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Power up the energy grid! Solve relaxing puzzles to build the cityof light

App Information Laser Overload 2: Power Joy

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    Laser Overload 2: Power Joy
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Package Inc - Cargo Simulator APK
Simulate a Cargo Delivery & Distribution System
Traffix: Traffic Simulator APK
Control the traffic flow. Decide when the cars can pass and avoidcrashes
Square Paint 1.5.3 APK
■ Square it! is meant to be the best contemporaneous stress-reliefgame. With a pure, relaxing gameplay and a smart combination ofcolour schemes and sound, it applies a simple but genius idea -fill the area with squares, without leaving empty spaces. Easy?Might be harder at first but as your brain starts developing astrategy to solve puzzles, this challenging game will become veryrelaxing and strangely fun. Users who have played Square it!describe it as an addicting zen game, but perfect to train mindfocus and concentration. No tension or pressure. Square it all, Mr.Square! FAQ How to Play ■ Square it? Drag your finger to all 4directions (upwards, downwards, to the left and to the right). Seehow the square reacts and fill the area without leaving blankspaces. When you are done, a check mark will show up - you may nowshare your abstract design (or maybe not so abstract) to any socialnetwork. If you think you did something wrong, click on the restartbutton in the bottom and Square it all again. Further levels mighthave not one but 2 squares (note that both will move at the sametime). We have also introduced a special teleportation - you canjump your square to another location on the gamefield. How manylevels are there? Infinite, why not? How to save my game progress?Make sure you connect the app with Google Play Games on the bottompanel. Press anywhere outside the gamefield and then click on theGame Controller icon on the right. You will be prompted a screen toconnect with Google Play Games. This way your progress won't belost. If you face further issues reach us by e-mail. Do I need topay anything to play this game? No. It is 100% free. You can pay usa small fee (the price of a coffee) though, to remove ads from yourgame. ■ Square it! and let us know your feedback on this game. Wegreatly appreciate your thoughtful comments. Concept, development,design and copyrights: Oskar Kuligowski
⚫ Infinity Orbit 1.2 APK
Simple but Addictive, fast-paced arcade game! Tap on screen to jumpon higher orbits. Avoid obstacles, catch powerups and don't let thegravity pull you in.
Equilibrium: Light Circle 1.43 APK
Features: Calm game: Space games aren’t very relaxing, butEquilibrium is as calm as taking vacations on the moon. Itsuniversal rules and minimalist design will let your ideas flow andyou will think faster than a meteor! Universal odyssey: Get intoorbit to save the Earth from oblivion! You must alight the auroraand extinguish the dark nebula to circle the planet with light andsolve the enigma. Then you can return home! King of space games:Going from Mars to Jupiter, Equilibrium is a dystopian odysseywhere you need to be bright as a comet and fast as a meteor. Youare the alien: Alien adventure mode across 200 levels and 20immersive galaxies. Once you master it, you cannot stop playing.Return home: Usually the sci-fi stories are about space missions,Jupiter ascensions or alien attacks. Equilibrium is all aboutalight mystic shapes and create symmetries as fast as you can! Freeto play: Equilibrium is available in every planet and is 100% free!Draw minimalist lines to reflect the shapes and alight thesymmetry! Equilibrium: Light Circle is the drawing game where youneed to create a light flow by reflecting the aurora with a singleline. Fast as a comet and furious as a meteor, you will get intoorbit – from Mars to Jupiter – until you illuminate the wholeuniverse and return home. Can you save the planet from a darknebula? Symmetry after symmetry, Equilibrium is different from allthe other space games. This calm drawing game merges the universaland simple features of the relaxing brain-teasers with a spaceenigma. Its minimalist design and mesmerizing soundtrack willconquer your attention! There is a colossal dark nebula coveringthe planet Earth and the absence of light is destroying theuniverse. All you need to do is draw a light circle around theplanet, illuminate the universe and return home fast! Have you wentto the moon? Did you visit Mars or Jupiter? Accept the challengeand solve the enigma! Equilibrium: Light Circle is your chance toflow free into orbit and discover the mysteries of the universe.Even astronauts will be jealous of this universal odyssey! Startdrawing as fast as a comet, create calming symmetries andilluminate the aurora. Circle by circle, you need to keep calm andalight the nebula causing this dark equinox. Bright as the moon,each symmetry will provide more and more light to the universe,helping you to return home. Are you ready to this space adventure?Let the enigma begin! Free of the space games clichés, Equilibrium:Light Circle is the fusion between a minimalist flow free game anda space mission. On this calm game you don’t need to think fast norhave special training to get into orbit across Mars, Jupiter or themoon. Safe from any meteor or comet, feel free to illuminate theaurora anywhere, anytime with anyone from your circle! Based onuniversal rules, the equinox game stands out from other space gamesthat talk about Mars, a meteor or an alien. Reminiscent of the flowfree games, Equilibrium creates the perfect balance between a moonadventure and a minimalist brain enigma. Perfect to relax, you canplay it on the bus, during your lunch break or at home. Just alightthe aurora and illuminate the dark nebula! Ready to ride a comet onthe most relaxing of space games? When you are into orbit, youbecome the alien!
