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Legend Strike Legacy: Zombie S 0.84
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Survival Pixel Guns Cars Line Camos Upgrades
Legend Strike Zombie Sniper 1.95
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Pixel blocky game graphics, battlegrounds, PvP Sniper, Cars, ZombieSurvival War
Legend Strike Armageddon Pixel Car 3D Gun Zombie 1.5
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We took into account most of the wishes of the players oftheprevious version and created a new Great zombie shooter! Afullregdoll physics, murders, explosions and collisionswithtechnology! Look at how beautifully a handful of zombies flyfromthe grenade. Game modes without cars, against zombies, withbots,without bots, sniper dueling, tour bosses - all in one game!Choosea mode and fight! Do the tasks and get crystals or coins, trytoget into the top players, the list is constantlyupdated!Everything can be customized - add optics, laser, mufflerto theweapon, expand the clip, increase accuracy, rate of fire orkillerforce! You can make it an individual - buy a skin. Machinescanalso be customized, increase engine power, add different typesofarmor, change guns. The technique in the game breaks down, itmustbe repaired. If the clip are over, or you need another grenade,youcan buy them right in battle. In the near future, it is plannedtoexpand the arsenal of weapons to 200 units! Write what weaponsyouwould like to see in the game - and we'll add it! Prizesforidentifying bugs and valuable suggestions for improvement,support!
War Strike VS Zombies Sniper S 0.8
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free line game shooter attack bots, get armor, gun, skins,upgrades, headshot