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Minimalist game – Antistress, relaxing | Smart shapes for adults -Fit them all

App Information Scalak : Relaxing Puzzle Game

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    Scalak : Relaxing Puzzle Game
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    Hamster On Coke Games
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Brain Training : Focus 1.96 APK
Feeling out of focus?Looking to improve Your concentration skills?Train Your Brain with Brain Training : Focus!Brain Training : Focus is an addictive brain teaser game, whereYou match the Color of the word with it's name, while being misleadby Your daily thinking habits.Brain Training : Focus is based on a scientific discovery madeby American psychologist John Ridley Stroop, that demonstratesinterference in attention.For more detailed information on this effect, please visit it'sWikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stroop_effectCan You use Your secret ninja slice skills to split Your brainhemispheres, with this mind blow up exercise?Having 8 daily sessions will let You improve Your thoughtpatterns within 2 weeks.This challenging game is based on a neuroscientific discovery,stating that left brain hemisphere decodes language information,whereasright side of the brain processes visual stimuli (ie. colors).Exercises that helps You split hemispheres, are found veryimportant in self-development.Being able to control this mental pattern, will seriouslyincrease Your abilities to:- Focus- Concentrate- RelaxIt will also help You to be more objective in making Your dailylife decissions and life choices.******************************* GAME RULES:* Time Attack Mode- Score as many correct Answers within 60 seconds time limit- Wrong answers takes down Bonus Points Ratio- Giving quick anwers will raise Bonus Ratio - more Points!- Unlock new levels and new game mode!* Survival Mode- By giving quick correct Answers, You get Your seconds back- One wrong Answer finishes the game- Challenging opportunity to master Your focus and concentrationskills*****************************Can You unlock all the levels?If You like this Application, feel free to rate it and tell Yourfriends!This game was created thanks to Corona SDK game developmentframework from Anscamobile.com
Blue Box APK
A minimalist puzzle game, that takes you on ameditative journey through the puzzling world of a little BlueBox.
Galaxy Pool (physics game) 1.9 APK
★ ALL LEVELS UNLOCKED, FREE TIPS FOR ALLLEVELS! ★Did you enjoy mind-puzzling Cut The Rope? Spent hours playingfantastic Blast Monkeys? Found yourself addicted to shooting tomuch apples in Shoot The Apple?If You have answered positive to one of the questions, then GalaxyPool is a game for You!"Galaxy Pool is a new type of game that is destined forpopularity. The combination of intriguing level design, fun gameplay, nice visuals and challenging puzzles make for an excitingaddition to the Android game scene, one that I am truly excitedabout." - AndroidHeadlines.com 4.5/5"We have a feeling this one is destined for greatness." -AndroidSpin.com"Gameplay is addictive and it could seem too easy in thebeginning, the complexity increases gradually.In summary, a newconcept of puzzle game that will delight Android gamers." -AndroidZoom.com - 4/5"It is a must have for all puzzle lovers and casual gamers outthere. It could be a great and exciting time killer for you." -AppSplit.com - 4/5"Galaxy Pool is a challenging yet fun strategy-based game sureto please even the most discerning puzzle gamer — especially yougeometry majors." - CrazyMikesApps.com - 4/5"The graphics are outstanding and what you think is easy, it isquite challenging. You can submerge yourself in the game play forhours." - Carlos M. Icaza, Co-Founder of Anscamobile.com CoronaSDKGet ready to Blast And Bounce your way through stars in theGalaxy Pool - "reversed snooker" challenge!Rules are simple:1. Guide the space ship to land on the planet.2. Rotate the bars and use in-level obstacles to set a correctflight path.3. Collect as many stars as possible on your way!4. Enjoy, relax and have tons of fun!What's in there for you:- 50 beautiful levels, divided into 2 worlds.- Astonishing cartoon graphics and soundtrack.- State of the art crafted User Interface, designed to provide thebest game experience.- Gradually increasing difficulty level - it's always fun to play"Just one more!" - Ever mind challenging level ideas.- New game features appearing while making progress (static andmoving obstacles, teleports etc.)- Each level being more interesting and challenging thananother.SPECIAL feelings of:- Happiness- Fullfilment- Well done job- Moments of gloryAfter successful finish of each level!We hereby promise to keep Galaxy Pool FREE to play, but we needto earn living somehow! Please support and help us by rating thegame, tell us what you in comments, and share Galaxy Pool with yourfriends!New Worlds, Levels, and even better gameplay ideas to follow inupcoming updates!If You enjoy playing Galaxy Pool, please rate the game and leaveyour comment below!Galaxy Pool was created with Corona SDK from Anscamobile.comAbout IT-EO:Indie Game Dev company is based in Poland, focused on mobile gamesdevelopment, with the ultimate goal to provide people with fun, yetchallenging and entertaining game ideas. IT-EO was created byplayers, who played games their whole life. Now it’s time to reachout to a new generation of players by bringing mobile games to anew level.
