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Awesome and simple way to replace yourboringqwerty keyboard with a brand new gold keyboard for Android™!GoldSMS Keyboard will bring you a whole new level of chattingandtexting! It's a perfect free app for you! Accessorize yourmobilephone with an amazing luxury color keyboard, and with avariety ofkeyboard themes you'll refresh your old keyboard and sendsmsmessages with style! Download this amazing best of apps forgirlsand customize keyboards for free! Play a little more andchooseamong different keyboard languages, French keyboard,Germankeyboard, Spanish keyboard and Italian keyboard! Your textingandchatting will be so much interesting! Try it now!

This amazing best of apps for girls is very easy to use:

1. Click on the button to enable the keyboard and then checkthebox-field next to 'Gold SMS Keyboard'
2. Return to the application, then select 'set the keyboardtodefault' button and select 'Gold SMS Keyboard'
3. Now, you can customize keyboards (select keyboardthemes,keyboard languages - French keyboard, Italian keyboard,Germankeyboard and Spanish keyboard - and choose words fornumbers)
4. Check key feedback options ( vibration, sounds, preview ).

Download this awesome free app and get your own newbeautiful,luxury and shiny gold keyboard! With this best of appsfor girlswith amazing keyboard themes, in just a few clicks youwill have anew qwerty keyboard, color keyboard that will give yourchatting anew dimension! Texting has never been this fun! Send smslike a proand with style!

Download this awesome Gold SMS Keyboard and replace yourboringplain keyboard! Get a new qwerty keyboard for Android™ andchoose anew gold keyboard just for yourself among differentbeautifulkeyboard themes! Awesome, best of apps for girls! Apply itnow,because it's easy and free!

Get a little crazy and choose among other qwerty keyboards-French keyboard, Italian keyboard, German keyboard andSpanishkeyboard – customize keyboards and start texting andchatting inother languages. Send sms to your friends and make themlaugh! Youneed just a few clicks and you'll have your own goldkeyboard,luxury color keyboard that will put a smile on your face!Enjoyyour own messages, because symbols and letters will definitelylookmuch better when typed on a awesome gold keyboard!

Stop using your old plain keyboard now, and get a newtextingexperience! Customize keyboards for free, use this amazingqwertykeyboard application Android™ and enjoy every tap with yournewcolor keyboard! Download this best of apps for girls now!It'sperfect and it's free!

If you are searching for texting inspiration, search nomore!Download this awesome application, choose your color keyboardamonga variety of keyboard themes and send sms messages easily andwithtons of fun! Best of apps for girls, amazing gold keyboardforchatting with style and luxury!

Gold SMS Keyboard is awesome and surely perfect app foryou!Customize keyboards, send sms messages using unique andluxuryqwerty keyboard and start texting and chatting like crazy!Enjoyevery tap with your new gold keyboard!

App Information Gold SMS Keyboard

  • App Name
    Gold SMS Keyboard
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 28, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Monte Prestigio Inc
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Change Voice - Cartoon Sounds 1.7 APK
Don't you just love those little minions?Aren't they adorable? Or maybe you prefer the smurfs? Well,whichever you prefer, you can make your voice as funny and as cuteas theirs by using this awesome voice changer app! But the fundoesn't stop there! Make anything you say funny by adding dozens ofsound effects to your voice! There is a variety of funny cartoonsounds to modify your voice!Download this free app and change your voice with cartoon soundeffects!Create funny ringtones for your mobile phone with this voicechanger!Share and send funny sounds and funny voices with your friends andfamily!Record your voice, instantly apply cartoon sound effects and have awhole lotta fun with this awesome voice changer! With this free appfor voice editing you can modify your voice by applying hilarioussound effects to your voice recordings which you can then sharewith your friends on social networks or send them via email or anyof the chat apps or instant messengers. Also, you can save yourfunny voice recordings and set them as free ringtones,notifications or alarm sounds.The features of this cool app are the following:Talking effectsInstant play of the modified voiceRecord sound, save, listen and shareSet as ringtonesSet as notificationsThe sound library has the following free sound effects: you, baby,creature, fantasy, freaky, funny, game, Halloween, jungle, kids,minions, mouse, sheep, smurf, snail.Change Voice – Cartoon Sounds is quite simple to use. At the touchof a button you can apply one of many free cartoon sound effects tocustomize your voice recordings. Use a