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IT’S AN EVOLUTION REVOLUTION! 🐟 🦖🐒 Dive into the primordial soupand get eating in this beautiful and entertaining survivalsimulator where your goal is to climb the food chain one organismat a time. Start the game as a small fish in a vast ocean and chompyour way through eons of history on the long rocky road 🐾 tocivilization. There are plenty more fish in the sea, and some ofthem are a whole lot bigger than you, so while you’re chowing downon your prey, just make sure you don’t end up as somebody else’s 🦕dinner. Only the fittest will survive, so activate your animalintuition, engage your reptile brain, get in touch with your innercaveman 🗿 and watch your back in this Darwinian adventure gamethat’s red in tooth and claw but provides hours of relaxingevolutionary fun. 🍖 SOMETHING TO CHEW ON… 🦴 ★ The evolution’s here:progress through entire geological ages in the vast Paleozoicocean, growing from a tiny little primitive sprat into a mightypredatory shark, turning turtle, really coming out of your shell,and emerging on dry land as a beautiful lizard. ★ Master survivalin a new environment and you’ll soon be going the way of thedinosaurs, before you move up another class to go nuts as asquirrel, take on the mammoth task of being a mammoth, and pass thetest to see if you’re a good, average, or truly great ape. ★Feeling a little more human at last? You’re not quite finished withevolution just yet, work through your neanderthal attitudes, takeout your caveman aggression as a hunter, and finally finish thegame by settling down to a little farming as the paragon of animalsand the undisputed chamption of the food chain. ★ Eleven stages ofevolution with a total of 81 levels in the game, each with a newtwist on the satisfying core gameplay. ★ Complete levels with highscores to unlock exotic evolutionary missteps including mermaids, 🦄unicorns, and dragons for even more foraging fun. ★ Simple butstylish graphics with beautiful creature designs and stunninglyvaried landscapes that bring to life the different ages of thehistory of the planet right there on your screen. ⏳ PLUMB THEMYSTERY OF PRE-HISTORY ⌛ Want to see the origin of species inaction? Not sure that you’re fully evolved? This fun casualsimulator will let you stake your rightful place at the top of theevolutionary ladder and have a whale of a time while doing so.Download Hyper Evolution, the survival game that brings biologylessons to life in a colorful and satisfying simulator experience,and get yourself evolving right now.

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    Hyper Evolution
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    December 23, 2021
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    SayGames Ltd
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    8010, Cyprus, Paphos, Tepeleniou 13, Tepelenio Court, 2nd floor
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