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Mood: Relaxing Sounds & Sleep Sounds 2.16
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Improve sleep with many sleep sounds! Mood: Relaxing Sounds,SleepSounds & Nature Sounds free app is helps babies and adultswhoare having sleep problems.This sleeping sounds, white noise,relaxsounds and relax melodies app help you with beatinsomnia,tinnitus, relieve stress, beat anxiety, dreams andnapping. Relaxand sleep with variety of relaxing sounds and sleepsounds. Withrelax sounds and relax melodies gain high quality sleepyou neverhad! You can use this free app for sleeping, meditation,babysleeping , pacify your crying baby, concentration, reading orjustrelaxing. Mood has lots of relax music, relaxing music ,sleepmusic, relax melodies, relaxation sounds and peaceful sounds.Relaxand Calm with peaceful sounds & meditation music! Enjoyavariety of relaxing sounds & relax melodies dividedintodifferent environments. You can mix many nature sounds,whitenoise, relax melodies, sleep sounds, soothing sounds, relaxmusicand adjust the volume of each of them to create your ownrelaxedambience based on your mood. Baby Sleep Sounds & WhiteNoise!Mood also cares about your babies' sleep. App has many babysleepsounds, baby sleeping sounds, baby sleep music, womb noisesandwhite noises for babies.With soothing sounds you can pacifyyourcrying baby in seconds.So you can use this app as baby sleeperapp,baby shusher app and baby sleep instant app. 🔥App Benefits : -Withthis calm app relieve insomnia and fall asleep easily. -Beatanxiety and insomnia with deep sleep music and sleepmeditationmusic. - App helps you sleep better and stay asleep withsleepsounds and peaceful sounds. - Relax and relieve stress andanxietywith soothing sounds. - Better concentration for study. (Studyconcentration music app ) - Relax and meditate with naturesounds& relaxing music and relaxing sounds. - Calm your cryingbabywith relaxation effect of white noise for baby sleep. -Relievetinnitus /ringing in the ears. - Helps for better meditationwithsleep meditation musics. - App has a relaxing effect on babieswithwomb sounds and soothing baby sounds. App have variety ofrelaxingenvironments / ambiences : - Nature sounds / Relaxingsounds ofnature / Night sounds (forest, bird sounds, wind, wateretc.) -Anti-Stress music (musician, flute etc.) - White noise(fireplace,heartbeat, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, relaxing music forkids, fansounds to sleep ( white noise ), cat purring, TV ( whitenoise )etc. ) - Calming sounds for deep sleep (piano, saxophone,violinetc.) - Relaxing music and peaceful music (guitar,piano,saxophone, violin etc.) - Meditation music - Relaxing music,relaxsounds, relax music - Soothing sounds and peaceful sounds-Traditional Asian sounds (tibetan bowls, chimes, cicada, gong,ometc.) - Water sounds & Ocean sounds, Sea sounds (brook,river,waterfall, dolphin, ocean waves, whale etc.) - Rain sounds(rain,heavy rain, roof, tent, umbrella, thunders, light rain,distantthunder, rain and thunder sounds, relaxing rain sounds etc.) 🔥Appmain features : - Free application. - Offline music play(Nointernet connection needed). - Works on background. - Smarttimer.- Mix your sounds between any environment and adjust volumeforeach sound. - Relaxing music for sleeping. - Lots of calmingsleepsounds. - Natural sounds. - Meditate with meditation musicandrelaxing sounds. - Calm down your little kids and babies withthenature sounds. - Beat anxiety and insomnia with deep sleepmusicand sleep meditation music. - Relaxing sounds / relax soundscalmyour mind, relax your body and help you to sleep well -Relaxingmusic promote your concentration. - Relaxing sounds / relaxsoundshelp you by covering the ring in your ears. - Use as studyrelaxmusic app, study concentration music app, calm app, anxietyreliefapps. - Use as white noise baby app & baby sleep soundsapp,baby sleeper, baby sleep instant app, meditate app, meditationapp.
