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Learning Colors for Toddlers is one of ourbest educational games for kids in which your baby playfully learnseleven colors for kids and paints coloring books. Learning colorswith the help of baby color games is perfect for toddlers from 2 to5 years old.
Why download our kids coloring games:
1) Your kid learns 11 colors - red, yellow, blue, green, orange,purple (or violet), brown, pink, black, white and gray whileplaying the colors games;
2) Learning colors for toddlers free is available in 20 languagessuch as English, Spanish, Russian and many others. It’s really coolthat your baby can learn colors name of colors for toddlers in somany languages!
3) Playing colors games for kids your preschooler gets acquaintedwith many new items and words. Learning colours games for kidsbroadens your baby’s horizon and enriches his or hervocabulary;
4) Our colours games consist of 4 levels. The first stage islearning colours and remembering. The second and the third stagesare 2 color games to fix the received knowledge. The fourth stageis colours games for kids to apply the knowledge of colors forbabies;
5) Coloring for kids is one the most favourite occupations so weadded 10 fun pictures in color games for kids. These coloringsadded to the baby colour games will be interesting for both littleboys and girls;
6) You can download coloring for toddlers free. Paint and colorgames for kids free will save your family budget withoutcompromising quality. Apps with learning colors for kids free arean excellent way to entertain and educate your baby.
Learning games for kids installed on a smartphone or a tablet arejust must-haves for modern parents. Such children learning freeapps like baby coloring games can be recommended as:
- learning games for toddlers age 2,
- learning games for toddlers age 3,
- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid and educational games forkids kindergarten.
How to play our color games for toddlers for free:
- Learn colors toddler free. The “Submarine” door is for colorstudy. Upon opening it, your baby will be showed one of the colorsfor children, along with its name being pronounced. Then,one-by-one, the learn colors games reveal 3 illustrative picturesto match the colors for kids learn. For example, lemon, sun, andchicken illustrate the yellow paint, on of basic colors. The childwill be amused by the bright cartoonish pictures that make the babylearning games highly entertaining.
- Test knowledge of preschool colors. The “Wood” door hidesmatching color games for kids. Come in the educational games forkids nursery to check the color recognition skills of your toddler.The child has to match colors in the color games for babies: eachof the 3 painted windows to the frame of similar color. It’s likeplaying with color flashcards in the color learning games forkids.
- Colors play - set all in rockets. Under the plane door ofeducational games for kindergarteners
is a rocket station. There are 3 differently colored spaceshipswaiting to be filled with passengers and launched in the coloursgames for kids. The task of these color games for kids free is tomatch colors flashcards and rockets.
- Painting and coloring games. Under the space door is a coloringgame with 10 pictures behind illuminators. Choose an illuminator,touch the palette and start to draw your masterpiece. The paletteoffers red, blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown, gray, greenand white paints. These mini games are similar to such babylearning apps like drawing games for kids with coloringbooks.
There are often troubles identifying and naming colors fortoddlers. These learning games for toddlers allows to teach yourpreschooler colors and also to correlate them with differentobjects. If you are looking for drawing games for kids andeducational games for kindergarten then download our games forkids. Games like matching colors will be very useful as preschoolactivities!

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Drums for Kids with Animals is one of oureducational games for kids kindergarten aged 2 to 5 years old.Drums for kids is a joyful and colorful music game for babies andtoddlers. Evoking a smile on the baby's face, drums games give agood rhythm lesson, acquaint with animals for kids and animalsounds for toddlers. Kids are fond of playing drum games for kidsand twiddling their thumbs on our drums!Main features of our toddler drums:- Play drums with music. The advantage of musical games for kids isthat they present different musical instruments for kids and helplearn music instruments. Since early years your baby willdistinguish such music instruments for kids as drums kids. Youngchildren especially love baby drums because they produce clear,simple, and at the same time rich sounds.- Baby zoo - learning animals and animal sounds for babies. Playingdrum games with music your baby will also learn animals - a dog, agoat, a cat, a bear, a cow, a rooster, a pig, an elephant. Drumgames for free with music and animal games for kids are anexcellent combination for kids entertainment and education.Besides, games with animals provide animal sounds for kidslearning. After playing animals games your toddler will easilydemonstrate how a dog, a cat, a cow and other animals for toddlersspeak, to the delight of parents and grandparents.- Toddlers drum game provides a possibility to create and recordyour own melodies with animal sounds for kids learning free aswell. While playing animal games for toddlers ask your kid to comeup with his or her own melody and add animal sounds games for kidsfree, pressing the "play" button. Parents can also play drums gamesfree for kids and to take part in the recording of a new single.Such games for little kids will ensure a good mood for the wholefamily.