built-in voice recorder torecord yourself, or use one of the already existing recordings inyour mobile phone, apply funny sounds, listen to the new recordingand save your modified voice. This free app lets you manipulatevoice recordings on your mobile phone by choosing funny soundeffects from the library, which after saving you can set as smsringtones, call ringtones, notifications or alarm sounds. Ordisguise your voice and send funny voice messages to your friendsand family via email, instant messaging apps or chat apps or sharethem on social networks.Change Voice – Cartoon Sounds is the best of free apps for havingsome fun with you voice!In one app, you get a voice recorder and avoice changer with free cartoon sound effects for everybody.Combine more sound effects and change your voice in dozens of ways.Make your voice sound as if you were in the jungle or combine morecartoon sound effects at once and talk like one of the funnyminions or maybe even a baby smurf.Tell funny jokes and make them even funnier by adding your favoritecartoon voices and sound effects! Entertain yourself and yourfriends, family and kids by making all sorts of crazy cartoonsounds! Tell a story in a voice of a little mouse or pretend to bea fantasy creature telling a fairy tale! Scare people using freakyHalloween effects to make you sound spooky! The possibilities areendless! Enjoy exploring the sound library and changing your voiceeveryday just for fun and a good laugh!Download this free app and enjoy creating funny sounds with thesound effects of this sound editor! Get creative with this voicerecorder and voice changer by making cool free ringtones for yourphone and funny notification sounds! Make sure your friends hearyour new voice and make them laugh by sending them your voiceovers!
Change Your Voice-Gold Changer 1.7 APK
The program is overall very simple and canalso be fun to play around with. In addition to using it with audiorecorders, it is also possible to create a fake voice . Availablevoice and sounds effects: normal, balloon, sulfur, it, wasp,tunnel, drunk, ventilator, children, liturgy, cartoon, horror,scary, comics, caveman, phone, cipi-ripi, fast, kilimanjaro,protest, cemetery, brainy smurf, undersea, police and robocop.Voice changing include mimic voice, change voices in songs for kidsand children. Interesting audio application which can play prankcalls online on your friends. Have fun changing your voice dozensof different ways. Select from many voices from list and chooseyour favourite effects. Audio files can be set as ringtones. Applyecho effect and sound like you are speaking from a well. Liketalking games and apps this Voice Changer – Gold Edition will makeyou laugh.Voice changer and sound effects is a voice changing program formobile phones that lets you create chains of effects to manipulaterecorded vocals or apply to your voice in real time. Voice changer– gold edition and voice record is a professional voice changer andrecorder with more than 30 tones and modifications. It allows youto record voice memos and on-site sounds at unlimited length withconfigurable quality. Change voices for voiceovers and other audioprojects, or create voices for online video games and avatars. Thistool also includes two nice and useful effects – it can reduce oradd echo to your voice, or apply a robot effect, changing the voiceaccording to your preferences. All sounds can be set as ringtonesor assign to contacts. Also, all sounds in the app can be set asSMS ringtones or alarm and timer sounds. Modify, change anddisguise your voice in any application or game that uses amicrophone to add another dimension of creativity. You can easilyfool your friends by talking to them with a different voice everyday. From girl to alien, the voice changing options are limitless.Voice disguiser for anonymity over the radio or internet. Changevoices for voiceovers and other audio projects. Set your record toringtone. Ringtone maker wit sense of humor. Create funnyringtones. Choose from our list of preset vocal effects orcustomize your voice changing experience by combining and stackingeffects such as pitch and echo to create your own unique voiceeffect. Voice recorder allows you to create an audio recordingdirectly using your mobile phone. The recording is produced locallyon your android device. With high-quality voice morphing andultra-quiet background suppression, this voice changer willtransform your voice online. You can use instant messaging orpraks. Funny sounds and messages. Audio app for all also alterrecordings and audio sound effects.Features:Many voices to choose and funny voice effects
Ambient sounds
Change speech speed
Instant play of the modified voiceRecord sound, save, listen and shareFunny voice changerSet as ringtonesFunny ringtone freeSet your voice as notificationPrank recordsChange your voice and sounds and have fun listening to your newmodified voice. Download Voice Changer Gold and your sound effectsfree!