Baby Sleep : White Noise for Baby & Sleep sounds 2.3.0
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Let your baby fall asleep easily! Baby Sleep : White Noise forBaby& Sleep sounds designed for babies and adults who arehavingsleep problems. Your babies can sleep with baby sleep music,babysleep sounds and white noises for babies easily. Rapid sleepingofbabies is a problem of many parents. Baby Sleep applicationwillhelp your baby fall asleep, generating monotonous, cyclicsoundssuch as white noise, vacuum cleaner sound, hair dryer sound,etc.Infants love these sounds because they resemble the soundstheyhearing in the womb. Therefore, this type of lullaby ismostcommonly used by parents to sleeping babies and toddlers.Whitenoise for baby sleep Free Baby Sleep: White-noise app createacomfortable, womb-like environment that calms anxiousinfants,colic babies and encouraging them to stop crying and fallasleepfaster. White noises also help babies stay asleep longer.Createyour own lullabies! Baby Sleep : White Noise for Baby &Sleepsounds app has variety of baby sleep sounds, white noisesandlulabies for baby sleep. With sound recording feature, you canalsocreate your own soothing lullabies for your babies. BabySleepSounds: ✔ Pure white noise ✔ Aquarium Sound ✔ Car Sound ✔Washingmachine Sound ✔ Bell Sound ✔ Sea Sound ✔ River Sound ✔Shower Sound✔ Embryo Sound ✔ White noise fan sound ✔ Night Sound ✔HeartbeatSound ( white noise ) ✔ Nature Sound ✔ Wind Sound ✔ ClockSound ✔Shushing Sound ✔ Hair dryer Sound ✔ Vacuum cleaner Sound ✔TrainSound ✔ Airplane Sound ( white noise ) ✔ Rain Sound ✔ TapSound ✔Wiper Sound ✔ Tv Sound ✔ Mother Womb ( white noise ) ✔Lullaby ✔Baby song to sleep ✔ Soothing baby sounds ✔ Relaxingsounds ofnature ✔ Relaxing sleep sounds 🔥App Benefits : 🚩 Withrelaxinglullabies make your colic baby fall asleep easily. 🚩 Apphelpsbabies for sleep better and stay asleep with sleep soundsandpeaceful sounds. 🚩 Pacify your criying baby with soothingsounds,peaceful sounds and baby sleep sounds. 🚩 App has a relaxingeffecton newborn grunting with many baby song to sleep ,womb soundsandsoothing baby sounds. 🚩 Calm your crying baby withrelaxationeffect of white noise for baby sleep. 🚩 Comforting fornewborns.(Helps newborn sleeping with baby sleep sounds) 🚩 Babysleep soundsapp can also be used by adults suffering with insomniaor sleepdisorders.App have relaxing sounds , baby sleep soundsandlullabies. 🚩 Infants and children fall asleep immediately.🚩Relaxing effect on newborn grunting with many baby song tosleep,womb sounds , soothing baby sounds. 🔥App main features : 🚩Freeapplication. 🚩 Offline music play (No internet connectionneeded).🚩 Works on background. 🚩 With smart timer no worriesaboutinterrupted your babies deep sleep. 🚩 Audio record (You canmakeyour baby sleep with your own voice / create your own lulaby )🚩 22white noise sounds for babies. 🚩 2 baby lullabies 🚩 Enjoyvarietyof Baby sleep sounds, Relaxing sounds for babies, Soothingsoundsfor baby sleep. 🚩 Infinite playback & Volume settingfeature 🚩Babies may be able to fall asleep faster with white noise.🚩Comforting for newborns 🚩 With bedtime sounds use this app asbabysleep sounds app and baby shusher app.
QR Code Reader : QR Scanner 1.4
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QR code reader and scanner free, Barcode scanner, QR code generator
Mood Rain Sounds: Relax, Sleep 1.14
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Sleep better, meditate and relax with white noises & relaxingsounds of nature.