- Baby drums free is a game consisting of three mini learning gamesfor kids, you’ll learn more about them below.- These preschool games for little kids will not only teach to playmy baby drum, or provide animal games toddler, but also developmental abilities - train fine motor skills, intelligence, musicalear, speed of reaction, attentiveness, diligence.- Like all our educational apps for toddlers, the Drums for Kidswith Animals game can also be downloaded for free. Free learningapps for kids will save your family’s budget and give you learninggames for kindergarten of high quality.Drums for Kids with Animals can be regarded as games for toddlers 2years ol, games for kids 3 years free, games for kids 4 years old,educational games for 5 year olds. Moreover, it’s suitable as gamesfor little girls and games for little boys.How To Play this educational apps for kids:1. The drum kit to the left of the screen involves all componentsfor a breath-taking drumming experience: a bass drum, a snare drumadorned with a note sign, three tom-toms, a plate-like cymbal and ahi-hat. A golden cow-bell tops the kit. Each hit induces vibrationof the mobile device.2. Clicking masked tribesman to the right of the home screen ofthis baby games for babies your kid will find seven animals inmasks sitting on the grass in a circle. The elephant in the centeris the conductor of the orchestra. When you touch any drum adornedwith a fancy pattern, the elephant will perform a rotation in ablink to hit it with the drum-rod he's holding in his trunk.This'll make the animal behind the drum produce a sound and jumpunveiling its face.3. In the middle of the home screen your toddler will find severaltussocks and a fly with shiny wings. Touch the spot it's sitting on– and the beetle will blink and jump or fly to another hillock,gently flattering its wings. When the baby touches the tussocks,they make water drop sounds of different tonality.Drums for Kids with Animals is perfect games for toddlers 3 yearsol and older, contributing to their music education and offering aflight of fancy.
ABCD for Kids – Learn Alphabet 1.5.23 APK
ABCD for Kids - Learn Alphabet is one of ourbest educational games for kids which provides learning alphabetfor kids and tracing letters in a playful manner so thatpreschoolers learn abc and letter sounds quickly, easily and with alot of fun.What does our alphabets learning app for kids teach yourbaby?- Our alphabet games for kids to learn make your kid learn lettersof english alphabet, learn russian alphabet and alphabets of someother languages;- Alphabet sounds learning app teaches to pronounce correctlyvowels and consonants of the abc for toddlers;- Practice writing letters: our kids alphabet games include tasksin which a toddler learns to trace letters;- Playing our alphabet games your child will develop phonemichearing;- Abc toddler games contain a lot of new words, so your baby willexpand vocabulary;- Baby abc learning games for infants stimulate fine motorskills.Killer features of our a to z alphabet for kids:1) Our toddler abc includes 100 vivid and memorable cards withimages to illustrate words that begin with different letters;2) This abc toddler provides sequential study of each letter:listen, recite, write uppercase and lowercase letters, learn thewords that begin with this letter;3) Such abc baby games as learning abc has tasks to consolidate thelearned letters: outline puzzles in which kids move the letter tothe correct shape, and a quiz;4) Learn letters and sounds for kindergarten: professionaloff-screen voice with perfect pronunciation spell the letters sothat your kid receives learning the sound and letters of thealphabet for free, and perceives all the sounds to the ear andutters them correctly;5) Our educational games for kids kindergarten like abc learninggames make the alphabets of 4 languages available: Russian, English(english alphabet for kids learning free), Spanish and Portuguese.The knowledge of ABCs of foreign languages is useful for futurestudy at school. Apart from ABCs your baby will study many foreignwords.6) Our ABC for baby can be downloaded for free. Our free virtualabcd book will save your family’s budget and provide valuableeducation for your baby.Our abc for children can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid;- learning games for kids 5 years of age.How to play our abc learning games for kids preschool:Recognizing alphabet for kindergarten: let’s learn letters!1) Our abc learning letters toddler begins in the bathroom withbubble letters. At first, there are only A, B, and C letters openedin the educational games for kids nursery. But upon learning abcdfor kids, the child will unlock other letters. After choosing aletter in our abc games for toddlers and babies there will be given3 hilarious pictures of objects that start with it. The kid is tolisten to the voice and repeat the words illustrating abc forbabies.2) Learning abc for baby - tracing and writing letters.Our alphabet tracing games for kids offer to learn to write letterson the fence tracing the prompts. In order to abc learn and traceletters just take the brush and start tracing letters and numbersfree with 3 capital and 3 small letters with yellow paint!3) Guessing - a quiz.Once you are finished, the education apps for kids with writingletters and numbers for kindergarten take your baby to the kitchenplayroom. Here the task is to guess the picture that starts withthe letter which your kid is currently learning.4) Play with toddler alphabet writing and learning -cut-outs.The last game among our learning games for kindergarteners is toposition the letters into their cut-outs. Besides fixing theknowledge of ABC this game will train your baby’s fine motor skillsand develop attentiveness.The game, full of bright colors and amusing virtual toys, has veryclear and intuitive interface, so your toddler will cope with iteasily.
