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Play Services Info
Small utility app to quickly check the statusof the Google Play services. It shows the version number,installation date and date of the last update. It also provideslinks to the Play Store, APK Mirror, developer release notes, andthe app info dialog.The app can be used to install or update the Google Playservices.To fix "Google Play Services has stopped" errors, try opening theapp info dialog and select "clear cache". If that does not work,try the "uninstall updates" option. Then download and re-installthe latest version of the Google Play services using the Play Storeor APK Mirror link.Please note: Play Services Info is not affiliated with APK Mirroror Google Inc.
Copy (Text & Screenshots) 1.2
Copy (almost) any text on the screen and share screenshots with twotaps! 1. Open the settings and set Copy as the default assist app.2. Long-press the home button to activate Copy on any screen. 3.Tap on the highlighted text to copy it. Long-press to share. Tapthe image button to share the screenshot. Completely free. No ads.Zero permissions. 😊 Important Notes and Limitations 1. Copycurrently does not detect text on images, videos, and most games.2. Apps can prevent Copy from accessing the screen. For example,when DRM protected media is playing (most video streaming apps), orthe app has been flagged as 'secure' (e.g., banking apps). 3. Copyworks by analyzing app layouts. Some apps report incorrect layoutinformation which might cause text to be not copy-able, misalignedtext boxes, or overlapping text boxes. Some web browsers andpopular social networks are partly affected by this. 4. Some devicemanufacturers overwrite the default behavior of the Home buttonlong-press action, which causes Copy not to show up. In that case,please check the Settings of your device. For example, thelong-press action on OnePlus phones can be changed at Settings >Buttons > Home Button > Long Press Action. 5. Copy replacesGoogle Now on Tap / Google Assistant, but you can switch back atany time. Simply open the assist settings again and select theGoogle app. There can only be one assist app set at a time. This isa limitation of Android. If Copy is not set as the default assistapp, it cannot access the screen. 6. Devices running Android 7.0and 7.1 have a bug that breaks the assistant functionality after areboot. If your device is affected, you have to open the assistsettings after rebooting your device. Simply opening the settingswill re-enable Copy. As far as I know, all assist apps are affectedby this bug, except for the Google Assistant. If you encounter aproblem, please contact me at [email protected] instead ofusing the Play Store review system. Reviews and responses toreviews are limited in length, and back-and-forth to troubleshootissues is not possible. If you like Copy, please do not forget torate it! Thank you!