For more Strawberry Shortcake playtime fun, check out:•      Strawberry ShortcakeBeautySalon•      Strawberry ShortcakeBerryfestPrincess•      Strawberry Jumbo Coloring provides free downloadable activitiestofurther the educational value at home.We care about your kids and their safety. This app containsgatedareas to ensure that only adults can access anything thatwould takeyou outside of the app. A pixel embedded in this appcollectsanonymous data to help us understand downloads by device.To viewour full app privacy policy,
Strawberry Shortcake Friends 1.1
***"Kids will have hours of fun!" - RealKidsApps*** "It’s a must-have app for all parents of little girls, andonethat we gladly rate with 5 stars." - Top kids Apps*** "This was a huge hit in our house. My daughter is amassiveStrawberry Shortcake fan and her eyes just lit up when Ishowedher." - AppyMall*** This app book is about friendship and teamwork and isjustgorgeous to add to any little girl's iPad.- The AppyLadies*** The berry first interactive story app from the popularanimatedStrawberry Shortcake TV Series***Join Strawberry Shortcake and her berry best friends astheypractice their special talents for the Berry Bitty City TalentShowin their very first interactive story adventure! Who will winfirstprize? Kids will love the engaging story packed withadorableanimations and fanciful activities that bring thiswonderfullyspirited redheaded girl’s sweet, sweet world tolife!Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friends was developed byParents’Choice Fun Stuff Award winner Cupcake Digital inpartnership with AGproperties.BERRY-TASTIC FEATURES• Three Reading Options: Read & Play withStrawberryShortcake and her friends in a whimsical interactivestory appbursting with tappable animations and fun sounds. Try Readto Me orJust a Book for quiet reading time.• Teaching Experiences: Early-learning reading skillsarereinforced with text highlighting and synced narration.• Common Core Corner: This special section detailseducationalexperiences infused within the app. Cupcakedigital.comprovideseven more ways for parents and caregivers to enhance theappexperience with free downloadable educational activities.• Family Togetherness: Grown-Up’s Corner offersthoughtfulquestions designed to spark open-ended conversation andreinforcereading comprehension.PLAYTIME ACTIVITIES• Entertaining Games: Interactive activities filledwithimaginative play!o Experience Berry Sweet Nails and get creative withdifferentcolors, patterns and stickers to invent the perfectmanicure!o Or try Berry Fun Hair Stylin’ to make fun hairstyleso Match rows of colorful fruits in Berry Blitz to createfabuloussmoothies!• Coloring Fun: Paint scenes from the story completewithmultiple effects! Use spray paint, chalk, brushes, or tryabucketful of paint, plus enjoy lots of fun stickers.Hey, parents and caregivers! We care about your kids andtheirsafety. This app contains gated links to ensure that onlyadultscan access social networking sites, send contact e-mails orvisitapp stores. A pixel embedded in this app collects anonymousdata tohelp us understand downloads by device. We never collectpersonaldata from children and we never use data for behavioraltargeting.For more information, or to view our full app privacypolicy,please visit
Disney Princess: Story Theater 1.2
• Disney Princesses star in yourmoviemasterpiece!• Learn and create through imaginative story play!• Record your voice, move the characters, and watch your talecometo life.Your favorite Disney Princesses are taking center-stage inabrand-new story—created by YOU! Make your own animatedmoviestarring Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and some of their verybestfriends. Choose your setting, characters, props, andactions—thenrecord your voice to bring your magical tale to life.Simple puppettheater tools make it easy and fun to imagine andplay. DisneyPrincess: Story Theater; where even the littlestprincess can shareher great big ideas, again and again.FEATURES• Enchanting Disney Princesses: Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle• Multiple backgrounds, props, and surprises• Resize and rotate your characters and props• Beautiful art and magical sound set the stage• Record your own voice and bring your story to life**This app's features are available in English only**EDUCATIONAL FEATURES:• Introduces early literacy skills through guided andimaginativestory play• Multi-touch capability invites parents to join the fun• In app guide for grownups offers offline activities to extendthelearningIf you are experiencing any technical issues, pleasedon'thesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or [email protected] app also allows content to be saved to external storageandaccesses the microphone. Before you download thisexperience,please consider that this app contains advertising forThe WaltDisney Family of Companies.