Animal sounds for kids 1.6.8 APK
Exciting app for kids to know animal sounds,names and appearance. A cute animals and sounds can fully attractthe child attention; and succeed in the purpose of learning throughplaying, and playing while learning.Three amazing games in one application!Now animals names in 6 languages: English, Russian, Japanese,Deutsch, French and Turkish!1st game:Learn animals appearance, sounds and pronunciation.This version contains 21 animals: lion, tiger, panda, mouse,monkey, elephant, cow, horse, cat, dog, squirrel, duck, bear, goat,snake, wolf, snake, sheep, penguin, parrot, and raccoon.2nd game:Guess the animal by his sound. You hear sound and get 4 variants.Choose the right one.3rd game:The list of all animals, press on image to hear sound. This game isgood to check how your child learns animal sounds and names.Options:✔ Listen the characteristic sound of more than 20 differentanimals✔ Teach your children the name of the animals in 6 differentlanguages✔ Listen the name of the animals with the pronunciationfeature✔ High quality pictures✔ Clear and free animal sounds✔ Ability to learn animal names in foreign language with youbaby.This app offers many and varied animal sounds of exceptionalquality. This is the perfect app to have a good time with yourchildren or simply to laugh a little with your friends! With thiseducational application for little kids, teach your baby or toddlerto recognize animals and sounds they make.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let Santa make your Kid'sdreams come truePlay with your kid and have fun together :)Missing your favorite animal? Let us know and we will addit!We always welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. Don'thesitate to contact us at [email protected] contact us if you need translation into your language.
Shapes for Kids and Toddlers 1.3.5 APK
Shapes is one of our educational games fortoddlers in which your child can learn shapes and play shape games.Invite your baby to a fabulous world of shapes for kids to acquirenew knowledge and skills. The game teaches to distinguish differentgeometric shapes and compare shapes for babies with the surroundingobjects in real life.Features of shapes games:- Shape games for toddlers present 7 shapes for toddlers: a circle,a rhombus, a square, a rectangle, an oval, a polygon, a triangle, aheart, a human footprint and a flower.- Study geometry for kids with fun - there are 3 catchy and funnypictures of objects of corresponding forms attached to eachgeometrical shape. The name of each object in educational games forkids kindergarten is pronounced clearly and distinctly by nativespeakers.- Kids learn shapes playing 3 shape games for kids:1) learning toddler shapes of everyday life objects;2) shapes matching games for toddlers to consolidate theirknowledge;3) awesome shape puzzles games that will show your child thatobjects of complex forms for kids often consist of simple toddlershapes lite.- Educational games for kids nursery are very colorful and brightso this is not only learning shapes for toddlers free but alsolearning colors and shapes as well.- The names of all kids shapes and items can be learned in 6languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German.Such a game teaching kids shapes and colors preschool is useful forfuture study of foreign languages.- All our educational games for kids have intuitive interfaceswhich makes it easy to play even for toddler age 2, for toddler age3 and for 4 to 5 year kid, of course.- You can download our shapes games for kids for free. Kids shapesgames free allow to save family budget and get an educational appof high quality.How to play shape sorting games for kids free:- Learn smart baby shapes. The 1st icon of the shapes and colorgames for kids leads the young explorer to a deserted land. Pressthe arrows in the top of the screen to switch between kids shapespreschool and the 3 objects from everyday life representingeach.- Practice knowledge of kids shapes and colors preschool. The 2ndgate of the toddler shape games free brings the adventurer to atropical lake shore. Here learning shapes and colours is improvedby shifting the shape cards into matching cutouts. In educationalgames for children a toddler won't be able to muff a stroke. Whenthe child manages to fit the shape of the kids shape puzzle, thedevice vibrates. Word of appraise is heard to encourage furtherpractice of shapes and colors for toddlers.- Play puzzles to strengthen the knowledge of geometric figures.Upon going through the 3d portal of learning games for kids, theyoung player learn shapes and colors finding himself on a sandybeach, to play an entertaining shape puzzle game. Five riddles arerepresented here to learn colours and shapes for kids. Fir tree,frogling, house, loco train and helicopter will help your babylearn colors and shapes. While learning shapes and colors the kidshould drag variously shaped elements to their places within thepicture. Only after the baby copes with the first block puzzle ofthe learning apps for kids, the next one is available, whichpropels interest to play shapes and colors games for kids furtheron.The children educational apps for free can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- learning games for toddlers age 4;- learning games for toddlers age 5.Shape games for kids free like shape builder and shape puzzles canendow immensely. Our game which is a colors and shapes for kids appfree preschool is full of adventures and fun. Playing shapes andcolor games for kids will enable to understand the shape designconcept and teach to differentiate between basic shapes forchildren, which is also essential for remembering letters andnumbers.