Hubble Bubbles 1.05 APK
Welcome to the game of juggling Hubble onbouncing Bubbles.Hubble Bubbles is a skill driven arcade game, featuring madlyaddictive (I swear it was an accident!), straight from spacegameplay.Whenever you will find yourself saying "Ok, now it's the lasttime!... ", remember it's not my fault!Rules are simple:1. You TAP - Highlighted Bubble GOES UP. No magic here. TAP THEBUBBLE UP.2. TAP when Hubble (little spaceship) is above Bubble. They bounce,we fly.(tip). Try to spin Hubble, momentum gives Hubble extra speed!Science, you know.3. Fly as many Light Years as you can (translation: fly right veryfar).Sound easy, right? Right :)There's more! The game has even better dynamics, thanksto:- Amazing Restart Button Technology (You will hate me for that, nooffence taken).- Time Warp Button. Which slows down the time. And it helps... ordoes quite opposite.To keep You happier, the game is packed up with:- Leaderboards. How far can You fly? Join the competition!- Achievements - Yeah! We all love achievements!- Fun to play Secret Levels, featuring extra challenges like NyanCat jump record competition, or infinite Time Warpsuperpower.- "I can do better next time" feeling. Offcourse you can! :)- Out of this world, skill driven, physics based gameplay...- ... which makes each and every round a genuinely uniqueevent.Hubble Bubbles contains other games advertisements, if you'llfeel tired playing, feel free to try one of the cool games from theads!!!! WARNING !!!OH MY GOD, IT'S IN APP PURCHASEBut hey, getting the Premium version will give You instantaccess to:- All Secret Levels (using retro bubble codes in main menu).- Restart Button without any interruptions!- Ad free game. Forever.Have tons of fun playing!!
Photo Coin Flip 2.1 APK
Your favorite coins, ready to draw in CoinFlip challenge!Heads and Tails were never so easy, plus - You will never loose thecoin You flip.Photo Coin Flip, will help You deal with Your daily lifeproblems.Taking decissions is now held by simple yet entertaining virtualcoin flipping.If You enjoy classic heads and tails, You can go even more, andmake a draw from photos You take by Your android devicecamera,or You can use pre-selected funny categories:1. Party -> best for entertaining friends on parties2. Coins -> coins from different countries from all around theworld3. Everyday Life -> decide what to do with Your dailyroutines4. For Woman -> section designed specially for woman5. For Man -> can't make up Your mind, watch the game withfriends or give up the night for love?6. Tests -> funny test, hopefully they won't get anyone tooangry :)7. Travel -> must have for travellers8. Saved -> store Your own flips for later reuseONCE YOU SEE THE PICTURE JUST SLIDE YOUR FINGER ACROSS THESCREEN TO START THE DRAWAs it sounds simple, I found the application being very usefullwith our friends, while deciding who's going to get the lunch tothe bar on the other side of the street today, or whileargueing with my partner who will cook today, and who have to washthe dishes after (as we both love to cook:). The possibilities areendless, as You can take photos of everything You can't make Yourmind on (get to work by bike, or take a bus?). The Answers forquestions like this, can often be a great motivation forself-development, or even be crucial to Your future life andhealth!The application itself is also provided with the database offunny, pre-Categorised pictures draw sets, that we may find hepfullduring our daily life.Photo Flip also gives the user function of saving their own picturedraw set in the separate "Saved" cattegory, so later re-use ispossible.To give the user access to the photos they took before, usingtheir Camera, Gallery button was created. Thanks to it we canchoose 2 pictures from the SD Card, and for example make a draw,"Who should I call for a party tonight?", while selecting picturesof 2 long time not seen friends, why don't hook up tonight?:)The possibilities are endless.I sincerely hope You'll like the ideaTags: Photo Flip, Heads And Tails, Coin Flip, Toss, Draw
Style Snap - Fashion 1.00 APK
Style snap is a tool to find and captureyourfashion inspiration and share it with others. Use it to save&share your greatest fashion finds and your personal style,interactwith others through giving & receiving likesandcomments!Browsing other people’s fashion finds and style is a great waytoget fresh inspiration.You are sure to discover stylish new items, stores anddesignersevery day.App features:- Instagram like browsing system of fashion snaps- Best wallpapers for your phone or tablet- Likes and Comments- User Profiles- Best zoom and Fullscreen mode, to get even more out offashionsnaps- Offline mode- Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and other socialmedia- Save fashion snaps to disc- Upload your own pictures!- State of the art user interface!- And much much more...Categories include: Beauty, Blogs, Celebrity,Designer,Editorial, Looks, Outfit inspiration, Personal style,Products,Runway, Shop, Street style, and much more.Don't forget to follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Style-Snap/214860692044597Find best wallpapers for your phone or tablet. A lot ofpicturesin HD Wallpaper quality!Daily updates!Have a nice snapping!