Video Maker with Voice Changer 1.4 APK
Change your voice and apply funny soundeffects, then add funny sounds to your photos and start a newadventure with this cool best of free apps! Such an easy way to puta smile on your face and have a whole lotta fun with your friendsand family! Play with your voice and photos with this amazing VoiceChanger with Video Maker for free! Modify your voice, combine yourphotos and make cool and funny video clips with this amazing videoeditor. Everyone will just love it!Download this best of free apps and enjoy adding funny soundeffects and making funny video clips!Save your recordings and share them with your friends on socialnetworks, via e-mail or any other instant messenger or chatapps!Have tons of fun with this powerful, but easy to use voice changer,video editor and video maker in one!☺ Great video editor with hilarious sound effects! ☺Voice Changer with Video Maker is perfect for everybody! With avariety of different funny sound effects for your voice, or manyamazing backgrounds and stickers for your photos, this best of freeapps gives you plenty of possibilities to have a good laugh andnever get bored! Play with your voice, customize photos, make funnysounds and apply them in just a few clicks!Download this amazing video maker, make funny video clips and sharethem with everyone on social networks, via e-mail or any otherinstant messenger or chat apps!With this amazing voice changer, video editor and video maker youget quick and instant fun. Perfect free video editor for everyone!Apply funny sound effects at a single click, record funny soundsand make funny video clips easily. Download this best of free appsand the fun is guaranteed! Share your recordings with friends andfamily on social networks, via e-mail or any other instantmessenger or chat apps!Voice Changer with Video Maker is suitable both for kids and foradults! With such easy options it is quite simple to use. Justclick on a microphone and record an audio which can last max sixtyseconds. Record your voice, tell a funny message or hilarious jokeand then apply one of many funny sound effects from the soundlibrary. The next step is selecting an image, or several images andmake your own cool collage.Then you get to choose among variousbackgrounds and stickers for your new creation which will make iteven more interesting. Click next and you're done! Save your funnyvideo clip and share it with everyone on social networks, viae-mail or any other instant messenger or chat apps!Download this amazing voice changer and video editor, make funnysounds and funny video clips and put a smile on your face!Entertain yourself and everyone around you with this best of freeapps, Voice Changer with Video Maker! Change your voice, add funnysound effects and make funny sounds to apply to your photos like apro!This amazing video maker and video editor is easy to use and free!Isn't it just perfect! Customize your photos, add differentbackgrounds and stickers, record you voice and change your voice byadding one of many funny sound effects and then combine your photoand sounds into an amazing, cool and funny video clips! Pull aprank on your friends and share with them funny video clips withtheir photos and funny sounds on social networks, via e-mail or anyother instant messenger or chat apps!Download this best of free apps, voice changer, video editor andvideo maker and enjoy adding funny sound effects and making funnyvideo clips!Here is such an easy way for having fun with your voice, add funnysounds to your photos and make your friends and family laugh!
