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10 Min Daily Yoga
10 Minutes of Yoga to Jump-start Your Work Day with 10 Min DailyYoga App
Pocket Accounts 1.2
Having difficulty in keeping the track of your BusinessSales,Payments and Dues? Pocket Accounts App is here to help youout.Pocket Accounts App is one of the best and easy to useDailyAccounts App. This app will replace your Business accountsbook andgive you all the results quickly with just few clicks. Thisapp cankeep record of your Sale, Payments of that Sale and Duesremainingfor that Sale. It is 100% Free, Safe and Secure App forall typesof businesses to maintain their customer's Accounts. It isan easyto use, user friendly Tally App for mobile. Features :-*Attractive user interface * Add new Customers * EditCustomerinformation * Add Customer Transactions easily * Edit ordeletetransactions easily * Add multiple receipt images as proof atthetime of adding Sales or Payments * Call or mail customers toremindthem of their dues and recover them easily * Whatsappcustomers toremind them of their dues and even share the billimages easily *Backup and Restore your Accounts data anytime viaGoogle Drive *Its easy to use and very user friendly * Add new oraccessTransaction Details anytime, anywhere * Its an accurateandreliable Business Accounts Book in your Pocket * Itsabsolutelyfree
Mobile Screen Recorder
Mobile Screen Recorder is the best app to record videos of yourmobile screen.
Pocket Radio (Bohra Tarannum)
Pocket Radio(Bohra Tarannum) app is specially designed for DawoodiBohra Muslims
Math Challenge
Are you good in Maths, play the Math Challenge Game, and challengeyour friends
Fancy Text And Card Creator
Fancy Text And Card Creator is the cool app for creating fancy text& cards
WebArtDevelopers Blog
Get the best collection of Designs in CSS, HTML, JQuery &JavaScript in this app
Pocket Duas
Pocket Duas is an Offline app specially designed for Dawoodi BohraMuslims
Color Jump
Feeling bored, now you can pass your time by playing the amazinggame Color Jump
Quotes Book
Get Amazing Quotes from Great Authors on all Topics from QuotesBook App
7 Min Workout
Stay Fit, Healthy and Happy with Daily 7 Minute Workout with 7 MinWorkout App
Pocket Water Tracker 1.0
Pocket Water Tracker, reminds you to drink water timely! Savethebody in short supply of water after workout and yoga,enhanceimmunity, release stress and get rid of fatigue after workwiththis app. - You could stay water hydrated as long as you haveadrink water reminder! - Daily using this water drink reminderwillkeep your body in healthy condition! Features:- * Very Easy touse* Beautiful character and UI design * Water Reminder thatwillremind you the water you need to drink in the rest of the day*Customized starting and ending time to drink water within a day*Graph and logs of date record * Stay healthy, keep fit anddrinkenough water! * Sync weight and drink water data with SHealth. *Everyday Drink Water Reminder * Records of Daily WaterIntake *Customizable Water Cup * No reminder during sleep time *ItsAbsolutely Free * Benefits of drinking water: - Stay in shapeandkeep fit, as it’s calorie free - Clear up your skin - Keepyourskin and nails healthy - Help Prevent Kidney Stones - Hydroyourbody - Water your body
Office Yoga
Do The 16 Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk with Office Yoga