rakesh mandhan Apps

Concrete Mixer Truck Simulator 1.0
Concrete Mixer Truck Simulator is a verysimple but very great game and you ride with Concrete Mixer Truckand your goal but guess endowed with all the construction sites ofcement that could smooth flow of work, as you can see by this nameis a simulator game so everything will be restored as if realityslippage get penalties will be working quickly get bonuses, yourjob is simply to keep up everything to accomplish that would betimely delivered darbyninkam cement or something of what theyneed
DownHill Bike 1.0
Bike Downhill mountain biking in the gamewhere your goal to come down from the steep hill full of variousbulging stone and other natural existing obstacles, only to neverfall and avoid personal injury. You will be surrounded by verybeautiful landscape and will dive into the mountains ridingsport.
Quad Driving Simulator 1.0
Quad Driving Simulator game that will allowyou to take a ride ATV or quad just televono your help, you'll seean image first person, it is as if you were actually sitting on itand will be able to dive into the pleasures of quad management,pasakotineti will pass through the mountains for a wide range ofdeserts or take a ride in the mountains, because you will besurrounded by very beautiful views and a large map, with differentkinds of hindrance and get ready to experience the beautiful imagesof all four-wheel drive force and plunge into the fun of thegame.
Airport Simulator 1.0
Airport Simulator In this game you will dependon the airport that everything runs smoothly and people would helpdevelop the airport work, and there are no complaints about theyour job. Your main task maintain security that nobody neprasinestuno daigtų and avoid excessive flow of airplane, and exercise carenot to crash. You will also have to decide whether the plane canrise or enough good weather conditions and the like, well, justtune in and familiar with the airport work
Construction Simulator 2015 HD 1.1
Construction Simulator 2015 is the best gameif you like heavy equipment cement and other construction materialsand if you love to build, it will allow you to immerse yourselfinto a real job, and understand how things are going, your goal todo everything better and with a minimum of defects.
Rolling Coaster Simulator 1.0
Rolling Coaster Simulator is a great game thatwill allow you to enjoy the roller coaster entertainment on yourphone, as this is a simulator for the game tried to restoreeverything as reality, and that you would be glad to made to feelall the speed and loop effect, and sometimes may even scare,because you really feel like a roller coaster slides for children,and all of this will jum experience just impress your phone, so donot wait to try anything
Transformer Evoliution 1.0
Transformer Evolution is a game we created youwill be able to transform itself to a certain point where youpasiverst i Transformer that we have to fight against the enemytanks, and other related ammunition, when you're turned into asimple machine i in front of you does not pay attention unless ifyou are approached too close, so you can go unnoticed and lookaround where the enemy is, how much going on and then launch anattack from ambush
Realistic Truck Simulator 1.0
This game is the best of all truck simulatorbecause it is more reproducible and has the most options, it ischaracterized by very Realistic driving game soundtrack is alsovery realistic that you even more involved in the whole surroundingenvironment and feel like really to drive a truck and you would bemore enjoyable .During the game you will be able to ride with or without a trailer,drove without load will be restored when the trailer and you onlyVelte svaitysite money, so sometimes it pays to pick up items thatare on the way towards your base, so you can save quite a bit onfuel or even in addition to earn extra money while Such cargo, itis very difficult to find, because the other transit companies Siegjust take advantage of you and you did not offer an appropriatereward but you can always try to deal with them in reaching orentering into the contract in question.You will be able to earn money to improve their fura or buy new,this will depend on your wishes, as well as for any money you canagree with Multi ferry or boat companies that will allow you toride to next trip, but do not forget that here is reproduced inreal onsen driver to always work for everything Calculate whetheryou or pays you enough money on food and stays on the fuel thatwill not fall into a very difficult situation
Mountain Bike Simulator 1.0
Mountain bikes Simulator is a wonderful gameto have a good time one is able drive after a wonderful locationbouncers over the hill, it just simulate mountain bike. attempts torestore everything as realistic to achieve the most close to realride, as well as over the phone by playing after all you can notcause injury and it is safer
Dump Truck Simulator 1.0
Dump Truck Simulator is a wonderful game byallowing feel like Dump Truck driver Your task will be to carrydifferent loads, but mainly diatomite where we will have to go tomine gravel and jum eskacatoriu to fill up your truck and you'llhave somewhere to ship it as soon as possible you make it thebetter
Cronstruction Crane Simulator 1.0
Construction Crane Simulator is a gamewecreated you for the crane driver and perform various types ofworkat the construction site, crane management and all otherthingsaccording to restore some simutor so this is a game that youcansee how everything is actually going on and on as far as theworkis heavy or crane management, well, just immerse yourself inthepleasures of the game Advising
Fishing Simulator 2015 1.0
Fishing Simulator is a great game wecreatedyou are boating and fishing, boat prigraudyti you seek tomake alot of fish, it is a great simulator for lovers of fishing.Hereyou can explore the many ways of fishing and a variety ofplaceswhere shallow depth where, as well as sailing and you will beableto catch the network caught fish to sell and buy better toolsand alot of other options to banish you download this game
School Bus Simulator 1.0
School Bus Simulator game, drive the schoolbussafely drive your goal and take passengers from point A topoint Bwithout any traffic accident, any rules because you aretaking yourchildren and otherwise you will be thrown out of work,and do notbreak the van, you'll be able to practice naktyimisdifferentsituations when you need to Head fast that children notlate tolessons will also be able to carry the extra work to findanordinary passenger bus stops in various cities before startingworkfirst of all look for in isidesciuses stops and school.