What, The Fox APK
Not another adventure game
Zen Squares: Flat Rubik's Cube APK
Connect the squares by color in a Rubik's Cube inspired puzzle.
Energy: Anti Stress Loops APK
Features: Simple gameplay: Just tap the lines to rotate and createconnected loops. The wires will shine when at least one bolt and alamp are connected through a line. Relaxing: People with OCD issuesmention this game as a great way to get better. Energy gameplay isvery calm – “just tap the line” – and a couple of levels per dayare enough to fight OCD and anxiety issues. It’s like practicingyoga with your smartphone. Smart brain-teasers: Energy featuresendless minimalist brain-teasers that will boost your logic skills,relax your soul and improve your concentration. It will make youbright! Classic game: Highly compared with other logic games due toits simplicity, Energy is very satisfying and will illuminate thecreative side of your brain. Play everywhere: You will take lessthan 20 seconds to illuminate a circuit. That’s perfect to play onthe bus or while you wait for your flight at the airport. Startplaying and relax wherever you are! Recharge your battery: If yourbody battery is very low, Energy is the best way to recharge it.Wherever you are at the airport, on the train, or on the bus, boostyour concentration and make your brain shine with the brain-teasersreminiscent of Infinity Loop. Better than a yoga session, Energywill relax your soul! Play the king of logic games now! If yourbody battery is fading, Energy is the perfect boost to recharge it!Featuring a minimalist style, a transmission circuit, and smartbrain-teasers, this bright game will help you to calm your anxietyand get your concentration in line! Energy is reminiscent of theclassic Loop by its simplicity and satisfaction provided. You justneed to tap the wire to rotate it and manage to connect all thelines. Make sure the transmission includes at least a lamp circle,a wire, and a lightning bolt circle to illuminate the lightcircuit. The wire loops will shine when everything is connected!Part of the famous Infinity Loop franchise, this calm, minimalist,and smart game will help you dealing with anxiety and OCD. Insteadof closing endless loops, you must tap to connect every wire to thelamp and create a closed light transmission. Once you tap the firstline, you will boost your concentration and reduce any symptoms ofanxiety or OCD. Try to illuminate the circuit as many times as youcan and recharge your soul with positive ideas. In calmbrain-teasers like this, you don’t need to be super smart or fastas a lightning bolt to succeed. Creating a functional light circleusing every wire, bolt, and lamp is more important than deliveringa bright performance. ENERGY environment is satisfying andminimalist, featuring a calm soundtrack and endless light loops.The positive energy provided by this game will recharge yoursmartphone battery or make your brain shine like a star. If you arelooking for a minimalist tap game to boost your concentration,ENERGY is the right choice. Like other easy-to-learn logic games,this smart game features endless brain-teasers and its structureworks as a circle: since you can’t finish it, your progress is likean endless circle. Perfect to play while you are in a waiting lineor at the airport. Working as a concentration boost and a great wayof fighting anxiety and OCD issues, Energy is also a fun way ofimproving creativity while you relax your soul. By connecting everywire, lamp, and bolt, you will illuminate the transmission andcreate bright light shapes. You become an archaeologist: once youcomplete the circuit, the loops will shine and you discover thehidden figure. We associate ENERGY with yoga because this game isan excellent way to purify your mind and soul When you complete adozen levels, your heart rate slows down. Just like in a yogaexercise. Note: This game is also available on Android Wear andAndroid Watches. And it's very fun as well!