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Dragon Knight Open World Action RPG

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Dragon Knight APK
Dragon Knight Open World Action RPG
KOGA ninja platformer 1.0.1 APK
History:Between the empire of the Medieval of Japan, there is a smallShinobi Village. At the border, there are some unexpected incidentshappening. Your mission is to find out, what is going onthere.Let the exciting adventure battle of surviving and saving theShinobi Village begin.- Experience an epic story about the war of the Ninjas.- Train your warrior, extend his skills- Fight against powerful enemies & monsters.- To combat ninja elite Assasins. Anbu & Samurai- Customize your warrior with swords, shuriken, magical powers andmore various weapons .- magnificently colorful graphics.- Jump & run side-scroller with easy control.
Kingdom Medieval APK
third person RPG with medieval melee and exciting combat
Kingdom Medieval 2 1.0.5 APK
-Adventure: overcome some traps and obstacles, solve riddles,passthe challenges -3D platformer: Jump and Run -Action: Meleecombat,Fighting, Boss fights - Heat the boss and get new weaponsand armor-Explore: dungeon, castle, temple -Roguelike: proceduralgenerationof Level, always discover something new -Puzzle, Quests-Height 3Dgrafik -Knights, Barbarians, Gladiators, Vikings -Darkwar god ofsoul - Magic: Players and enemies can now cast spells.-Fantasy RPG-improve your equipment and skills The oldest scrollssay that oneday a hero will come to liberate our world. With Bladesand Armorand magic spells. Complete many trials, puzzles andchallenges andfight epic boss fights.
Space Gunship 1.0.6 APK
-you play as a Space marine equipped with a Jetpack and a minigun.You can move through a Terrain. -on your mother ship, you canuseand build your own guns, vehicle and space ships , and toexplorethe world and fight against the enemies. -day/nightcycle-realistic engine sounds -you are able to build vehicles anddrive-vehicle-KI (troops on the ground enemies) -fly a Spaceship-getthe high score -3D Cockpit view -Weapon System: minigun,laser,rocket, double 40MM gun, napal bomb -very simple control -youwillexperience a battlefield around the planet
Guardian Space Shooter 1.0.3 APK
- Be a guardian of the space - Scrolling shooter - Impressive3DGraphics, amazing Lighting and Explosion Effects,EmotionalSoundtrack. - Thrilling mission, a lot of enemies ,breathtakingBoss Fights - Intensive Gameplay and more features -improve youweapons, cannon, rockets, lasers and coins magnet - flyyourspaceship and explore the Galaxy -suitable for casualgamer,non-stop-action
Last Battleground 1.0.5 APK
Collect the last remaining raw materials. Unlock theconstructionplans and build your own weapons, armor, and vehicles.Prepareyourself very well, because danger is all around thesurface. Yourequipment can be broken, the ammunition is expensiveand when theylose, you will lose the equipment and the collectedraw materials.Go back in to the base camp after a successfulMission , bring yourcollected materials and prepare yourself for anew Mission.Experience a lot of different missions and adventuresin aSandbox-Shooter game with an open world Survival, RPG,Shooter,Open World, Sandbox, randomly generated cities. Thirdpersonshooter with action adventure, role-playing game. Very goodworkoutfor Battlegrounds and other Battle Royal matches.Singleplayer. NoInternet, no Problem. Offline. Features:-Inventory: Collect someresources and build weapons, armor andvehicles. - Realisticweapons: Over 40 Weapons: Guns, Scrap Guns,Sniper-Riffle, AssaultRifles, Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers. Fromdifferent eras: fromolder models from the second world war up tomodern weapons.-Different armor: helmets, boots, pants, jackets,etc. - Differentvehicle: cars, planned tanks and helicopters.Vehicles: the city,the cars, muscle cars, military vehicles.Planned Tanks,Helicopters. All vehicles have weapons. -Possibilityto control theTurrents. -Different enemies: robots/Cyborgs/Aliens.Enemies canalso control vehicles. -Beautiful infinite landscapesthere areenough space for every adventurer and a lot toexplore.Post-apocalyptic cities are generated randomly each time.-Simpleand very good control. Third Person, and Ego perspective.-Translation in several languages: German, English, русский.Onplanning: Quests, Events, Missions, Story.
Alien Planet: Shooter Adventure 1.0.4 APK
-A absent-minded Ganremix: Platforming, Shooter, RPG, Roquelike,Metroidvania, Action Adventure. -TPS or FPS choose what youlike. -Face the varied challenges. Many traps, puzzles, secretsandconflicts lurk in front of you. -Get challenging missions,tasks. -Negotiate with different factions and develop yourrelationships.-Fight your way through an infinite procedurallygenerated worldand explore the remains of an ancient civilization.And return all.- Accompanied by riddles and mysteries, you willexplore theunknown places and research the alien technology.Encounteredstrange anomalies. -Enjoy an adventure full of riskycombat. Amultitude of different vehicle types: turret, hover, car,tank,mechs, robots, spaceships. Special troops with differentbehaviorand lots of aliens will cross your path. -All vehicles arealsoavailable to the player. -You have a variety of equipmentanddifferent weapons available (pistols, scrap guns, rifles,assaultrifles, rocket launchers and lots of sci fi weapons,lasers,flamethrowers) -Top graphics in console quality: The gloomybeautyof the unexplored planets around you offers tons of specialmomentsthanks to breathtaking graphics effects. Become one of thebestspartans in an infinite world. And earn a Master's medal.Immerseyourself in an epic sci fi adventure, penetrate further intooursolar system than anyone before. Explore space and theunknowngalaxy. Experience a cyberpunk war between the robotsoldiers,fight against an alien invasion in a sci-fi shooter. Usearmor andguns and defeat aliens creatures in one battle. The gameis verywell optimized and also runs on older devices, with detailed3Dmodels and characters.