Idle Foodie: Empire Tycoon
Create your idle business from scratch, build your empire and be afood tycoon
Idle Paradise: Empire Tycoon
Welcome to paradise and get ready for your islandsimulationadventure! Have you ever dreamed about building your ownparadise?You won the lottery, but they gave you a tropical islandinstead ofcash. What can you do in this paradise? Become a richtycoon! Startas a small lottery winner and advance your businessand battleskills to become Paradise Tycoon. Create a large islandand buildyour idle empire in this simulation game experience.Managebusinesses and get more ships to earn a lot of money. Lateron, youcan even expand your business with mines and factories. Butbeaware, evil bankers want to steal from you, so beat theminexciting battles. Fight those criminals that want to take overyourbusiness. With the help of your champions you can increaseyourcash earnings and deploy them in fights. Collect champion cardsandlevel them up to increase their power even more. A goodtycoonknows how to become wealthy and defend its empire. Everychampionis also a tycoon manager that automates your business youcan bethe boss and become rich. There is no need to constantly taplikein other business games, clicker games or manager games. EnjoythisIdle Paradise simulation game and make more idle benefits.Hiremanagers and become a tycoon capitalist. Upgrade everythingandimprove your management process to dominate in thisbusinesssimulator. Just sit back and enjoy your gold piles like arealboss! You have the chance of becoming a millionaire or evenabillionaire if you work hard. Profit from your investmentsandexpand your territory to own the ultimate Idle Empire!IdleParadise: Empire Tycoon ★ Idle Empire: start small and buildyourempire ★ Automation: no need to click just sit back and earngold ★Invest and Upgrade: wise investments make you rich ★Battles:Defend your island empire ★ Offline Playing: run yourisland evenif you are not online ★ Make tons of money: gold, coins,cash,money whatever a tycoon desires ★ Managers: automateyourproduction ★ Collect Champions: improve your business andfightingpower ★ Get Idle Cash: earn money while you are awayAwesomeevents, more islands and other game modes are coming in thefuture.Stay tuned and join us on the journey!