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A phone call - to get out the entire humanartifact rescue Summary
Me and my little friends are shocked!

Recording custom voice calls support!
Ten international language support (English Traditional English)continued to add more languages ​​in the ongoing
100% native interface sound effects!

You can send or receive a fake SMS.
On the Android Market most professional, most beautiful fake phoneapplication!
Simulate a fake phone call or text message, an embarrassingsituation, in order to save themselves in a boring meeting,conversation annoying, pointless interview ...
Phone Assistant is completely free and will not charge you anyfees.
Key: A study tour U me, FateCall
- Custom call (or SMS)'s name, photograph, setting a new fake phonenumbers, voice and tone;
- Schedule multiple fake phone (or SMS);
- Customize and manage different sounds and each fake phone (orSMS) ringtones;
- False call quickly set;
- Choose from your address book fake call (or SMS);
- Shows the true call (or SMS) record;
- Custom ringtones and vibration
- Your friends, messages from Gmail and Twitter sharing;
- 10 different SMS Android system icons to choose from;
- 10 different Android system calls the page to choose from;

App Information Fake Call And Message

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    Fake Call And Message
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    January 4, 2014
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
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Fake Call And Message 0.2.1 APK
A phone call - to get out the entire humanartifact rescue SummaryMe and my little friends are shocked!Recording custom voice calls support!Ten international language support (English Traditional English)continued to add more languages ​​in the ongoing100% native interface sound effects!You can send or receive a fake SMS.On the Android Market most professional, most beautiful fake phoneapplication!Simulate a fake phone call or text message, an embarrassingsituation, in order to save themselves in a boring meeting,conversation annoying, pointless interview ...Phone Assistant is completely free and will not charge you anyfees.Key: A study tour U me, FateCallFeatures:- Custom call (or SMS)'s name, photograph, setting a new fake phonenumbers, voice and tone;- Schedule multiple fake phone (or SMS);- Customize and manage different sounds and each fake phone (orSMS) ringtones;- False call quickly set;- Choose from your address book fake call (or SMS);- Shows the true call (or SMS) record;- Custom ringtones and vibration- Your friends, messages from Gmail and Twitter sharing;- 10 different SMS Android system icons to choose from;- 10 different Android system calls the page to choose from;
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