Baby Zoo Piano for Toddlers APK
Baby Zoo Piano for Toddlers is an excellententertaining and educational music game for little kids. Our babypiano is aimed to develop an ear for music, learn animals for kidsand animal voices for kids as well as learn music notes forkids.There are a lot of xylophone games and other musical games for kidswith different music instruments for kids, but our piano forchildren stands out. Here are some reasons for that:- Our piano app for baby presents 3 types of clavier, each having 8colorful baby piano tiles which correspond with certain musicalnotes:1) A classic clavier of kids animal piano with just names of kidspiano tiles and notes.2) The second clavier of kid piano games - an octet of singingcats.3) And the third clavier of kids piano with a mike for singingcontains domestic animals (so called kids animal piano free)introducing animal sounds for babies.So your baby can take different piano lessons for kids within onefun piano for kids and learn to play piano for kids.- Our toddler piano acquaints kids with a number of domesticanimals and also with animal voices for kids. These animalsinclude: a cat, a dog, a donkey, a wolf, a duck, a cow, a goat anda parrot. So a kid not only learns different music instruments suchas my baby piano or baby xylophone but also animals and how they“talk”.- Our children piano contributes greatly to the development of finemotor skills, imagination and memory. Such piano games for babiesdevelop an ear for music as well.- Music for kids: kids piano melodies are included, as well as arecord and play back feature. It means that a baby can create hisor her own melody, record it and play back to show the masterpieceto parents.- Our kids piano games have a very clear and intuitive interface soeven the youngest children will not have the slightest difficultyto understand how to play the children piano game.- You can download all our children educational apps for free.Toddler piano free will save family budget and provide valuableeducation of high quality for a baby.Piano for baby, one of our children learning free apps, can berecommended as:- learning apps for toddlers ages 1 to 2;- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid;- learning games for kids 5 years of age.How to play piano for babies:1) Start the kid piano and choose one of 3 bubbles (behind whichmini educational games for kids nursery hide) on the main screenleading to 3 different claviers.2) Upon going through the pink bubble, a child will see aneight-keyed piano in rainbow colors. The ordinary tones of our babyentertainer produced by each key are clear and distinct, rangingfrom Do to Do. The names of notes are indicated above the keyboardof educational games for kids kindergarten to know how they arespelled. The mid-day blue sky and a tree branch with a couple offlying bees as the background, there and everywhere create anengaging atmosphere like in any other our learning games forkindergarteners.3) The green bubble will bring a kid to a fence with a bunch ofcats. To play xylophone and piano for kids, touch one bottom plankfor the cat to jump and go meow. The kitties of the baby pianogames are distinguished not only by tonality; each cat of pianogames for kids for free has its own emotions, body type and coatpattern.4) The instrument behind the yellow bubble of the educational appsfor toddlers is topped with a range of animals. Swiping across therow of keys of baby games piano will deliver a cacophony ofdiscordant animal voices, which can however be harmonized byturning on the demo melody.Piano games free for kids are suitable for both boys and girls. Theeducational apps for kids kindergarten combines entertainment andeducation components, allowing a child to learn basics of themusical art in a playful manner while playing music games free onpiano for kids.