Princess Jigsaw Puzzle Game 3.2.19
Girls Princess Jigsaw Puzzle Game hasbeendeveloped especially for young children. It brings a funandincreasingly challenging gameplay in a friendly designedPrincessworld. With Girls Princess Jigsaw Puzzle Game your childwill learnby introducing lots of different characters! Try GirlsPrincessJigsaw Puzzle Game now!Girls Princess Jigsaw Puzzle Game has great features, whichcouldhelp children’ cognitive abilities. Girls Princess JigsawPuzzleGame is specifically recommended for toddlers and youngchildren,offering 40 different colorful puzzles with Princesscharacters,including a Prince and Castle!Girls Princess Jigsaw Puzzle Game is perfect for kids fromages1-6, so you can choose the difficulty level to match yourkid’sage. This game is designed in order to present educationandlearning skills in a fun manner, encouraging pre-school childrentolearn more about the world around them.Girls Princess Jigsaw Puzzle Game is a classic game. Ifyourchild is wild about our Princess, we have different games inthePlaystore available with the same theme. Search forPrincessBananaapps (notice: No space) Or if your child is lovesJigsaws,check one of our other themed Jigsaws, in cartoon andPhotoversions!If you are letting your toddler play Girls Princess JigsawPuzzleGame (full version), you can make sure your child won’t beable toaccidentally exit the game and go unattended through otherapps onyour device. All the menu buttons have a “ParentalLock”.Girls Princess Jigsaw Puzzle Game for kids is very easy andsimpleto use, besides from being safe and educational, even for a 1yearold.Girls Princess Jigsaw Puzzle Game has a built in voicerecorder.With this voice recorder it is possible to re-record allthe namesof the animals with the voice of the mother/father. Thisis greatto add another language to playfully introduce a foreignlanguageto your child.Girls Princess Jigsaw Puzzle Game Features:Difficulty level to suit your kid’s ageEducational purpose, helping kids recognize patterns andshapes,develop motor skills, visual skills and cognitivecapabilityGreat variety of beautifully designed charactersHD GraphicsSuitable for children from ages 1-6Over 40 puzzles, with upcoming updates and new puzzlesParental Lock feature in Full versionA totally Royal world.2 different game typesAvailable for Phone or TabletLast update (7714) - minor bug fixes
Yo Gabba Gabba! Babies 1.0.1
* NEW Yo Gabba Gabba! experience filledwithcute play patterns featuring your favorite babies, Brobee,Muno,Foofa and ToodeeGet ready to take care of and nurture your favorite YoGabbaGabba! babies, as seen onNick Jr., with adorable playactivitiesperfect for little ones! Baby Brobee, Muno, Foofa, andToodee needyour help feeding their tummies, taking a super bubblybath,getting ready for nighty-night, and so much more!Yo Gabba Gabba! Babies is developed by award-winning children’sappdeveloper, Cupcake Digital in partnership with DHX Media.FEATURES•5 interactive role-play activities for each one of the sweetGabba!babies:•Bathe baby Brobee, Muno, Foofa, and Toodee and play withtheirrubber ducky•Dress them up in comfy baby clothes•Feed them yummy baby food – and don't forget to clean up!•Kiss the babies' boo-boos and help make them feel protectedandloved during doctor visits•Give them their bottle at bedtime and reinforce your ownnighttimeroutine•Dance to the smash hit music video “Babies”!•Enjoy deluxe coloring pages filled with plenty of creativetoolsfor the little artist in provides free downloadable activitiestofurther the educational learning at home. Parents’ andTeachers’Guides are also available with helpful tips for gettingchildrenready for school and for utilizing apps to reinforcelearning inand out of the classroom.We care about your kids and their safety. This app containsgatedareas to ensure that only adults can access anything thatwould takeyou outside of the app. A pixel embedded in this appcollectsanonymous data to help us understand downloads by device.To viewour full app privacy policy,
Mermaid Princess Puzzles 1.52
Do your kids love mermaids? Do they love princesses and puzzlestoo?Look no further. Fairy Tale Games: Mermaid Princess Puzzles isa funanimated puzzle game for toddlers, preschoolers, and littlekidsfrom ages 1 to 6. Features: * Rich, colorful graphics bychildren'sbook illustrator Laura Tallardy. * 12 different cutemermaid puzzlesto choose from! * Positive encouragement. * Paintbubbles to pop atthe end of each puzzle! * Increasing difficulty.* Easy for kids touse and control. Please note, this is the freeversion of the appwith only 4 of the puzzles unlocked. If you likethe app, there isthe option to purchase the other 8 behind aparent gate.
