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Realistic shooting simulator - Different guns, sniper shooting,battles.

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    VAPP - Games and Simulators
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Sport Car Simulator APK
From authors of Offroad Car Simulator!!! New 3D car simulator –sport edition!!!
Hidden Camera 3.2 APK
Hidden camera lets you to do secret spy shots in front of peopleand nobody sees that. Using widget you just do 1 click and cameratakes picture in background - no preview and no sounds.You can even use this to make fast photos when you don’t evenhave time to wait for camera app to be opened then focused thenwait for shot, instead you will just do 1 click on your hidden spywidget and photo is ready.App is simple and easy for use. Just add hidden camera's frontand back widgets to your screen and click on them – results aresaved in secret spy album inside app.With being simple for use, this hidden camera covers greatfunctionality to make your pictures high quality plus you will havehigh speed. So you get fast spy camera, which is fully hidden andtakes photos with quality.Widgets which you will put on your screen are customizable, sothis lets you to add for example music icon or drawing app icon towidgets and no one can even suppose that clicking on music ordrawing icon can cause a hidden camera shot.Features:• Be invisible!!!• Take back camera pictures with one click in hidden, secret andsafe way• Take front camera pictures with one click in hidden, secret andsafe way• Besides widgets you get front and back camera shortcuts• When you take picture there will be no sounds, no previews, noflash• Change spy widget icons from settings• Change photo size from settings• Change photo quality from settings• If you need to know when image is saved after clicking thewidgets you can turn on vibration or small screen message to seesuccess messages• App is completely FREE
Monopolist Online 4.0.2 APK
Welcome to BUSINESSMAN – MONOPOLIST: the bestfree online multiplayer board game that you will find free on weband application stores.​Multiplayer game, perfect interface, 3D design and fun soundeffects will let you feel yourself as a powerful businessman, whodeals with the world business challenges.Play Online Monopolist with your friends and other game gurus. Rollthe dices, travel around the world, buy countries, trade yourproperty, win auctions, catch the opportunities, buy houses andhotels, charge fees and run the world as a real businessman.The aim of the game is to become the richest among all the playersand to make as much money and property as you can. You will earnmoney each time your opponents land on your property. When you ownall properties in one color group, you allowed to buy houses andhotels. The rent of the property with houses or hotels are muchhigher.Don’t forget you can trade the properties with your opponents. Belucky on chases and chances, try to escape from jail.So go ahead, build your empire and act wisely not to becomebankrupt.Enjoy and have fun!!!
Sniper - Zombie Shooting 3D 2.5 APK
Zombie Sniper 3D is a sniper shooting game with different missionsand great visual+sound effects.Missions are divided into 4 main types:1.Attack - kill zombies with sniper, do head shots and be ontime2.Waves - zombie groups are attacking, enjoy sniper shooting3.Survive - keep yourself alive, use your sniper4.Run - they are running, just do your job - zombie shootingPlus you will have business missions where you can earn money orgold.Earned money can be spent to buy better sniper guns, aids, armorand sniper bullets.Enjoy zombie shooting and kill them before they come near!
Shooting Simulator 3D APK
Realistic shooting simulator - Different guns, sniper shooting,battles.
Battlefield Shooting 3D 5.1 APK
Your help is needed to win the war. You willtry different types of gun, shoot enemy soldiers, attack bases anddefend our positions. Various battlefields are waiting for you, winthem, unlock next battlefields and win the final stage.Shooting 3d Mission Types:ATTACKShoot enemies, kill them and capture flag(s)Tip: To get more stars in Attack game capture flags faster and killmore soldiersDEFENCESurvive enemy attack and defend your positionTip: To get more stars in Defence game kill more soldiersBATTLEShoot and kill everyone to complete this kind of missionsTip: To get more stars in this kind of game clean battlefieldfasterYou will get sniper shooting missions, machine gun shooting innarrow environments in cities or deserts, shotgun will be helpfulto make more damage in near distances and assault rifles will helpyou in any kind of situations.GUNS (each gun lets you to feel different shooting experience):3 snipers (Dragunov, MK12, SVD)3 assault rifles (M4A1, AK47, AA12)3 machine guns (CWP, Vector, UMP)a shotgun (SAR)a pistol
Ghost Camera 1.3 APK
Ghost Camera is a ghost simulation appwhichuses your device's camera and lets you to see ghosts inyourphotos. Ghost Camera includes different ghosts - girl ghosts,girlghost faces, soldier ghost, skeleton ghost and smoke ghosts.Also each ghost has sound effects, camera gives possibilitiestozoom in, zoom out. Camera photos can be found inside app'sgalleryand device's gallery.
Ghost Camera 3D APK
Use ghost camera to have ghosts in your PHOTOS, VIDEOS! Or justplay with them!