Cute Animals Photos Wallpapers 1.01 APK
Funniest gallery with best pets andanimalspictures!There's also plenty of funny videos waiting for you!We like to think of it as "Pet Facebook", where you can:- Start your pets profile- Post hilarious pet pictures, stories, videos and comments!- Meet new people that loves animals.- Set every image as HD Wallpaper. High qualitywhereavailable.- Crop/resize backgrounds to fit your screen- Share pictures with others- Have a great laugh browsing funniest animal pictures from alloverthe internet. A lot of fail situations. You won't be able tostoplol rotfl laughing :)- Daily updates- Find video compilations of best fails, rotfl, lol and wtfcontent:)- Best animal videos and movies!Categories include: Dog and dogs, talking cat and cats,wildanimals, squirrels, cows, hamsters, hamster images, littlerats,rat pictures. Fail videos.This app is great for kids! Talking tom can get boring, buthereyou'll get the best laugh with funniest lol pictures andanimalimages. Wait no more, try it yourself! It's like having yourdreamzoo.App includes featured tags for: kids, games, fun,pre-schooler,kids zoo, animal calls, animals and pets, kidsanimals, kidsanimal, farm animal sounds, cow sounds, animalpictures, animalapps, animal flash cards, animal kingdom, animalnoises, animalnames, animal world, animal zoo,Tags:Preschool,game,pre k games,games for preschoolers,kindergarten games, toddler occupier, fungames, kids, tapping zoo,farm animals, The Three Little Pigs, TheLion King, dog, cat, bird,tiger, lion, horse, parrot, bear,animals, creature, bear, bee,bird, bison, buffalo, bull, cat,chick, chimpanzee, cow, cricket,crow, dinosaur, dog, donkey, duck,eagle, elephant, flamingo, frog,goat, goose, hen, kitten, cutekitten, koala, lion, monkey, zoo, zooanimals, pet, pet animals,mouse, owl, panda, pig, puppy, rabbit,rooster, seagull, sheep,whale sound effect, wolf, zebra, tiger,turkey, snake.
Ridiculously Hard Memory Game 1.0 APK
If you believe you have good memory, enterRidiculously Hard Mode and try to win! Stay in sharp mental state -train your brain!This free brain trainer game was developed to work with morethan one memory type at the same time.It can help boost your brain performance, increase your short-termmemory, concentration and visual memory. If this game existed inAlbert Einstein lifetime, he would probably be using it!The game offers 5 game modes:1. THE RIDICULOUSLY HARD MODE - Shapes And ColorsAre you ready to challenge your memory ?It's what the game is all about. Starts Easy, and then getsincreddibly difficult, as you have to remember three completelydifferent things - Shapes, Colors, and their spacial placement. Ifyou can beat the INSANE level - you probably have Eidetic Memory.Enough said!2. The rest of game modes, helps you train different memoryaspects:- Words - Memorize the correct letters in word - boosts sequentialmemory. It's great training to save patterns.- Numbers - Similar to Words mode, but works with numbersreckognition skills.- Shapes - Memorize all the geometric shapes placement. Boostsfocus.- Colors - You think it's similar to Shapes? Our brain processesshapes and colors in different regions, so it helps you gain petterbrain performance in color association.Play this game on daily basis, and you will seriously increaseyour brain memory skills.A great game to exercise your memory ! How do you judge your „BrainFitness“? Become Einstein Memory Trainer, don't wait longer!A free memory game for kids and adults .Brain trainer . Pairs game . Free matchup pro .Brain & Puzzle game . memory kids apps