Video Editor and Voice Changer 1.4 APK
Wanna record crazy, funny sounds, apply themto your photos and make amazing video clips?! Wanna have tons offun and laugh out loud with your friends and family? Video Editor& Voice Changer is one of the best free apps which is a voicechanger, video editor and video maker in one! Amazing and coolphoto editing software, perfect for all genders and ages! With avariety of funny sound effects, you'll have so many possibilitiesfor recording different funny sounds to apply to your photos andmake them even funnier! Make your own video clips and have a wholelotta fun!Download this hilarious video maker and make everyone laugh withyour unique video clips!Save your funny clips and then share them with your friends andfamily on social networks, via e-mail or any other instantmessenger or chat apps!Change and customize your photos and make amazing video clips!Video Editor & Voice Changer is just amazing, best of freeapps! It is a voice changer, video editor and video maker in one!Apply funny sound effects at a single click, record funny soundsand make funny video clips easily. Download this cool video makerand the fun is guaranteed! Share your recordings with friends andfamily on social networks, via e-mail or any other instantmessenger or chat apps!Combine photos and sounds with this cool video maker and videoeditor and have lots of fun! Play with your voice, talk, sing orshout, add some funny sound effects, make funny sounds and thenapply them to your photos. Share your funny video clips with yourfamily or friends on social networks, via e-mail or any otherinstant messenger or chat apps.♫♪♫ Fantastic video maker for tons of fun! ♫♪♫With such easy options, Video Editor & Voice Changer is verysimple to use! Record your voice, tell a funny message or hilariousjoke and then apply one of many funny sound effects from the soundlibrary. Click on a microphone and record an audio which can lastmax sixty seconds. The next step is to choose images you want tocombine. It doesn't have to be only one, you can select severalimages and then make one containing all of those images. VideoEditor & Voice Changer is cool because you can also chooseamong various backgrounds and stickers for your unique creations.Click next and you're done! Save your funny video clips andenjoy!Download this amazing best of free apps, voice changer, videoeditor and video maker in one, and put a smile on your face!This is awesome! In just one app you get a voice changer, videomaker and video editor! Modifying your voice and making funnysounds is now even more amuzing when you get to combine them withyour photos and record funny video clips that will make everyonelaugh a lot! It's perfect app for adults as well as forchildren!This is such an easy way for having fun with your voice, applyfunny sound effects, add funny sounds to your photos and make yourfriends and family laugh!Download this amazing app, pull a prank on someone and send him hisphoto with a voice in the background making him sound like an alienor maybe a squirrel! Entertain yourself and everyone around youwith this best of free apps, Video Editor & Voice Changer!Change your voice, add funny sound effects and make funny sounds toapply to your photos like a pro! Share you funny video clips witheveryone you want on social networks, via e-mail or any otherinstant messenger or chat apps!With this best of free apps and amazing video maker, you cancustomize your photos, add different backgrounds and stickers,record you voice and change your voice by adding one of many funnysound effects and then combine your photo and sounds into anamazing, cool and funny video clips!Download this best of free apps now and have tons of fun makingfunny video clips and sharing them with everyone you know! Enjoythis voice changer, video editor and video maker now!
Change your Voice with Effects 1.7 APK
Have you ever wanted to sound like DarthVader? Or maybe you want to sound like the Devil? Maybe somethingless scary and more cute, like birds or a cat? Here is how tochange your voice easily and have a lot of fun! This free mobileapp, ☺Change Voice with Effects☺, is a “voice recorder” and “voicechanger” which allows you to edit your voice in many different waysusing cool sound effects. Choose funny sounds from its soundlibrary and apply them to a voice recording in order to modify yourvoice. You will be having tons of fun guaranteed!¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.->Customize your voice with soundeffects!<-.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯Download this free app for your mobile and explore the free soundeffects of this audio editor!Modify your voice and create hilarious sounds which you can set asa ringtone or a notification sound and also sdílet whit whomeveryou want!Edit and change your voice by applying crazy “sound effects” to it,then save it and set it as a ringtone, a message notification or analarm alert. You can also share the audio on social networks orsend it to your friends via e-mail or any instant messenger.☺Change Voice with Effects☺voice changer is very simple to use.Record you voice, or use an existing voice recording from yourphone, select a sound effect and instantly apply it by clicking ona button. Play the new voice recording and listen to the funnysounds, save them and set them as cool ringtones or notificationsor share them if you want.The are the features of this cool app:Talking effectsInstant play of the modified voiceRecord sound, save, listen and shareSet as ringtonesSet as notificationsThe sound effects from the sound library are the following: you,mouse, old radio, Vader, wife, cyborg, avatar, cat, dragon, sheep,devil, captain, movie, child, grandfather, sore throat, high sound,girlfriend, dramatic, Halloween, comedy, lost world, atom ant,bird.Get “free ringtones” and “free sms” sounds for your mobile phonewith this sound editing software. It allows you to cool edit thevoices like a pro and laugh with your friends. sdílet the funnysounds with your friends using this voice recorder and fun voiceeditor with many sound effects ranging from sounds of funny animalsto scary sounds.Hearing the crazy-cool sounds you can make with ☺Change Voice withEffects☺ app will make you laugh just as you laugh listening tofunny jokes! This voice recorder and голас змяніць lets you alteryour voice and have fun with it. Make funny ringtones,notifications and alarms with this голас змяніць or sdílet thevoices with sound effects with everybody!The most amazing feature of this app is that you can combine moreeffects at once so you can sound like a cat with a sore throat or adramatic dragon or a cyborg sheep. ☺LOL!☺ The possibilities areendless! Talk or sing, shout or whisper, record yourself and gonuts with the awesome sound effects this ultimate voice changer appoffers. You will find the comical tunes amusing and you will wantto sharet hem with all of your friends!This voice app is an app for kids and an app for adults and you aregoing to have so much fun with the best voice changer without adoubt! Think of it as a tool, free ringtone maker with which youcan make dozens of new ringtones for mobile phone! And then, sharethese latest ringtones with all you friends!This is the best application with lots of cool, crazy and funnysound effects that lets you alter your voice so that you createawesome free ringtones for your cell phone as well as share themwith your friends, make a prank and show them your sense ofhumor!
