2.28 / March 29, 2022
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“Love this version of Minesweeper, classic windows gameexperience!” - Fox S. Do you love playing free classic puzzlegames? Sweep mines like you used to on your PC - like the retroWindows Free Classic Minesweeper game Bombs away! This free classicMinesweeper is the ultimate classic computer game, and you canfinally download it to play on your phone! Make sure not to step onany land mines as you navigate the terrain while playing thisoriginal Mine Sweeper. New to Minesweeper? It’s a free classicpuzzle game where you must guess where the secret mines are hiddenand try to uncover as much of the board as you can. Be mindful asthere is danger lurking below. Some squares will be empty whilesome will have a number underneath; the number will tell you howmany bombs are surrounding that square. The higher the number, thegreater the danger you are in. To win at this free classic puzzlegame (classic minesweeper game) you might have to do more thansimply guess. Mark the squares you think have something hidingbeneath them and save them for later. The more tiles you sweep, thecloser you will get to finding all the bombs and clearing thefield. But if you land on a mine? Game over! You’ll need to start anew Minesweeper game. Try to see how long you can last playing thisfree classic Minesweeper before stepping on a mine. Play the DailyChallenge mode and try to win all of the Trophies for yourcollection. This simple classic puzzle Minesweeper game is so easybut also quite addicting. Minesweeper is an all-time classic gamethat confused many of us as children. Do you accept the challengeto try to clear the land mines and sweep all the bombs away? Itwill take concentration but you can beat this original and classicMinesweeper game. Minesweeper is the perfect game to train yourbrain and test your logic. You’ll need more than luck; successrequires strategy! Immerse yourself in the world; you are now amine sweeper and it's your duty to defuse land mines and clear eachand every level. If you are a fan of solitaire, mahjong, puzzles orother Free classic puzzle games, play by yourself and have somefree time, we dare you to download Minesweeper and try to beat thisfree classic puzzle game - Mine Sweeper -- you’ll be glad you did!Looking for an original and fun Minesweeper game? This is the freeoriginal Minesweeper game you want to download! - ClassicMinesweeper Gameplay - Daily Challenge - Events - Trophy Collection- Easy, Medium & Hard boards - Custom Boards - Statistics -Flag Mode - Number Tap - Pinch to Zoom - New Themes - Second Chanceto continue playing your board Thanks for downloading our freeclassic minesweeper puzzle game and helping us clear all our minesand avoid the bombs. Play safely and sweep away! We value yourpositive feedback, about our game, very highly so please let usknow if you are enjoying our game and leave us a positive rating.If you have suggestions of how we can improve this minesweeper gamewe would love to hear from you! For tech support or to contact usregarding any issues while playing our classic Minesweeper or MineSweeper game, please email: [email protected] For ourprivacy policy and terms of use please visit:http://www.hyperlitestudios.com/privacyhttp://www.hyperlitestudios.com/terms Follow us and our Minesweepergame on social media: www.hyperlitestudios.com PLAY. CLASSIC.MINESWEEPER. FOR. FREE.

App Information Minesweeper: puzzle game

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    Minesweeper: puzzle game
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    March 29, 2022
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    Android 7.0 and up
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    76 Rue faubourg saint denis, 75010 Paris, France
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