8.0.0 / Jun 6, 2023
(4.1286683/5) (11563712)


Updated license data for the 22-23 season.

App Information eFootball™ 2023

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    eFootball™ 2023
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    Jun 6, 2023
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    Android 7.0
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eFootball™ 2023 Version History

Select eFootball™ 2023 Version :
  • 8.0.0 (308000001) - Latest Version
  • 7.6.0 (307060001)
  • 7.5.1 (307050101)
  • 7.5.0 (307050001)
  • 7.4.2 (307040201)
  • 7.4.1 (307040101)
  • 7.4.0 (307040001)
  • 7.3.2 (307030201)
  • 7.3.0 (307030001)
  • 5.7.0 (305070001)
  • 1.0.1 (301000101)

How to Install the OBB File (APK Expansion File)

  1. Firstly, Download APK file of the app eFootball™ 2023 8.0.0 for Android.
  2. Copy the APK file to your Android device's SD card and Install it. (Don't open it after installation)
  3. Download Obb files and copy the *.obb file named 'main.308000001.jp.konami.pesam.obb, patch.308000001.jp.konami.pesam.obb' into the required location:
  4. The full/absolute path of the obb file should look like as the following (Case-sensitive):

    If there is no such location, you need to create the path or folder manually on your SD card.

KONAMI Show More...