Ringtone Maker: Voice Changer 1.7 APK
Make your own free ringtones with this amazingfree app! Ringtone Maker: Voice Changer allows you to recordyourself and change your voice as you like by adding some crazyfunny sound effects. Make your voice sound as if you are speakingthrough a megaphone or sound like some cute animals, a squirrel ora cat. With this sound recorder you can modify your voice in manydifferent ways, and have tons of fun!Download the best of free apps for audio editing with free soundeffects and make funny ringtones for you mobile phone!¤¸¸.•´¯`•¸¸.•..>> Change your voice and make cool newringtones! <<..•.¸¸•´¯`•.¸¸¤This cool app is at the same time a voice changer and aringtone maker with the following features:Talking effectsInstant play of the modified voiceRecord sound, save, listen and shareSet as ringtonesSet as notifications☺ The sounds that can be found in the sound library: You, baby,bee, bird, cat, church, clock, echo, repeat, megaphone, sheep,siren, squirrel, thunder, telephone ☺It is very simple to use this voice changer and so easy to makeyourself new free ringtones. Use the built-in voice recorder torecord your voice, select one or more “sound effects” form the listof free sounds and apply it to the voice recording at the touch ofbutton. Play the new recording instantly and listen to the funnysounds you have made. Save your new audio file and then set it as aringtone or as a notification sound. You can even share it onsocial networks or send it to your friends and family via aninstant messenger, a chat app or via email.Combine more than one sound effect and modify your voice to soundlike a baby bird or a sheep talking through a megaphone. Play withyour voice, talk or sing, or shout and make some funny sounds.Share the modified voice with your family or friends, they willfind it amusing for sure and you will all have a good laugh!How cool is it that you can turn your voice into funny ringtonesusing this audio editing software?!Ringtone Maker: Voice Changer is one of the best free apps you candownload to make “free ringtones” for your phone! This awesome appis a voice recorder,a “voice changer”, a sound editor with freesound effects and a “ringtone maker” all at once! You areguaranteed to have so much fun trying out and playing around withmany different funny voices and with modifying your voice in somany ways, with this amazing voice changer software. All audiofiles can be set as call ringtones or sms ringtones.Plus, your friends and family can also have fun! Share with themthe funny sounds you have made with this ringtone maker and sendthen your voice recordings where you sound like a bee or a baby, ora baby bee! LOL! Or apply echo effect and sound like you arespeaking from a well or a cave!This free app is so amazing and it is for everybody! Record yourvoice with this recording software, instantly apply funny soundeffects form the sound library and have some crazy fun with thisamazing voice changer! With this funny sound editor you can umodify your voice by applying free sound effects and make hilarioussounds which you can then share with your friends on socialnetworks or via email or any of the chat apps or instant messagingapps.★·.·´¯`·.·★ Make your own ringtones with free sound effects!★·.·´¯`·.·★
Photo Studio Makeover Effects 1.5 APK
Photo Studio Makeover Effects probably hasmore functions and photo effects than any other free app forAndroid. Photo Effects & Filters for free, try our PhotoEffects editing feature now. Photo Editor lets you apply photoeffects, edit photos and create photo collages with collage maker.Online Photo editing and creating collages. Photo effects forimages. Many effects available, very easy to use. Free photo editorhas a wide selection of free photo editing options with a plenty of"photo effects", amazing photo filters, and cool photo frames.Selfie Cam with Frames, Filters & Effects. Add frames andborders to your photos, create funny photo montages, "face in hole"pictures and greeting photo. Editing your photos is easy with PhotoStudio Makeover Effects. Add filters, frames, text, and effectswith our free online photo editing tool. In this simple editor, youhave access to dozens of effects and editing tools, includingfilters, sharpen, and exposure, among others. Where this app reallyshines is how much you can edit. With this you can literally addunlimited affects to your photos so you can make them look howeveryou want. It comes with over 500 frames