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Mini Market – Supermarket Sorting Fun At the Mini Market, customersare lining up to try your tasty goods in this fun sorting andcooking game. Fill their orders by finding the right foods—fruit,vegetables 🥗, candies and deli goods—as well as whipping updelicious burgers, smoothies and ice creams according to theirinstructions. Count the right change and send them on their waysmiling, then use your takings to build your supermarket’sinventory with exciting new ingredients to keep the crowds coming.All the ingredients 🍱 of an absorbing game for all ages ⚈Straightforward gameplay that’s easy enough for the youngestplayers to master but still provides hours of fun for all agegroups. ⚈ Develops counting, shape recognition, differentiation,and fine motor skills, as well as attention to detail. ⚈ Wide rangeof fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients promoting curiosity andhealthy eating, as well as expanding vocabulary. ⚈ Classiccooking-game 🍳 scenarios in a simple-to-play and engaging formatwith gradual undemanding progress that encourages responsiblegaming. ⚈ Clear and colorful original design that’s comfortable forkids and attractive for adults, too ⚈ Calm, cheerful music andexciting sound effects to enhance your supermarket experience ⚈ Funcustomer characters, all with a friendly comment and unique 🍓🍧 foodrequirements ⚈ Teaches the basic principles of commerce andcustomer service in a casual setting Come on down to the storewhere the fun never ends Serve up a storm of mouth-wateringburgers, super-healthy smoothies and delicious ice creams in thischarming sorting game that’s a joy to play for all ages. Keep onsorting ingredients, serving customers and counting change to makethe 🏪 Mini Market the most popular food store in the neighborhood.Head to the Mini Market now for hours of exciting, developmentalfun.

App Information Mini Market - Сooking Game

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    Mini Market - Сooking Game
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    February 4, 2022
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    SayGames Ltd
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    8010, Cyprus, Paphos, Tepeleniou 13, Tepelenio Court, 2nd floor
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