The "PES" soccer simulation game has beenplayed by more than 23 million users around the globe.After a major update, the game's cover now features the prestigiousGerman club, BORUSSIA DORTMUND. In addition, the renewal of theentire training mode allows you to enjoy an in-depth playertraining experience.Official players and teams have also been updated to the latest2016/17 winter season.Match commentary is available in 9 different languages (English,Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, etc.) so you can enjoy thistop-quality free-to-play soccer simulation game anytime,anywhere.Test your management skills as the team's manager, owner, andscout. Challenge rival managers around the globe in every aspect ofsoccer![PES Console Game Engine on Mobile Devices]Enjoy playing realistic soccer matches with high-quality 3Dgraphics and analyzing tactics in realtime on an animated 2Dscreen.[Licenses Around the Globe]Official licenses for popular European and Southern Americanteams/leagues are included, with more than 5,000 authenticplayers.[Soccer Simulation Enjoyable for Core Strategists (Basic GameplayAll Free)]Simple controls allow you to easily set tactics during matches. Thetide of matches will change based on your management skill.Experience gripping matches in which you are in totalcontrol.[Try out your Soccer Theory in Player Training Mode]Train players however you want by assigning them to a qualitytrainer and the training venue of your choice. You can competeagainst rivals around the world with the team built under your teamconcept.[User-Driven League]No need to log in at a fixed time. Play each season at your ownpace.[Play the Global Standard of Soccer Games for Free]Winning matches with your own tactics/skills is more satisfying.Win League/Cup rewards to build your team. Bid for players on themarket at the lowest price.We recommend PES CLUB MANAGER if you:・For those who want to construct a great stadium that will beiconic to the club's fans, just like how Borussia Dortmunddid.・Possess a soccer philosophy like FC BARCELONA.・For those who are attracted to clubs like Borussia Dortmund, ateam that contributes to their hometown and is loved by their localfans.・Believe tradition is important for a soccer club.・For those who want to improve their soccer tactics by makingflexible tactical changes during matches like Borussia Dortmund'smanager, Tuchel.・Think a soccer club can become something more than a "club".・Believe "winning in a style" is the ideal victory.・Think soccer is all about tactics.・Want to manage a dream team with your favorite players.・Want to become an owner of a soccer club with a longhistory.・Want to test out new soccer tactics.・Are curious about young soccer stars.・Are curious about mid-season transfers.・Watch national matches.・Root for young players in international tournaments.・Think training young generations is important.・Think philosophy is necessary for strong clubs.・Soccer is your favorite sport.* PES CLUB MANAGER is a free-to-play app. No purchases arerequired. All users can play the entire game free of charge,although purchasing PES Coins can speed up gameplay and help tostrengthen your club faster. In-app purchases can be disabled by“limiting in-app billing” on the device used.Required OS: Android 4.2.0 or later*Operation is not guaranteed on other OSes.Compatible devices:http://www.konami.jp/pescm/jp/sp/info/compatible_model.php5*Please note that support is not offered in response to inquiriesthat involve non-compatible devices.This is an online game only. Users must be connected to theinternet (3G,4G,or Wi-Fi) to play. Internet connection charges maybe incurred separately depending on the user's networkenvironment.Use of this app requires agreement to the app’s Terms of Use,Virtual Currency Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.License Rights:http://www.konami.jp/pescm/en/sp/info/licenses.php5
eFootball™ 2023 8.0.0 APK
Updated license data for the 22-23 season.
beat gather U APK
シリーズで370万人が遊んだ音楽ゲームアプリ!お気に入りの動画で遊べる音ゲー!簡単操作でYouTubeの動画をリズムゲームにして遊べる!■YouTubeの動画で遊びたい放題! YouTubeの動画がゲームになる! プレイできる数も楽しさも無限大! ■自分だけのユビフを簡単作成! リズムにあわせてタップするだけでユビフが作れる! 自分だけのオリジナルユビフを作ろう。■作ったユビフをアップロードできる! 作ったユビフをみんなに遊んでほしい!面白いユビフで遊びたい! 自信作のユビフは是非アップロードしよう!■SNS機能でみんなに知らせよう! 新しくユビフを作ったりベストスコアを更新したら、SNSでみんなに知らせよう!■実績 プレイするほどプレゼントが! やりこみプレイで実績コンプリートを目指そう!※本アプリはオンライン専用です。通信可能な環境でお楽しみください。
ギタドラ GuitarFreaks & DrumMania 3.1.10 APK