Fire Truck Simulator 1.0
Fire Truck Simulator is a good game wecreatedyou to simulate the firetruck driver everything is restoredundercertain circumstances, so the play will be even more enjoyableandmore fun patyrisite.
Taxi Driver Simulator 1.0
Taxi Driver Simulator is a very fun gamewhereyou have to take people to the places they need, sometimes youhaveto drive fast sometimes slow, so nothing happens for PASSANGERSoreven, if necessary, to flee from the police. The game's storyisso, you are angry with his wife and you come with your oldtaxidrive to another town, you need to somehow make moneythatsusimoketumete uzsidirbtumet on rent and food and car repair,it isthe most you will be able susitaupyti on newer machines,becauseyou start a game with very old and tired taxi car, but itwill workand will aim taxi driver's job to create the bestpossiblelife
Yacht Simulator 1.0
Yacht Simulator - a good game with Yachtwhereyou can enjoy a swim after a very beautiful valley traveled tothetown pier pour fuel and things like that. The game is a realyachtrestore an under management, so you will be very interestingandnice to swim with it
Galaxy Simulator 1.0
Galaxy Simulator is a game we created youtofly in space with his team, and not research meteorite islandsandfight with enemy aircraft, and abnormal information aboutotherexisting tribes who uzkariuoti you want, but your goal tocollectas much information and gather their weaknesses so you canfromthem to defend themselves or even nagaleti and hijack of theirlandand steal their breakthrough devices
War Flying Simulator 1.0
War flying simulator - the game that will letyou find yourself on the battlefield, with very good control ofreal-Wyrzyki, Podlaskie Voivodeship, your phone will become like ajoystick and airplase airplase glass front screen, you will flywith his comrades where you will have to perform a certain mission,do not impacting and remained overlook
Police Driver Simulator 1.0
Police Driver Simulator is a wonderfulgame,you will be police and Sheriff driver you will need to take ittovarious places at a certain time to come take it or you cannottake and I'll be late, it is the most together with him tocatchoffending people or sometimes it will send you one. Supervisethecampus procedures that nobody stealing nesimustu andcompliancewith traffic rules, the paid for parking, or latepaymentpenalties.
TV Reporter Simulator 1.0
Tv Reporter Simulator - this is averywonderful game with myriad possibilities, your goal will betocollect material about the town descendent nuojienas,recordivairius conversations, and to interview the people who livein thetown that takes up your television time and attractmoreviewers
Boat Simulator 1.0
Boat Simulator Very fun game we createdyouyacht which simulate real JAHT management and Deliver youthepleasure you swim around the island which is a city and thereyouwill be able to find different things, will also be abletospeculate by buying local fisherman and the fish in the sea anditis more expensive to sell in the city, and many another would betomake money in whom I have written you will not reveal itself.Youbegin the game at the marina near the city of another boat,gentlyit gets to them that there are no problems with the boat,sosuccess in the game :)
Water Aircraft Simulator 1.0
Water Aircraft Simulator great that wehavecreated for you to experience flying airplane descends on thewaterand on the rise. It's the perfect game for lovers of pilotthecraft and enjoy the variety of images that perform the sametrick,unfortunately discover even more opportunities
Street Drift Simulator 1.0
Street Drift Simulator is the most amazinggamefeel sideslip simply delight in your phone, you'll feel like arealdriving a very powerful car, just a try.
Army Simulator FPS 1.0
Army Simulator fps shooter game This isthefirst person you launch in pilanme prispestu traps and you havetoremain alive, we will have the gun with which the aid will havetoshoot at securyti your gun or other obstacles, if you makemistakesyou'll have to start over, it will restore the cityatkavimo verbwhere you will have to shop around for any directionas nezinine iswhere you can shoot.
Robbery Driver 1.0
Robbery Driver Proceed this game whichwillhave to demonstrate how you pay to drive a car in the city, andthenext will have to get rid of the tail, it will check yourdrivingskills and get around the city, try your skills in driving,andusually look around town and find tricks to help you getyoumoment, you will be driving a very powerful car, but youwillfollow as well as what is not so easy to be worse.
Pirate Simulator 1.0
Pirate Simulator wonderful game we createdyouembody Pirate and will steal your goal is greeted by fishermenoranother vessel to keep your crew, and you can stretch itandfounded his own island or settlement will depend on your choiceofwhat you'll want to do with their prey. Also, you will be atsuchplaces will have to fight for territory or combat patrol inthewater who wants you to catch or kill
Bulldozer Simulator 1.0
Bulldozer Simulator is a great game withabulldozer, in this game you turesiet perform variousworksConstruction aisktele during jum defined period of time, itwillreceive a warning and any slippage will have to start anotherjobagain, and do it faster if you get bonus from which youquicklygrow and get more serious work beyond respectively, andwhich youare more mokes.Tai simulator game so everything isrestored by reallife and you can feel the peculiarities of workingwith abulldozer
Tow Truck Simulator 1.0.1
Tow Truck Simulator is the most amazing game,you ride with Tow Truck and you will help masinom defective inexchange for a corresponding atligy. With these games you will feellike a real truck driver, the better the car will want to take thejum servesa i will be more difficult because you'll have to do asgently as possible to avoid damaging the still more and do not needto pay extra for the repair work.