for your photos if youenjoy frames. It also comes with a myriad of backgrounds, photofilters, collage features, and even the popular picture montage.It’s a fairly solid app overall although it won’t have that appealfor fans of Instagram-style filters as it will for people who wantjust a good looking photo.Experiment with hairstyles, makeup, sunglasses and color contacts.Photo retouching app and Photo Booth. Look like a model in yourselfies! Who needs Photoshop when you can enhance photos directlyon your smartphone. Have a blast browsing our treasure chest ofmakeup templates designed by our in-house team of beauty expertswho love makeup as much as you do (seriously, they really lovemakeup). Looks range from dewy and natural, to sun kissed andglowing, to vivid and head-turning, to red carpet classy. Enhancephotos by applying photo filters, photo frames, textures, flaresand other photo effects. Edit your photos online on Photo StudioMakeover Effects: resize, filters, sepia, crop, rotate and flip,online photo editing, photo editing, photo tool, image editor withpic decorator.
Girl Pic Collages Photo Maker 1.5 APK
40 photo grid layouts and edit photos fromyour photo album. This mobile app include picture editor andcollage maker for girls.Girly frames, photo effects, filters stickers and a lot of excitingfor user.Looking for some pic collage maker that will let you add filtersand photo frames to your selfie, BFF pictures or photos with yourboyfriend to create beautiful collages, Girl Pic Collages PhotoMaker is the right app for you! Get this magic photo editor freeright away, and these lovely picture frames, photo effects andother editing tools will turn you into a real photographer! Let thephoto fun begin with Girl Pic Collages Photo Maker, free “photoediting” app! With this amazing pic “collage maker” you can choosea photo frame, montage photo, and make a “photo collage” as youwish! Take a selfie, or lots of them, and with this epic mosaicmaker turn them into collage foto that will be your new profilepicture! Download this posibility write on pictures app free - yourown “photo studio” where you can take beauty pics and funny imagesof yourself and then decorate them with arty photo filter effects!If you are a fan of high-quality free picture editing software, youwill become best friends with our photo application free. Text onpics all different ways totally free in one of our best free apps!Or frame your BFF funny photos and create the most beautifulphotocard for girls! Apply some of the effects, such as black &white, retro, pop art, and much more “photo effects”. It's likeyour personal mobile photo booth! Thanks for using app picturecollage creator! Stay tuned and wait for new updates with lots ofphotobooth stickers, more background colors, insta frames andpicture frame patterns! You can also expect to get lots of cutestamps and the possibility to take beautiful pictures with beautycamera, edit pictures with pic stitch, as well as to write text onpics from your cam album or phone gallery, and make an epiccoollage!The "Mosaic" style collage automatically creates a mosaic with yourphotos.  You can change it by removing a photo or rotating orswitching out the placement of the photos but you can't adjustthe photo's size.  I prefer picture pile because I have morecontrol over the layout of my collage, but I do likethe composition of the mosaic and sometimes it's just the lookI am going for. Free and Funny Ecard: Women, your Beauty Makeup andFunny Ecard send your own custom design. Send to your friendcharming animated greeting cards for birthdays and specialoccasions with your own creation. A beautiful red rose for yourloved ones to wish them a great day. Begin with this amazingdecopic application! Create the most amazing photocard for girlsand tell your friends how much you love them! Or edit your selfieand get the most beautiful profile picture!Free download Cute Girl Pic Collages Photo Maker and you'll get agreat number of layouts for grids, wallpapers, albums and collages!Get this free app and start creating your own pics art gallery!Already tried all of the photo frames in which you can put only onepic? With this picture collage maker you can choose up to 9 pics toedit and share with your friends via social networks! Add somephoto collages pic frame and you'll get the most beautiful imagesfor your personal collection! Apply some of the effects, such asblack & white, retro, pop art, and much more photoeffects.