GITADORAとは?バンド体験が楽しめる、ギター&ドラム音楽シミュレーションゲーム。ネックボタンを押さえながらリズムにあわせてピッキングゾーンを弾くギターモードと、リズムにあわせてタップするドラムモードに挑戦しよう!GITADORAとは?バンド体験が楽しめる、ギター&ドラム音楽シミュレーションゲーム。ネックボタンを押さえながらリズムにあわせてピッキングゾーンを弾くギターモードと、リズムにあわせてタップするドラムモードに挑戦しよう!タッチで行う簡単操作!毎日起動するたびに新しい曲が遊べるので、お気に入りの曲がきっと見つかるはず!おもいっきりギターとドラムを楽しもう!!※本アプリは基本無料で遊べますが、課金していただくことにより、より多くの楽曲をプレーすることができるようになります。GITADORA対応OSAndroid 4.0以上動作確認済み端末 SC-04D、SHL21、L-01E、201M、Nexus7、SHL22、SOL24※上記条件を満たしている場合でも、お客様の端末使用状況により正常に動作しないことがあります。JASRAC許諾番号:9008060288Y43030The GITADORA?Band experience is enjoyable, guitar & drummusicsimulationgame.And guitar mode playing the picking zone to match therhythmwhileholding the neck button, and try to challenge the drummode totapthe rhythm!The GITADORA?Band experience is enjoyable, guitar & drummusicsimulationgame.And guitar mode playing the picking zone to match therhythmwhileholding the neck button, and try to challenge the drummode totapthe rhythm!Easy operation to be performed in Touch!Since the play is a new song every time you start everyday,shouldyour favorite songs is sure to find!Fullest and enjoy the guitar and drums! !※ This app can play in basic free, by for you to charge,youwillbe able to play more music.GITADORA corresponding OSAndroid 4.0 or higherTested terminalSC-04D, SHL21, L-01E, 201M, Nexus7, SHL22, SOL24※ Even if you meet the above conditions, you maynotoperatenormally due to your terminal usage.JASRAC license number:9008060288Y43030
Ever wondered who the finest club side in Europe are? It's now timeto find out in this all new "Free" Flick Shoot Game app, featuringthe "UEFA Champions League", as watched by over 100 million fansacross the globe!Europe's 22 chosen clubs for the 2014/15 UEFA Champions Leagueseason are all here. (A.S. ROMA, AJAX, APOEL FC, AS MONACO FC,BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN, FC BASEL 1893, FC BATE BORISOV, FC BAYERNMÜNCHEN, FC PORTO, FC ZENIT ST. PETERSBURG, GALATASARAY A.S.,JUVENTUS F.C., LUDOGORETS RAZGRAD, NK MARIBOR, OLYMPIACOS FC, PARISSAINT-GERMAIN, PFC CSKA MOSKVA, RSC ANDERLECHT, SCHALKE04, SHAKHTARDONETSK, SL BENFICA and SPORTING)The final venue, Olympia Stadion, Berlin, and official matchball (Adidas FINALE 15) are also featured.Challenging Missions - A total of 50 missions to take on, whereyour objective is to find the net by flicking the ball pastobstacles from all sorts of distances. Can you complete themall?Facebook Rivalries - There are both team and individualrankings. Band together with fellow supporters to push yourfavourite club to the top! Solidarity between fans is the key!Compatible languages - This app is compatible with 7 languages,which are: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portugueseand Japanese.Compatible Devices -Android 4.2 or later
プロ野球ドリームナインSUPERSTARS 4.1.0 APK
あのパワプロ、プロスピのKONAMIが送る、プロ野球ゲームの決定版!!好きな選手を集め、キミだけのドリームナインで戦え!【ドリナイSSとは?】◇プロ野球選手が実写で登場!!実際のプロ野球のペナント成績に基づいた選手たちが実写フィギュアとなって登場!各球団主な収録選手はこちら!(敬称略)<パ・リーグ>福岡ソフトバンクホークス(柳田悠岐 / 松田宣浩 / 内川聖一 等)北海道日本ハムファイターズ(大谷翔平 / 中田翔 / 西川遥輝 等)千葉ロッテマリーンズ(涌井秀章 / 鈴木大地 / 清田育宏 等)埼玉西武ライオンズ(秋山翔吾 / 中村剛也 / 浅村栄斗 等)オリックス・バファローズ(金子千尋 / 吉田正尚 / 佐藤達也 等)東北楽天ゴールデンイーグルス(則本昂大 / 嶋基宏 / 松井裕樹 等)<セ・リーグ>東京ヤクルトスワローズ(山田哲人 / 川端慎吾 / 小川泰弘 等)読売ジャイアンツ(菅野智之 / 阿部慎之助 / 坂本勇人 等)阪神タイガース(鳥谷敬 / 藤浪晋太郎 / 福留孝介 等)広島東洋カープ(新井貴浩 / 菊池涼介 / 鈴木誠也 等)中日ドラゴンズ(平田良介 / 大野雄大 / 大島洋平 等)横浜DeNAベイスターズ(筒香嘉智 / 山﨑康晃 / 梶谷隆幸 等)◇毎日開催のリーグ戦で本格シミュレーション平日開催のレギュラーシーズンで順位を競え!週末の熾烈なリーグ入れ替え戦で上位リーグを目指そう!◇敏腕スカウトからのレポート報告?!選手の特徴が書かれたスカウトレポートで優秀な選手を探し出せ!曲者ぞろいのスカウトと契約して目当ての選手をGET!!◇成長のカギは試合にある!!選手たちは試合を重ねるごとにどんどん成長するぞ!作戦や選手の組み合わせは無限大、いろんなオーダーを試してみよう!試合後には新たなスカウトが見つかることも…?!キミだけのドリームナインでリーグの頂点を目指そう!日本野球機構承認、データ提供:スタッツ・ジャパン----------------------------------------・本アプリはオンラインゲームです。通信可能な環境でお楽しみください。・対応OS:Android4.0以降・推奨RAMサイズ:1GB以上・動作確認端末:GALAXY S4 SC-04EXperia A SO-04EAQUOS PAD SH-08EAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02EARROWS Me F-11DARROWS X F-10D、GALAXY NEXUS SC-04DGALAXY S III SC-06DGALAXY S III α SC-03EGALAXY Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E※上記端末以外は動作保証対象外となります。※動作確認端末以外でのトラブルにつきましてはサポート対象外となります。あらかじめご了承ください。That Power Pro,sentbyKONAMI of Purosupi, definitive edition of theprofessionalbaseballgame !!Collect your favorite players, fight in Dream Nine of only Kimi![And Dorinai SS?]◇ appeared in professional baseball players inthelive-action!!Players who were based on the actual professionalbaseballpennantresults appeared in a live-action figure!Each team main recording player is here! (Titles omitted)Fukuoka Softbank Hawks (Yuki Yanagita / Nobuhiro Matsuda/SeiichiUchikawa, etc.)Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters (Shohei Otani / Sho Nakata/HarukiNishikawa, etc.)Chiba Lotte Marines (Hideaki Wakui / Daichi Suzuki /IkuhiroKiyota,etc.)Saitama Seibu Lions (Shogo Akiyama / Takeya Nakamura/HidetoAsamura, etc.)Orix Buffaloes (Chihiro Kaneko / Yoshida Masanao /TatsuyaSato,etc.)Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (Takahiro Norimoto / MotohiroShima/Hiroki Matsui, etc.)Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Tetsuto Yamada / Shingo Kawabata/YasuhiroOgawa, etc.)Yomiuri Giants (Tomoyuki Kanno / Shinnosuke Abe /HayatoSakamoto,etc.)Hanshin Tigers (Takashi Toritani / Shintaro Fujinami/KosukeFukudome, etc.)Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Takahiro Arai / Ryosuke Kikuchi /SuzukiSeiya,etc.)Chunichi Dragons (Ryosuke Hirata / Takehiro Ono /YoheiOshima,etc.)Yokohama DeNA BayStars (Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh / YamazakiKanAkira/Takayuki Kajiya, etc.)◇ full-scale simulation in the league held every dayAble to compete the ranking in the regular seasonofweekdayheld!Aim the top league in the fierce weekend of leagueplayaqualification game!◇ report report from the talented scout?!In scout report the characteristics of the playerswaswrittenretreive an excellent player!GET !! players of mercenary contracts with ScoutKyokushacompleteset◇ key to growth lies in the game !!Players rapidly grow in each succeeding game!The combination of strategy and players Try infinity, alotoforder!Also found a new scouts after the game ... ?!Aim the vertices of the league just a dream Nine Kimi!Nippon Professional Baseball approval, dataprovided:StutzJapan----------------------------------------- This app is an online game. Please enjoycommunicationpossibleenvironment.- Correspondence OS: Android4.0 or later• Recommended RAM size: 1GB or moreOperation verification terminal:GALAXY S4 SC-04EXperia A SO-04EAQUOS PAD SH-08EAQUOS PHONE ZETA SH-02EARROWS Me F-11DARROWS X F-10D,GALAXY NEXUS SC-04DGALAXY S III SC-06DGALAXY S III α SC-03EGALAXY Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E※ other than the terminal will be operating out of warranty.※ With regard to trouble with non-tested terminal willbesupportedoutside. Please note.
Swords & Poker Adventures 1.4.2 APK
NOTE ON SUPPORTED DEVICES:Requires at least 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU, ARM Cortex-A9, 307 MHzPowerVR SGX540 GPU, 1 GB RAM, and OS 4.0.0Defeat monsters and other opponents by creating the best pokerhands in this addictive puzzle adventure masterpiece!Experience a deep combat system that’s easy to pick up anddelivers endless fun. Take turns against your opponents in makingthe best 5 card poker hand from a shared board of cards. Swords andPoker Adventures features an enormous library of epic weapons,shields, and magic needed to fight against the strongest ofmonsters and save the world from the Chaos realm.FEATURES:I. EASY TO LEARN, BUT DIFFICULT TO MASTERCan you create 5 card poker hands strong enough to win matches inthis simple but deceivingly deep puzzle game?II. AN INCREDIBLE & VAST WORLDExplore stunningly crafted zones as you slay deadly monsters alongthe way.III. TONS OF UNIQUE & UNLOCKABLE ITEMSUnlock powerful new weapons, shields, and magic upgrades. Use themto finish off your opponents!IV. HELP FRIENDS IN NEEDGet help from friends with Daily Bonus Cards.V. ENGAGING & ORIGINAL STORYLINETravel the beautiful and treacherous lands in the heroic battleagainst the Chaos monsters!IMPORTANT NOTICEAn internet connection is required to create an account. Once anaccount is created, the game can be played offline. For the optimalexperience, including Daily Log In Bonus and Bonus Cards, you musthave an active internet connection.
Solitaire: Daily Challenge 1.0.14 APK
Play this addictive rendition of everyone'sfavorite card game, Solitaire. Complete various fun challenges andcompete in the leaderboards as you enjoy classic Solitairegameplay! Will you earn the title of Grand Solitaire Master?Solitaire: Daily Challenge features classic Solitaire (also knownas Klondike) rules with an assortment of customizable modes to fityour desired style of gameplay. Enjoy beautiful graphics and smoothanimations as you tap or swipe cards in Portrait or Landscape mode.No internet connect? No problem, the game is playable both onlineand offline! Best of all, Solitaire: Daily Challenge is 100% free![License Agreement]Please read and agree to the terms of use before downloading thisapp.http://tinyurl.com/njnu5dpUsage of Android Advertising ID:http://tinyurl.com/pgtge5yFEATURES:1. COMPLETE DAILY CHALLENGES- Push yourself in a game of Solitaire like never before byunlocking challenging achievements and earning titles such as GrandSolitaire Master!2. COMPETE IN THE LEADERBOARDS- See how your Solitaire skills stack up against other playersaround the world with the Game Center Leaderboard.3. PLAY USING VARIOUS MODES AND OPTIONS- Familiarize yourself with Solitaire by playing Winnable mode.Ready for a real challenge? Try your hand at the Random mode.- Play using Standard and Vegas scoring. Draw 1 and Draw 3 cardoptions are also available.- Customize the background and cards with an assortment ofthemes.- Need a little help? Use auto-complete, hints, and undo for thatextra needed assistance.