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Relaxing game, in which you decorate avatars and background inpastel colors.

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Pastel Girl : Dress Up Game 2.5.0 APK
◆ Features 1. Pastel Girl is a healing game that decorates cutegirlin pastel colors and backgrounds. 2. Drag and drop UI isprovidedthat clothing and items can be placed freely. Deletefunctions usingit is possible, making a big difference from theconventionaldressing up game. ( However, not all items aresupported by drag anddrop. Please refer to the tutorial. ) 3. Someclothes and itemsprovide great animation. 4. Decorate your cutegirl using lots ofclothes, items, speech bubbles and letters. 5.Share your decoratedpretty girl with your friends. ※ Data isstored on the device inthis game. The data stored will also bedeleted at the time of gamedeletion. ※ All in-app purchase historyare stored on the googleserver. And If you reinstall the PastelGirl, all in-app items youbought are added automatically. ※ Pleasesee below items for helpwith installation issue or items notappearing after making payment.1) Device Setting → Application →Google Play Store → Storage →Delete Data and Cache 2) If the issuepersists, uninstall the gameand do the 1) again and install.
Lily Diary : Dress Up Game 1.4.8 APK
1. Lily Diary is a dress-up game where you can decorate avatars andbackgrounds. 2. You are free to put your saved avatars anywhere youwant! 3. There are varied functions such as Mirror & LayerSwitch, Drag & Drop, pretty animations, and plenty of storage.Please see Menu → Tutorial before you play. 4. Create your ownunique story with many outfits, items, animals, speech bubbles andtext. 5. Share your adorable avatars and background images withyour friends on Social Media. ※ As the data is saved to yourdevice, if you delete the game, all saved data will also bedeleted. ※ In-app purchase data is saved to the server, so you canrestore purchase data when you re-install the game. ※ Ifinstallation fails or you are unable to check purchased items,please try the following : ▶ Device Settings → Apps → Google PlayStore → Storage → Clear Data & Clear Cache
Lily Story : Dress Up Game 1.5.8 APK
◆ Game Features 1. Lily Story is a dress up game where you giveyour characters makeovers and decorate backgrounds. 2. You cancreate a boy and/or girl character, and you can give one or twocharacters a makeover at the same time. 3. You can drag and dropclothing and items to arrange them according to your taste. You canalso delete them using the same method. ( However, you cannot dragand drop all objects. Please refer to the tutorial. ) 4. Someclothing and items are animated. 5. You can create your own storyusing items, speech bubbles, and text. 6. You can share yourspruced up characters with your friends. ※ The game data is savedon your device. Uninstalling the game will delete the saved data. ※Reinstalling the game will recover your in-app purchases. ※ If theinstallation fails, please follow these steps : ☞ Device settings →Apps → Google Play Store → Storage → Clear data and cache →Reinstall game ※ If the game displays a black screen and does notrun properly, please follow these steps : ☞ Device settings → Apps→ Google Play Store → Storage → Clear data and cache → Delete gameand reinstall ※ If your purchased item does not appear, pleasefollow these steps : ☞ Device settings → Apps → Google Play Store →Storage → Clear data and cache
Pastel Friends : Dress Up Game APK
Relaxing game, in which you decorate avatars and background inpastel colors.
Muscle Princess 1.4.7 APK
Big and beautiful women are coming! What a fascinatingstory!Complete and exhilarating actions! Let us introduce ourvisualnovel action game, "Muscle Princess"! ※ This game isastory-oriented game composed of 30% of action and 70% of story.◆Story A story about three nations’ scheme and conspiracy,betrayaland veiled enmity to gain supremacy over the big countrynamed“Nagari Land”, and a love story in the midst of all will touchyourheart. ◆ Action Exceptional design and animation. A good senseofshooting and simple controls that make the game more fun. Forthosewho are beginners at action games, a skip button is activatedifthe players play several replays after each game over. ※ Thisgameis supported in English, Japanese and Korean. ※ This game doesnothave any in-app purchases nor ads after making one simplepayment.※ Please be aware that once you delete the data or thegame, allthe stored information will be deleted as well.
Muscle Princess2 1.1.8 APK
The big and beautiful women are back !! The characters thatarestrong and full of individualities!! The magnificent storythatseems like as if reading a history novel !! The excitingandthrilling essence of the action !! We introduce to you thevisualNovell action game “Muscle Princess2” !! ※ This game isstorypriority with 70% story and 30% action. ※ Episodes of theMusclePrincess series are all connected. If possible please playtheMuscle Princess 1 first. Otherwise, It's hard to understandstory.※ For the people who are not good with action games, we havemadebattle skips possible when losing several times to the sameenemy.◆ Story The full-scale mind battle between the powerfulpeople ofthe three countries surrounding the supremacy of thenation “NagariLand” has begun. With both the tight storycomposition exceeding atwist over a twist and the comicalconversations between themuscular women, we will provide you withamazing fun. ◆ Action Withfired up sense of hitting and easy to usecontrols, we have addedfun to the game.
Muscle Princess3 1.1.7 APK
The big and beautiful women’s last story!! The characters thatarestrong and full of individualities!! The magnificent storythatseems like as if reading a history novel !! The excitingandthrilling essence of the action !! We introduce visual novelactiongame “Muscle Princess 3”!! ※ This game is a story based gamewith30% action and 70% story. ※ This game is a continuation ofthestory of the former episode. Please play muscle princess 1,muscleprincess 2 first. ※ For those who are not good in actiongame, youcan skip battle when you lost several times to the sameenemy. ◆Story The story of the heroes is based on the war among thethreecountries surrounding the hegemony of the “Nagari Land”. Withboththe tight story composition exceeding a twist over a twist andthecomical conversations between the muscular women, we willprovideyou with amazing fun. The last story of the Muscle Princessseriesbegins now. ◆ Action The hottest touching sense and easeofoperation made the game more fun.