Girls Games Free Coloring 14.6.6
Free girls coloring book anddrawinggame.Download this app for girls now and start drawing and paintingandshare your drawings with family or friends.Free app for little girls which love to color and draw. Greatgamefor toddlers off 2 years, 3 years or 4 years but also forolderkids and adults.-Fun to play-Share your drawing via email, Facebook, etc.-Save and load your coloring pages-Create your own drawing-Many, many different colors-Easy navigation for kids and toddlers.Lots of designs for girls of clothes and fashion, hairandhairdressing salon, princesses and make-up, horsesandmermaids.This is an educational game for stimulating the creativity ofababy, toddler or school student. But it's also lot of fun forateenager or adult. If you or your little girl loves to color,paintor draw, this game is great. This game is great for toddlersof 3year, 4 years or 6 years old, but also for older childrenandadults.And once the coloring page is ready, your kid can easily share itonFacebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or email to family and friends. Formorecoloring pages have a look with our other games.Nice for girls which like clothes or fashion, hair salonandhairdressing, princesses and mermaids or horses.All copyrights are owned by 2 Monkeys. Only use for noncommercialpurposes is allowed. Girls games: free coloring book anddrawinggame.
How To Train Your Dragon 2 1.0.1
GET READY TO EXPERIENCE ANOTHER MAGICALDRAGONADVENTURE STORY!* Join cool dragon hunter Hiccup and his dragon Toothless inadeluxe storybook experience based on the DreamWorks’ filmintheaters, June 13* Interact with your favorite pet dragons in 2 awesome games:DragonHunters & Dragon Racing* Be creative with coloring pages and stickers!The dragons are back with their best friends, the fearlessdragontrainers, Hiccup and Astrid, in the thrilling DreamWorks’How toTrain Your Dragon 2 (The Official Storybook App), featuringa greatstory and characters from the film.Stoick the Vast, Chief of Berk, is ready to crown hisson,Hiccup, as the new Chief of the Viking Island of Berk, butHiccupis not yet ready to lead. Through a series of misadventures,plusan eye-opening revelation and an epic dragons battle, willHiccupbecome the chief he was always meant to be with hisclosestfire-breathing pal Toothless by his side?How to Train Your Dragon 2 (The Official Storybook App)wasdeveloped by Cupcake Digital in partnership with DreamWorks.FEATURES:Includes a heroic adventure story filled with dramaticimagery,music and featuring everyone’s popular Viking teenagers andtheirdragonsPlay with dragons in interactive, leveled games for hoursoffun:DRAGON HUNTERS: Help Toothless scare off the Dragon Hunters toearna high score. But be careful not to hit the sheep!DRAGON RACING: Select your favorite dragon, Toothless orStormfly,and race across Berk against other dragons whilecollecting sheepfor points and avoiding obstacles.Bring to life scenes from the movie using plenty ofcreativecoloring tools and stickers (save to camera roll to sendand sharewith family and friends from parent-gated section)For more stories about Hiccup and Toothless, check outDreamWorks’Dragons: Defenders of Berk in the App provides free downloadable activitiesbasedon the story to further the educational value at home.Parents’ andTeachers’ Guides are also available with helpful tipsfor gettingchildren ready for school and for utilizing appstoreinforce learning in and out of the classroom.We care about your kids and their safety. This app containsgatedareas to ensure that only adults can access anything thatwould takeyou outside of the app. To view our full app privacypolicy, pleasevisit
Bramble Berry Tales: Kalkalilh 1.2
** Featured in Google Play’s Play PicksandAppsto Watch! **When mischievous Lily sneaks out of bed, herMooshum(grandfather)shares a cautionary tale filled withforebodingsurprises. Join Lilyand Thomas on a new adventure filledwithtouch interactivity, music,color, and sound. Rich narrationandvoice acting guide you throughthis adventure, based on theoraltraditions of the Skwxwú7mesh.The Story of Kalkalilh is a vibrant storybookexperiencethatreinforces valuable life lessons. Parents andchildrenaretransported to a world filled with beautiful visualsandmemorablecharacters. Your children can follow along inEnglish,French,Spanish, or even the original Skwxwú7mesh languageand learnmoreabout the cultural traditions from the SquamishNation.Parents are advised that the villainous character mightbealittle scary for sensitive children, but no scarierthanclassicfairy tales like Hansel and Gretel.FEATURES:- New and original story world- Charming and humorous narration- Inspired by traditional Indigenous languages &histories- Learn vocabulary and language: English, French,Spanish,andSquamish- Educational word highlighting and definitionsforyoungreaders- Touch, tilt & slide to bring the story to life- Optimized for Tablets & HD DevicesREVIEWS:“The overall quality of every aspect of this app –fromtheillustrations to the music and narration – iswonderfullyrealizedand makes this app an easy one torecommend.”– Amy Solomon, 148Apps (4.5/5)“A wonderful treat unlike anything you’ve seen on iOS, oronanymobile platform for that matter.”– Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice“A high-quality storybook that allows you to learnaboutathousand-year-old tale and the Squamish language. “– Eric Pramono, Geeks With Juniors“Imaginative, stylized illustrations are friendlyandinviting.Quality narrations bring the story to life.”– JoDee, The iPhone Mom (5/5)
Bramble Berry: Little People 1.0
