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Honey Heroes is the latest mobile game craze,available for iOS, Android, and Facebook. It's not your averagetile based puzzler, but a unique variation on the theme that seeshoneybees pollinating flowers to fill the honey bear. It'sbeautifully addictive.

Hailed as the thinking player’s Candy Crush, Players work withhoney bees, dragonflies, butterflies and grasshoppers to cleartiles. Honey Heroes does require a bit more brain power than othergames in the same genre, so it’s more suited to players who aren’tafraid to think.

Unlike other tile based games, Honey Heroes is not a match 3style game. This unique game mechanic uses one-to-onecorrespondence to match the correct combination of flowers. Themore flowers you pollinate the more honey you collect and thefaster you progress.

Each level of Honey Heroes is slightly different, whether youhave to fill the honey bear within a certain number of moves,achieve a certain point-score within a given amount of time, orunleash the adorably critters to help clear tiles in their ownunique ways . It requires a degree of logic that keeps youentertained through Honey Heroes more than 80 levels, whichencompass three game style mechanics: Combination, Straight Line,and ZigZag.

You're awarded up to three stars for your performance withineach level, and you can return to any previous level in hope ofachieving a perfect score.

Honey Heroes offers you five chances to screw up and, onceyou've run out of lives, you must either put down the game and waitfor your health to be replenished, stock up by begging yourFacebook friends for more or forking out real cash. This becomes aproblem only when you get reasonably far into Honey Heroes and thedifficulty ramps up, at which point the countless entirely freealternatives start to become attractive.

Various upgrades can be unlocked in the Bee Shop or collected ingame: the lives booster boosts your extra lives store by 5 (nolimit); clear pesticides booster clears a pesticide tile, Extramoves/time gives you 5 more steps or more time, clear web boosterclears the web tiles and those pesky spiders, etc . Playing thegame this way will cost money but, unless you have a serious honeysweet tooth, you needn't part with any money. If you're giving thisgame to a child to play, you can disable in-app purchases in yourdevice's settings.

What's really neat about Honey Heroes, though, is the ability topick it up and continue your game wherever you are and on whateverdevice you have to hand. Simply connect via your Facebook accountand continue your game as you switch from iTunes to Google Play toFacebook. Facebook interaction also enables you to compete withfriends, without spamming their inbox.

This cross-platform support is partly what makes Honey Heroes soaddictive: when your phone runs out of juice you just pick up thetablet, and when that squeals 'charge me' you turn on the PC.

However, Honey Heroes is also popular with users because it'ssimple enough that anyone can pick it up and get started withoutinstruction(although help is provided in the form of in-gametutorials), yet sufficiently difficult that you won't simply breezethrough the game in an hour.

As an added bonus, you can help keep the bee’s buzzing. Tocombat the disappearance of honey bees, a live bee is donated everytime a golden bee is found in the game. You are literally helpingto save the bees by playing Honey Heroes.

Translations are built in and will auto-detect Spanish, German,French, Italian, and both Brazilian and Portugal Portugueseplayers.

1) You have to select all tiles in one movement by tapping anddragging. You cannot select tiles individually.
2) Often there is more than one option, some being better thanothers. Choose carefully.
3) Turn up/down volume and SFX independently in the settingsmenu.
4) The quicker you make a match the more points that areawarded.
5) Finding equivalent ratios creates wild tiles.