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Freeze - Touch Block

The fastest and easiest way to touch block and disable yourscreen, device buttons, rotation and much more. Keep yourtoddler locked and immersed into their favorite cartoon, quicklylock-show-unlock your device to show off photos or videos to yourfriends and family without them messing it up.

Completely blocks Back, Home, Recent Apps, Menu andVolume buttons.
★ Keeps music and videos playing in all apps including YouTube,Hulu, Netflix, Spotify when locked.
★ Quickly touch block and disable your device by flipping it orwaving your finger in front of the proximity sensor.
★ Quickly touch block and disable your device by tapping the screenor drawing your custom gesture.
★ The most secure way to prevent your device from unlockingby using a gesture.
★ Use the screen as a drawing pad to entertain kids, sharenotes with friends or make highlights.
★ Lock volume keys to keep volume at a safe level for yourchildren.
★ One of the most trusted apps to protect and keep your deviceand data safe.
★ Configuration is simple and easy with our full screen and largebutton design.
Prevent accidental app purchases or overages in yourdata.
★ Compatible with all phones and tablets.

Q and A
✎ Why won't my device Freeze (touch block)?
Make sure you choose at least one Freeze and Unfreeze option. Noteyou can choose to Unfreeze using Timeout instead or additionally.If only using Timeout to Unfreeze make sure if you choose a Timeoutset to to infinity that you choose the Swipe Enable option as youwill need to Unfreeze by swiping the timeout bar.

✎ Why do I get a popup warning me about Freeze monitoring myactions or text?
This is a standard popup that Android shows for all services turnedon in Accessibility Settings. We will never monitor your actionsor text.

✎ Does Freeze use a lot of battery power?
No. Freeze was designed to use virtually no battery power. 99% ofthe time it is actually using none.

✎ Why do dots show on the screen when I touch it?
When Freezing without the Gesture Option selected, finger trackingdots will display to indicate your screen is locked. When Freezingwith the Gesture Option selected, the finger tracking dots will bereplaced with drawing capability.

✎ Why does my screen flash when Freezing and Unfreezing?
When Freezing without the Timeout Option selected, the screen willbriefly flash to indicate your device is entering or exiting Freezemode. When Freezing with the Timeout Option selected, screen flashwill be replaced with the Timeout Bar.

✎ What is the best way to prevent my device from beingunlocked?
Using a gesture as it is a personal password. Using interesting andmultiple strokes will strengthen your device.

✎ Help! I forgot my gesture how do I Unfreeze my device?
If you forget your gesture you have two options. Hold the volumedown key and power button until your device reboots. Or make 10gesture attempts. After the 10th attempt, a message will prompt youto turn your screen off then on to unlock. Be quick as you mustturn off the screen while this message displays.

✎ Why does the proximity sensor not respond correctly?
Some devices use a light sensor instead of a proximity sensor,especially tablets. Since they are triggered with light, using thedevice in a well-lit area may be required.

✎ Why does my device stay locked when I receive a phonecall?
We purposely left it blocked to ensure someone doesn't try to use aphone call to get access to your device.

✎ Why can’t I Freeze my Power button?
For security reasons Google prevents us from disabling thisbutton.

✎ Why does Freeze - Touch Block still not work on mydevice?
There are a few Android devices that do not fully support Android.Please contact us if you have issues to confirm if your device issupported.

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