The Little People is a must-readinteractivestorybook, the third standalone app in the award-winningBrambleBerry Tales series. Children and parents alike can readalong inthis beautifully crafted story, featuring a cast ofdelightfulcharacters as they travel through lush, vibrantlandscapes.Experience the fun with Thomas and Lily in this whimsicalstoryas they encounter the Maymaygwaysiwak, a group of mysteriousandmischievous people from the forest. Are they friend or foe?Thekids soon discover that nothing is as it seems! They also learnacouple of good ‘ol fashioned lessons along the way.Characters come alive as they react to your touch,charmingnarration and voice acting guides you through each page.Read andlisten to the story in multiple languages, toggle betweenEnglish,Spanish, French, or the original Cree language. Brought toyou bydeveloper Rival Schools and publisher Loud CrowInteractiveInc.FEATURES:- New and original story world- Multiple reading modes: Read to me, Autoplay, Read Myself- Inspired by traditional Indigenous language and oralhistory- Learn vocabulary and language: English, French, Spanish,andCree- Educational word highlighting and definitions foryoungreaders- Touch, tilt & slide to bring the story to lifeREVIEWS FOR THE AWARD-WINNING FIRST BOOK, THE STORYOFKALKALILH:** App Store’s Editor's Choice in 22 Countries! **** Kirkus Reviews Best Book App of 2013 **“The overall quality of every aspect of this app – fromtheillustrations to the music and narration – is wonderfullyrealizedand makes this app an easy one to recommend.”– Amy Solomon, 148Apps (4.5/5)“A wonderful treat unlike anything you’ve seen on iOS, or onanymobile platform for that matter.”– Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice“Imaginative, stylized illustrations are friendly andinviting.Quality narrations bring the story to life.”– JoDee, The iPhone Mom (5/5)
Princess game for little girls 3.1.2
Princess Jigsaw FreeA wonderful game for kids, Princess Jigsaw opens uptheimagination and allows little girls to play dress-up, usemakeupand be entertained by this great jigsaw puzzle game. Morethan justentertainment, Princess Jigsaw allows toddlers and littlegirls toplay for hours while learning valuable skills at thesametime.This free game offers a number of great features that lets girlsinparticular expand their imaginations while learning stronghand-eyecoordination. In addition, the kids can play withdifferentcharacters which allow them to expand their imaginationand open uptheir minds to new experiences that is a part of theirnaturalgrowth.What is Princess Jigsaw?Princess Jigsaw is a simple and very colorful game that combinesthetraditional jigsaw games with new video graphics. The game canbeplayed at different levels so that they can learn as they goalong.An app that can be played on a number of mobile devices,this jigsawgame uses colorful graphics and had easy to usecontrols socoordination is no problem, even for toddlers.The game is free and has been well received for its combinationoflearning with fun game play. Designed for toddlers and littlekids,especially girls, Princess Jigsaw has proven to be one gamethatholds the interest of children for a long time and makestheperfect game to play while travelling or when waiting sincethekids will have something fun and educational to occupytheirtime.Why Choose Princess Jigsaw?When video games are introduced to little girls likePrincessJigsaw, it can be like having a whole series of dolls ortoys atthe same time. This is a very children-friendly game thathelpsguide them into learning as much as it is a playful, funromp.Easy Controls: It’s pretty easy for the kids to understandanduse the controls of this game so that they can explore themanydifferent elements that it has to offer. The ease in whichthecontrols work means that they are not frustrated byunnecessarilycomplicated functions when they start playing.So Many Choices: For little girls in particular, they can havehoursof fun playing dress-up with the many different dresses,hairstyles,materials and even characters that are in the game.This helpsexpand their imagination so that they can put togethernewcombinations of styles that reflects their imagination.Hand-Eye Coordination: Princess Jigsaw is a great gameforlearning, especially when developing hand-eye coordinationskillswhich are important to the overall development of the child.Eventoddlers can learn how to coordinate better while playing thisgameand the best part is that they are not even aware of it.Fun: For toddlers and little kids, especially girlsPrincessJigsaw is a fun, exciting game that allows them to play fora longas they want while offering many different choices.Considering howmany games that kids don’t play after a short time,Princess Jigsawin one that will entertain them for a long time tocome.With colorful graphics, neat sound effects and a wide varietyofdresses, makeup and hairstyles to choose from, PrincessJigsawcombines a classic game with video graphics that make for agreattime for toddlers and little girls.
