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Magic Era 1.2.7 APK
Build a dream kingdom and wipe out invaders.Create your own Magic Era, pick up weapons, defend your homeland,conquer the world and win the glory!# Epic graphics# Hundreds of equipment items# Powerup and evolve fusion to make unique equipment of yourown# Challenge other players to win battle rewards# Dungeon expedition available every day# Rich mission rewards and referral reward# Join guild and take part in Guild WarExperience more exciting features by playing Magic Era now! Havefun and win your place on the chart!
Defender III APK
Coin Machine 1.1.5 APK
Coin Machine is a fun variant of the most favored arcade pushergame. It combines a slot machine, coin dozer and a moving cart toadd more surprises and triple your fun. Enjoy the game now to pushcoins, collect prizes, and win the jackpot!Gold treasure:Push down step coins to start the cart. A right step coin will leadyou to the gold treasure!A step coin is a coin indicating how many steps the cart will move.Be careful to push down only the one you need!Slot machine:Push coins into the lucky basket to trigger the slot machine. ASilver Crown and a Gold crown in a row? That’s the Jackpot! Sowatch the basket when you push!How to get more coins:Regeneration begins automaticaly when you have less than 50 coins.Pushing down Magic Coins will make your fortune grow faster. Thereare 7 types of Magic Coins available to help you start a coin rain,set up a coin wall, or simply get more coins and prizes.What to do with prizes:One prize doesn’t make any difference, but if you finish acollection of prizes, the reward is big! There’re plenty ofcollections waiting for you to gain.Good luck!==========================Droidhen is the name behind Defender, Defender II, Dinosaur War,Miracle City, Basketball Shot, DH Texas Poker, Gun of Glory, Shootthe Apple and many other top popular games. Droidhen is also markedas top developer by google.==========================
DH Pineapple Poker OFC 1.0.11 APK
DH Pineapple Poker, known as the most popularvariation of Texas Hold'em Poker, is also called OFC, Open FaceChinese Poker. DH Pineapple Poker gives you the unique experienceof poker game, and it's completely FREE! Some highlighedfeatures:# Each player is given 50K initial chips.# More than 500K chips task reward.# Even more event chips reward every week!# Play with your own friends in Private Room.# Supports Pineapple and Fantansyland mode.# In Pineapple mode each game starts off with every player beingdealt 5 starting cards, which can be placed in any combinationacross the top, middle and bottom of the board. Once the initialcards are set, each player is then dealt 3 cards – setting 2 anddiscarding 1 to fill the remaining 8 positions. By the end of eachgame, players will have formed the 3-5-5 card format.# In the Fantasyland, the player receives all 14 cards at once inthe beginning. The Player has to select 13 cards and discard 1 cardto set a hand. When all players finish, they show their hands andcompare with other players. If you have a Three of A Kind in top orat least a Four of A Kind in bottom, you will enter Fantasylandagain.Play poker, have fun and make friends in DH Pineapple Poker!
Gun of Glory 1.0.8 APK
Desert,temple, monster, rampage - get the gun, and fight for theglory!Beware of the bloody - it's the way to win the glory!# Unlock battle arenas - desert, gobi, forest and temple.# Unlock all kinds of guns - AK47, M4A1, H&K MP5, andetc.# Learn dodge skill to protect yourself.# Call for air support in an emergency.# Shoot monster's head to double damge.Can you win the battle finally?==========================Droidhen is the name behind Defender, Defender II, Dinosaur War,Miracle City, Basketball Shot, DH Texas Poker, Gun of Glory, Shootthe Apple and many other top popular games. Droidhen is also markedas top developer by google.==========================
天天來取經 1.1.5 APK
Dungeon & Heroes: 3D RPG APK
Clash of Bubbles 1.9 APK
Annual Sky City Contest is coming,warriorsfrom all over the world are fighting on the floatingislands. As asymbol of glory, the Warriors Trophy is hiding on thetop island,waiting for the strongest hero. What are you stillwaitingfor?Features:# Real-time Battle, gives you distinctive experience.# Competitive league matches, great Ranking rewards.# Excellent Quick Mode, unbelievable rewards.# Exquisite graphics bring you to a fantastic world.# Fight with your friends, to be the most famous one.# Surprising chests with great benefits.# Different heroes, plenty of skills.