Chinese Checkers - HD/Tablet
Specially designed for tablets using highdefinition graphics.Every player has 10 pieces : the winner is the one that first raceshis pieces across the board. Up to six players can play.A piece hops over another piece, no matters the color. You canchain several hops in a single move.You can choose the rules : standard with short jumps or fast-pacedwith long hops as illustrated above.All pieces always remain on the board, unlike Chess orCheckers.
Calculator - Android Wear 2.1
Simple and easy to use calculator. Directly on your wrist. Bestrated caculator for Android Wear.Notice how the display adapts to calculation situations to show youmore.Trying it is adopting it.
Tic Tac Toe - Android Wear 0.9.4
The famous Tic Tac Toe game now on yourAndroid Wear watch.This game is the absolute fit for playing on the watch. Present appis one of the very first game hitting Android Wear, actually amongthe 3 first.You win if you are the first to place 3 marks in a line.1) play against the device, and you can choose difficultylevel.2) or choose the 2-player modeEnjoy this free game, a must when you are to kill time,waiting.
Discount Calculator Smartwatch 1.0
This app enables you to calculate prices afterdiscount.Very simple to use : just input the original price, pick thediscount percentage and you get the final price.So you can continue shopping with just one free hand and yoursmartphone left in your handbag. A must during discount sales.Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2.This appl will not be shown in your phone application screen, buton your smartwatch. You can access application settings via SmartConnect.
Triple for Moto 360 1.0.1
Addictive match-3 game : swipe the tiles tomatch three or more tiles of same color.This game was design specifically for round displays : thetopology of the board participate to the strategy of thegame.Of course you can play on squared-shaped watches too.More over you can play both on watch and smartphone, the game issynchronized for each move.Enjoy the smooth animation while dragging the tiles. Get 1 pointwhen matching 3 tiles, 2 points if 4 tiles get matched, etc. On thewatch, double-tap to display the score and long-press to exit.
GPS Nav with Wear vibrations 1.4
For Android Wear, a true turn-by-turn GPSnavigation. Eyes-free, hands-free and no voice. Just by vibrationson the wrist!Powered by the Google Maps notifications operating on thesmartphone.Really useful on a bike for example. Not only. Driving too, whenvoice is not an option. Or walking when the sun make it difficultto see the screen.You capture the turn notification in the following way:One vibration pattern to turn right: bip. Another pattern to turnleft : bip-bip-bip.And for roundabouts : bip for first exit ; bip-bip for second,etc.You can customize the strength of the vibrations.The vibration happens at the right moment : when you need toprepare to turn. And this happens according to your speed.If you happen to need a map display on the watch you may want toopen the Maps app by Google on the wearable.Set upAfter installation you have to open the UI on the smartphone : andyou will be guided on how to grant permission to accessnotifications.Then you have to open once the UI on the smartwatch : this willinstall a listener one the watch.Back on the smartphone, you can customize the vibrationstrength.UsageNote that after setup, you don't need to use the UI anylonger.You just open Google Maps and start a turn-by-turn navigation.You'll receive the vibrations on the watch.Left-hand trafficIn left-hand traffic countries, the right vs left pattern arereversed to match corresponding roundabouts logic.Permissions. This app requires you the followingpermissions:- vibration: obviously- GPS location: to capture the speed so as to better compute theright moment to vibrate.- Bluetooth : to check that Bluetooth is on.Test and refundYou'll need to go around outdoor to test this app. Not easy withinthe 15 min PlayStore provide refund button.So we refund, within 7 days, by simple mail to [email protected]
GPS Nav for Mi Band 2.2
This app is in no way associated withtheconstructor of the wristband.Use your Mi Band as accesorry for a true turn-by-turnGPSnavigation. Eyes-free, hands-free and no voice. Just byvibrationsin the wrist.Start a GPS navigation with Google Maps on your smartphone.Youmay put your handheld device in your pocket, handbagorbackpack.Useful on a bike or motorcycle. Even driving car, when voice isnotan option using vibrations to get your attention instead. Usefulaspedestrian too when the sun make it difficult to watchanyscreen.You are guided with vibrations in your wristband asfollowing:- turn right : vibe,- turn left : 3 vibes.Attention : in some case your accessory vibrates one time morethanrequested. Please still consider 2 vibes as right and 4 asleft. Inall cases telling right from left is easy.CompatibilityNow also compatible with the new model including hearratemonitor.BetaThis app is just out. Please use refund button if you noticethatthe app cannot discover your Mi Band. Or send email forrefund.Set upFirst be sure to have your wristband fully configured withyoursmartphone, using for instance the official app Fit.After installation open once the app and you will be guided tograntthe notification access. See screenshots.In case of Mi Band connection issue. You can configure directlytheMi Band Bluetooth address. Look at the screenshots for how totoget the address of your wristband.UsageAfter setup you don't need to use the UI any longer. You justopendirectly Maps and start a turn-by-turn navigation. You'llreceivethe vibrations in the wrist.Left-hand trafficIn left-hand traffic countries, the right vs left patternarereversed to match corresponding roundabouts logic.Permissions. This app requires thefollowingpermissions:- Bluetooth : to communicate with your wristband,- GPS location: to capture the speed so as to better computetheright moment to send vibration command,Test and refundYou'll need to go around outdoor to test this app. Not easywithinthe 15 min refund button is active.So we refund, within 7 days, just request by mail.
Bitcoin Charts
Short and long range charts for thecryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin andFeatercoin. Against currencies : USD, CNY, EUR, BTC and LTC.The charts are zoomable : use a 2 finger gesture to zoom-in andlater scroll the chart with one finger drag gesture.
2048 - Android TV 0.9
The popular game 2048 now on Android TV.Move the tiles on the board. Similar tiles merge when theytouchand have same value : the result value get doubled. You havetoreach the 2048 tile to win.Use the middle/select button to open MENU. From menu you canundolast move.2048 is a single-player puzzle game created in 2014 byGabrieleCirulli :
Calendar 2022 : agenda
Stylish and very simple to use agenda displaying your events andred days.