StoryToys Pirate Princess
Are you ready for a swashbuckling adventure? Then come aboard!
Kids Games free coloring
Free and easy coloring book for kids. Ifyourchild loves coloring pages, this simple coloring game willgiveinspiration for hours of creativity, play and learning.100 coloring pages in different categories: horses,dinosaurs,princesses, cars, fairies, dolphins, aircrafts, knights,kidsplaying, winter and summer.Horses: If you love horse riding and horses girl racing thenthesecoloring pages are great for you! Think of the stables whereyourfavorite horse or pony stays. Create for example your own"HorseFrenzy" look-a-like Wallpaper. Do you know how a horsesounds? Canyou imitate it? Have fun with the horses coloringpages!Dino: Think of a dino running like T-rex through thesafari,jurassic park or zoo. Do you know how a dino sounds? Createyourown dinosaurs coloring page and try to find the answers!Princess: Choose a princess from the fashion models. Dress upthegirls. Add some jewelry, do their hair and nails. Use allcolorsavailable or create a Princess Snow White. Ask your motherforbeauty tips or add some diy clothing.Cars: No toy car but real cars! Design a car racer for free! Addagas station, garage or other building. Make the coloringpageyours. And when it is ready, make some real car sounds!Fairy: Different coloring pages of fairies at different placeslikea garden with bees, fruit, mushrooms and plants. Create yourownCinderella, Snow White or other fairy. This fairies coloringbookkeeps you busy for hours!Dolphins: I become happy when seeing dolphins. Dolphins jumpandcatch fish or play for example with a seahorse. They havenonatural enemies. Make some dolphins sounds! So funny! Try outalldolphins coloring pages.Aircrafts: Planes are great! No matter If it is a jetordouble-deck. Fast or slow, it is always fun looking at planes.Atevery airport you’ll find many different plane models. Visitamuseum for listening to cockpit sounds and aircraft soundsduringlanding. This coloring game is just for you if you loveaircraftsin all sorts!Knights: When you think of knights, you think of horses,swords,helmets, armor, lances and of course shields. Think of beingKingArthur, Lancelot or any other medieval super hero. Theseknightscoloring pages are great for boys.Kids playing: This category of coloring pages is aboutplaygrounds.Suitable for both girls and boys. You will find objectshere like abike, seesaw, football, balloon slide and more. Think ofplayinghide and seek or doing a bike race. These coloring pages areagreat kids game for 3 years old boys and girls.Winter: The winter with its cold, snow and ice means that itisnecessary to wear goggle, gloves and earmuffs. But it's so funtothrow snowballs or a snowball game. Also making a snowman isofcourse very nice. This makes you forget all the warmclothesquickly. These coloring pages are all about...thewinter!Summer: The summer is great because of the sun and its heat.Goingon holidays during the summer months is fun! Play beachballonbeach sand castles or design, go swimming, good diving, ridingabeach buggy and sip cocktails in the sunshine! It is aboutfun!Keep all of this in mind when creating your nextcoloringpage!Kids Coloring Game is an educational game for stimulatingcreativityof toddlers,preschoolers and children. If you or your little boy or girllovesto color,paint or draw and loves for example a racing car, try it! It'sfunnyand much morecreative than an math or alphabet car. This coloring bookfitsperfectly withinthe category: Kids games free 4 years old. This is one oftheeasiest free coloring book for kids.
My First Words: Baby learning apps for 1 year old
Looking for baby apps or toddler games for 1 years old andbabyflashcards?