1.3.14 / August 10, 2021
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If you can keep your head … It’s chaos out there on the openroad!Homicidal maniacs in a frenzy of rage, tearing up the highwayintricked-out cars and trucks in pursuit of… YOU! Crouched intheback of a pickup with just your gun and your special-agenttrainingto see you through, can you survive the hailstorm ofbullets andendless onslaught of racing enemy vehicles? If you cankeep yourhead when everyone’s gunning for it, then Rage Road mightjust bethe game for you… 🚘 Shoot from the hip at break-neck speed!★Hybrid technology: Unique gameplay combining race andshooterelements for maximum action and thrills. As your enemiesstorm upbehind you, use your sharp-shooting skills to take them outbeforethey get close enough to gun you down or blow you up. ★Safetyfeatures: Get your aim just right and you can shoot upmultipleenemies, as well as causing spectacular collisions thatbring downseveral vehicles at once. Or take cover behind thetailgate, bideyour time and pick off enemies one-by-one – justwatch out for thereal speed merchants and kamikaze bombers. ★Intelligent design:Over 80 strategic shooter levels that requireyou to count yourbullets and plan your shots depending on the typeof vehicle andnumber of passengers. Complete levels to earn cashand crystalsthat you can spend on upgrades for your truck, your gunand yourcharacter. ★ Great in-car entertainment: Fun graphics and abangingsoundtrack to keep you energized and entertained as yousmash yourenemies, plus 11 different locations, each with colorvariations toensure you never get bored in the back seat. ★Reliability issues:As if the endless stream of psychotic highwaybandits wasn’tenough, between levels you’ll have to deal with thesardoniccomments of your glamorous boss, who’s not at all impressedby allthis reckless macho road rage. ★ Superior equipment levels:13unique weapons to collect and select – from pistols to SMGstoassault rifles – with a total of 45 different skins. Power,reloadspeed and magazine size all vary from gun to gun, so findtheweapon that best suits your playing style and the demands ofeachparticular level. If you can’t snipe ‘em, blast ‘em! ★ Choiceoftrim: Upgrade your truck with a wild range of aftermarketaddonsand paint jobs. Work on yourself, too, with 4 differentelements ofyour character’s outfit to upgrade and match, taking youfrom asober secret agent to a flamboyant green-haired highwaywarrior. ★Ultimate performance: 4 varieties of hard-to-kill bossinformidable customized vehicles to really testyourshoot-from-the-hip skills. Armored vehicles can take somerealpunishment, so dodge incoming fire and keep plugging away untilyoufinally reduce these monster trucks to heaps of scrap. Norespectfor the highway code! Those maniacs are breaking the rulesof theroad left, right and center! Come on, agent, it’s yourmission tomake them pay! Bring them to justice with blown tyres,wreckedengines, and exquisite multiple kills. That’ll teach them!Take outthose ne’er-do-wells in style and bring some law and orderback toRage Road in this all-action highway adventure.

App Information Rage Road - Car Shooting Game

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    Rage Road - Car Shooting Game
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    August 10, 2021
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    SayGames Ltd
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Construction Set 1.4.8 APK
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BUILDING BLOCKS OF FUN Assemble a wide variety of brick buildingsand scenes in this classic constructor game. Start as a babybuilder and level your way up to increasingly complex constructionsets. This relaxing and satisfying game is sure to bring you backto the imagination and fun of your childhood! 🧱🚧😄 Flex yourcreativity and exercise your brain with enjoyable constructionpuzzles. Writer’s block or mental block? Bust through it like a tonof bricks with this BLOCKbuster building game! BUILD YOUR WORLDBRICK BY BRICK Follow the simple on-screen guide to create your ownbrick masterpieces in the form of detailed 3D models! Find theright piece and simply tap to add it to your build. The colorfulpieces and lively scenes make this building game a hoot forbuilders of all ages! In Constructor 3D, you never have to worryabout losing a piece or prying bricks apart and hurting yourfingers, because it’s all virtual! Get hands-on fun without theclutter or accidentally stepping on toys. Ouch! 😢 GAME FEATURES: ★Dozens of sets and over 200 different interlocking parts. Fromhuman figures to intricate vehicles, this constructor game has itall! ★ With entertaining construction sets like the Statue ofLiberty 🗽, a battlefield ⚔️, a medieval castle 🏰, ancient Rome 🏛️,and the inside of a spaceship, you’ll never get bored! Build apizza delivery boy holding up the Tower of Pisa and dive intotrending and topical sets like an election debate scene. ★ Theclear instructions and 3D models ensure you never get stuck. Justfind the part you need and plug it into place! ★ Thanks to theeasy-to-use interface, anyone can be an architect! Plus, thisgame’s stunning graphics and smooth animations bring the buildingexperience to life. ★ This satisfying game recreates the joy ofassembling real-life construction sets, from cutting open the boxand ripping open the bags to putting together the blocks andarranging the finished scenes. The optional vibration setting evenreplicates the “click” of real blocks snapping together! Why snapwhen you can just tap? ✨ ★ Complete a set to unlock special goldpackages so you can add new elements with more difficult builds.You never know what you’re going to find inside! Whether you’relooking for a workout for your mind or yearning for a sense ofnostalgia and childish wonder, block off some time to relax andthen hit the bricks with this building game! Download Constructor3D now and start building! 🏗️😀