Connect the Dots for Kids Game APK
'Connect the Dots for Kids Game’ is one of ourentertaining educational games for kids of early preschool age.Playing the connect the dots game your child will take a wonderfulflight of imagination.Main features of the join the dots game:- Playing the connect dots game your baby will find 20 colorfulpictures. To compose each picture the young player should join thedots (which are in the shape of stars) in the right order bynumbers. That means that the kid has to match dots from 1 to 2,then from 2 to 3 and so on. What objects your child will meet whileplaying dot to dot games for kids for free: a butterfly, a bicycle,a giraffe, a doll, a car, an ice-cream cone, a football ball, adonut, an airplane, a flower, a puppy, an apple, a muffin, acroissant, аn orange (fruit games for kids), a helicopter, aguitar. There are also three first letters in the connect the dotsalphabet - A, B and C.- There are different difficulty levels in these educational gamesfor kids kindergarten, which differ in the quantity of the dots toconnect. In the beginning the learning games for kids offer simpleobjects consisting of 6-7 dots. Further on, kids connect the dotsfree in the amount up to 17 in order to get more complicatedimages.- The connecting dots game is available in 5 languages: English,Russian, French, Spanish and German. It means that your child canlearn words in foreign languages, as well as begin to learn abc -the first three letters. All the names of the objects displayed onthe screen of child learning educational apps are pronounced by anative speaker. The pronunciation is clear and distinct which makeslearning abc and learning words for toddler flashcards easy.Playing such dots joining games for kids allows to broaden thekid’s vocabulary and will be of use for those who plan to play abclearning games for kids preschool and study languages atschool.- Like in any good educational apps for toddlers there are funnysounds and vibrations accompanying the learning games forkindergarten. Such a dots game joining the dots for kids will causegreat amusement to your child and keep from getting bored. Ifnecessary, parents can disable both sounds and vibration of thetoddler learning games in the parent’s cabinet. Rich, bright colorsin every picture of this educational toddler games make theeducational process interesting and exciting.- We do our best to make all our kids educational game free forkindergarten clear and intuitive. So, connect the dots games forfree have very simple and user-friendly interface which allowsyoung children to play it by themselves. It’s important because itdevelops the child’s independence.- You can download all our children educational apps for free, andthese baby puzzles as well. Free connect the dots puzzle help savea family’s budget and get educational apps for kids of highquality.Our game connect the dots with numbers can be recommended as:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning apps for toddlers ages 2 to 3;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- free learning games for kids 3 to 4 years old;- kids learning games free for a 4 year old;- learning games for 5 year olds.How to play our connect the dots drawing:- At the beginning of the children puzzles free choose the languageof the game from the list given on the left. To start the gametouch the big star-shaped 'Play' button on the right.- On the screen your child will see a starry night sky. The starswill be scattered all over the sky in a certain order, each starbearing a number. Your toddler has to connect them one by one inthe correct order. As you start the toddler puzzle games free for 3year olds, the first star is always highlighted to help the childget his or her direction.- If the child's choice of the next dot is wrong, the line won't bedrawn in the puzzles for kids under 5. After the full contour ofconnect the dots animals is ready, the kid will be showed abeautiful picture.
Kids baby phone with animals APK
BabyPhone is one of our educational games fortoddlers which contributes greatly to kids entertainment for hoursand help babies learn numbers, animals and improve memory andattentiveness.Featuring a toy phone for kids with a lively and colorfulinterface, this phone game will help your kids learning animals,animal sounds and numbers for toddlers free - tailored to theirinterests and mood!Baby phone games for babies with numbers are carefully made toprovoke interest and positive emotions while children play thegame, also trigger their brains to think and learn to make adifference between the 0-9 numbers, animals and sounds.Killer features of our baby phone app free:• Playing this baby first play phone your kid can explore differentanimals and hear the sounds that they produce. A child can checkthe appearance of animals by funny pictures with their images andhear animal voice.• There is an ability to pretend phone calls for kids - the mostinteresting and exciting part of the game when your baby calls acertain animal and it answers! In the phone book of our babytelephone your kid will find such animals as a horse, a goat, adog, a cat , a chicken, a goose, a rooster, a mouse, a cow, a pigand a sheep.• Learning numbers for preschoolers: 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9.• Like in many musical games for kids there are catchy songs, musicand rhymes in our kids phone for free. Your baby will lovethem.• Our kid phone will provide at least 20 minutes of distraction foryour toddler while he or she play phone for kids call.• BabyPhone stands out among other childrens games free and babyanimal games as a really simple, fun and interactive game.Thanks to animal learning games like BabyPhone, your child will getto know a lot of animals and will be able to call them! Our game isautomatically programmed to send text messages and calls to yourphone so that your kid can answer them and hear animal sounds forkids learning free. A monkey, an elephant, a pig, a baby tiger, apenguin, a frog and a chicken are only some of the animals whosesounds will never fail to amaze toddlers.The creation of our educational games for kids BabyPhone involved ateam of child psychologists, pedagogues and developers all focusedto create a game that will not only help mothers entertain theirchildren, but provide valuable lessons to learn animals and numberswith fun.BabyPhone can be played for free in many languages includingEnglish, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian,Chinese, Dutch, Israeli, Indonesian, Arab, Japanese, Polish,Turkish And Vietnamese